Pick-Up Expert

I was recently quoted as the pick-up expert in The Great Inaugural After-Party (City Paper). My quote comes at the end. They asked me if I think the extended nightlife hours will help guys with their game.

Pickup Expert

Roosh/Gizmo spawnSpeaking of pick up, I caught VK’s recent post describing his idea for a Plan B Commerical:

If I made this commercial I would have kept it real and to the typical situation Plan B is called for. The woman wakes up in the morning and her bra and panties are still spinning from the ceiling fan. Her hair looks like a birds nest, her eyes are blood shot red because she left in her contacts, and her make up is ruined. She’s clearly hung over as fuck. She’s slightly startled when she realizes she’s not alone. She looks over and THIS guy is in the bed with her…….

It was followed by a picture of me sleeping. A reference to Gizmo-like babies came shortly after.

His next post was No One Cares About Your Boyfriend.

…have you ever noticed that the fatter, uglier, older more frumpy a woman is the quicker she is to announce to the world that she’s in a relationship as soon as she’s in a relationship. You can tell that she’s not used to getting attention (or dick) and it’s been forever since her last relationship.


So true.

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