Guys Who Make A Lot Of Money But Still Don’t Get Laid

I spoke to an old friend the other day and we talked about a couple guys we went to college with. I remembered Steve, one of our classmates.

“Hey Steve took me off Facebook for some reason,” I said to my friend.

“Strange, he didn’t say anything to me about you.”

“Well since he’s a cardiologist now maybe he took down his profile because too many patients were trying to add him. I read about that problem in a newspaper article.”

“Hold on let me check.” Thirty seconds later: “Yeah he took me off too.”

“He probably deleted his profile.”

“You know he’s making serious cash now right?”

“How much?” I asked.

“Like half a million a year.”

In college Steve got more play than me, hooking up with the occasional girl from class (since I was getting zero play that wasn’t particularly difficult). He had a pretty cocky personality around other guys and even though he became much gentler around women, it was enough to get some attraction going.

After college he went to medical school and I went to work in the private sector. He got a girlfriend not long after that. While I’d peg his looks at about a 7, she was only a 4—a definite downgrade. My friend and I would talk about why he was going out with her. “Maybe she has a really great personality,” I’d say, followed by obnoxious snorting laughter. We didn’t understand why he was selling himself short, but agreed he’d probably step up after he was officially a doctor and making the big bucks.

Well, they’re about to get married. I highly doubt a prenup will be signed.

Talking about Steve made me do an evaluation of my life.

Cons: I have very few possessions. I don’t make a lot of money (a friend of mine joked that I probably qualify for public assistance). I don’t have health insurance. Every day I push concerns about the future into the back of my mind.

Pros: Freedom and mobility.

If I was a doctor making half a million a year, I’d sleep with fewer women than I am now. It’s possible I would land one really beautiful bride, but I currently desire variety, not monotony (while the act of banging doesn’t make me a happier person, the conquest does). I’d have more comfort and stability in life, but that’s what I want when I’m 51, not 31. If I worked 60 hours a week or more it’d be impossible to bang the girls that I have, along with doing just about everything that I have accomplished in my adult life so far (cue laughter from the haters).

Too many guys overestimate the benefits of a high paying job. What percentage of doctors do you think are pulling quality pussy? Surprisingly low, but if you want to land an ambitious yet plain Jewish or Indian girl with overbearing parents then it’s a great profession to get into. Do you really think doctors or lawyers have the ability and energy to creep on the side with the girls that you’re able to bang with game and free time? Truth is I know a ton doctors and not a single one is outpulling me, in either quality or quantity. I see pictures of their girlfriends on Facebook and I’m not impressed, especially considering their true cost per notch is more than $100,000. Mine are in the low four digits.

If you’re going to argue that a man’s job is important, I’ll agree with you if you’re talking about fashion photographer, club owner, bartender, surfing instructor, and so on—the jobs that put him in contact with a large number of sexy women. But lawyer? Doctor? Investment banker? Corporate executive? Raise your hand if you know guys with those jobs that get zero pussy, or have to pay out the ass for a pseudo-hooker.

Okay now put your hand down.

Game is the great equalizer, the savior of man. You can have a job where you’re stuck in front of a laptop all day and still pull more and hotter than a guy making half a million a year. If I was making that much money and pussy wasn’t raining from the sky, I’d feel disappointed and tricked to say the least. A twenty dollar game book and some practice would’ve gotten me much more.

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  • dc

    making money is pointless unless you have the free time to enjoy it

    hoarding money is also pointless beyond a small savings account to cover emergencies, better to spend experiences and goods that the gov can’t devalue or outright steal from you

  • frank

    You’re judging everyone through your horndog lens. Most guys don’t go to work every day thinking about how it relates to getting laid. Most guys with high paying jobs like the intellectual stimulation and the sense of accomplishment, and the status doesn’t hurt. “How does this get me pussy” is not in the top five issues.

  • The Rookie

    some of these guys are insanely good at their job and derive much confidence from it, yet crumble went they try to talk to an attractive girl. all that time, money, energy, and they still can’t get what truly matters.

    The Rookie’s last blog post: The Come Back.

  • Living Dead Bachelor

    At the end of the day it’s a balance.

    Do I like working tons of hours for lots of cash that I can’t do anything with because I don’t have the free time? No.

    Do I like spending tons of hours at the bar or any location where the focus is meeting girls, when I could use that time for other hobbies? No.

    When I was 20 I probably cared about banging lots of broads. I also cared about making a lot of money. Now in my 30’s both of these items seem pointless.

    There are two things men overvalue in this world. Money and women. They can be for varying reasons. I believe this blog, as ironic as it is, tends to overvalue women. Spending most of your free time trying to get laid, whether it’s easy or not, is a form of giving women a lot of value.

  • Anonymous

    Keep fooling yourself.

    Fun memories of past triumphs in bed aren’t going to keep you warm or put food in your stomach when you are 55 and live in a rooming house with the other dregs of society.

  • LOL

    R, you must know a bunch of antisocial losers.

    My friends have money, travel, do sports, and people are drawn to them for the qualities they have, not because they try and use some gay pickup lines.

    I know several high powered lawyers, bankers, senior consultants, traders, etc, and they all have more pussy than they know what to do with.

    They are naturally confident, they can relate to people without being cocky.

    The fact that you think you could even come close to competing with the real men in society shows just how deluded you are.

    Get the hell out of your parents basement, and stop bragging about banging an occassional 5.

    Also, you are being a cynical fraud if you think buying a PUA (the gayest term ever invented) is going to make someone a man.

  • Edmond M

    Question for Roosh and his international readers:

    Does this same principle hold in foreign countries, especially poorer ones? My unformed impression is that if you are rich in Colombia or Brazil, whether you are a doctor or lawyer or landowner, you will get laid in equal quality and quantity as a nightclub owner in America.

  • bangbus!

    still making a decent cashflow is important.

    the trick is to make a lot and work the least! unless your work is your dream career…it will rarely be investment banker or cardiologist…more like nude photographer à la Richard Kern .

    “I donâ��t have health insurance”

    how can you get one?

  • Papillon

    When your buddy Steve learns a bit about game,
    he’ll be pulling nurses, candy-stripers, and other MD’s round the clock.

  • Papillon

    You could go to med school, Roosh.

    I know an American doctor who moved to Brazil when he was in his 60’s. Doctors (and nurses) have a lot of mobility. You can pretty much live / work anywhere.

    You could join Doctors without Borders.

  • Tampa

    Having money is fun, but getting zero pussy is a miserable life.

    Money is really only fun when you have some pussy to enjoy it with.

    It’s a lot of fun to take trips with a smoking hot chick and banging her out in some hotel room. Shit is utopia in my eyes.

    Crazy out of the country sex in secluded hotel room is what dreams are made of

  • Matt Savage

    I’d have to disagree with this one as my observations from being an intern in the Investment Banking industry back in college was that many of those guys do pull like rock stars. Yea, they were cookie cutter millionaires with the cut of your typical downtown financial businessman but many of them do get quality girls simply from being high profile.

    Of course, there are certainly guys who have high paying jobs and don’t get laid, but I’d say the options for a Doctor, Lawyer or Investment Banker to be a “Game Guy” is much greater than someone who lives in his parent’s basement/attic (no offense).

    I’d be willing to bet that overall there are more players in high end jobs, than in low-end jobs, but of course that’s just speculation.

    Matt Savage’s last blog post: Girls and Guys Who Spit in Public.

  • outlaw josey wales

    Agree with #4. Is the point of this post that money does not give you game? If so, that is obviously true and hardly needs mention here. Or is the point that people shouldn’t be doctors or lawyers because, while they will make a lot of moeny, they will not have much free time to enjoy it? That is highly debateable.

    We should all imagine any given woman with a smooth space between her legs, like a Barbie. What is her worth then?

  • shadowexit

    This agrees with my experience. I have been unemployed for months, and I can easily get laid (opportunity cost of about 600 euro, assuming minimum hourly wage).

    My lifetime true cost per notch is about 2500 to 3000 euro. Pretty good I think.

    All that aside, I would now prefer to have a decent high status job. It would allow me to move to a hipper city, wear better cloths, and buy a car. In addition to my game, that would take me over Roissy’s alpha rubicon.

  • virgle Kent

    The thing about having money is that if you have game first it really doesnt hurt. Like having big muscles, fly clothes or a big dick. Do you need all those things to pull and bang girls hell no… do they hurt? Fuck to the no

    Some rich guys are like your friend others are banging three girls at the same time on the reg no problem, pic your poison

  • Omega Man

    Even if money is not important for getting women, it’s important for your own security and well-being. Financial struggle is depressing and confidence-sapping as well, which don’t help with pursuing women. You need to find some balance between money, time off, flexibility, and mobility.

    Omega Man’s last blog post: Should You Marry A Woman With Children?.

  • Anonymous

    The man is a cardiologist, so he obviously has set his goals in life much higher than picking up pussy. It’s one thing to have a laugh at some pen-pushing drone in a cubicle who makes 35 grand a year and never gets laid, but Steve obviously deleted Roosh from his facebook because Roosh’s very presence on his friends list would be an embarassment.

    The times that these holier than thou, wannabe bohemians are most annoying is when they bite the hand that feeds them. They can criticize McDonald’s, Wal Mart and MTV all they want, but talk to Roosh when he’s having heart problems someday in his older age and grovelling in Steve’s waiting room.

  • Anon

    The cardiologist may live happily ever after with his ugly wife in his cocoon of pussy ignorance.

    Or he may have a midlife crisis one day, divorce his cow of a wife, buy a ferrari, rent Mystery for a wingman, and bang 22 year old nurses and hot chicks left and right.

    He wins either way as long as he doesn’t get hitched to gold digger along the way.

  • Mr.RatherUnique

    Frank # 2 I Can tell your notch count per year is pretty low. Also this a game site, so why wouldn’t
    we think about how it relates to getting laid?

  • Papillon

    Roosh V., Gynecologist?

  • Gabriel

    “Too many guys overestimate the benefits of a high paying job. What percentage of doctors do you think are pulling quality pussy? Surprisingly low, but if you want to land an ambitious yet plain Jewish or Indian girl with overbearing parents then it’s a great profession to get into.”

    Just about sums up my past two relationships, but hey now that I want to take a year off before med school and try my luck at biodiesels I might qualify for latinas…

  • Anonymous

    Working as a doctor would offer a sense of immense fulfillment. I am a scientist and I enjoy what I do. I commend your player abilities. However, I cant dream of a life where I get up every morning and think “Ok how to get more pussy today”. People dont work to get pussy man.

  • Anonymous

    Roosh. Simple rule. You shouldn’t chase trains, cars, or women.

  • Tampa

    “However, I cant dream of a life where I get up every morning and think “Ok how to get more pussy today”. People dont work to get pussy man.”

    Oh yes they do!!!

  • Fireworks56

    I would venture to guess that these men are driven by different ambitions or haven’t realized they’ve been sold a lie. Game requires hours. Lots of them, and they may see that the initial opportunity cost as too great if they are banking $500K a year and trying to divest themselves of outrageous medical school costs.

    Dabble and you’ll get nowhere, only consistenly applying the principles of game and exposing yourself to all plausible (and some outrageous) scenarios that get in the way of pussy will anyone then start to see progress. Personally, I prefer my doctor/lawyer to be at home in bed with his 4 the night before I need him rather than him be on the prowl fighting the inevitable fatigue and hangovers that invariably come with the game lifestyle. Not everyone has the energy for the work hard play hard lifestyle. That’s why 10% of the guys do 90% of the banging.

  • Anonymous

    agreeing with #9. whole lot easier for a doctor to learn game, than it is for a random guy to become a doctor/lawyer/banker, etc

    like you said, anyone can master game. it’s the great equalizer. it just takes time.

    little bit harder to become a doctor. most people won’t cut it in med school

  • Lucifer

    Most of these idiots (high paying job types) are slaves to their work and have massive egos based on make-believe.

    I have gotten more high-quality pussy at 200-300$/hr than many of them will get in their entire lives. The funny part is they could also buy it- if they wanted to, but are too proud to do so.

  • paper alpha

    Got the money and I agree with Roosh. Free time and game are the key to getting girls.

    I finally got time and I’m working on getting game. Life is much better.

  • Solo

    Man Comment # 6 had me in tears….

    Solo’s last blog post: Crazy.

  • Roosh

    Status and game is better than just game, but status, game, AND lifestyle is the ultimate killer. Unfortunately the professions I mentioned don’t have the optimal lifestyle, especially if they’re working so many hours a week. My game and lifestyle combo puts me on similar footing as these guys (when I’m in a city like Medellin or Rio, anyway).

    “When your buddy Steve learns a bit about game, he’ll be pulling nurses, candy-stripers, and other MD’s round the clock”

    The guys who become doctors are not interested in learning game, and will never do so. Therefore they will never pull these women in their lifetimes. They will get married with a homely chick and have the occasional mistress. To think that a doctor in his 40’s or 50’s is going to learn game and become a guru is laughable. Doc doesn’t even have time to cook his meals, exercise, or read a book. He’s not going to put 10 hours a week into approaching. And to think he’s going to pull hot nurses, when only 1 in 20 are even bangable, makes my ribs hurt.

    A couple of you misjudge why doctors become doctors. While some of that have hearts of gold, many do it for the status and money because they don’t know what else to become. Doctors have pussy on their mind too, a lot more than you think.

    “Fun memories of past triumphs in bed aren’t going to keep you warm or put food in your stomach when you are 55”

    Are you going to come back in 24 years to post a “told you so” comment? You rationalize your sexless, boring lifestyle by convincing yourself you’ll have a better life in a few decades? :laugh:

    If you want to be a doctor then great, but if you like sexual variety, freedom, travel, and a stressfree life, you should reconsider.

  • frank

    This assertion that people take difficult jobs to win pussy, and that they don’t understand the alternatives, is just absurd. You are completely stuck in your warped perspective as a very lazy guy with a bad case of pussy-on-the-brain.

    Please grasp that most guys with good careers would be bored to fucking death living your lifestyle, pussy and all. Some language flashcards and diary entries don’t cut it for challenges. And the kind of people you just bump into at Starbucks or bars don’t cut it for company. Frequently lunching with a bunch of super smart and traveled engineering Phds is a stimulating experience that you will never have. Not that you’d necessarily appreciate it, but that’s the point here. Different strokes for different folks.

    The other thing you’re ignoring is that a lot of guys genuinely like to buy stuff and go on expensive trips. You and I may enjoy a degree of asceticism, but a fair number of people genuinely love their big screens and SUVs and one week in Monte Carlo. Stuck in your warped perspective I’m sure you think they buy the stuff in a deluded attempt to win pussy. But that’s not really the deal. Some people just actually like money and stuff. Again, different strokes.

  • Kid Strangelove

    In NYC its always hilarious to see bankers with no hair when they’re 30. brings a smile to my face

    Kid Strangelove’s last blog post: NYC PUA lairs – the good, the bad and the terrible.

  • The Fattist

    The trick is making the most amount of money for the least amount of effort, like your friend in Medellin.

  • Living Dead Bachelor

    Those that just focus on getting pu$$y mock those who work all the time and make money.

    Those that make money tend to mock those that focus on just getting pu$$y.

    Making money and slaving away working is boring. Going out all weekend and picking up girls, showing them constant attention, gets boring too.

    Either way you are a slave to something. Seems like a lot of people, particularly from these comments, are on one side or the other.

    I don’t see a lot of balance here. Probably why our society is such a mess…overcompensate with one thing, to distract from everything else.

  • Whatever

    Something always has to give…. whether its having money, having a high status career or having time to game women. It’s almost impossible to maintain all three.

    Don’t overgeneralize about top tier career guys though. You are right that many of them do at least partially pursue their jobs for the high status benefits (women)…. and they are gaming and having just as much fun as everyone else. The job is no substitute for game, but just like a nice body, its a powerful addition.

    There will always be lame people in any field that requires a massive amount of education, but for some people, the work hard/play hard mentality is in full effect.

  • Willy Wonka

    Having much doesn’t hurt with women….. but it doesn’t compete with game in and of it’s self.

    Status is more important than money. Girls don’t/won’t actually know how much money you have, but if you appear to have status…. that’s all that matters..

    Willy Wonka’s last blog post: To Break The Funk, I Pulled Out My Lucky Shirt.

  • Willy Wonka

    I have friends with money…

    One of my boys makes $250k+ a year and drives a snazzy new Beemer….

    Another one of my boys managed a million dollar account, made some money, drives a brand new Corvette and wears nothing but Armani and shit like that…

    I live below the poverty line and wear the same 8 or 9 shirts in rotation… and I bang higher quality and quantity than both of them combined…

    And my game is far from polished, I’m nowhere near as good as most guys with game…

    Willy Wonka’s last blog post: To Break The Funk, I Pulled Out My Lucky Shirt.

  • Anonymous

    @Roosh #30

    Convenient that your quote clipped half the comment.

    Try having fun in your 50s when you have nothing to offer women. No career, no property, just a bunch of faggy books. Good luck with that. Think game is going to get a girl to lick your 55 year old, wrinkled balls? Not a chance.

    You’ve gone from one extreme (never getting tail) to another (rejecting society and trying to be a hedonist).

    And don’t tell me that I never get laid or spend too much time working.

    I’ve banged 70 women this year, haven’t worked in 8 months, and probably have more in my checking account than you’ve earned over the past two years.

  • Whatever


    Game trumps all, but I’m sure you are enjoying some benefits by association from your friends with money when the opportunity arises. I would.

    Money is probably the least important supplement to game, but it helps. Severe lack of money can cripple your ability to do things and limit your overall spontaneity. Also there’s nothing attractive about a guy who has to count everything or be cheap…

    If a person can do it, nothing beats having an impressive pad in a sweet location. Pregaming, parties, bringing girls back, or just chilling on a Wednesday………girls notice and enjoy it. Hey, Nice things are Nice.

    Overall it costs alot to get pussy with money and without game its downright foolish, but money is still a necessary part of the equation if you want to get 8’s and 9’s who arent complete idiot heewoors.

  • Papillon

    Roosh #30…
    i dont disagree with your reply here.
    it can depend what you’re speciality is,
    like if you run a cosmetic dermatology practice, you’d have a lot more time, or a more normal schedule, than say a cardiologist

  • Hydrogonian

    To spend 10 years becoming a doctor because you think that it will satisfy you is so low probability, especially given the time that it takes, that that reasoning reeks of ignorance or the inability to properly gauge risk and reward.

    I would venture that most doctors, like most people in other professions, derive no significant satisfaction from their work. At least satisfaction in the sense of real enjoyment or that is otherwise not delusion to justify all the time and money spent to get to where they are. Imagine spending all that effort only to make 100-125k per year. And to be nothing more than a gatekeeper to specialists, pharmaceutical dispenser, and likely a mediocre diagnostician. Thats where most doctors are. As doctors move up the ranks in specialization, I would surmise that satisfaction increases. But most doctors are generalists. Insurance, demanding patients, lower respect than in the past, payroll and office expenses, and little free time are what these generalists put up with for their average low six figures. To top it all off, beyond very simple health problems, they aren’t the ones that heal the patients.

    Most people who claim that there work is there life either are very lucky to have fallen into something fulfilling or are lying to boost their status and to justify the work that it took to get there. Most work, across all professions, is either repetitious, low paying, high liability, dirty, high danger, or some combination of the above that makes it less desireable than not working. ie: Most people dont look forward to work.

    You only have one life. Once you have your necessities met, the rest is details. For someone to sacrifice their freedom for a beamer and a flat screen is simply compensation for not knowing how else to fill their lives. Having consistent access to incredibly beautiful women, and the time to spend with them, is one such way to find fulfillment.

  • Justin

    “Too many guys overestimate the benefits of a high paying job.”

    So, true… I used to work a high-salary job in finance and hardly ever saw action because I was so exhausted, demoralized or pissed off after work to do much of anything – including pursuing girls. Really boring, pathetic life at that time.

    Now I live a life similar to that which Roosh leads (with the consequent significant drop in income). However, aside from being much happier, the flow of vagina is like night and day. I get way, way more girls now and of much higher quality. The high-earning period of my life is a source of embarrassment to me now.

    Justin’s last blog post: Photo Of The Day: Tiger’s Blood.

  • Roosh

    “haven’t worked in 8 months”

    An unemployed man is telling me how important having a successful career is.

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

  • bad blake

    what about commercial airline pilots. I can only imagine that these guys get a lot of beautiful women. Starting with the flight attendents.

    I really do not know if having money helps or not.

    I am having a really hard time right now. Everytime i approach i get shot down. I don´t mean being shot down lightly, i mean really harsh. The kind of rejection where the woman looks you up and down and then turns her back. Picture megabitch and you get the idea. It is really affecting my opinon or women.

    Yeah….. I am down right now. Any words of encouragement to get back in the game.

    thanks guys.

  • bad blake

    alright. enough of the pity party….

    Just got to get back in there. that is the only way. Take the hits and keep moving. No matter if you have money or not.

  • Anonymous

    @ Roosh 43

    I haven’t worked in 8 months because I busted my ass after college, got a job at an investment bank, invested my bonus money wisely, and have now chosen to take a break. I’m living off interest.

    I got where I am because of hard work and planning.

    I’m not busting your balls here. You are short sighted. Trying to make up for lost time is going to cost you in the long run.

    Chasing a buck and chasing a fuck go hand in hand. Don’t discount the value of hard work. If you do, you will wind up broke and lonely in middle age.

  • Zictor

    Roosh, the other day you said many people called your friend Karl a loser, but you defended him because it was his choice of lifestyle.

    Now you are criticising other people for their choice of lifestyle.

    Not cool.

  • Anonymous

    ^^^^ well said

  • Anonymous

    im a doctor……and actually in the middle of residency, which is SIGNIFICANTLY tougher, work-wise and hour-wise….

    and i literally see a different girl almost every night. and sometimes i have to cancel dates just because i get sick of it

    so the point is, its about your priorities. whether you’re a doctor or investment banker, or homeless, if you have game or want to bang multitudes of women, you can.

  • Anonymous

    Money tends to be of more concern to women when they are over 26 and want to find a “mate” for breeding, or gold diggers who want to be bought things. Under 26 being cool and fun is way more imporant qualities in a guy than a girl.

    I very good PUA here in sydney australia was very AFC 5 years ago(28 at the time). He was earning around $1million a year give or take i would say, and a 7/10 looks as well..but couldnt get laid how he wanted to. He did a lifestyle course with the Mystery guys who taught him how to create a good lifestyle which will attract women.
    The result was he got to know niteclub bouncers, hot waitresses, bar tenders all on a first name basis on the most exclusive clubs in town (through good tips and confident politeness). When he saw a group of hot girls he would ask the girls over or send them a bottle of Moet from him. Money was of no concern…add this with the girls working there knowing his name…many new girls thought he was a bigshot…and he was in some sense….he just had to build the confidence amd social circle.

    The guy ended up bagging some hot models and now has awesome game…built around lifestyle mainly. He attracts girls in with a great lifestyle.

    Obviously this is due to money and status…still its a good example of how money works to increase game.

  • Jay Gatsby

    A friend of mine once asked me if I could choose, which would I want: money, looks or charm?

    The right answer is “charm.” Money, once spent, is nothing. Looks fade over time. Charm can get you money and lasts your entire life.

    Game is crucial because it helps you develop your natural charm, also known as your emotional intelligence. You learn to read people, put them into your frame of reference, and eventually, if you’re very good, get them to do what you want them to do. Ask any politician (or high-class hooker for that matter).

  • Cruise

    Thing is, the fashion photographer is becoming obsolete due to the evolving technology in the industry. Much less knowledge or skill is needed with today’s latest gear. And one best have an actual portfolio of sorts because any asshole walking around today with a camera is a *photographer* so one can’t fake it. This means you need actual good connections in the fashion biz and we are talking of a real pretentious asshole club here which could very well not make it worth ones while. This is like getting into porn just to meet hot looking skanks. Its just not worth it. I would only imagine that unless one is a real sex addict it might be, but as much as I enjoy a good pussy now and again, I’m not an addict so there is a limit of what kinds of crap I am willing to do.

  • Anonymous

    The problem with making money, is unless you have a trust fund that’s well invested, you need to be working, always working and working hard to make the money.

    Hence no time to go out girl chasing.

    And my spot on money-charm-looks is known…Money > looks > or = to charm.

    Looks and charm is nice but doesn’t pay the bills. Money well invested lasts, covers ass and speaks. Looks can get you in even if you have no charm, but charm without looks is essentially meaningless.

  • Random Guy

    2 things:

    1. For any man worth his salt, career is more important than women. You can ALWAYS find another woman. You can’t just jump-start another career. What is more devastating? Losing your career or your fiance?

    90% of you are speaking about experiences in your 20’s and early 30’s. Starting in your late 30’s to your mid 60’s is the other part of life.

    First of all, once you get past 40, you can’t just go out and game all day. You’ll start looking pathetic. You won’t have a wife and kids like 97% of the rest of the population.

    Next, for many men, once you get into your late 30’s, the tables turn. You DON”T HAVE to GAME ANYMORE. The women come to you. You’ll meet more than enough through work, parties, charity events, PTA meetings, art openings, restaurants and your own social life/friends.

    It’s not uncommon to be seeing multiple women, even for married men.

    Picture your life in your mid 40’s and 50s. Women will come to you, unlike in your 20’s when you had to chase them. Once you have 5-6 women, you’re good, especially between your work, family, social life, etc…

  • SomeGuy

    Well, it sounds like this guy has been out of the scene since medical school. He almost doesn’t count.

    But a doctor doesn’t really even need game. He can date nurses, administrators, patients, etc who know what he does. I’d be willing to bet he banged attractive co-workers or attractive co-workers have offered themselves.

    It’s like Bill and Hillary. Yeah, he’s married to her, but he’s got a lot going on on the side.

    That said, it’s true – money alone doesn’t guarauntee pussy. But with your money, you can get ACCESS to places filled with hot chicks that a guy like you can’t access (exclusive country clubs, night clubs, hotels, etc). These are places you probably cross off your list without even thinking about…but they are often full of tons of quality tail.

    You don’t need game at these places because chicks understand you are successful if you can even get in.

  • SomeGuy

    BTW, even the situations I described in #53, GAME STILL HELPS. Game ALWAYS makes things better, even if you really don’t even need to try. Just making clear I’m not putting down game.

  • Anonymous

    You seem to just have an inability to imagine someone having different priorities from you.

    Not all men want to sleep with a variety of women as much as you do. Not all men shape their lives around this desire, and that’s not just a matter of being too scared to do so.
    And not all men find the same things attractive in women as you. “Great personality” is not a punchline, and besides, different men are attracted to different physical ‘types’ even if there are a grand majority who go for a few obvious things like signs of health and the waist-hip ratio thing.

    Basically, stop judging other people losers because they’ve decided to play according to different rules, for different prizes.

  • Anonymous

    roosh how about a article on dick size pros and cons

  • PGG

    I’m lucky enough to earn in the top 2% of households nationally, and I don’t have to work crazy hours. It’s the ideal situation in that I can do a whilrwind vacation at the drop of a hat and not worry about some boss screaming at me.

    It did take me long time to reach this level, but I really love the work and especially the people I get to meet besides women – CEOs and genius computer types.

    Having money definitely helps with confidence and dressing well. It also helps in that I go to places besides bars and coffees shops, such as philanthropic events. Last night, for example, I met a cute girl at a reception that honored my company along with several others.

    PGG’s last blog post: Too Available = Needy.

  • shane

    Being a doctor is a tough choice. you give up a lot. i cannot imagine.

    i teach esl and i once had a student just 26 years who was a catholic priest.

    We talked a great deal about his choice to follow his calling in life. i can only applaud him. The dedication to his decision is amazing.

    now that is tough calling……

  • Anonymous

    Everyone in their own way is just trying to be happy right? Find peace, contentment, whatever, but they’re chasing it either through pussy, or money, work, distraction, whatever. Everyone thinks that their own way is the best and their own view is the correct one, we all do.

    I know this is a blog mostly about game and all, but how come everyone just writes people off (e.g. bankers) without really knowing what’s going on? No one ever factors in that a guy might have a solid girlfriend, and shock horror, actually enjoy banging her. Even after banging her for a week, month, whatever.

    I mean what’s the ultimate point of game? Ideally bang hundreds of women and eventually find one you want to stay with? Or does everyone want poly relationships? Is there a point (I’m guessing it is age related) where you go “enough is enough”. Okay I’ve fucked enough women, made enough money, done enough drugs, whatever, and now what I really want to do is… x ?

    Doesn’t any one have any higher ambitions than notches? I’d love to have a tonne more notches than I do, but at the end of the day I just don’t care enough to put any more effort chasing in. There’s other things that interest me more. It takes all types to make the world.

  • Vincent Ignatius

    From what I’m told, it’s insanely easy for med students and doctors with decent game to score nurses.

    I’m going for a career, not medicine but something equally lucrative. It’s about money and achievement. In the end, those things are more valuable to me than banging more vapid American women.

    Vincent Ignatius’s last blog post: What Tiger Woods Should Have Done.

  • Hughman

    “The guys who become doctors are not interested in learning game, and will never do so.”

    As a medical student I’m insulted by that.

    Then again, the UK medic scene is much more chilled than the USA. 5 years of uni, the first 2 are pretty chilled. Then 10 years to be a consultant (with bonuses that means at least £100k)

  • Anon

    “Doc doesn’t even have time to cook his meals, exercise, or read a book.”

    @ Roosh:
    Maybe in residency. But afterwards, the number of hours you work is dependent on your chosen specialty. You can also choose to work part-time and still make money.

    It’s all about choosing the right specialty to get the perfect BALANCE of time AND money.


    Dermatologist: out by 5 pm, $250-$350k.

    Emergency Physician: 1-4 days/wk, 24-40 hrs/wk, $200-$300k.

    Hospitalist: every other week off, $220k.

    Radiologist: 50 hrs/wk, $400k.

    Psychiatrist: out by 5 pm, $200k.

    Opthalmologist: out by 6 pm, $300k.

    ENT: out by 6 pm, $350k.

    Urologist: out by 6 pm, $350k.

    Neurologist: out by 6 pm, $200k.

    Dentist: out by 5 pm, $160k


    Surgery/OB-GYN/cardiology, etc. = HELL.

  • http://deleted Anon

    Also remember:


    It is much HARDER to score money than pussy.

    Real PIMPS know this. They don’t give a fuck about pussy, it’s all about CASH MONEY.

    Get the easy shit out of the way first — learn to score pussy, and then apply yourself to making CASH MONEY.

  • bangbus!

    you can waste a lot of money chasing pussy but you cant waste a lot of pussy chasing money.

    If you are a cardiologist and you flaunt it, chicks will come to you…yeh sure they will be gold diggers but you gotta milk em before they milk you!

  • Living Dead Bachelor

    I feel the same way as @61. Chasing tail is a time-consuming event. It’s fun at first…then after a month you need 3 months off.

    It gets old and talking to chicks makes me feel dumber. I feel like I’m bringing myself down to their level, being someone else, just to relate to them on a social level. Reality TV? Shoes? Sex and the City? I have nothing in common with these women.

  • Anonymous

    @67 A common trait of many “pua” types is they come into the game pretty late in life because the fact that they never naturally got any pussy requires them to grow up a bit and extensively analyze the situation in order get some. I was chasing pussy and trying to get my first notch when I was 15, but guys like Roosh were doing it at 22 or older.

    It’s all about mental maturity. If you spent the better part of your teens and early 20’s getting into girls’ pants, it grows tiresome at a much earlier point. I’m the same as you — humoring some lush in a bar by pretending to give a shit about what she’s blabbing on about just to get my dick wet is like torture. These days I won’t give a woman the time of day unless she can hold an intelligent conversation in a sober, daytime setting AND display some sex appeal.

  • NYCBachelor

    The Grasshopper and the Ant- from the perspective of the Grasshopper.

  • Ultimate beta

    @54 Random Guy

    I have exactly opposite experience. In my 20s I had lot of girls even without the game. I met them everywhere. Now in my mid 30s, I have noticed I hardly meet any chicks anymore, regardless of their age.

    And I have my career going on, money, I haven’t got fat ect. I just think that time to meet the girls is your 20s, and if you haven’t found your mate in that time, it is game over for men.

  • Ultimate beta

    @54 Random Guy,

    Maybe there is difference if you already have been married with kids or stayed single during your 20’s and 30’s. Married man (although maybe divorced) with kids and family might have the situation you described. This applies also to men who have had lot of relationships with women but without marriage and kids. But if man stays single trough his 20’s and 30’s, the situation gets just worse when he reaches his late 30’s and 40’s.

  • Matthew

    Not everybody is obsessed with girls for their entire life. You devote your life to chasing women to repair the insecurity you have of not getting any chicks during your education. He had action and places more value on being a successful doctor than having sex with many different women. He’s secure in that area.

    Not everyone devotes all of their energy to proving to the world that they are manly, or successful with females. Some people already know this so they work towards bigger goals. I have yet to overcome my insecurities, so I will bang women for a few years before I move on.

  • Random Guy

    @70 Ultimate Beta

    Well, the general rule is that guys in their early 20’s have more difficulty getting laid. Women have the power. By the late 30’s, it flips. And add to that that money plays little importance for a 24 year old guy– it’s how good looking he is. For a 40 year old guy, status, money and confidence play an (almost) equal role to your looks.

    Basically, you’re at your peak. Even 6’s and 7’s can do very well if you are 40, single, have a good job and free of baggage. How about a 6 like Seth Rogen in his 20’s? I still feel like he will do better at 40, especially if he is earning a lot of money.

  • Anonymous

    Are you kidding me Seth Rogen is a 10!

  • ER resident

    I’m a ER resident-
    Med school fucks with your mind. You’re low man on the totem pool, get yelled at, do work in the wards that is secretary level. It screws up your cofidence. I was dating a 5 my 2nd year of med school….. then i discovered Game, dumped her ass and haven’t looked back. But most guys if medicine in one way or another have low confidence, that’s why they need the MD shield

    To Anonymous(the resident)- when you pull nurses to you cold approach in the hospital or do you only game the ones who have your patients. I feel like if i was cold approaching i’d have even more options..

  • sloopJohn

    This is a really terrific post since there are no right and wrong answers and there are a lot of good comments and a lot of sides to this. Many jobs that pay well are time consuming, and although learning game is helpful it still doesn’t replace having the time to chase around. It is a condition of the modern world, esp if you have the misfortune of living and working in the US.

  • Roosh

    75: My advice: don’t think that the day you get certified that hot pussy will start flocking to you. Work on your game like you are today and depend on that to pull. Your M.D. will be like gravy on top.

  • Lupo

    My best friend from high school became a dentist. he makes about the half million number, and has been since his late 20s. He’s a fun guy and he keeps extremely physically fit. He now owns a mountain, where he’s building his dream house, drives a Lambo, a Ferrari and a $50k custom chopper. Dude screws everything that moves, too. He’s one of the most successful natural players I know, to the point where it’s kind of socially debilitating, and he can’t really have a normal relationship with a female which doesn’t involve cheating on her constantly (like, literally, every time she turns her back). His lifestyle is a lot like I imagine rock stars and b-list hollywood or professional athletes live.
    His mental game is pretty weak too; he once got hooked on some slag with a kid -she had him completely wrapped around her finger, and it took all of my “Lupo as the smarter, wiser friend” persuasive powers for me to get him to give her walking papers. Anyway, they’re not all sad beta boys. Many doctor types are living large, even when they don’t have much game. Granted, he has a lot of natural game, but he’s never really thought it through, and has a big beta streak too.

    Lupo’s last blog post: People I find agreeable, part 12: Toffs.

  • borisbest

    roosh very well put. im from new york and went to harvard and have south american blood. no profesion for me after univerity because my instincts were in the right place just took us awhile to realize it. started a rock band of course then but austin texas was not all it was cracked up to be. been to medellin 3 times…damn good place but prepagos and fake boobs take away from its simple perfection. now going to belo horizonte in october which i assume is brazils medellin but bigger….too much to talk about hermano..te cuidas..tengo 34

  • borisbest

    estoy en quito

  • Lupo

    FWIIW, I don’t make a half million a year, but I make decent money and probably will clear 7 figures in the near future (I’m working on a hedge fund startup). I pretty much live like I did in grad school, with the addition of having nicer clothes. I have a reasonable (aka, not Roosh or Roissy, but reasonable) rep as a lady’s man: it’s all game here. I’m not going to flaunt it like he does: I don’t see the point in spending money to impress others. Money simply represents security. If I were my friend, I would have cashed out after a few years, and done something fun, like travel for the rest of my life, or write novels. That’s what I intend to do. Women are fun, but they’re not everything in life. It seemed that way when I was 16, but building something of lasting value is also very satisfying.

    Lupo’s last blog post: People I find agreeable, part 12: Toffs.

  • Jaaa

    Roosh is absolutely right in this post.

    LOL! @ all the fucking betas trying to say otherwise.

    No way you are getting tons of pussy when you are working 80 hrs a week at a hedge fund.

    You just don’t have the time or energy to pursue pussy.

    Your life revolves around working, eating, sleeping, and shitting.

    I think the key is to find a balance: get a job that pays decent but doesn’t suck up all your time.

  • jon

    I don’t know what R is talking about. I have very rich friends and then average friends like me. The rich guys work a lot, but they also drive nice cars, have nice houses, nice clothes, they just reek of money and girls somehow sense that. It’s like they smell the green and run to it. Because these guys don’t need to take all the time R does to get girls because they’re so filthy rich.

    I even have a friend that’s not attractive one bit, no game whatsoever (it’s almost painful for me to watch), but all he has to do is say “hey want to go on a helicopter ride?” and he’s got her.

    Me on the other hand I’m a great looking guy, even have wit when it comes to a lot of things not just girls, but I have to pray for a miracle or steal someones drink when they aren’t looking then give it to her and pretend I bought it for her (seriously dude, $7 a drink in some places?? I can’t keep shelling out for that!!)

    Money buys you everything, even females, but gaming girls is like training for a marathon everyday, it takes a full time commitment and a loss of valuable time doing other things you’d like.

  • Anonymous

    you’re forgetting that cardiology is the most competitive specialty within medicine. usually the people that get into it are not only intelligent, but also very aggressive, i.e. type A personalities, and also have to have amazing interpersonal skills, i.e. they have to be a “people person.” the purely bookish doctors never quite get into the field. in fact within the medical field it is understood that you have to be an alpha-male or alpha-female to get into it. maybe if the guy was a pathologist (living in the basement of the hospital looking at a microscope all day) i could understand…

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  • Tim

    I have a little different take. I’m a good looking guy, the game’s been getting easier, and I’ve always been a pretty good conversationalist. Not so much recently though, because my job has made me stressed out and its caused me to act weird. It pays well though. Score one for no job.


    I was living in my mom’s house, had a nice job, went out WTHFSat and things were going alright. Not pulling in that many chicks though. Roosh I don’t know how you do it. Score another for no job.

    Anyways in that case having money wasn’t the be all and end all.

    But then I decided to use the money I saved, and go to law school and move into an apartment. Guess what happened, pussy just came rolling in. In the first month, I was with 3 different women without doing any work. I didn’t even have to spend the money I had earned. Another added benefit was, due to my job and apartment I had friends with money and brains. Girls like this.

    Leads me to my last point, I know for sure lawyers that can just pull tail on the regular, without even trying. Its just that certain professions teach you the game because you grow your social skills as you progress in your profession. You learn how to communicate because it is required of your status. School actually raises your confidence so that you can perform your job better.

  • Anonymous

    to ER resident:

    i dont know if you were referring to me but ill answer your question. with nurses, ive noticed that usually its easier to game the ones who work overnight, esp if you’re on-call overnight or doing those graveyard shifts. ive noticed that the nurses who regularly work overnight are for the most part single and more receptive. very rarely have i worked with a married nurse during those months.
    and ive always found that its generally easier to game the ones who dont have your patients. because if they have your patients then you have to keep asking them to do things for you and other secretarial work, which can take away from the momentum of things. but usually its a progressive thing for me…ie. i start off on day 1 just saying hello…then day 2 i say a bit more…then day 3 a bit more…enough to a point where i can eventually have a conversation and progress things to outside work

    and also most single nurses would easily go out with a doctor with minimal game, but we have to make the first move. one nurse actually told me that they usually feel a bit intimidated so yea…

  • TAllagash

    if out the gate she knows you ahve shit…she expects some of your shit to give it up. chicks like that, i don’t want to fuck as it is.

    i view my relative lack of wealth as a screener for ‘dem gold diggin’ hoez.

    i’ve met a bunch of nurses on random tues/wed nights out…they always have some random night off….and they are a lot of times actually pretty cool. the ones tha twent into the profession b/c they actually care about people, i find it tempers that girl desire to think her job makes her a great catch (cue laughter)

    TAllagash’s last blog post: How far can a title get you with certain chicks?.

  • Thunderbird

    “I have very few possessions.”
    For me, that’s not a Con at all. OK, some money is essential, but I found that reducing the amount of garbage (stuff) you surround yourself with actually increases your quality of life.
    Less is more. Nobody can steal something from you that you don’t have in the first place.

    “I donÃ�¢ï¿½ï¿½t have health insurance.”
    Wow, I’d consider that playing russian roulette. Not good.

    Life has to be balanced. There is no point in chasing money if you don’t have the time and freedom (and health!) to enjoy life. And even biggest bucks are no guarantee that you will score quality women. Unless you combine money with game, money will only attract people who like money – and not you.

    If you want women, start by chasing women, not money. Life is now.

    What you own, starts to own you eventually.

  • Anonymous

    Money and a high status job are just tools that can be used well or poorly.

    Used well and combined with Game, money and status can supercharge your results. Used poorly, money and status will only attract women who are looking to use you as a provider while they fuck the pool boy.

    Without Game, money and status are more liability than asset.

  • Josie

    I think you are just jealous of high status men and are justifying your low earning power. Most high status men land hotter women. The ones you know are the exception

  • cardiologist

    cmon cardiologist 650,000 and i live in canada. i am sure i get way better pussy payin for it than he ever will.

  • gotti

    this man has traveled the world and has seduced countless women.

    and people argue that those things are worthless?
    well how many people remember their every day pursuit for money when they recollect?

    just a theoretical question.

  • Anonymous

    the reason you think you have “game” is you have discovered how to get pussy in South America. Wow! you can get quality pussy in Colombia! And it’s because you have game, not because you are successful and have money? Bullshit! Your “game” is that you are a gringo in a third world country. You are paying for the pussy. You are a john of some kind who pretends to have something special. Go to Miami and pull Colombian 9s and 10s, my friend. Sorry, but the cardiologist will have more chance with them than you, all other things being equal (and NOT including “game”).

    Good luck selling your crap books. You may find that unless you have a way to earn some decent money and accomplish something, you will find your “game” has disappeared in a decade or two or three.

    But you probably know this already, and your book is just another fraud.

  • Anonymous

    I am 23, make 100k a year, and have never gotten laid. I live in a shitty house, drive a shitty car, and save every dollar i make. I can live my life the way i want too. And all of you h8trs can suck my cock when i retire at the age of 35.

  • Danny K

    Damn, some of you guys talk straight out your ass…some real haters on here. lol @ comment 94 for example…ahh the envy. I think the sum of it really is what you make it, if you work 60+ hrs a week then you pull the energy out of your ass and find time to game and meet women. They’re not going to fall out the sky. I have a demanding job with long hours, but I make time to improve my game…whether it’s straight after work or spend all day saturday and sunday approaching. Stop bitching and start doing.

  • Anonymous

    Totally ignorant comments towards M.D.’s. This is one of the most noble professions. It’s completely absurd that you can fault someone for choosing to become a physician. They pull in a decent and secure income, but for the most part this is well deserved. Most people go into the profession for the right reasons. And no, getting pussy doesn’t factor into the top five.
    Btw, Roosh is a complete joke and dirt bag.. don’t go rushing to your doc when you get a venereal illness(es).

  • jack green

    it’s not money that makes you look rich it is time…
    A cardiologist is basically invisible time-wise.

    I’d rather be a work at home biotech consultant pulling in the same time with an expense account and 90% free time, at even half the salary (although they make the same salary with the same education)

  • nick

    well a lot about money and women han. well there is not doubt that THE GAME works for every one. i am 29 and vj are not hitting on me now . but still i ve got a lot of stuff handled. and it is only months that i ve discovered stuff . well it is somehow hard to develop game. and also getting interactions with prostitute is good for game. it can give you confidence to handle pussy. even if one want to settle down in mid twenty . he should have some game or his wife or girlfriend will walk all over him and yes with heels.

  • American Woman

    Game is the great equalizer when you have a two-digit IQ and no employment prospects.


  • lol

    One of the main down sides to game is the tendency of to develop the mindset of Woman. It seems that roosh, in particular, has become a bit pussy-brained. l mean this respectfully, if you can believe it. His tendency to interpret, re-frame and argue through feminine-mindedness is quite stark. Many clearly illogical and irrational statements clearly aimed at protecting his feelings.

    If only he could espouse the benefits and methods of game (which are many and varied) without the mountains of femmy-minded psycho-babble. One does not need to think nor function like a woman to understand what their programming responds to. In fact, l would go so far as to say that there really is nothing at all to understand about them and such contemplation is wasted energy.

  • Anonymous


    I read about your trek into S America, but have you ever thought about checking out SE asia and its infinite possibilities?

  • Anonymous

    rossh is a loser who cant make enough money, he feels special only cause he can bang some ugly sudamerican indians. I bet you fuck only in the 2-5 scale. You cant do better, hippie.

  • superhornyfuckingwhore


  • Roosh_white trash gay twin

    Im white trash, i make no money, im stupid, and bang every pussy that is avalaible (not so much i presume).
    Because i have no money, i envy people with careers, i only can fuck waitresses, never a real woman.
    And now talking seriously haha, you will always get trashy pussy, plus no decent girl should commit with you having that lifestyle…and being poor…maybe an ugly 3rd world peruvian chik? who knows…

  • Aaron

    Wow you doctors have convinced me.
    Dishonest no conscious pieces of crap like you + Money + plenty of pussy
    trumps low wage earner + honest job + low or no pussy

    Well I guess we live in the Unites States of abuse of capitalism because this is the only thing you are doing and getting
    the pussy for it.

    Lets examine the super low honesty (dishonesty) level of most doctors and how they ruin our country shall we?

    If you (U.S. doctors) were being honest and doing your job and had a conscious we would not have an industry that produces
    no value for this country yet sucks the money out of this country like a giant squid bankrupting whole families for
    something a natural cure can reverse. I’ll elaborate:

    1) 71% of the country is overweight or obese

    This is clear evidence that the symptoms and procedures you are treating’s underlying cause is nutrition and diet based not
    surgery and drug based yet you do not form a group to emphasize this to our country = no conscious.
    You are not required to study nutrition or vitamins or diet or have a nutritionist on your staff = flunk = no coscscious,
    abuse of capitalism

    2) Diabetes and cardio vascular related reasons and stroke are the highest killers in this country and the diabetes rate keeps
    You say and do nothing about the fda approving these artificial man made sweeteners that were supposed to lower the type 2
    diabetes rate and failed. Of course they did, people just got relaxed about eating highly sweetened food.

    Pretend everythi9ng is ok because they (drug companies) give you mass amounts of sick epople to treat = flunk super dishionest
    evil flunk
    Stevia has to be excluded here because it is made from a plant.

    Your results as doctors are extremely poor when viewed nationwide yet you bankrupt families with enormous medical bills.
    Any other industry would have failed or gone bankrupt with the exception of the wall street scams and bank bailouts.

    3) The FDA is corrupt and you know it but you do not care cuz you make big money = you are also corrupt

    Do I see doctors protesting in the streets at fda corrpution? No
    Do I see groups of doctors putting their lives and incomes on the lines protesting the very extremely clear conflict of interest
    of FDA staff being able to have stocks in food and drug companies and hiring personell directly from those same comapnies? no

    How many thousands of engineers and architects have put their reps and livelyhoods on the line saying the World trade towers
    and bulding 7 were demolition caused and you guys can’t even gather enough courage to criticise the FDA and how corrupt it
    obviously is Which is so much easier and obvious yet you make 10 times more than those engineers = corrupt.

    You can’t see monsanto suing family farmers because Monsanto Genetically modified crops have blown their pollen into their family
    farms and ruining organic crops the WHOLE FUCKING SOURCE OF OUR HEALTH BUT YOU DO NOT CARE OR STAND UP
    and then Monsanto sues those farms for patent infringement
    They have declared war on organic regular farming the source of health and you do not care you have no conscious because you make
    money from sick people.
    You are a walking demon. I’m sorry but that is what you are because you have no eyes except for money.

    4) Most of you do not stay up to date on the latest breakthrough research because you do not have time to, yet you come on
    here telling us you got game and time to play women. Really, you can’t even subscribe and read and stay interested in a mag like
    life extension magazine that does all the work for you?

    5) you do not study the theories of aging so your whole hippocratic oath is in question.

    You swore an oath to do no harm yet you prescribe drugs that have side effects the length of a credit card agreement. Since
    you do not know the reasons and theories behind why humans age your whole approach towards human body malfunctions and diseases
    is in question.

    6) Drug companies advertise their drugs to us on tv even though you are the only ones able to prescribe them to us.
    If that is not clear enough for you to see that capitalism (abuse of) has perverted your profession then what more do you need?
    But do I see even one doctor protesting? No

    OMG I failed to make you feel guilty or dare I say…. human and have a conscious. I’m such a fail this and such a fail that
    because you earn so much more money than me and are what game developers look too when developing dantes inferno. I should look
    up to you pieces of shit with no conscious because you believe the failing over inflated american dollar is more important than
    anything and everyones lives and you will keep pretending to yourself and lieing to yourself that you are doing good when you
    are in fact harming people, many people – the proof is in the pudding and america is getting sicker and fatter and you do not
    care because you are making half a million a year Frack you!

    Bottom line = if you were really doing your job the fda would not be corrupt and the nation would not becoming more fat and sick
    Bankrupting their whole family to give you you’re fracking nice mercedes frack you
    You tell mankind, “trust me I will save you,” Then you bankrupt their whole god damned family and stick them on a drug with so
    many side effects it’s crazy only because you want money from those drug companies instead of addressing diet first and foremost
    and doing blood tests for vitamin levels and hormones levels.

    You have no case to defend yourselfs except the shitload of dollars you can pay an attorney to pervert the law in your favor.
    I guess since you make people live such short lives you don’t have to care about a conscious since you do not plan on having one yourself.

  • prefer not to say

    Hey guys. I haved always gotten along with girls because I know how they operate–ie when they are ovulating and/or drunk they like good looking tall dudes and when theyre not they like sensitive dorks. But in the end it is a lot about personality for them but the keys are still height, looks, then money in that order for the one night stand and money looks and height for marriage–am I wrong or right? Also the dumber the girl the less she cares about money i think. I am a doctor/surgeon and it does help 2ndarily in getting laid–i dont look like a doctor and don’t act like one but when they find out im a surgeon and drive a 200k vehicle x 3 they never ever say no… ps mr non doctor/professionals when u guys get old no chick will hook up with u unless u got cash so have fun while u can –there’s no free lunch in this universe

  • prefer not to say

    in response to the previous idiot, most doctors actually tell their patient’s to lose weight but no one listens–you seen to have a severe problem with medical professionals–are your fat friends so stupid they need to be TOLD THE OBVIOUS–driving is drunk is bad smoking is bad jumping off a bridge is bad driking every night till you pass out is bad–lack of discipline and self control is what is killing america –wake up dummy!

  • Mike the barbarian

    This is a strange article. Not everybody evaluates their life, or makes decisions about where its going, in light of how much sex its going to net them. I’m not being critical. People are motivated by different things. I don’t make a lot of money as an attorney. I make a living. But I enjoy the work and I feel good about my life at the end of the day. It never occured to me to assess what trim opportunities were provided, or denied, by my professional choices.

  • Anonymous

    hahahaha im glad i read all the comments on this page and got to #106 aaron

    you do know that real doctors are way toooo busy to do what i just did and read all the way to get to your ridiculous essay?

  • Bazarov

    HAHAHA, dude I got to laugh. Man, at first I thought this guy Roosh was on to something new. Now that I found out he can’t game in Brazil. That’s like saying you can’t shit in an outhouse. Seriously, it all comes down to animal instinct. Yeah having money won’t change your situation if you are a beta but picking up women gets ALOT easier when you have $$$. Everyone just wants a better life, and if you are getting paid you can provide that. What about that whole “demonstration of higher social value” thing? Yeah, I’ve been to Medellin too. The women are good looking, but nothing out of the ordinary compared with Miami. It’s called “exchange rate fever”. American women bang English dudes cause their money is worth more, etc. If you go to Bali where exchange rate is 10x you can pull girls off the beach. WORLD ECONOMY. Not going to go into a serious discussion… One good point though, 70% of America is overweight. And America is the richest country in the world, so yes American men are getting the worst bang for their buck.

  • Shawn

    How about working to make a ton of money to bag a hot bride, and banging escorts all along the side for $300/hr?

    Problem solved, since most game guys just get one night stands anyways.

  • Sh0t

    Color me contrarian: Chase the money. There are plenty of people with wack jobs, working 30hours a week and guess what? They pull no ass either. Having free time is no guarantee of pulling of ass. Income level is basically irrelevant. It’s what you do with your time that matters.

  • Daniel

    To be honest i think that the reason to why many of the guys out there are trying so hard to score with women are beacuse they want to give themself
    imaginary value. They want to feel like they are so smoking cool. But in the end of the day it doesnt change anything, in the end of the day the only people that give you value beacuse of this is loosers themselfs. Also sex like that just leaves you empty anyway. And if you deny this you are just fooling yourself. I know what i talk about from own experience. That type of lifestyle is just tragic. To spend so much time on bars, internet or just out in the street just to find women. Is not that special actually. Also with time it breaks down your view on real love, and many times your moral becomes very low. You end up beeing a asshole. In the end you have to live with yourself. Sometimes i wonder if the world is turning crazy, dont we want to have someone to really love and be true to, something on the side is not a option beacuse it never occure if you love enough. A man that have good values and moral that is a real man. Not the coocky players out there, i can not feel anything else than sorry for them, they keep striving for things that are not true.

  • Daniel

    I dont judge if you dont want to have a family, but for the guys that just want to keep hitting on women until they are old, there is a risk that you miss something really valuable. My last words have to be a fot to all this game, often the guys that go into with all their hearts to become seducers,(excuse my bad english i am not from a english speking country)is from the beginning persons that in their early adult life didnt have any luck with women, nothing wrong with that. But this guys also often do it to prove something to the world around them and also to them selfs. That they in some way are men with high value. News flash: You are not proving much and almost no one really care if you bang zero or thousand girls. Yes i generalize now but it still hold some truth. What can you do beside of meeting a lot of girls are you gifted in sports, music or other things, sadly often girls is all they can and in my book that is not much.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting bunch of posts. I really think, it all comes down to the guy. Age, looks, money, job, status, are OK, but ultimately are just icing on the cake. If a guy doesn’t have natural chemistry, he’s not going to get shit. I’ve got a buddy 62 who’s having the time of his life with NSA FWB girls 18-35, and always has. In my teens and early 20s, I was a complete loser. Then at around 27, I started to have success, although nothing like some of you on here. Max in one year I ever had was 5. Then in my late 30s, it all started to dry up. I think the only reason I ever had success was that a guy around 30 is seen as a marital prospect. I worked in a large office building with lots of single females. In retrospect, I think a lot of the girls I had then wouldn’t have looked at me twice when I was 18-25. Now at 58, it’s a complete wasteland. I’m back where I was 30-40 years ago. I’ve been the same person the whole time. It’s just the unalterable chemistry the guy has.

  • Steve

    Its a sad testament to life, to look back on yours and remember how optimistic you once were when you left home at the tender age of 18 and then to be approaching the ripe old age of 58 and to still be single and have zero prospects that are worthwhile.

    Reading over some of the posts on this article made me think of something that occurred to me a few days ago, when I was reflecting on my life and the lack of success I’ve had in finding a suitable mate for marriage and family. This is something that is almost always on my mind, especially when I’m not preoccupied with a specific task or project.

    Anyway, here’s what came to me. Over and over, throughout my life – in every relationship or friendship with a female that I’ve had, I’ve always tried very hard to treat them well, to be dependable, considerate, helpful, loyal and honest. It has occurred to me that those are the same kinds of qualities that I have been seeking in a female – but, I’ve never really found them.

    If I had found them, I know for a fact that I’d treasure the woman who had those characteristics and repay her two-fold with kindness and consideration and appreciation. But, despite my efforts to demonstrate those qualities over the years – I’ve never met a woman who truly appreciated or valued them as I do, or who considered me to be special or unique and a guy to respect and to hang on to. Instead, what I’ve been treated to is a series of unsatisfying relationships or friendships with women who see me as a man that they can use as a stepping stone in their lives – someone they can attach themselves to for a brief period, to take advantage of, and then to move along when they get itchy feet or after their use for you has ended and after you have helped them achieve whatever objective they had in their minds when they decided to latch onto you in the beginning.

    Lately, whenever I’m out and about – I make a point of noticing older women, women who are past their prime and who are alone or with other women of approximately the same age who are also past their beauty years. I glance at the ring finger and see no ring or no outline where a ring might have once been, and I find myself wondering how many good, quality men that those women took a dump on back when they were still attractive and doable? And, now – they are fat, flabby, totally unappealing sexually – and they are all alone.

    Do these women ever look at themselves in the mirror and regret that they treated men like disposable diapers? Maybe. Maybe not. Women are famous for their vanity and their stuck-on-themselves conceit. But, I know one thing – I have stopped feeling sorry for women like that, and I have zero feelings of chivalry or compassion for their lost beauty and a future of growing old and dying alone. They had their shot and they blew it.

  • Jane

    I once had a fling with a doctor in my early 20’s specifically because he was a doctor! I like that he went to school for that many years. Plus he was very handsome and kind. I think hands down the cardiologist would win.

    I’m sorry but I would never give my time to some random loser who tried to “game” me. Women are not animals that you have to bed constantly so you can prove your masculinity; they are human beings just like you. Women with any kind of class are going to want a man who is educated, decent, good, kind, and loving. What his income is has some significance as far as being able to provide for basic necessities and children, but it isn’t everything in the relationship. Women want men who are dedicated to improving them selves and have the ability to be stable. We don’t want some raw foodist hippie who doesn’t want to work. It’s pathetic.

  • Wolfie

    I hear women saying that a lot. Sometimes I see them doing it.

    But only sometimes. Mostly it’s the “work for me” part that stays in the equation. Actions, not words, girls. We’re not fooled.

  • Gmac

    Jane, I’m sure you’ve been “gamed” many, many times… you just didn’t know it.

    Women don’t know what they want. They claim one thing, then do something completely different. This is exactly why we look at a woman’s actions, not her words. Women have a very highly developed sense of denial.

  • Wendel

    When I was in Highschool, I had a lot of female friends who were sluts. I asked them why, and they said that they had to do it now, because it wouldn’t be possible when they got older.

  • Timothy

    My main problem with Jane’s post is she uses extremes – the doctor vs. the unemployed hippie. There are a lot of decent, employed guys in between that would treat her well…if she proved WORTHY of being treated well. Trust me, there was nothing she provided that doctor that he couldn’t have gotten himself. Women that will fuck a doctor just because he’s a doctor are a dime a dozen. Don’t lie and make it about loving that he was in school for so long. It was about the profession and the $ attached to it. The moment you admitted it was a “fling,” you gave yourself away…

  • KK

    118. Honey, let´s find out what you really wrote:

    ‘I once had a fling with a doctor in my early 20′s (when I was still fuckable, if barely) I like that he went to school for that many years (BS). Plus he was very handsome (= Alpha) and kind ‘ (more BS).

    ‘I’m sorry but I would never give my time to some random loser (=Beta/Omega) who tried to “game” me.’ (In any case you are too old now, so not even a omega would “game” you, you dellusional mama)

    ‘Women are not animals (really? so you are an Onion?) that you have to bed constantly so you can prove your masculinity (best and only? way to prove it actually); they are human beings just like you (but with a delicious vajay-jay and erratic personality).

    ‘Women with any kind of class are going to want a man who is educated, decent, good, kind, and loving’ (to settle with after having rided the cock carrousel for years)

    ‘What his income is has some significance as far as being able to provide for basic necessities and children, but it isn’t everything in the relationship.'(I can still fuck Carlos, the pool boy and have a hot if hidden relationship)

    ‘Women want men who are dedicated to improving them selves and have the ability to be stable. We don’t want some raw foodist hippie who doesn’t want to work. It’s pathetic.’ (I came here, took the work to write and long and rambling comment,I am tingles all over, I would fuck you in a second Roosh)

  • The Lightning Weasel

    Yeah if you can have a good job and get the girls that’s obviously the best combination. But I suppose its about time. There are guys in all walks of life who don’t have any game.

  • reawakened_alpha

    “‘Women want men who are dedicated to improving them selves and have the ability to be stable. We don’t want some raw foodist hippie who doesn’t want to work. It’s pathetic.’ (I came here, took the work to write and long and rambling comment,I am tingles all over, I would fuck you in a second Roosh)”

    Classic. Lol!

  • Timothy

    I love when women talk about wanting a man to “improve” himself. All that means is “I want you to change to suit my purposes.” I’ve always found men far more willing to try new things, or to leave their comfort zone. I writing back and forth with a woman in New Zealand on the social site I’m on. We started discussing travel, etc., and the places we most wanted to go. She wrote that she wants to go to the English speaking places first! Most women I know are like this – afraid to leave their comfort zone. Women aren’t really seeking a man that has the SAME qualities as they do. They’re looking for a man that has what they lack, so he’ll be able to better entertain and keep them interested, because women themselves have so much less to contribute to the relationship. Men have to initiate and maintain throughout, or she’ll accuse him of being the cause for that lost “spark,” justifying her going out and fucking someone more “exciting.”

  • El Indulto

    ….and then there are cases such as this guy:’s-husband-breaks-his-silence/?iref=obnetwork

    Apparently this 49 year old Alpha Monster goes around impregnating the finest woman on earth with impunity.

  • The Jester

    Good post.

    All too often do I see community members with a stack of college degrees, a nice car, home, job, etc. yet they give the deer in the headlights look in front of women.

    But on one end of the scale lies necessities like school and career, while the other side has leisure like social proof and women.

    The key isn’t one over the other – but balance between both.

  • konnah

    Wow tha nice

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  • Yulia

    I had a good laugh!!! It’s funny how it’s the guys with financial problems who are very picky when it comes to women. It seems to me that the pussy that many of you are getting is the one you see when watching porn. At least one guy was realistic and said that he is willing to pay a hooker up to $300 to get ‘quality pussy” (meaning a very young beatiful prostitues whose pussy rides on avergae about 11 cocks per day-that is about as far as you can get to banging a young, slim, model type woman). If you want a woman with good morals and good looks -look closer to your own age and consider a plain-looking women. It’s no secret that women YOUNG BEAUTIFUL women capitalise on their sexuality. The nurses who bang doctors do so to get some real benefits (whether it’s a pay raise or some other MATERIAL benefit), otherwise they would bang him for free if they are angaged to be married. Just like you they want something out of it. CASH IS KING!!! You can get as much pussy as you want if you have money and you can marry any young woman you want if you got money. “Game” will do you good with women who usually get the least attention from men but even they might have high expectations of you. Nothing is sexier than a man with a succesful career and who is willing to spend his money on his woman. If he is old and likes younger women, guess what, he better have TRUCKLOADS of cash otherwise they won’t give him a second chance. I have heard of girls who string along 4 to 5 men at a time (usually unattractive men with money) and have the occasional one-night stand with studs in their 20s. Why? Because they can. All men fall at the feet of an attractive women and she can easily lie about her number of lovers and is very good at covering her tracks.

  • Ella

    I left my boyfriend of five years for him, paid my own way trillions of miles across the world to see him, and sexually I will do absolutely anything he wants. He’s 30 and hasn’t had a real job in his life, lives at home, plays video games and likely watches a lot of porn in his spare time. I guess I’m an archetype. I want to save people.

    And suddenly I remember the best advice I’ve ever heard: you can’t change a man. And that just makes my heart sink.

    But women, we are constantly changing. Every man should only hope they can meet a nice woman to take care of them and help them through this world. Otherwise you’ll keep being reincarnated as a man and you’ll keep suffering over and over and over and over and over. And you’ll think to yourself, the only cure to my suffering is “pussy” and you’ll be right but wrong.

    I’m not saying I’m perfect, I came back as a woman.

  • Ella

    After reading more of your posts Roosh – I can tell you have a really good understanding of what you’re talking about. Please delete my post. I take it back.

    I hate boys!

  • Anonymous

    I am in medical school. I learned about and developed my game before I started. For me life is about balance. Its important to understand that although many professionals have no game, social skills, or balance what so ever there are just as many who are far better than the rest of us in these areas. Many people who have the drive and ambition to get into these fields and follow through with them are not just anti social drones, many of them are the smartest most successful people in our society. To them learning game is a walk in the park in comparison to finishing medical school or a 5 year residency in cardiology. You act like learning game is difficult. When you know how to harness your strengths, have inner confidence and motivation getting girls just happens all the time. In fact with the financial and social resources these people have getting access to some of the top women in our society is a daily or weekly occurrence. Yes having game is critical no matter who you are but having money will only improve your chances of success.

  • MJ

    Simple, if you are good looking and successful, women will come to you and having “game” is less important. If you don’t have those characteristics, they can still come, but you’ll have to take a different approach. Of course, this depends if the woman is looking for an exciting lay or a husband…very very different things.

    Take a look at this video I made that highlights more about this topic-

  • anon

    You realize that becoming a doctor or lawyer is worlds harder than getting laid, even with constant ‘9’s. I bet you if your friend steve didnt care about his career, and chose a mundane pursuit such as yours, he would of quadrupled your number.

  • Jeff Camaro

    I make a lot of money. It doesn’t help me get girls though. Instead it kind of makes me feel like a fraud…

    Shameless plug where I write about it:

  • Dr Buttmunch

    WhOA rush you remind me of the trash bullies at Jones Beach NY who had me buy them beer were nice (and underage LOL) and then started acting like students of the Cobra Kai “so youre a GENIUS what do they like about you your LOOKS?!” THEY were becoming physical therapists “like a Doctor without all the Schooling” I am an Internist NOT a Genius even as an attending (full bird Dr) there are Lots of hassles with smelly obese patients the computerized medical records and Drug Seekers. Understand I DIDN”t “get any” in HS or premed b/c 1. I had to compete with smarter guys all the time and 2. my overbearing mother wouldnt let me do anything b/c “sometthing BAD may happen” ‘Woolowitz’ here LOL Sometimes I wish I’d gone into something where I could be through in a year and get on with my life instead of twelve years of geekdom and slavery. Bulk up and be a NY firefighter-they HAD 300 openings a couple years back

  • Mike

    I’m 57 years old and have plenty of money, but I’ve never had very much pussy. The only girls who were ever interested in me were only interested because they thought they could get some of my money. I travel around the world whenever I want but I gave up on getting pussy 10 years ago. I guess it’s really not that important.

  • Anonymous

    I think you are correct Roosh. I am a doctor, and I am finally cutting down my hours so I can bang more chicks.

    It’s mainly a lifestyle problem. It’s just hard to be banging a new girl till 2-3 o’clock in the morning on a Tuesday night knowing that you have to go work the next day at 6 am.

    There are always exceptions. There are doctors with pretty good game and they get girls to bring them dinner at the hospital, bang her in the call room, and send her packing.

    In general though doctors don’t bang as many chicks as you think, but most of them do marry an above average looking wife unlike your friend Steve.

  • nemesis

    What you wrote two years ago is incorrect. Doctors today are more willing to learn game than anyone else, because the long time they spent on the books drained them of those vital energies and life thrill they want and can get from banging chicks. Some superplugged betas will, anyway, get married asap or carry their med-school LTR with them, but it’s because they were like that from before, or some religious complex(perhaps in the young years they had no problem banging girls, and then they got stuck with some life-savior complex, reinforced by medicine). Your friend Steve seems like one of these guys. Other guys will get into medschool as losers and then see the error of their ways and start banging thousand of chicks. Doctors also travel A LOT. Also it depends on your personality, not really on your profession. You can be a novelty seeker, choose to dump the hospital to get self-employment and travel every month to get to a congress as an excuse or to learn some new surgical technique. Obviously there are those stressed surgeons who get married and have kids and struggle to get some free time while their wife is banging the grocery guy, but it really all depends on you.
    I say these things because I’ve experienced them with my eyes. I am a doctor.

  • NiceGuyDave

    @ Anon post #65

    That is the truth, well said.

  • DarkTriad

    “Please grasp that most guys with good careers would be bored to fucking death living your lifestyle, pussy and all.”


    He’s a successful writer and small business owner. Supporting himself by his writing means he’s in the top .01% of successful writers.

  • Anonymous

    #141 nemesis, is so right. What you do is up to you. Being a doctor may make it harder time wise, but easier financially and mentally. I’ve seen this with my own eyes as well. I’ve known a lot of different doctors, and some just want to work, but others want to travel, party, etc. and when they do, they do it hard. cus they can.

  • Jake

    I am former Military and work overseas as a security contractor. I am educated and own a business in the states, but like anyone, opportunities to make large sums of money in short periods of time are few and far between so I chose this route and I do quite enjoy it. I must say I can relate to Roosh in this matter, that money does not necessarily equate to getting laid. It helps as a deal-sealer at times, and it certainly attracts girls-the ones you don’t want typically. Women who are money grubbers and users. I will say I’ve done it right and I wouldn’t change a thing. I traveled the world in my 20s, hooking up with girls was part of this but not the end-all be-all. I did a great many things while Doctors and Lawyers languished in school, watching from inside while many of us were spending our youths exploring the world and having fun. Sure, by the time your residency is done and you are making the big bucks you go out and buy that shiny new BMW. That’s great. I’ve got one too. What I have/had that they don’t have is my youth! What you must realize, and western culture tends to forget, is that you only live once. I used to look down on the guy that blew his money on vacations and things that made him happy, not necessarily cars or material things. Not anymore. Doctors and others ATTEMPT to act on their dreams that they had when they were young that we acted on, only they are now too old to truly enjoy them like we did. When you were young you wanted a sportscar. You knew it would be amazing and exciting and it would make the girl’s panties wet. When you are 35-40 years old, it’s exciting, but more out of how you feel when you see your envious neighbor and your status pulling up to buy groceries at the supermarket. In other words, it’s fucking worthless!!! I know a few Doctors, they are Married and they are swingers and they try to get their rocks off by attending swingers parties and shit. The ones who are single routinely get shut down by the better looking girls because, let’s face it, money isn’t everything. I would enjoy being a Doctor. I was a medic in Iraq at one point. I would however, not have enjoyed the youth that I lost getting there. I don’t give a shit about the money.

  • YB31

    You are dead on Jake post #145 ^^^^

    As one person mentioned, I actually knew a lot of doctors during school, residency, etc that traveled a lot, managed to fulfill their youth, lived life to the fullest, and even played the intl game. Hooking up with gals overseas is an AMAZING thing, but I agree that it’s not the end all goal as just traveling, learning more about the world, etc is more important.

    I’m 28 now, and I’ve sorta laid off the typical American gal dating scene for most part bc they are all surrounded by influences that are all about 1) investing in overpriced mortage, 2) settling down with kids, and 3) using all their vacation days on friends weddings when they’ve never even left the state of Texas. Funny bc these are all the people that get divorced later on in life with regrets and a youth that’s lost.

    I get about 4-5 weeks off for vacation per year along with traveling 25% of year for work with maybe 2 weddings to attend per year that are very fun with fellow guy friends. Imagine having only 10 days off per year yet having a girlfriend that is responsible for 7 more out of town weddings per year eating up all your vacation funds/time. I know people in that situation as it sucks!

    Then again, this is why I prefer older maybe divorced women in their 30s-40s bc they’ve at least realized the errors in the ways of their 20’s mentality whereas gals in that stage of their life just cannot be swayed from the influences that have poisoned them.

  • Anonymous

    Been both sides and I can tell you that if you’ve got some nice clothes, your own personal transportation, a reasonably good physique / appearance and a place of your own; you really don’t NEED more than $1,000 in the bank to get endless pussy.
    What’s more, if you devote your life to getting money so that you can ‘get with the ladies’ you’ll find that comes up in conversation because you assume that it’s important.
    This generally changes the womans view of you from a guy she’d like to have some wild sex with… to a guy who could be ‘the one’ to take home to her mummy & daddy and show off to all her friends. Once that happens you’ve effectively shot yourself in the foot and your sexual prospects with her will plummet.
    Though, that said your chance of meeting her prenup lawyer and divorced Aunt will skyrocket.

  • Randy

    The truth is that most women are whores. Thus, it’s better to earn $500K/yr and be boinking a 5 star GFE escort and then, get back to the job on Monday, then in wasting time, gaming it up with women.

  • JM

    LOL, you all talk as if you’re going to live to see your 800th bday. C’mon people. Dont take life so damn seriously. Most don’t make it to 100. Dont get so caught up with making tons of money, big houses, flashy cars, arm candy wife/girlfriend, etc. When you die, all of that shit will be gone. Your great grandkids will most likely not know much about you and their kids will forget about you (seriously, how many of you know your great-great grandparents names and history?) If you have a good career, good for you. If you don’t but want one, then do what you gotta to get there. If you dont like your job and want something better but lack the drive, then just live in the moment. At the end, whether you’re poor as shit or rich, we’re all going to die and whatever you own will not die with you.

  • Dr’s wife

    I have been married to a clinician for 8 years and no children yet. I’m 14 years younger than him. Financially, we are doing well after a huge sum he lost due to divorce settlement. However, my husband doesn’t show off how intelligent he is, how much pu$$y or money he’d get. He uses money for fun, future, or to support our lives together. Most of all, I’m still in my early 30ish. He understand my age. 😉

    In my end, I have been enjoying my life and to present. I traveled places to places, but I didn’t get laid every man I met through my journey.
    Yes, we enjoy one another. If he gets laid with someone else, that’s his problem. He has to take his secret to his grave.

    My main point is life for him is not about making some women drool over his property, but taking advantage of it.

    We can suppressed aging, but we can’t stop from getting old.

    Life is fun 😀

  • Maria

    Haha I am an ex-call girl. Do you know how many rich clients I saw? Some of them fairly attractive too. A lot of them were just far too busy or wanted the discreetness. OR they were married and not getting any.

  • Joe Dick

    2 frank

    ‘Most guys don’t go to work every day thinking about how it relates to getting laid.’

    Bullshit. Most guys probably wake up with an hard-on and go to work with their cock still hard

  • Joe Dick

    150 Dr’s wife,

    yes you can say you are one lucky bitch, for now. You would not ‘enjoy life’ if it weren’t for your hubby’s dosh. The problem is, you are not prepared to life’s shitstorms, which will come, regardless of how much money your nice guy hubby gives you. Then you’ll be on your own sorry ass, wondering what to do.

  • JH

    I can answer your hypothetical question with real experience. I’m the lead engineer of a small company and paid cash for a house in Santa Fe at 22. I’m also short, “small”, bald, and have crooked teeth that turned yellow at the age of 10. I’m almost 27 and still haven’t gotten laid. Let me give you some perspective on career vs women.

    1. You’re missing the benefits of a great career. A. I design and build custom machines. That means that my job is to imagine possibilities and make them real. My work solves real-world problems, aids major companies in making everything from missiles to medical equipment, and sometimes directly saves lives. I have literally changed the world. That’s the kind of satisfaction you’re only going to get as a doctor or engineer.
    B. As part of my job I’m also a partner in a company. I work 60 hours/week, but I decide when/where/how to work. I set my own hours, report to no one, do cooperate teamwork rather than say ‘yes sir’, and never waste time with paperwork/busywork.
    C. I made enough money to pay cash for a house at 22. I eat wild-caught salmon, organic produce, and Greek yogurt. I work out on a bowflex, run on a treadmill, and swim in a pool without leaving my house. I have complete privacy. No nosy neighbors, no banging on the ceiling at 3am, no annoying landlord.

    2. It is really hard to get by without women. I eat really healthy and exercise to stay trim and fit. But even if I got major dental work I’d still be short, bald, and have a small penis. There’s no fixing those things, and no woman has ever wanted me. It really hurts. I don’t go to work thinking about getting laid everyday, but I usually come home that way.

    I’ve been thinking that the problem is that I’m trying to succeed using my weaknesses. I’m not tall or good-looking enough to have a girlfriend. I don’t have the nerve to approach women, and would probably have a heart attack walking into a club. But I am good at making money. I could get a call-girl on Craigslist for $100/hr twice a week, for an annual cost of $10K. After being with fat, sweaty married guys, she’d probably appreciate a guy who’s at least trim and clean. I could relax, have fun, and stop feeling like and overgrown little-boy. Might be the ideal solution for someone like me.

  • medstdnt

    Really depends on how you look at it. In my mind having good bedside manner with patients and picking up someone in a bar require very similar skills. Comfort and confidence with strangers. Good listening skills. The ability to provide insight into the other person’s life… answering the questions about themselves that they cannot answer. Heck, if I can walk into a room and cup a guy’s balls, I think I can talk to a girl at a bar. The real issue is doctors are far less likely to be drawn to vacuous attractive people you are more likely to find in bars… well that and the fact that lots of doctors are awkward science nerds that don’t necessarily have good bedside manner 😛

  • John Cool

    I agree with Frank slightly on this one. There are plenty of days where I want to get laid and there are some where I’d love to waste money on some good alcohol and chill out. Money can still get you other possessions and he could buy top end hookers.

  • Veni Vidi Vici

    I have to disagree with this one at in New York City Metro Area Money Rules, Every Doctor I see dates up. If you see an attractive woman with a short, fat, bold dude, I can bet he is a Doctor, Lawyer or some other high paying profession.
    Men making under 50000 a year even if your attractive, your dating down.

  • Veni Vidi Vici

    This is BS the poor tell themselves to add meaning to their petty lives.
    With women $ trumps looks and game.

  • Aaron David

    This is because smart people don’t care as much about looks also. Dumb chick’s are hot
    They don’t relate to bright guys

  • whatever

    Seriously, you are a loser. I am on track to make 200k this year and if things keep on going well, 500k in the next 4 years. I am married and very content. Working on Bay Street in Canada, I often get offers from gold diggers, but nothing changes the fact that i am very content as a married man. I was actually googling what rich astards do with their cash, but you caught my attention. I work with quite a few guys like you. Men spending 5k on a watch for a broad and they are not any happier than I am. I was a player and it sucked. Tried to fill a hole that could only be filled by a spouse. You are on a useless quest and wish you to wake up from your bs slumber ASAP.

  • uptown girl

    Up town lady, I`m attractive but are sick and tired of begging for my hubbies attention, every thing is more important than me, I’ve been there through it all he as a beer belly and looks like crap but still treats me like dirt. I on the other hand look after myself and are still quite the catch any advice I have had it with the lies and manipulaction.

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  • ABC

    The difference between a cardiologist and you, Roosh, is that a cardiologist is useful to society, If he stops working, people may in fact die. If you stop “gaming women” the society will be a better place.

    Cardiologists get respect because they result in the majority of cases from a) hard study, b) dedication, c) hard work. A good cardiologist requires 15 years of education, thus it is worth a lot. A “gamer” like you requires no education/formation at all, hence it is worthless. For every cardiologist there are millions of mediocre guys like you, and the basics of economy state that price is defined by relative abundance.

    You may lay down some low-life low-quality women, but you will never be able to pair with a beautiful woman from a good family, with solid moral values. The cardiologist makes half a million a year. Take 1 high-level escort per week (1000 dollars) during a year and you got 55.000 in expenses, with 445 k still in your pocket.

    He DOES get more women than you both in term of quality and quantity, he DOES have financial security, he DOES have social recognition. What have you got?

  • ABC

    They don’t need to try to talk to girls. Girls try to talk to them.

  • Dk

    I’m going to give you my honest opinion as a physician.

    I’m the same age as you are and in my early 20’s I took a science degree before being admitted to medical school. During those days my priorities were in fact women, I would spend countless hours at the gym, prepare and eat a stupid amount of meals a day, dress nice, everything to make it easier to “score with the girls”. Life was ok, I was the hot guy in uni who could get with very hot girls, I would travel a lot which was also something i quite enjoyed.

    After my degree I got a job in teaching and research which was quite stressful and lasted for a couple of years until I roamed to medical school. To my surprise during those few early months my priorities changed gradually but fast: I was doing what I have always wanted, studying subjects I loved for hours every day, including weekends, vacations and holidays. Even found a love for statistics, behavioral science and psychiatry just because they related to medicine. During hospital rotations I performed complex procedures, participated deeply in surgeries and finished school as a top student. I even managed to have sex with a few girls and get a girlfriend on my “spare” time.

    Now, as an ob/gyn resident I really don’t give a rats ass about women, except the ones who are under my care. Sure, I would quite enjoy having sex with hot women “right and left”, but that’s something that is actually very low on my list of priorities. See, you have to understand the sense of accomplishment and rush you get when you have to operate on a 23 year-old young woman in shock with a hemoperitoneum from a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. Or perform an emergency cesarean section to save a kid from a lifetime of cerebral palsy due to a prolapsed umbilical cord. I wouldn’t trade a moment like that for a one night stand with the hottest chick in the world. I even get joy in diagnosing and treating pneumonias or UTIs. Teaching to a class of eager medical students is another fulfilling activity that I hope I can keep up.

    Since I’m not a gadget type of guy the money I earn I spend improving my education or traveling. Maybe to you, “banging chicks left and right” might equal the excitement I have while doing my job. Maybe your job is boring and just a means to and end, and you project that to everyone you find who is doing “better” than you (i.e. the cardiologist). Maybe you just need to find something that would give you more pleasure than sex (or the conquest like you so elegantly put it). Do you really think that when you’re old, in hindsight, you’re going to look back on your life and think “damn, that Courtney I met at the bar 40 years ago was quite a lay”? Wouldn’t you prefer to see a grown-up kid with kids of his own coming to consult you on your last day on the job and know that without you he wouldn’t be there? Don’t be shortsighted, don’t think just because you haven’t experienced it, that there is nothing better than having sex with hot chicks.

    If I get bored in the next 10 or 20 years, I will just shift my priorities, travel more, learn languages and return to playing my instrument. Maybe in my midlife crisis i’l buy a nice car and start taking this “game” stuff seriously. But until then, I’m quite happy with my priorities.

    PS: I don’t like cardiologists but I can relate to your friend. I deleted my facebook profile. Its a time sucking ego-feeding demon for which I have no patience.

  • DNA(splicer)

    Not really smart guys are not sought after by women to be honest. I’m a smart guy I’m actually really smart but I’m lazy and I procrastinate and I’m also the class clown yeah yeah. Anyways since all those qualities hide my nerdiness and intelligence I have observed how women actually look down on smart men, why maybe they are insecure or since because all they have is looks or maybe they are dumb and next to a smart man it shows a lot.

    But since this is my experience I can’t speak for all. Even though I don’t exude nerdiness and geekiness I still have bad looks from women like how dare him be smarter than me.

    It’s crazy but it is what it is. Smart men to dumb or average women are like hot women to ugly men or nerdy men.

  • quez420