Respecting Women

The more a man respects a woman, the less notches he will have. While notches don’t yield happiness, if you want to have sex with a lot of women then you should not hold them in high regard.


Are women princesses that must be worshiped, or are they are pieces of meat that should be treated like objects? It really doesn’t matter. You can get into a very fancy discussion about the modern woman that uses historical references and very nice metaphors, but in the end your conclusion must be based on reality. And the reality is that women reward men who have little respect for them. Ask any successful player a series of questions about his behavior to women and it will be very apparent that he sees her as something that is more expendable than magical.

I had a friend who was a good guy, but he would treat women very well and care for them and sacrifice for them. He would put his friends before girls he hadn’t even slept with (girls he would never end up sleeping with). It got so bad that me and a player friend had to run an intervention: “STOP RESPECTING WOMEN. DON’T DO ANY FAVORS FOR A WOMAN WHO HASN’T PLEASED YOU SEXUALLY.” It didn’t get through and he’s still the permafriend. This is a pattern that is repeated with beta males everywhere. I lost count how many times I was in the company of a beta and a girlfriend that gave him shit in front of me. When I ask the beta if he is going to let her treat him like that, he replies with “She’s drunk” or “She’s in a bad mood.”

Emotional, weak, flakey, fickle, petty, jealous, gossipy, spiteful, insecure, shallow. I’m going to automatically respect that? Disrespect the entire gender, but do respect the girl who earns it. A woman you meet does not deserve the benefit of the doubt until she proves herself.

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  • KassyK

    Again, you and your friends are dating the wrong women…and its getting to the point that you need your own intervention.

    If you date shallow, young, materialistic women…that is what you’ll get…but thats what you want so whats the point in getting in a back and forth about complaining about the exact thing you “hunt”.

    Good women DON’T want to be treated badly. That is such a crock of garbage and any guy that tells you that…IS SINGLE. And any girl that wants that…has most likely had some kind of abusive background.


    Amen! Like I always say, women just want a man that will Ike them every once in a while. I feel so sorry for my male friends who are just excessively kind hearted by nature. They always end up getting walked all over by fastidious and bitchy women. What is that? Women always complain that are no good men out there; they’re out there, you just don’t want them.

  • KassyK

    BEAVE–If you consider treating a women like garbage being a “Good Man”…then you need major therapy.

  • anon

    I find it amusing to see Kassy lecturing Roosh on his behavior. Whatever you may think of his (deliberately) provocative comments they are true and the product of hard won experience.



    No! I don’t consider treating women like garbage being a good man. But it has been my experience that most women don’t like “good men”. And although I’ve only been burned once, that is all it took for me to be very careful for now on! And you have a valid point; good women don’t want to be treated badly, so maybe the problem is the lack of good women!

  • KassyK

    Anon–I am not lecturing–Roosh is a good friend…

    BUT I find it even more interesting that men who have never really had real relationships can deem to decide how they work…thats all.

    Give me all the advice on fucking, dating, etc…but boyfriend/girlfriend advice? I’ll take that from guys that have been there…

  • 2

    Kassy — and that is the problem. Women take all sorts of stupid advice that “theoretically” can work but actually never does. Roosh’s original post are spot on.

  • Roissy

    kassy, what roosh writes about fucking/dating applies equally to relationships. the only difference is how quickly the woman will fully succumb to her underlying true nature when her man in a weak moment slips into beta-ness. women don’t stop testing men after the first bang. she must earn his respect over and over. the minute men forget this very important lesson is the death toll of their LTR. a man’s frame of mind should always be “it’s about ME”.

  • Anon

    Beta males have blue balls that cloud their logic. They see assholes with hot chicks and draw the wrong conclusions.

    They assume that treating women as dispensable causes a man to have lots of women. It’s the other way around: having lots of women causes a man to treat women as dispensable.

    Emotional, weak, flakey, fickle, petty, jealous, gossipy, spiteful, insecure, shallow. I’m going to automatically respect that? Disrespect the entire gender, but do respect the girl who earns it.

    Those traits you list are applicable to you and other beta males. You attract what you deserve. My advice is to stop ranting about women. Only beta bitches rant about women.

  • mm

    Everyone should be treated with respect, regardless of sex. I don’t agree with you at all on this, Roosh. Of course, being a woman, I’m sure my opinion does not matter very much. Also, I think you’re confusing ‘respect’ with being someone’s bitch. It’s not the same thing.

  • KassyK

    2-I was speaking figuratively…I obviously don’t take advice on sex/dating/relationships…I already know how to do just fine in them by being a caring and loving partner.

    Its like what mm said–everyone deserves respect. everyone. I treat any boyfriend/date/hook up with respect and therefore expect it back.

    We are all different people with different personalities and traits.

    Roissy–you see all men and all women in a certain way but the truth and the beauty of humanity is that we are all DIFFERENT.

    Its our uniqueness that defines us and believe it or not…some women are not total bitches. Some women prefer to nurture their men. But no sane woman will nurture a man that treats her like crap.

    If she does–she is in a terrible relationship and has no self esteem. No one deserves to be treated badly unless THEY are treating someone badly…thats it.

  • Genevieve

    I’m actually going to agree with this. Espicially since I treat guys the same way.

    I really liked your diagram.

  • Jay Gatsby

    Very simple rule: “Respect is earned, not given freely.”

    Unfortunately, many men have been taught to give women respect automatically, since doing so is a sign of being a “gentleman”. In today’s day and age, the best tactic in dealing with women is to act like a gentleman ONLY when she acts like a lady. If she exhibits selfishness, acts disrespectful, has an attitude, etc… she is not acting like a lady and shouldn’t be treated like one. To the extent Roosh is spending his time in places where such women hang out, he is perfectly entitled to not act like a gentleman.

  • Weatherman Says

    I’m inclinced to agree with Roosh on this one. I was raised to respect women and be chivalrous. I had a four-year relationship with a great woman I was going to marry Then she ended it saying (this is an exact quote): “You’re great. But there is no passion with you. You’re too nice. Dating you is like dating my brother.”

    Maybe you don’t need to be cruel, but guys do need to tap their dormant masculinity (which gets beaten out of them by this feminist-thinking society). And guys need to stand their own ground and be assertive and not deferential to women’s whims and passing fancies.

    What women want and what they say they want are two different things. Rock on, Roosh.

  • KassyK

    Jay…that is very true. I agree with you 100%.

    Weatherman–Passion is completely different from not respecting someone…You can respect and be passionate…But your right–assertiveness is sexy in a man…but you can be a good guy and passionate…no woman wants a man that is scared of her (and if she does, you don’t want her)…but all women want to be respected.

  • 2

    KassyK — backpedal all you want. it only further convinces me of Roosh’s point.

  • anonymous
  • KassyK

    2-Who is backpedaling? And why are you anon? Use your real name…only betas are Anon.

  • AAnonymous

    Dammit, Gatsby beat me to it, but I’ll second: Everybody deserves respect? Ridiculous. Rather, everybody deserves the opportunity to earn my respect.

    It’s certainly true that getting “notches” or being a player is much easier by being kind of a prick. I seriously doubt any of you ladies horrified by this post would disagree. But that aside, even relationships depend on both people believing that the other is confident and interesting. Those traits don’t mesh with self-subjugation, which is what “respect” is too often conflated with in these meta discussions.

    I’ve been the nice guy (and either didn’t get the girl or got dumped when it became clear I valued her over myself), I’ve been the asshole (got the girl much more often, though they were rarely relationship quality if I took that route), and I’ve been in between, where I lived my life confidently and assertively and blended in a girl who was interesting and worth respecting. But the idea of being a nice guy usually just means being a pussy, and that means permanent friend zone status. Yay.

    Nothing kills attraction faster than neediness, lack of confidence, and subjugation, all classic traits of the nice guy (who of course believes that everyone deserves his respect . . . ugh).

  • anon

    If you want to get laid, don’t be a nice guy. It’s that simple.

  • AUA

    So how’s this working out for you? You finally getting some tang now?

  • Weatherman Says

    “Unfortunately, many men have been taught to give women respect automatically, since doing so is a sign of being a “gentleman”.”

    Gatsby is totally correct on this point and I’ll take it a step further. Those of us who grew up with “sexual harrassment seminars” and such at our school know that even arguing with a girl is defined as abuse (the fake “One in four women are sexually assaulted” stat comes from defining assault in such a broad way). So many of us did grow up trying to be a “gentelman” in all circumstances.

    This was my problem and the problem of many guys today: Trying to be Cary Grant in an Anna Nicole Smith world.

    That zipping sound you hear is KassyK furiously backpedaling.

  • Irina

    Why not just say treat ALL PEOPLE with respect if they have earned it it? Sex/ work/ friendship/ life … isn’t respect earned and not demanded?

    You see sexual relations in a really narrow way; sexual relations are not any different from other human relationships.

    Or maybe, for you, they are. And that’s something that has made you a player. If you saw it differently, you wouldn’t be in “the game”.

  • Mandy

    It comes down to whether you want notches or relationships–whether you want sex or love.

    The kind of girl you use as a notch WANTS to be used. She probably has low self-esteem (this is NOT a myth about women) or buys into the bullshit that women can actually have notches without getting emotionally involved. I’m sorry, but women are NOT hardwired the same way men are.

    I volunteer with victims of sexual abuse, and I’ve seen this over and over. Sorry to be so harsh, but it’s true–women you use for one-night stands, even if they claim it’s empowering for them too, often struggle with their self image later.

    Since alcoholism is so rampant, I’m sure getting notches isn’t too hard for men. Still, that usually means it’s sloppy…not quality.

    When you find a girl you actually like, please treat her with respect. Be a man, but be a gentleman too (different from “pushover”). Acting like an asshole might work in college, but there comes a point when it stops being intriguing.

  • Mandy

    And yes, I agree with Jay Gatsby too. Respect is something you must earn.

  • KassyK

    Weatherman–There is NO backpedaling?

    And I am saying as I always have…that men AND women should be treated well…as I always have.

    I am STILL saying as I said from THE BEGINNING…that you should treat all people with respect…men, women, everyone.

    I haven’t changed my tune ONCE.

    And why are you guys attacking ME when I am not even saying anything rude? I am so confused…I think respect should be given unless someone treats you badly.

    You are all confusing passion, being a pussy, being a man, being a pushover and being a good guy. Its not all the same thing.

    Read ALL the female comments here…besides maybe one…they all agree…women want to be treated well.

    The ones that don’t have real issues…

  • Weatherman Says

    “I’m sorry, but women are NOT hardwired the same way men are.”

    This is not true. KasskyK is hardwired the same as any man. The only difference is her skin — it’s…so smooth and milky white!!

  • entropy

    Is this Redhead in the City or RooshV?! 😉

    Okay, I agree with a lot of what Roosh mentioned. I don’t think that you need to disrepect someone before they earn your respect, though. Casual indifference would be better. Besides, respect and worship are on very different parts of the relationship continuum. You can be respectful and still not let someone take advantage of you. That comes naturally with confidence and maturity.

    I mean, what if all women disrespected us before we earned their respect, and we disrepected all women before they earned ours? Hmmm…can you say collapse of mankind as we know it? I wonder what Roosh’s true objective is here.

  • Irina

    Kassy, et al:

    can we all agree that men are retarded and assume that certain women are PLOTTING to be used or can totally be lumped into a category of worthless skanks to be disrespected?

    It’s so easy to see people as Category A and Category B, rather than a complex creature.

    Wake up… 99.9% of women want people to love and respect them. Most just don’t know how to go about it. Many have been daddy’s princess for years and have no idea that respect is earned, not demanded. Someone give them a crash course.

  • b

    I can’t read everyone’s comments so maybe i’m quite behind or it’s been said, but to some extent, I do agree with what is written.

    Sad, but truth. “Nice guys” get trampled. Now, don’t take aggression as “treating women badly” as there is a fine line. (I haven’t found it but I’m sure there is, as i run across it from time to time).

    It’s not about treating them like objects or anything like that, but it’s like how Ferris Bueller said, “How can you respect somebody who kisses your ass?”

  • Virgle Kent

    Unfortunately I must agree with this post 110%. Been a player in the game for while now and if it’s all about getting laid and notches you must go with this philosophy of treating your target demographic.

    I think it plays on the woman’s subconscious of wanting the bad boy and trying to earn or make him see her as more than a sexual object. You become a challenge and since most women are used to being chased they find themselves chasing you’re respect.

    Then you just tell them head down ass up that’s the way we….. ah you know the rest.

  • anon

    VK is right. You want to get laid you act a certain way. Acting that way causes you to lose respect for women. But it gets you laid.

    If you are a guy and want advice on getting laid who are you going to listen to? Roosh with his been there and have the scars approach or Kassy with her “respect everybody, be a nice guy” bs?

    If you listen to Roosh you will get laid. If you listen to Kassy you will end up a frustrated beta.

  • Weatherman Says

    “If you listen to Kassy you will end up a frustrated beta.”

    In other words, you’ll end up Kassified.

  • Jay Gatsby

    In addition to men being brainwashed into acting like “gentlemen” around all women, it is the power of a woman’s sexuality that causes her to demand men respect her for no reason. By age of 5 or 6, a little girl has learned to scramble onto Daddy’s lap and to manipulate him with flowing tears or a frowning face. He responds by taking care of her every need. Daddy, for his part, is only trying to insulate his little girl from what he knows to be a hard and cruel world. For some reason, however, these tactics don’t seem to work very well on Mommy, so the little girl understands that her power draws its energy from the opposite gender. By the time she matures into a young woman, she’s well aware of the effect she has on the boys around her, how much they seem to lust after her body. The more they want her, the more she realizes the value of her commodity. She relishes in her power, and even laughs to herself about the men who mentally drool when they’re in her presence.

  • Virgle Kent


    ewwww sorry I was writing something else and I tend to mesh

  • 2

    Kassy — seriously. you are just as anonymous as me. posting your “real name” does not make you any less anonymous on the internet.

    You can backpedal all you like.

  • anon

    y’all be nice to Kassy now. A few more words of criticism and she’ll have a fit.

  • 2

    ps. using the “only betas ..” argument is really beta.

  • 2

    Come up with your own arguments.

  • Phil

    28 comments – moves into 2nd place!

    Double facial on KassyK!


  • freckledk

    In many cases, the nicer you are, the more likely it is that you’ll be treated as a doormat. This is not exclusive to just the guys, you know. How many of you boys lost a great girl because you took her for granted and treated her poorly?

  • KandyK

    Hey people quit cutting on my big sis! In our old hometown back in Jersey, men literally throw themselves at her feet when she struts down the boardwalk! When a girl is hott in our town, they say she has “kassability” — thats how much of a legend big sis is.

    Love and kisses always, KandyK

  • KassyK

    Hi Rob!

  • KassyK

    I mean…Bob…I mean…Mockette…I mean…Weatherman…I mean…2…I mean Anon…I mean Observer….

  • Jo

    Wow you guys are mean. The only one here who’s made a valid point is Jay Gatsby. Society brainwashes us.

    However. I think you are all getting confused. There is a HUGE difference between players (and men who are only out to get laid), betas/pussys/whatever you want to call them, and good men.

    I hate spineless men (I enjoy it when people have the balls to disagree with me) and, you all know this very well, women want more than just getting laid. The guy who’s willing to respect a woman (when it’s deserved) and is willing to stand up to her when she’s wrong is a good guy.

  • 2


    I am not Bob, Mockette, Weatherman, Anon, nor the Observer. It’s nice to hear your sister is hot and guys throw themselves at her. I respect you so much more now that I know this irrelevant piece of information.

    Open question to all: Why to some women believe that their quality increases from how men behave towards them? Since when does validation increase one’s self-worth?

  • 2


    Nevermind. I just saw it was “KandyK” posting the above.

    Feel free to ignore the second sentence in the first paragraph of my previous comment. My open question to all still remains the same though. It’s something I wonder about.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    “Beta males have blue balls that cloud their logic. They see assholes with hot chicks and draw the wrong conclusions.
    They assume that treating women as dispensable causes a man to have lots of women. It’s the other way around: having lots of women causes a man to treat women as dispensable.”

    This is the only real point that’s been made- CORRELATION DOES NOT IMPLY CAUSATION! Take some statistics and realize that trying to be an asshole does not make you hot.

  • Jay Gatsby

    “Open question to all: Why to some women believe that their quality increases from how men behave towards them? Since when does validation increase one’s self-worth?”

    I’ll take a stab at answering. Such women CORRECTLY believe that their quality increases based on how men behave towards them. Although external validation from others is greatly inferior to internal self-validation, the former is how the vast majority of people measure their self-worth. In other words, self-worth is usually a function of how others see you, and that’s just the way the world works. If men see a particular woman as hot, she’ll think that she is and act accordingly. The opposite is also true, which is why the “neg-hit” (or backhanded compliment) is so effective in disarming a woman with an attitude.

  • BG

    I havent read comments above but seems like classic chicken-egg causation scenario. Does the lack of respect come BEFORE the jamfest? or is it the jamfest that causes the lack of respect?

  • Anon

    KassyK, why don\’t you go back to making \”paridy\” blogs and let the big boys play?

  • Weatherman

    Hey Anon — Ribbing Kassy is OK, but it should be done affectionately not in a mean way. You know it takes a lot of work to keep her skin so smooth, supple, shiny and milky white!!

  • Jewcano

    What a fucking stormcloud of bullshit this thread is. This has nothing to do with respect for women. This is about respect for yourself. If you must treat women like fucking Lady Guinevere to respect yourself, fine (you won’t get laid, of course.) If you can respect yourself while treating women like snatch on delivery, fine (good luck avoiding psychos.) If you’re a beta sissy, it probably doesn’t matter how much you ‘respect’ women, you don’t have self-respect, you don’t have self-confidence, and that drives women away. If you are an insecure piece of shit, it doesn’t matter how obnoxious you are, women aren’t going to go near you. Even a gentleman can pull tail if it’s clear he’s being such because -he- wants to, not because he thinks it’s what the girl wants.

    Oh, and “Trying to be Cary Grant in an Anna Nicole Smith world”? No shit. Except ANS at least tried to look good in a long dress. More like Cary Grant in The Land of the Fergie Ferg Stunt Doubles. I’ll just have another martini, thanks.

  • Phil

    You know who respected the ladies, but conditioned that respect on his getting a piece of hoop-skirted, corsetted tail?

    Abraham Lincoln. The Illinois Rail Splitter.

  • Tampa


    Now that shit is freakin hilarious…

    “Abraham Lincoln, The Illinois Rail Splitter.”

    God Dang Hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    Okay. You are not entitled to someone else’s respect until you earn it. Someone else is not entitled to your respect until they earn it. Earning respect is a process which takes time.

    The nice guy does not understand this. The nice guy prides himself on treating women better than his jerk competition, respecting them completely from the get go, and creating expectations that the girl treat him with respect from the get go by accepting his flaws, sometimes guilt-tripping “if you are a good person you will accept me for what I am and what I bring to the relationship” etc. You know a nice guy doormat when they use the word relationship over and over.

  • Phil

    Tampa, I’ve got to give credit to Jewcano for that one.

    I always thought Lincoln was ole’ “Rough ‘n Ready”, but apparently Zachary Taylor went by that moniker (you can imagine why), until Jewcano informed me that Lincoln was “the Illinois Railsplitter” – quite apropos, in my opinion.

  • Siren

    Why do people only remember or propogate the saying for women: “a man wants a lady in public and a whore in the bedroom”. Hello, Women want “a gentleman in public and a don juan in the bedroom” I love nice guys, as long as they still have passion and fire in the bedroom.
    Sorry to say this but most of the “nice guys” that I’ve ever seen complaining about not finding a girlfriend or getting laid, were not good looking. If we’re not attracted to you, we can’t help it.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I treat women and men equally, but my male friends are more likely to do other favours than sex for me, therefore I am more friendlier to them. I haven’t seen many women who respect you like your male friends.

    For example, I don’t usually buy drinks for females, unless they have proven to be good friens platonically. Guys are more eager to return the favour, women think that I’m just hitting on them.

  • Rea

    I’ve been treated with disrespect by guys trying to pick me up… for me personally it doesn’t work. You can be respectful but confident.

    You don’t have to treat a girl like a piece of meat but you do have to believe or at least make her think you believe that you’ve got something to offer and that CAN include a little cockiness. THAT is attractive. Being a dick to women will attract the kind of women that you’re complaining about.

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  • Lily

    And yet he’ll probably have her in his life for a long time (assuming you understand women can enrich a man’s life except for being sexual) and she’ll be going to his funeral, will she even remember your name when you’re dead?

  • Anonymous

    haha classic graph

  • Timothy

    I think there is respect, and then there’s WORSHIP. Everyone should be treated with a certain level of decency…until they show they aren’t worthy of it. Then instead of sticking around and treating someone poorly just for kicks, or tolerating that person mistreating YOU – just walk away. If a person temporarily loses their minds and acts disrespectfully, check that behavior on the spot. If it isn’t in fact temporary, but simply who that person is at the core seeping out, end it. I generally don’t want to hear all of that, “relationships are work, you have to weather the good and bad, blah, blah…” Fuck that. I’m in it for the good, and it better be good 99% of the time. If it FEELS like work, drudgery…I’m out. If there’s some bad, it better be a real issue we need to work out, not some manufactured bullshit. Otherwise I don’t need it.

  • nick

    well fellas .it has been a while that i ve realized that women are the shallow worthless creatures and that they should not be given any rights unless they earn it. and the blame should be not on women. it should be on beta males,who spoils their daughters and dont train their boys to be would solve half of the humanity problems.we would be living in much more peaceful world. anyway i am still not getting any pussy ,except for paid hoookers sometimes, and now i am learning to be an alpha male again.but you know it takes time after so many wussified years.

  • Y

    You reap what you sow.

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  • udolipixie

    Disrespect the entire gender, but do respect the girl who earns it. A woman you meet does not deserve the benefit of the doubt until she proves herself.

    I stand by that. I disrespect the male gender and man has to prove himself to me.

  • udolipixie

    * I stand by that. I disrespect the male gender and a man has to prove himself to me.

  • 33

    my personal experience and what i have analyzed from many experiences of other men is that…”nice guys” always fall short of ever gaining anything.
    The reason is because they sacrifice the major essence that is important “being a man” in order to gain the thing they want a “woman” … in most cases women are not interested in marrying another woman “nice guy”
    Being a Evil jerk is another subject …

    YOu can be Strong and Good…but you cant be “nice guy”

    sometimes being Good requires a man to take the lead..and to be a leader
    WOman are seeking a Leader
    And facts are that “nice guys” behave like followers.
    woman dont want jerks or evil guys…What they seek is Strenght and Leadership

    hence the most popular guy or the strongest
    Or the guy with the plan and Money.
    All have one thing in common high chance for leadership


    if you look like a leader “leadership Qualities in personality and charisma”
    then your heading in the right direction
    Part of being leader is being nice sometimes “kissing a baby” while also being strong “locking up criminals”

    nobody wants a Weak leader.
    Nobody wants a feelingless leader

    Imagine yourself as a Leader
    and you will head in a right direction
    because a Man is the leader

  • Anonymous

    Shut the fuck up.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think you understand this, so I’m going to point this out for you and all your insane followers. WOMEN ARE PEOPLE TOO. That’s right. Surprising, right? Yeah, we have a few differences, but in the end, we are all human, we all deserve respect. I feel sorry for you and I don’t expect you to understand me, even though I am speaking plainly. You will continue to believe that ‘feminists ruined everything!’ and that your dick is something that should be worshipped on a pedestal. But you will die lonely, sad, unfulfilled and essentially a worthless human being. You think you are *helping* people? You think you are *achieving* something? You’re a child, something happened to you that you never got over and you never healed from it obviously. You will never be an adult and never understand what it is like to have a life free from your stereotypes and your generalisations and your misogynistic views. You think it’s ‘natural’ to be the way you are? Fine, go be ‘natural’. Go eat your own faeces and roll around in the dirt like a dog.

  • Anonymous

    Why would you bother wasting your time on a woman you don’t respect.

    Seems like a lousy hobby.

  • Anonymous

    No, roosh is right,
    For those who say he is dating the wrong women, well wrong women are the majority of women nowadays

  • Anonymous

    Roosh is absolutely right. Those that disagree are pussified manginas and cunts who are mad that they are being exposed for the lying bitches they are.

  • DH

    beta males gonna be beta males. KassyK shut up and sit down.

  • Anonymous

    Rule #1. Just don’t take any advice from women…ever on anything.

  • War in Heaven

    Y’all need to read ‘The Book of Pook’ specifically the chapter “The Secret of the Jerk”. It’s not your NICENESS that women dislike – it’s your WEAKNESS.

    Replace NICE GUY with WEAK GUY for everything listed above and it will ALL make sense.

    Niceness does NOT imply weakness. A man can be both masculine and nice aka a GOOD man. It is NOT our niceness that women dislike – it is our WEAKNESS.

    Women are attracted to our strength, our masculinity, NOT our ‘jerkiness’. As pook stated jerkiness is preferred over weakness though because at least jerks display SOME aspect of strength where weak people display none.

    We just need to be stronger. As others said no more attributing respect and compliments to those that don’t deserve it. If that women were a man would you be totally complimenting and supplicating the same way? Eh well maybe I would personally because I like bringing out and acknowledging the best in people but despite that I have my own opinions, my own limits, and my own frame which I will not sell out to get the favor of any woman.

  • Anonymous

    Respect has to be earned. If someone behaves in a manner not deserving of respect, then you should not give it.

  • madmax

    until she proves HERSELF. Excellent

  • Kris Kemp

    It’s been my experience that girls do not like nice guys. By “not like”, they do not respond to nice guys. Nor do they treat them well or with respect. I’m a nice guy and was a nice guy in my past relationship, during which the girl complimented me a number of times, saying things like “you’re the best boyfriend I’ve ever had”, “I don’t deserve you”, “I love your big dick”, “I’ll aways love you”, and many other compliments. Later on in the relationship, she cheats on me a week before Christmas, so I spent Christmas, New Years, and my birthday, a few days after Christmas, lonely and missing her. I was deeply in love with this girl. At one point, she did love, but she fell out of love with me, but I realized that I was probably putting her up on a pedestal. After the breakup, I started going downtown, dancing a lot, and meeting girls and treating them badly. I was swimming in chicks. Why? Because that’s what they respond to–they like the bad boy, the guy who doesn’t give a shit. My friend, Clint, treats women like princesses and he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Now, I have girls who want to date me but I’m too busy for that, because I’m working on creative projects here in the city, and, after traveling to Europe, and meeting beautiful, intelligent, and kind women over there, I plan to return and date a European girl. They are higher quality than American women, who have an over inflated ego. You have to skip the American girls, at the least the ones that have been brainwashed by American television into thinking they are someone special.

  • Duke

    Women are social parassites who seek men to satisfy their infinite needs. If a man cannot abide to such needs, sooner or later he gonna get the laundry bill.

    Gaming is the only way to score in this mad world since women wrote such new rules, play or die (litterally or emotionally).

    End of discussion, high five to Roosh!

  • Anonymous pussies

    I love how everyone thinks that declaring thy win an arguement makes it so.
    It’s like watching a boxer get the shot kicked out of him then raising his arms at the end of the fight.
    It’s not even like this Kassy is particularly correct, just you all come off as total retards.

  • misterinfinite

    Long time reader, first time commenting.

    Human interactions are selfish in one way or another. It might as well be you accepting your own self-interest. One person will always be manipulating more than the other.

  • G Ron

    Tell um Brother Roosh!

    TImeless quote-

    “Emotional, weak, flakey, fickle, petty, jealous, gossipy, spiteful, insecure, shallow. I’m going to automatically respect that? Disrespect the entire gender, but do respect the girl who earns it. A woman you meet does not deserve the benefit of the doubt until she proves herself.”- Roosh “The Pimp” V

  • doramin

    Ah, gee. Old Abe didn’t do so well in the female department. His first great love rejected his suit and temporarily derailed him. As for the woman he finally married, well…that’s the stuff of dark legend. In later years, her son finally had her committed.

  • doramin

    Come to think of it, I don’t recall any of Cary Grant’s film characters being nice guy doormats by any stretch of the imagination. His quintessential character was always charming and always something of a cad. The women he would lose his heart to were ladylike and tough-minded.

  • Flavor

    Good shit

  • Ania

    Then, what would you advise to guys approaching a Polish 23-year-old girl who’s a virgin and refuses to have sex before getting married (or at least engaged) but not a religious freak, just old-fashioned hot Catholic student in Warsaw

  • Danail Marinov

    You said it like it is. I personally am not a fan of the “player game” but your words describe everything as it is. Also I used to be a beta male until some weeks ago. Women have disappointed me for the last time.

    And your last paragraph! Genius! That’s exactly what my attitude is now! :)

  • Danail Marinov

    Hahahahahahahahahahah! Too bad this comment is hella old. I would’ve told you about the many women I liked and talked to. How I always acted the gentleman, and the funny guy, and how I got friendzoned every time. Everybody thinks they know everything, But they don’t! And women never try to impress us. Only some try by taking care of their looks. We’re the ones who try to be interesting and find what kinds of things interest the girl we’re talking to. Women will never try as hard as we do!