Real Social Dynamic’s Monumental Failure Against The SJW Mob

In early November, video footage of Julien Blanc, instructor for one of the largest pickup companies in the world, Real Social Dynamics, went viral on Youtube. In various clips circulated online, Blanc was shown physically grabbing girls’ heads towards his crotch, trying repeatedly to kiss a supermarket clerk that was clearly resisting his advances, and explaining to men that a “head to crotch” move can be performed in Japan because white guys can get away with “anything.”

The backlash was severe: Blanc was deported from Australia, banned from entering Brazil, Singapore, and England, and was humiliated on CNN. Things were no better for the company he works for: their web host and email newsletter canned them, their students were harassed by protesters, hotels refused to host their events, an instructor was slapped by a deranged woman with green hair, and workshops were cancelled. As documented on the forum, mob action against them was intense.

A company that was built over the course of ten years was severely damaged in less than a month. How and why did this happen?

1. Experienced mob activists. The mob was composed of seasoned social justice warriors who have honed their online “activism” over the past five years through a string of successful lynchings and purgings. RSD was up against a well-trained force. (Don’t miss: What Is A Social Justice Warrior?)

2. Promotion of quasi-illegal behavior by RSD. They gave SJW’s a freebie by advocating men to physically grab girls on the street, ignore their resistance, and laugh about it in the meanwhile for being an invincible white man in a country like Japan. While some may find their brand of caveman game funny, their teachings—if meant to be taken literally—are unacceptable in current Western society. Not only are they teaching behavior that many lawyers would argue to be illegal, but they are exposing their own students to criminal liabilities if they take Blanc’s lessons at face value.

3. The stunning lack of response by RSD. There was practically no response by the RSD leadership team to the huge mob assembling outside their doorstep. There was no clarification of their program, no denial that they don’t promote sexual assault, and no push-back against the mob that eventually started throwing stones at their house. Their limp-wristed response was the biggest PR blunder I’ve ever seen in my life; it gave permission to the mob to gangbang their rear without a drop of lube. If you’ve been reading me for any length of time, you know that SJW’s must be dealt with swiftly, forcefully, and without mercy. RSD did not do this.

RSD is paying a huge financial price for their mistakes. What hotel or conference center will host them now? What club will let them use a venue to teach? What type of customer wants to be associated with a company whose reputation is connected to assault? What skilled pickup instructor wants to work with them instead of their competitor? And what sex-starved young man wants to follow a company that teaches one brand of masculinity while responding to a gang of feminists in a decidedly unmasculine manner?

Even worse is that RSD’s most hardcore  fans were questioning the competency of their leadership on the RSD Nation forums. During the height of the controversy, when these fans were desperate for answers, they got silence. Those who asked questions had their posts deleted. It’s not hard to see how faith can be lost in those who you saw as role models.

RSD is a great example of what happens when you develop in an echo chamber outside of the real world. They teach men to not socially calibrate, to ignore a woman’s responses in favor of “plowing” (even in the face of clear disinterest), and to engage in physical touching on random girls who have not yet shown interest. This school of game could now land a man in jail, especially since we live in a hyper-sensitive culture where all men are presumed to be rapists or woman-haters unless proven otherwise.

There is no way RSD could have formulated and refined their socially autistic game tenets had they not simply read the news on the progress SJW’s and those on the extreme left were making in their war against men. Game cannot exist in isolation from the culture it operates in. It cannot encourage men to do whatever they want. We must always be asking two things:

1. What are the cultural reasons for why a certain game tactic is effective or not?
2. What game behaviors should be avoided because of local sensitivities, moral reasons, or due to the legal code?

Telling white men to go to Japan to shove a girl’s head onto your crotch ignores both, and so therefore is severely punished.

Over the years I have settled on teaching indirect game, whereby you start a banal conversation with a girl. In 2014, direct game would be classified by a growing percentage of the Western population as “harassment,” something that will likely be criminalized in our lifetimes. Our game must not only be effective in getting the girl we like, but also keep the witch mob off our back, prevent girls from calling bouncers and security guards on us, prevent false rape accusations, and most importantly, prevent us from being imprisoned.

If the majority of the population finds your game to be “offensive,” and you could be charged with some type of crime for doing it, you are taking a risk by using it. In this respect, RSD failed. They spent corporate resources to develop a game strategy that can not be taught publicly, and as Blanc’s blacklisting from several countries show, their behavior will not be tolerated by a government if its citizens raise a stink about it. In other words, RSD can not exist in its current form, and must make modifications to its program to be acceptable by the mob that it has gotten the attention of.

If trends continue, the only game that can survive our brave new world is indirect game—game that doesn’t seem like game and is more like advanced social skills and basic flirting than what the masses think of as game (i.e., neg hits and peacocking). Otherwise, the mob will go after one Julien Blanc at a time.

As for me, I’m confident in my position as a game teacher who can lead its students to the pink promise land without being targeted or threatened by the mob. While the game I teach isn’t flashy and can even be called boring, especially my day game tactics, it will never get you in the kind of trouble that RSD is facing.

If trouble does come to me in the form of disinformation or lies about the game I teach, I will fight to the death. RSD inflicted not one unit of pain upon its enemies, but this won’t be said if the mob turns to my direction.

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