Guys Who Make A Lot Of Money But Still Don’t Get Laid

I spoke to an old friend the other day and we talked about a couple guys we went to college with. I remembered Steve, one of our classmates.

“Hey Steve took me off Facebook for some reason,” I said to my friend.

“Strange, he didn’t say anything to me about you.”

“Well since he’s a cardiologist now maybe he took down his profile because too many patients were trying to add him. I read about that problem in a newspaper article.”

“Hold on let me check.” Thirty seconds later: “Yeah he took me off too.”

“He probably deleted his profile.”

“You know he’s making serious cash now right?”

“How much?” I asked.

“Like half a million a year.”

In college Steve got more play than me, hooking up with the occasional girl from class (since I was getting zero play that wasn’t particularly difficult). He had a pretty cocky personality around other guys and even though he became much gentler around women, it was enough to get some attraction going.

After college he went to medical school and I went to work in the private sector. He got a girlfriend not long after that. While I’d peg his looks at about a 7, she was only a 4—a definite downgrade. My friend and I would talk about why he was going out with her. “Maybe she has a really great personality,” I’d say, followed by obnoxious snorting laughter. We didn’t understand why he was selling himself short, but agreed he’d probably step up after he was officially a doctor and making the big bucks.

Well, they’re about to get married. I highly doubt a prenup will be signed.

Talking about Steve made me do an evaluation of my life.

Cons: I have very few possessions. I don’t make a lot of money (a friend of mine joked that I probably qualify for public assistance). I don’t have health insurance. Every day I push concerns about the future into the back of my mind.

Pros: Freedom and mobility.

If I was a doctor making half a million a year, I’d sleep with fewer women than I am now. It’s possible I would land one really beautiful bride, but I currently desire variety, not monotony (while the act of banging doesn’t make me a happier person, the conquest does). I’d have more comfort and stability in life, but that’s what I want when I’m 51, not 31. If I worked 60 hours a week or more it’d be impossible to bang the girls that I have, along with doing just about everything that I have accomplished in my adult life so far (cue laughter from the haters).

Too many guys overestimate the benefits of a high paying job. What percentage of doctors do you think are pulling quality pussy? Surprisingly low, but if you want to land an ambitious yet plain Jewish or Indian girl with overbearing parents then it’s a great profession to get into. Do you really think doctors or lawyers have the ability and energy to creep on the side with the girls that you’re able to bang with game and free time? Truth is I know a ton doctors and not a single one is outpulling me, in either quality or quantity. I see pictures of their girlfriends on Facebook and I’m not impressed, especially considering their true cost per notch is more than $100,000. Mine are in the low four digits.

If you’re going to argue that a man’s job is important, I’ll agree with you if you’re talking about fashion photographer, club owner, bartender, surfing instructor, and so on—the jobs that put him in contact with a large number of sexy women. But lawyer? Doctor? Investment banker? Corporate executive? Raise your hand if you know guys with those jobs that get zero pussy, or have to pay out the ass for a pseudo-hooker.

Okay now put your hand down.

Game is the great equalizer, the savior of man. You can have a job where you’re stuck in front of a laptop all day and still pull more and hotter than a guy making half a million a year. If I was making that much money and pussy wasn’t raining from the sky, I’d feel disappointed and tricked to say the least. A twenty dollar game book and some practice would’ve gotten me much more.

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