Picking Up Hipster Chicks?

One of my recent day game students was a hipster. I poked fun at the subculture a bit and he told me I should seriously consider hitting hipster spots. He said, “At Black Cat, 60% of people there are girls, and half the guys there are gay.” He added that they are also cuter than average because they are notoriously superficial and overly concerned with looks. The case he laid out was pretty solid.

I wonder what the average level of game is among hipster guys. I’m guessing the farther out you go from mainstream venues, the poorer game you’ll find. Guys at regular bars spend their spare time at the gym and hitting on drunk girls. Guys at Black Cat spend their time dressing themselves and finding new bands. He did know a lot about fashion and music so I’m guessing those are the angles you need to play when going into the hipster circles.

As for the student, he shattered both workshop records: longest approach (15:30) and most numbers (2). One was at the grocery store, and he didn’t even buy anything. I was extremely proud. But then within two weeks three other student tied him with two numbers each and another broke the time record (23:00). Three phone numbers remains stubbornly elusive, but it’s just a matter of time.

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  • http://themodernsavage.com Matt Savage

    I’ve been hitting up some of the local hipster bars myself. I have to say that there does seem to be a much better ratio women:men. There is something that I definitely find something attractive about hipster girls, perhaps it’s the tattoos, piercings, or fashion choice, who knows.

    As far as hipster guys having game, it seems to me that most have a decent natural ability to attract their hipster counter-parts. Most are pretty out-going, badass, fun, sexual and well versed in culture. Thing is, there are very few of these guys compared to the hipster girls (from what I’ve seen).

    The good part is that I don’t think you have to be a hipster guy to pull a hipster girl. I’ve been going out with a simple flannel shirt and some messed up hair and have been getting solid responses from the hipster ladies.

    Topics of conversation that seem to work well: 80s music, 80s movies, vampires and zombies

    Matt Savage’s last blog post: The Savage Ghost Encounters.

  • prinks

    You know these workshops are really doing their part to make the world a better place.

  • http://blog.thebrooklynboy.net The Brooklyn Boy

    Ha. The problem with this theory, for me, is I find most hipster chicks intolerable for more than a few minutes at a time.

    The Brooklyn Boy’s last blog post: A Wednesday War of Words.

  • http://www.therawness.com T. AKA Ricky Raw

    I wonder if different area hipsters vary much in personality? Because I’m with Brooklyn Boy, many hipster chicks in Brooklyn are pretty unbearable, but I also think Brooklyn hipsters are probably among the most “authentic” hipsters, probably where modern hipsterdom originated, and thus are usually the most obnoxious and cliquey. I imagine DC hipsters were kids who were doing keg stands at university just a year or two ago and just jumped on this aesthetics of the hipster scene as latecomers to a trend and only have absorbed the superficial aspects of hipsterdom without so much of the internalized obnoxiousness. For example, do they just look dirty in a carefully planned way, or do they actually smell like many Brooklyn hardcore hipsters do?

    T. AKA Ricky Raw’s last blog post: Becoming a Renaissance Man, Part 1.

  • speakeasy

    Looks-wise I’ve never been too impressed with hipster chics. Most of them look like this: http://stuffhipstersdontlike.files.wordpress.com/2008/07/brick-lane-hipsters.jpg

    Plus hipsters are notoriously cliquish and territorial. I find it hard to walk into a hipster bar and strike up a conversation with someone that interest me for more than a minute. On top of that, the women are usually too into feminism for my comfort. Plus I don’t feel like sitting around talking about The Arcade Fire and Andy Warhol all night.

  • Roosh

    Oops this wasn’t supposed to go up until tuesday

  • http://www.therawness.com T. AKA Ricky Raw

    They can be hot, as seen on this site:


    But then they get extra cliquey and obnoxious like speakeasy describes

    T. AKA Ricky Raw’s last blog post: Becoming a Renaissance Man, Part 1.

  • http://www.vksempireofdirt.com Virgle Kent

    wait wait WAIT!!!! There’s a workshop record, you know how competitive I am, consider them broken son, I’m coming in, I repeat the owl will land

  • http://hammer86blog.com Hammer

    3 numbers shouldn’t be that hard. I think that the time challenge thing may be antithetical to the objective of getting numbers and dates. If you’re going to talk to someone on the street for more than 3-5 minutes, you should instant date them in a coffee shop. If you’re trying to get numbers, you should say you have to run and get the number before you have the chance to blow it.

    Hammer’s last blog post: NFL Betting: Final Stop on the Road to the Big Dance.

  • http://www.artbyjoel.com jkc

    the red room bar at the Black Cat is just like a big 7th grade dance. most people there stand around uncomfortably in their little cliques until right before the end of the night, when everyone’s effectively liquored up and a little more courageous.

  • Anon

    There is nothing sexy about authentic hipster chicks.

  • Chase

    Ha, NOW that I know what hipster chicks look like, I think imma stay away Roosh LOL. Not into all that emo ish.

    I will though give you my workshop review soon, school keeps me busy…

  • Roosh

    “I think that the time challenge thing may be antithetical to the objective of getting numbers and dates”

    It’s true that time is not our goal, but if things are going well then you should stay in the conversation as long as you can. We’re in the business of getting dates, not numbers, and a real connection that follows from a long, interesting conversation achieves that goal better.

  • http://roissy.wordpress.com roissy

    i didn’t know there was a competition? damn i would’ve doubled my effort instead of coasting. cage match!

    roissy’s last blog post: Sex And Socks.

  • RW

    Have to agree with some of the guys here from Brooklyn. The whole hipster thing IMHO is really akin to a flock of seagulls, re: the band.

    Lived in the East Village and trust me those are the real hipsters. But you know outside of the attitude: hipster chick = flake, not every guy like seeing chicks with a various assortment of holes in her face.

    On the plus side, hipster chicks are the most liberal and can be an easy score simply because they decide that it’s a good thing that night. However on another night, amongst their hipster coven, they can be very cold and impenetrable.

    And the sad truth is that hipster chicks are sometimes just hipster chicks because of economics. If they could afford a $500 purse they would do it but they can’t sustain it economically and that’s the real reason for them being hipster chicks.

    The best joke about chicks this father told his kid i heard was, “If she’s into whales, then you are also into whales. If she’s into Greenpeace, ironically enough you are too.”

    So if you want a hipster chick, you are pretty much going into your wardrobe for the stuff you rarely wear, spout your semi-marxist feminist claptrap about equality and how you want to support her costume design bracelets and care about the newest vegan band that sings its creed.

    And you have to be careful with your humor. Because those bitches take themselves way to seriously even though most of them look like lesbians that you don’t want to speak to let alone touch.

    That’s my short snapshot generalization. Oh yeah, they are mosre self absorbed than Paris Hilton, if that’s possible.

  • http://thisisnotimefortheinnocent.blogspot.com Benedict Smith

    the number he actually bangs is marginal at best, i’d be willing to bet. those girls are notoriously flakey and self-absorbed. they love nothing more than talk, talk, talk, and talk about how unique and different they are. it’s actually a more pretentious crowd than most sub-cultures, b/c they all whole-heartedly believe how “Indie” they are. those broads don’t put out worth a shit. i don’t know of any hipster girls who put out with any regularity. maybe the ratio’s different up north, but here, it’s soooo many guys trying soooo hard to impress girls of the group….it’s beta-tude at it’s absolute worst and most depressing…..RW’s is spot on in his comment.

    Benedict Smith’s last blog post: “Your buddy” or some acquaintance?.

  • http://vksempireofdirt.com virgle kent

    I don’t know much about hipster chicks but a friend just e mailed me that most of them have smelly vaginas… on purpose

  • J in DC

    The Wonderland Ballroom is another hipster joint to check out, as is Comet on Connecticut Ave. Another invaluable piece of gear to blend into the scene is glasses. And a long-sleeve shirt underneath a short-sleeve one.

  • http://www.thegmanifesto.com The G Manifesto

    As T. AKA Ricky Raw says:

    “They can be hot, as seen on this site:


    They can be really hot.

    It is amazing in Southern California how they have just taken over. They were around before, but since summer (the down economy) they have staged a full take over.

    The striped shirted mortgage brokers and their girls are gone.

    The Ed Hardy idiots seem to be gone too.

    - MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Sè San Diego formerly the Setai San Diego.

  • The Scene is Dead

    Hipsters are just part of the “scene” aka the indie/punk/underground rock culture. Music, art, and fashion are the most important things to people in the scene.

    You guys don’t want hipster girls you want “scene queens” which are basically the scene groupies like you see on lastnightsparty.com. These are the girls that fuck like six band guys at one time and think its “artistic” to take nude Polaroids in a dive bar bathroom.

    Hipster girls are the ones that take this stupid shit way too seriously. Think girl that actually rides a fixed gear bike.

    The pecking order is : Band member / Coke dealer, Electro Hipster DJ, Digi SLR photographer for photo websites, event promoter. If you don’t fall into that group or have tons of coke it’s going to be tough because:

    Hipsters actually think the rest of the world thinks they are cooler. They really believe that some dude that blows all his money on tables at Fur secretly wants to be of them.

  • The Scene is Dead

    Oh for DC check http://www.brightestyoungthings.com/. It’s the hipster online FYI for DC. If you want easy hipster girls just hit up some “Electro DJ” event they have listed on there

  • Lovechild

    I guess I’m guilty of liking some of the hipsters music but i’m not…EWWW one of those Modern Retro 2.0 Fuckers! Not my Style!

    Thank Guys for Clarifying things about the Hipsters and Hipster Chicks. Wow some of those dudes look gay…they don’t even know it. Jeez!

  • http://roissy.wordpress.com roissy

    It�s the hipster online FYI for DC.

    i know the chick that started that site. used to see her around black cat, not so much anymore. that fashionista/attention whore scenester scene was more cliquesh than a blueblood WASP country club.

    i biblically knew her cute friend.

    and think its �artistic� to take nude Polaroids in a dive bar bathroom.

    :lol: so true. and hipster DJs get ridiculous ass all out of proportion to their actual value. i insulted one of these DJs once and a cute hipster chick standing nearby overheard me and freaked out like i had just bragged about fucking her mother in a bus depot bathroom. i had pulled back the curtain on the great Hipster of Oz. hipster DJs are the opposite of both beta providers and alpha players, if that’s possible.

    roissy’s last blog post: Sex And Socks.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Roosh,i want to order your “bang book” how can i do it?and does your book have the word “BAng” on the envelope it is sent in?i share a mailbox and dont want my nosey roomate knowing what I get?thanks.

  • http://www.thegmanifesto.com The G Manifesto

    The Scene is Dead,

    Excellent explanation.

    You filled in some much needed blanks for me.

    I still have no idea what “emo” is?

    And I still have no idea why guys would wear tight jeans.

    - MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Cool “Disco” Dan, Washington D.C. Graffiti Legend, Interview.

  • Jessa

    Oh Tits!! I just remembered that I used to live in DC and care about this kind of business. once I saw q and not u standling awkwardly in the audience at an american analog set show at the black cat and they were drinking brandy in skinny jeans and being beardly. doug martsch made a surprise appearance.

    props to you roosh for keepin the dream alive.

    i will now take the next 3 hours of my life to catch up on your musings.


  • The Scene is Dead

    @ Roissy

    Yeah the girl who runs BYT is straight up worthless. It’s a shame this is what you have to go through on the east coast to find a girl who like music other than Katie Perry.

    I’m glad I moved to San Diego. Dealing with surfers is a lot easier than dealing with hipsters.

  • Roosh

    24: on the shipping box there is “HOW TO LOSE YOUR VIRGINITY” in large lettering. just kidding. amazon ships it

  • http://www.thegmanifesto.com The G Manifesto

    “I’m glad I moved to San Diego. Dealing with surfers is a lot easier than dealing with hipsters.”

    Man Diego.

    Just wait…San Diego isn’t all sunshine, slow restaurant service, and fish tacos either.

    - MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Cool “Disco” Dan, Washington D.C. Graffiti Legend, Interview.

  • http://www.therawness.com T. AKA Ricky Raw

    The Scene is Dead is right on. He nailed it.

    Also, as far as LA goes, from what I understand the new crop of hipsters everywhere there were people who were non-hipster typical Southern Cali people who just hopped on the American Apparel bandwagon and just adopted the superficial trappings of hipsterdom but haven’t truly internalized the whole true hipster mindset. They still for all intents and purposes think and act like the Southern Cali stereotype, excpet now they wear American Apparel and trucker hats and changed their favorite bands. Like, they’ll still go out to a club and ball out with a bottle of vodka, something no actual dyed in the wool Brooklyn hipster would actually do. They still are materialistic and well-groomed and don’t actually smell. From what i’ve been told, the same Southern Cali game still works on them, even though they resemble Brooklyn hipsters now.

    Also at play is that so many mainstream chains like Urban Outfitters, GAP and H&M and other nationwide mall stores have become so hipsterized that any teenybopper and dorm kid can duplicate the look that you could only create a few years ago by combing through East coast thrift stores.

    T. AKA Ricky Raw’s last blog post: Becoming A Renaissance Man, Part 2.

  • RW

    Man I like San Diego. Girls are nicer and even staring you down right at dinner.

    They beat the crap out of hipster doofus chicks.

  • The Scene is Dead

    @ G

    “Just wait…San Diego isn’t all sunshine, slow restaurant service, and fish tacos either.”

    I’ve been out here a few years. I don’t see what’s to hate except Orange county and almost all of LA. But then again I don’t live there or in “Man Diego” east county.

  • ResidentCynic

    Most hipster chicks are NOT attractive. That Deeta von whateverhername is about the top of the mountain.

    And comparing a DC hipster to SoCal hotties? These chicks would (probably) drop 2 points in the SoCal hipster “scene”. Don’t even bother comparing them to real SoCal hotties.

  • http://www.therawness.com T. AKA Ricky Raw

    Problem is, a lot of SoCal hotties are shopping at American Apparel and becoming bandwagon hipsters now. God knows why.

    T. AKA Ricky Raw’s last blog post: Sites To Make You A Little More Disappointed In Humanity.

  • http://www.thegmanifesto.com The G Manifesto

    “Man Diego” is San Diego

    East County would = hell.

    - MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Dope Movie: Rise of the Footsoldier.

  • http://www.thegmanifesto.com The G Manifesto

    “Man I like San Diego. Girls are nicer and even staring you down right at dinner.

    They beat the crap out of hipster doofus chicks.”

    San Diego girls are decently attractive.

    But I would say far from “quality”.

    Good luck finding one that can tell you where Europe is, let alone been there.

    - MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Dope Movie: Rise of the Footsoldier.

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    Hipster shicks will ruin your game. Beware. This fucked me up royally in college.

    I found that most of the chicks I knew became hipsters because they either didn’t have the looks to cut it in mainstream styles or they had some problem and were angry (child molestation, abuse, mental imbalance). They often take to feminism to “solve” their problems, but that just fires up their anger and they take it out on YOU.

    Then, because you got screwed by a less-than-attractive women, your games flies downhill, etc.

    I find the preppie crew (or political crowd) much, much more easier to deal with. There is something to be said for social graciousness, even if it’s a bit phony.

    Finally, while hipsters chicks will drone on and on about how shallow people are, I have never, ever met women who were as obsessed with men’s looks as these women. They’re the type that have an exact “type” of man they want and if you don’t fit that, they try and castrate you. Their “types” are often scuzzy tattoo dudes, so unless you wanna get “tats” you’ll probably be outcast.

    Ugh. Bad memories.

  • Sweatpants

    Probably right about the level of game. But the thing about subcultures like this is that game isn’t going to be enough, and you’d have to familiarize yourself with the subculture to some degree in order to bang these chicks, effectively making yourself into a poseur. Probably not worth it.

  • chic noir

    TFor example, do they just look dirty in a carefully planned way, or do they actually smell like many Brooklyn hardcore hipsters do?

    Their BO can kill during the warmer months.

  • Joanne

    Basically, 50 percent of young people now are some kind of fuckin hipster. They are mainly nuetered, self obsessed tool bags looking to look super aware and enlightened. They can pretend to hang out with other kinds of people, but always hold this beliefe that they are smarter, more educated…. Everyhting is a medium, and all celbrations of life are really just celbrations of themselves.
    The men are supposed to be quiet, little pretty girly boys who look like they’re suspetable to bitchy, bi-sexual broads who are easy to piss off if you still got a pair.

    Girls call the shots, and guys chek thier phones and wait…. They expect thier men to be always in-tune with them, and usually HATE any kind of jockularity or open testosterone. Thus, skinny guys in chuck Norris t-shirts and girl pants try to get thier rocks off by use opf Irony… as though to say, haha, that’d be hillarious, if I actaully wanted to rock out and be a man, right?

    Our culture is so divided now, that it’d be hard to just to meet a normal guy, not trying for a edge.

  • Joanne


    Hipster chicks think they know all and that they OWN everyone elses game.

  • janine

    you guys scare me shitless. just keep the fuck out.

  • Anonymous

    im from so cal im a “hipster” and basically just was abducted by aliens. get fucked every day by everyone i want and i make 60 k a year.