Programming Change

For the past few years I’ve been posting three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) with the occasional hiatus, but this schedule is no longer sustainable because the time it takes me to write an article has greatly increased. The blog has begun taking time away from books I want to write. Instead of taking even longer hiatuses, I will go off a regular schedule, post whenever I have something to share, and publish shorter posts that take less time to write.

Also, while I do like the articles I’ve been putting out lately, they could be less heavy. Throwing in some lighter fare wouldn’t hurt.

In other news, in early 2016 I’ll reveal my next project, which is to take the community we have online and start to move it offline into local tribes of men. The migrant crisis that Europe is facing is a sign that our rulers have gone off the rails and are leading us to either war or severe internal decline. We must start counting on each other when the shit does hit the fan just like it is for many of my readers in Germany and Sweden. No one will save us but ourselves.

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