Playful Vibe

There is a fun date routine I do when I remember it. Usually this is done after you make out with her and there is a mutual interest. It’s a play on when guys divulge their feelings for a girl. She thinks you are going to say something mushy and emotional, but then you go the opposite way. It takes some acting to pull off if you don’t want her to catch on to the joke.

You need to say it slow and dramatically. Look down a couple times and purse your lips.

“There is something I have to tell you. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. It’s not easy for me to tell you this, but it’s something that must be said even though we don’t know each other that well. This is what, date one? Still, it just won’t feel right if I hold it in.”

Look her in the eyes and hold her hand for effect. Now say something innocent you like that has no sexual connotation.

“I really like chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. I’m addicted. I can’t stop thinking about it.”

She will either roll her eyes or hit you.

There is a lite version you can do on the same night you meet her when it’s clear she is interested in you. Look her in the eyes, with your hands on her hips, and say, “Do you have any idea what I’m thinking about right now?”

You’re saying it in a tone where she thinks the answer is sex. Squint your eyes a little so it’s all sexy like.

“This chocolate chip peanut butter cookie that they sell at Barnes & Noble. It’s so good I could really eat one right now. I ask them to microwave it because the heat energy makes it taste so much better.”

It gets a similar response. Fun girls appreciate a playful vibe.

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  • Yeders

    I like this… definitely a go-er

  • CR

    Do girls really roll their eyes or hit you when you say this? For me it’ll make me crack up. All the anticipation, and then it’s some shit about chocolate? You’re talking some good laughs here!

  • terps


    me likey! best game-related post in a while!

  • Jo

    I like this as well. Playful is good.

  • Roissy

    haha, i do something similar on dates.

    first, pick the smallest flower you can find, or even a leaf will do. stick it in your pocket until it’s crunched up.

    me: you know, it’s amazing, i haven’t met a girl like you in so long. i dunno, i just wanted to give you this… [fumble around in pocket]
    her: [eyes get wide with a deeply concerned look] what do you mean?
    me: it’s just that you are starting to mean a lot to me, and i wanted to show it. [start pulling hand out of pocket]
    her: [this was an actual reaction] oh my god, roissy… don’t… uummm….
    me: [show her the pathetic little flower] here, it’s from my heart.
    her: [laugh, sexual congress]

  • mm

    awww! That’s golden.

  • Jay Gatsby

    This post reminds me of the exchange between Pierce Brosnan (Thomas Crown) and Rene Russo (Catherine Banning) in the Thomas Crown Affair:

    Crown: Hmm. Can I ply you with anything else? Cheese tray? Would you like a–

    Banning: Would you like a deal? Make it easy on yourself. We’ll just get more warrant searches. Mess up your carpeting.

    Crown: May I — May I ask you a very personal question?

    Banning: Why not?

    Crown: Would you like another hit of espresso?

    Banning: Would you like another– Like another hit of espresso? That’s the very personal question?

    Crown: That’s as good as it gets.

    Banning: Oh. Excuse me. -May I ask you a very personal question?

    Crown: Oh, sure. By all means.

    Banning: Do you really think I’m going to sleep
    with a man I’m investigating, hmm?

    Crown: Is that the question?

    Banning: Yes, that’s it.

    Crown: Why should I answer your question when you didn’t commit to my espresso?

    Banning: All right. I’ll seriously commit
    to your espresso.

    The sexual tension is quite obvious and welcome by both characters, but Crown plays with her just for the heck of it. He’s obviously attracted to her, but is willing to risk annoying her a little by by seeing if he can throw off her female instincts (i.e., knowing that he would like to sleep with her). When she calls him on it, he doesn’t go limp or smile weakly like a little boy caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar. Instead, he goes on the offensive again, throwing her question back at her, upping the ante (and her attraction to him).

  • Genevieve

    Squint your eyes a little so it’s all sexy like.

    Haha, that made me laugh. Mint.

    It’s true, though. Being playful is good. Very good. Esp when you’re starting to get to a girl. Comedic relief is awesome.

  • Bee

    Am I the only one who thought:
    Love of Food + guy whos just been kissing like mad/giving out sexual vibes = asking for kinkiness?

    I mean, it’s an excellent technique and would’ve worked with something non-sexual. But, you know, food…

    Erm, well…

    Love it, though. You know, one career option for you is to take all your game techniques and put it into a romance novel. You’d make excellent/funny scenes! You might pull it off, if you completely eliminated the cynicism vibes and managed a half-way convincing happily ever after.

    You can take female seducing abilities to other places!

  • rebecca

    I just have to say that the peanut butter chocolate cookie at B&N IS amazing. I wouldn’t sleep with a guy for one, but I might make out with him… Though after that cookie, I might not need sex, so my proposed cookie-bribe could backfire.