Putting Women On A Pedestal

I remember when the act of getting laid used to be a big deal. I’d bang a girl and pat myself on the back like I just accomplished something special. My friends did the same thing. But then we got older and the more sex we got the less of a big deal it became. While I’m sure there are a lot of reasons why getting laid isn’t a problem for us now, it’s not a coincidence the more I put pussy on a pedestal, the less I got. Problem is it’s hard to fake not caring about pussy. You still have to want it (you won’t get something you don’t want), but you must barely care if you don’t get it.

I do think you have to go through that awkward stage where you care and try hard to get laid enough until it’s not a big deal. Then, in a slow process, you start getting more with much less effort. So part of the secret is time, something you can’t really teach or bypass. The rest is just hard work.

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