Reenactment Of A Reapproach

I have recreated another awkward social situation with teddy bears. It happened in the same bar as the previous video.

Background: I approached a girl and we ended up talking for about five minutes. She was a medical school student but appeared slow and ditzy, only giving me one-word answers and blank stares. I figured she wasn’t interested, so I ended the conversation with, “Well it seems like you want to head back to your friends, it was nice chatting.” The night was young, no big deal.

But then fifteen minutes later she got right next to me. She was so close that her back was rubbing against my drink-holding hand. This is what followed:

As you can see I fell into her trap. She wanted me to keep trying, and I took the bait (albeit reluctantly). It’s surprisingly common how often a girl gives you encouragement after a failed approach by coming closer or giving you more eye contact. Needless to say, it’s a trap. She’ll just reject you again. This is how women get their kicks, while for men it takes at least getting our dick sucked to achieve the same level of satisfaction.

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