Re: Dilemma For Guys With Tight Game

PREVIOUSLY: Dilemma For Guys With Tight Game

The answer I was looking for was “nothing,” explained nicely by Flashman:

Nothing, other than getting across a vibe of total sexual satiation through facial expression and body language, which will not register with all girls, especially those you cold approach without them having checked you out.

Game is broadcasting the maximum amount of attractive traits in as short a time frame as possible, but if the audition is cut off after 4 seconds, there’s not much you can do. In hindsight, a boderline harsh neg or bold statement (”you look like the kind of girl who would stalk me after we slept together”) might convey the information, but who cares. Unless a celebrity or heavily social-proofed, these rejections are inevitable and not worth a second thought or even slight bitterness.

It’s true there are some tricks you can use to possibly turn around the type of rejection I presented, and humor would be the way to do that as suggested by VK and Tyler, but I don’t believe there is a recovery that can consistently improve such an outcome.

The problem with approaching without social proof or a reputation that precedes you is that you can’t show your entire worth in an opening line. It doesn’t matter how good that line is or how alpha your body language is, but those things can’t simply can’t overcome a girl who is not open to chatting with a random guy who has no immediate value besides maybe an okay appearance. She must be open.

Game rarely ever convinces a girl to have sex. All it does is increase the probability of banging a girl that is thinking she may want to get banged soon. This is why you have to approach in numbers. Raw game is about working your ass off on many girls you want and waiting until one comes through. Then after you’re done with her you repeat the process. Until you build a reputation, social proof, or a valuable quality whereby girls initiate contact first, you will always be working.

So while that girl is laughing at you, maintain your composure and approach another girl later, and just keep going until you find one who is open to chatting with a guy. Then run that game that has proved deadly so many times before.

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