Pick-Up Lines For Girls

I’m hesitant to advise girls to approach men. I think it’s a man job and while not always the case, if a girl approaches a man chances are he can do better. This is especially true if she’s approaching you solely based on your looks. There are other prettier girls you could manage to get if you just did a little bit more work. That said, if a cute girl approaches me and I’m feeling too cool for school, I will be more than happy to entertain her interest by trying to get into her pants the same night.

Check out 10 Friendly Pickup Lines For Girls. It is written by a “dating coach.” As a man that has been desired by at least one woman, I feel like I am qualified to analyze these openers.

Openers That Simply Won’t Work

“Don’t you think Batman’s cooler than Superman because he doesn’t have super-powers to fall back on?” Creative but lame. It seems like she is trying too hard. The best type of opener is one that starts a conversation but is so simple that it seems like you just thought of it.

“You’ve got an iPod. Should I get the Nano or the 30 gig?” How about neither? If you are going to pander then why don’t you just ask him who won last night’s basketball game instead.

“This new Snickers bar is fabulous. You’ve got to try it.” This is an insult. Do I look like a person who eats Snickers bars? Besides, the peanuts will flare up the hives that have been with me for exactly four weeks and three days, even though I’m not allergic to peanuts.

Openers That May Work

“Hi.” Hi.

“Do you think that couple over there is on their first date, or what?” This is a good question/routine for when you are already in conversation, but as an opener it seems weird. It would be better if you frame it as a bet: “Me and my girlfriend have a bet about whether that couple is…”

“That’s a cool pocket-watch. Where’d you get it?” Well my dad fought this war, right. During the war he stored this watch in his ass so that he wouldn’t lose it. It has a lot of sentimental value. Hey, where are you goi…

“So, what are you doing here?” This isn’t a bad opener because a guy can answer in a lot of different ways depending on his mood. From the “Drinking away my unhappiness” to the “What are YOU doing here?” to the “Trying to get laid, duh.” But it’s a bit too open-ended and a girl will end up getting “not much” as a typical answer.

Openers That Work

“Can you close my bracelet for me? Can you help with this crossword puzzle answer?” Openers asking for help are very good. Everyone wants to be a hero. My street game opening strategy is also asking for help because that’s the best way to get a girl to stop walking.

“Can I sit with you so I won’t get hit on?” She’s asking you if she can use your man power to protect her from other horny losers. Men like taking on the role as protector.

“I never do this, but I think you’re cute and I got tired of waiting for you to talk to me.” This is a bold approach and only confident girls can pull this off. It’s very good because it calls out the guy for being a beta, and he’s forced to scramble and explain why he’s sitting on his hands. He will overcompensate by showing that he is a strong man capable of pursuing, which is what you wanted him to do all along.

A common girl line that wasn’t mentioned in this article is, “Do I know you from somewhere?” It’s cliche but very effective because by the time you realize that you don’t really know each other, you are already in a conversation and have identified a couple things you have in common.

After you approach a guy, make sure he takes over and leads the interaction. If he remains passive and you have to hold his hand to keep the conversation going, he is a man who will disappoint you sooner than later.

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  • http://www.timetoupgrade.blogspot.com mm

    I’ve used a few of these.

    “I never do this, but I think you’re cute and I got tired of waiting for you to talk to me.”



    are my favorites. They always work. Always.

  • http://roissy.wordpress.com/ Roissy

    yeah, guys won’t get quality girls if they save themselves for the girls who approach them. the truly quality chicks will rarely cold approach because then how would they weed out the gutless betas from the alphas with at least enough balls to say ‘hi’ first?

    every girl who has approached me never used a line. they all went direct and said things like “hey i like your style. wanna dance?” or “i saw you and thought you were cute. where do you live?” this is a special breed of girl, so i wouldn’t draw generalizations from their actions.

  • ribald

    Good post, hopefully connects with the well intentions of some women. I’ve seen women approach men in many different cities around the world. But… (drum roll) … this is DC. No women’s going to try and pick up a guy here – just not gonna happen. The problem men have here reflects something I vaguely recall from freshman econ –- the concept of total, abject market failure.


    I hate to compare DC to NYC, but I’ll do so for argument’s sake. NYC has tons and tons of hot women. Of course, we can point to their total population being several-fold that of DC, but… let’s isolate one part of NYC, so we control somewhat for population numbers. Take lower Manhattan. Walk around on even the shittiest day, and your head can’t stop turning at all the beautiful women everywhere. In coffee shops, hardware stores, vendor stands, buying food, having a bloody mary, smoking cigarettes, sitting on benches… they are everywhere. They also tend to be a lot nicer, funnier, and more interesting than DC girls.

    My hypothesis is this –- as lower Manhattan is filled with countless beautiful women (and I mean beauty both outside and inside), they realize that looks alone aren’t gonna get them anywhere. They have to compete –- as any actor does in a free market when they want to succeed –- to set themselves apart from the awesome looks of countless models, wanna-be actress types, and women with all-around superior physical genetics. So not only do they do the right thing and work out at least 3 days a week (which is something everyone should strive to do regardless of one’s goals), they do more –- they dress well, they read, they travel, they smile, and goddamit they THINK. They think about life, love, philosophy, the arts, politics, beauty, relationship, etc. They know if they really want to attract a man, it’s going to take more than a fit body. In other words, lower Manhattan women are incredibly *efficient*, in the economic theory-sense of the word.

    Now, let’s take DC. We have a market failure here because the women here are incredibly *inefficient* in the economic theory-sense of the word. The city is dominated with student-council types who don’t dress well, are out of shape, belligerent, sheltered, ignorant, and boring. Since a good chunk of the DC female population reflects this mold, collectively women here realize “shit, I don’t have to do much to set myself apart from the rest of my mouth-breathing sisters to make myself interesting.” So Jill may buy a cool pair of heels, and know that the shoes alone will immediately vault her to most-sought-after status at just about any DC bar, and she’s guaranteed to be approached by at least 10 guys that night.

    Now take Jill and her fancy shoes and put her in lower Manhattan. The rational male will look at her and think, “so what? There’s a million girls who wear heels in this city. What else does she have going for her besides great taste in shoes?” DC women here can thus retreat into their bitchy attitude and find solace amongst themselves, knowing that they can remain ugly because the supply of desirable women is slim to none, and slim just rode the last horse out of town (probably galloping away to lower Manhattan). This attitude is viral and spreads quickly among DC women, and thus when you go out at night in DC, good luck meeting a figuratively well-rounded woman with a disarming personality who makes the evening interesting. Let alone one who’s going to use a pickup line on you :)

  • me

    Hmm you have to wonder about any guy who values a woman more based on her shoes. I don’t think any average hetrosexual male could tell the difference between a pair of Nine West Heels and Manolo Blahniks. In a crowded bar, who can see your shoes anyway? And if he can, than he is probably gay. I think women buy expensive shoes more to impress their girlfriends and other women than to impress men. If a woman is good looking, she may be better off scoping out the scene, picking out the guy that she is most attracted to/interested in talking to and striking up a conversation than limiting her selection to the guy that think they are hot shit enough to hit on you. Chances are these guys are assholes anyway because they are the only ones cocky (or drunk) enough to approach you. An easy way to strike up a conversation is to position yourself at the bar near the guy you think is cute while waiting for a drink and make some type of comment about how long it is taking to get a drink or whatever. Works every time if you are cute.

  • me

    correction: “If he can tell the difference between Manolos and Nine West crappy shoes, he is probably gay.”

  • ribald

    um, “me” — you’re way off on the shoes point. Check out the best looking female in any bar, club, or restaurant, and then look right down at her shoes — chances are she’s wearing heels that make her legs and ass look great, not some ugly-ass housekeeper shoes. And how does appreciating a woman’s taste in style and care for her appearance make me gay, you stupid homophobe? More importantly, though, you miss the larger point. Jill doesn’t need nice shoes, she could have nicely toned arms. Or be very witty. Or be very polite. Or have awesome travel stories. As long as she has one good quality — ANY good quality — in DC that makes her competitive. And since that’s all that it takes for a woman to make it in the dating scene in this town, that’s a goddam shame.

  • Jo

    How about just not having a pick up line? You’re both standing at the bar, you smile at him, he smiles back and hopefully he will strike up a conversation. This has worked for me every time without fail.

  • me

    I am far from homophobic– I have several gay friends and family members. That doesn’t change the fact that women (myself included) don’t want to date gay men.

  • Sweat P.

    If a girl ever told me “I got tired of waiting for you to talk to me”, I would tell her to get the fuck over herself. Maybe I have a reason for not talking to your presumptuous ass? Maybe I have no interest in you at all because you are not quite the hot ticket you think you are?

    God, just thinking about someone saying that to me is making me annoyed.

  • ribald

    you gotta love the response from “me” — how typical to throw out the “some of my best friends are gay” nonsense. polish up your best flats and get out that seductive butter-colored sweater set and your best pleated khakis, cuz you know you’re gonna get all the DC men loving you when you’re out this weekend, honey.

  • me

    You told me honey!!!

  • http://arjewtino.com Arjewtino

    Uh, dude, I already did this exact post. You owe me a drink.

  • Roosh

    Damn, you’re right. It must have seeped into my unconscious. I think my post was better though..

  • http://arjewtino.com Arjewtino

    You wish.

    I’ll take a SoCo and lime.

  • nomejodas

    ribald, I agree with you 100%. This city has a surplus of trollish former high school valedictorians on power trips who would get laughed at in other cities but somehow are considered fuckable here. On one hand you could say that I benefit from all this because by being ‘efficient’ I am waaaay higher up on the fuckable scale than the rest of the playing field … unfortunately I lose anyway because most guys in DC also fit this mold. It’s just a sea of fugly twatwaffles with a few rare beacons of hope.

    Oh, and I *know* this wasn’t your point, but heels weren’t a great example as it automatically categorizes tall chicks as lame merely because we don’t want to creepily tower over guys.

  • http://inowpronounceyou.wordpress.com/ inowpronounceyou

    SoCo (and Lime) owes ME a shot or some sort of promotional $$$ for all the business I’ve generated for them. Now it’s all the rage…and yeah, Im taking credit for that. Don’t front. You all know where that started.

  • http://www.myspace.com/yeders Yeders

    Very good post.. and advice.
    listen to it girls.
    I’m flattered when i get approached, catches me off guard all the time.
    Don’t mind a girl with guts.
    and besdies.. even if a guy has a gf, more likely then not, he’ll talk to you anyway, and later on, he (should) mention he has a gf or taken or watever, and then who knows what happens. He could be a disloyal SoaB and cheat, or you could become a good friend. who really knows. technically, you’ve got nothing to lose.

  • http://bunifah.blogspot.com bunifah

    As a girl who actually read comic books, I would want to punch any girl in the face who tried that Batman line to pick up guys. It’s so cliche, you might as well have argued about whether the Flash could beat Superman in a footrace!

  • http://rinaface.blogspot.com irina

    the only time i’ve ever approached a guy was this one time when i said, “hey i’m leaving in half an hour and we still have to talk.”

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  • http://shadowsofourselves.wordpress.com shadowsofourselves

    I have approached men, but I kind of like that you said it’s a “man’s job.” Besides, if the girl is hot and smart and confident, all she needs to do is make eye contact (in a not scary way), and I’m sure the guy would approach her.

    I think an exception to me not approaching men would be the time I conveniently timed my morning work breaks to happen to bump into someone at Dunkin Donuts every morning. Maybe not all that smooth, but I got what I wanted out of it (at the time!)

  • http://www.mariesdiary.com mer

    Best men I ever dated, were the ones that I had approached. I am generally not afraid to approach a man that I think is cute. I’m pretty confident and hot. I get hit on a lot by guys that I am not always interested in, so when I see one that I actually like I go for it. I do know though that there are a lot of men out there that are afraid of strong confident women. I guess they are insecure.

  • Chica

    never fail (literally) pickup line: “hi, what’s your name?”

    it sounds totally cheezy but when you say it confidently with a subtle hint of flirtation and a smile, who’s not going to respond?!

  • http://www.ohsofuckable.com/ Oh So Fuckable

    Well get those “former high school valedictorians on power trips” to post up their pics on http://www.ohsofuckable.com and we’ll see how they do ;O)

  • Anonymous

    Sp basically all the opens that work say, hi i am brainless and need a strong man to protect me… NO THANKS. I would rather a man that can take me for me, not a “hero” wannabe who needs his ego stroked.

  • timmy g

    New one for everyone. This worked perfectly. A boy(who will remain onimous) and a girl(by the name onimous)again, were sitting in a house (which will not remain onimous) Richards, they were having a good chat about differnt things. They were chatting about Onimouses friends. Then the boy randomly looked at the girl weird, and she asked “why are you looking at me weird” then, wait for it…… They went straight for it. The girl just stated it sound like they were having … But they were only kissing/pashing/pick upping etc Once it finished i was horrified feron what i had just seen. I will post the video on utube for all that want to see it. xoxox