Respecting Women

The more a man respects a woman, the less notches he will have. While notches don’t yield happiness, if you want to have sex with a lot of women then you should not hold them in high regard.


Are women princesses that must be worshiped, or are they are pieces of meat that should be treated like objects? It really doesn’t matter. You can get into a very fancy discussion about the modern woman that uses historical references and very nice metaphors, but in the end your conclusion must be based on reality. And the reality is that women reward men who have little respect for them. Ask any successful player a series of questions about his behavior to women and it will be very apparent that he sees her as something that is more expendable than magical.

I had a friend who was a good guy, but he would treat women very well and care for them and sacrifice for them. He would put his friends before girls he hadn’t even slept with (girls he would never end up sleeping with). It got so bad that me and a player friend had to run an intervention: “STOP RESPECTING WOMEN. DON’T DO ANY FAVORS FOR A WOMAN WHO HASN’T PLEASED YOU SEXUALLY.” It didn’t get through and he’s still the permafriend. This is a pattern that is repeated with beta males everywhere. I lost count how many times I was in the company of a beta and a girlfriend that gave him shit in front of me. When I ask the beta if he is going to let her treat him like that, he replies with “She’s drunk” or “She’s in a bad mood.”

Emotional, weak, flakey, fickle, petty, jealous, gossipy, spiteful, insecure, shallow. I’m going to automatically respect that? Disrespect the entire gender, but do respect the girl who earns it. A woman you meet does not deserve the benefit of the doubt until she proves herself.

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