One of the more fascinating catch-phrases in America is “Really?” While mostly used by girls, it’s quite common with men as well, even men who I would describe as masculine.

Midway through my month-long stay in American last year, I found myself saying it quite often. It would give me some pleasure to do so, but that pleasure turned immediately to regret, similar to how I’d feel as a confused teenage boy after masturbating. I’ll admit it’s a handy retort, but I have since gone to great lengths to eliminate this word from my speech, even as I hear its use increase among foreigners.

The problem with really? is not only with the word but the women who use it. The mere utterance of this word by an American girl actually reveals a host of lame traits and behavior. If you hear a girl say really?, this is what you already know about her:

  • She has had over ten sexual partners.
  • She will not hesitate to get into an argument with a man.
  • She did not vote for Mitt Romney in the last presidential election.
  • She has read 50 Shades Of Gray, and can actually identify with it.
  • She has taken a self-shot picture in her bathroom, right next to the toilet bowl where she defecates.
  • She believes men make more than women for the same work.
  • She has read at least one article on Jezebel.
  • She has waited in a long line to purchase a cupcake, cronut, or otherwise baked-good equivalent.
  • She can point out Kony in a crowded bar by not her own Senator.
  • She doesn’t know or care that the USA is raining bombs on countries she can’t pronounce.
  • She has at least one beta orbiter who she uses for emotional support. In return, he gets her “friendship.”
  • Her favorite drink at Starbucks is a frappucino, always with whipped cream and caramel sauce.
  • She has taken over 24 hours to reply to a text message even though she had a functioning signal during that time.
  • She has told a guy “Is that a line?” or “Is that your game?”
  • She believes it is distasteful and wrong for a man in his 40s to date a beautiful girl in her 20s.
  • She has sent a text that read “Don’t text me again.”
  • She’s on birth control.
  • She owns at least two pairs of flip flops.
  • Getting railed by a Spanish or Italian guy with a thick accent is on her bucket list.
  • She has lost interest in a man for not being abusive enough towards her.

As I’ve described in the past, Western culture is a virus, and it tends to display a similar set of symptoms in the hosts that it infects. Girls who really uses really? have a personality that depends on snark and insult instead of kindness and warmth. They all consume the same media, they all believe the same propaganda, and they all think a woman should power fuck her way through her 20s while giving men hell. They’re the product of an assembly line that produces not Mercedes or BMWs but Yugos and Saturns.

When I look in the mirror, I don’t see a Yugo staring back at me, so it makes no sense for me to use a word that Yugos use. How they act, I will not act. How they think, I will not think. How they speak, I will not speak. I fail to find any justification for men to adopt the habits of the female gender that opposes them.

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