Perception of American Women As Masculine Is Going Mainstream

Recently, Gawker published a long article about American men who are using social networking sites, particularly VKontakte, to meet Eastern European woman. While it had an obvious slant against men, they let through a lot of facts that are regularly discussed here…

“American men are being decimated. That’s one of the reason homosexuality is so popular,” an FSU-fancier named Ken told me. “[American] women have become so dangerous, so damaging that it’s just not worth it.”

“Russian women know what they are,” he added. “They’re not men with boobs. That’s what they are in America, they’re men with boobs.”

Of course Gawker couldn’t help but shame men for using the internet to find non-masculine life partners…

These men say they prefer Eastern European women because they’re more family-oriented and traditional than their American counterparts. But they often fall into the bitter misogyny you’d expect from men who concoct sweeping sociological explanations for their shitty love lives.

The Gawker writer also threw in the word “creepy” a couple of times, especially when discussing the time she spent researching the site…

I started by mass-friending, picking women who looked friendly enough to not blanch at a random request from an American, and attractive enough to have possibly been hit on by recently divorced guys slumped over their keyboards in middle America. It felt creepy.

Going after attractive women in a foreign country for a relationship is creepy, but American women who cruise for cock on OK Cupid or Craigslist is not? It’s hard to find an American man who isn’t tired of this hypocrisy. It no longer works in getting them to do the bidding of women like it did before.

The article shows how it’s easier for an American beta to land a feminine woman abroad than in his own country. Sure it involves a few flights and dozens of hours in front of the computer screen, but the odds of scoring a traditional foreign wife via the internet is now apparently much higher than trying to wife up an American woman who prefers short-term memberships in alpha male harems. We may have underestimated how bad things are for the average American guy if young guys still in their prime are willing to sift through hundreds or even thousands of profiles of girls who live halfway across the world just for a shot at basic companionship.

Last week, the Eastern European woman I’m currently dating came over to cook me dinner. She brought a tupperware container and said, “I pre-cooked the veal for two hours so that you don’t have to wait long for dinner.” This normal gesture for her—while at the same time an extraordinary one for me—confirmed that my wholesale rejection of ‘fat men with boobs’ back in America was correct and logical. The kicker is that you don’t need masterful game to land a feminine woman in Eastern Europe—being a standard issue beta male will actually get you a serious girlfriend just as fast, if not faster, than being a cocky alpha who is a pro at fucking American sluts. For either type of man, taking a dive into this part of the world yields immense benefits in the form of healthier and more fulfilling relationships, even on a casual level.

We may soon arrive at the point where if an American man wants to get married with a normal weighted woman before he turns 30, he will have no choice but to go abroad to South America, Eastern Europe, or Southeast Asia. Instead of putting up with land whales on OK Cupid who have laundry lists of qualities despite their trashy tattoos, Skrillex haircuts, nonexistent homemaking skills, and tough guy attitudes, a man can sift through online profiles of thin and feminine foreign women that have actually been trained by their mothers on how to serve their husbands. He can leverage his Western citizenship to find the future mother of his child without worrying if she will divorce him and take all his money simply because she’s “bored” and no longer has “butterflies” in her stomach.

I expect the Jezebel crowd to soon associate foreign social networking sites to “sex trafficking,” “pedophilia,” and “online harassment.” The reason is simple:

Anything you do that increases your ability to be sexually successful while decreasing your dependence on dating American women will result in them trying to isolate and disparage you. The quickest way to enrage an American girl or her beta male orbiter is to state that you don’t need American pussy.

It no longer takes a dedicated manosphere reader to know that something is deeply wrong with American women. You don’t need to do hundreds of approaches to know that they have stopped acting like women. Thankfully, the average beta male with absolutely zero game now has options if he wants a feminine woman, whereas ten years ago he was stuck. If enough men say no to American hippos that treat them like coworkers instead of potential life partners, if enough men hit the road in search of real women who aren’t entitled to expect the world to be handed to them on a silver platter without providing any value in return, American women will have no choice but to adapt to a world sexual market where their worth is not as high as they think it is.

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