Rationalizing Today’s Mistakes Will Cause Tomorrow’s Problems

The other week I watched America’s Next Top Model (I was being held hostage by the FARC and forced to watch). It was the first episode of the season and for one part of the show all thirteen or so girls had to get up at 6AM for their first photoshoot.

The morning came and the camera showed them all piled up in a van, ready to go. Then the girl who the night before volunteered to wake everyone up realized that someone was missing. She paused for half a second, said “Ah well” and jumped in the van, even though the missing girl offered her crucial wardrobe help before. The backstabber said, “Even though she helped me earlier, she needs to take responsibility. I’m not her mom.”

Let’s assume this was real and not staged, for we all know that women are capable of such an act.

Now imagine if guys operated like that. “Hey bro I know you had a job interview today and I promised to wake you up but I’m not your dad so whatever.” Our culture pushes women as the more caring and sensitive of the human genders but not counting mass killings they do the evilest shit known to man, causing far more emotional damage than men ever could. The only way I know of seriously hurting a girl is by dumping her and fucking her mom raw dog, but women are more far more imaginative when it comes to backstabbery and all-around general wickedness.

But that’s not the point of this post. The point is the rationalization offered by the backstabber. Consider this old quote: “Humans are not rational beings, they’re rationalizing beings.”

Rationalization deflects blame when you make a decision, not only preventing you from learning from your mistakes but also turning you into a delusional person. You drift away from living in reality where you can see things as they really are to make correct decisions in the future. It’s a slope where not owning up to bad decisions causes future bad decisions. You don’t learn, and you don’t grow.

I’m always evaluating the decisions I’ve made in life, and there are many that I look back and think, “Hah, I really fucked up there.” I think about having made the correct choice and can easily imagine how the outcome would have worked out better for me. I can’t change the past and I’m not going to cry about it, but the thing about life it that it presents you with similar decicions and choices that while different, can be better approached with prior lessons learned. When you stop rationalizating, and admit you are often wrong, you make better decisions in the future that will make your life easier and hopefully more fulfilling.

The model in the opening example will continue to fuck over people, always finding some retarded rationalization, all while creating a pile of enemies that I guarantee you will get her back hard in the future. It’s a sort of karma that really isn’t karma, that exists in the physical world and easily controllable when you approach your past actions without ego or emotion. In the end when you rationalize, you only cheat yourself.

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