Player’s Prayer

Heavenly father, thank you for shining the light of game into my life and allowing me to drink from this fountain of knowledge. I was blind to the sexual world that surrounded me but now I can see. Thank you for giving me the legs to approach a woman, a voice to speak to them, and the eyes to enjoy their beauty. I’m truly thankful for all that you have given me, but I confess that I have taken your gifts for granted. I have been complacent and lazy.  I have made excuses and passed on opportunities. I have chosen comfort over rejection, safety over uncertainty. I have not fully applied all the natural abilities that you have given me. I ask forgiveness for my inaction, and pray to you to help me defeat my weaknesses and conquer my fears. I pray that you help me fornicate with the women I desire.

Please give me the confidence and the courage to overcome all that I lack to step out of my shelter right now and find a woman who will please me. I promise that no matter how fast my heart beats, and no matter how wobbly my legs become, I will approach her, and if I fail, I will try again, until you decide that I deserve the glorious sexual reward from one of your feminine creatures. I will be thankful for all the rejection and failure you send me because I know it is part of your plan to make me the best man that I can become in this life. I pray you give me the strength to complete my mission, no matter how long it takes me. Amen.

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