R.I.P. FirstDateDC.com

Kathryn and I pulled the plug on our baby after 11 months. Here is what I had to say:

There are only so many ways I can tell a girl that a guy isn’t into them. When starting this blog I never thought 85% of the questions would come from women. Because my main skill is in helping men, I know that my typical “move on” advice to women was probably not all that helpful to them. When the goal of a woman is to find one man to nest with, they don’t want to hear it when you tell them to find another guy. In that respect, I failed.

From working with Kathryn, I clearly see how tough dating is for people our age. Because of this there is an industry composed of dating books, seminars and workshops, and as long as men and women need to physically mate to continue the species, there will always be a demand for dating advice. While we can’t confirm if our advice helped bring two people together, I think we helped the human race more than not.

My final advice is for everyone still working on that one crush. I know it is fun to have a project, to work on that one guy or girl you really like. But it never fails that the more you really like them, the less chance you will get with them. Liking a person a lot before intimacy occurs is a good sign that they their value is considerably higher than yours. In other words, they can do better. It is not until I stopped valuing women that things fell into place for me.

Perhaps if we only answered one question a week could we keep it going and stay fresh, but the daily nature of the blog doomed us from the start.

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