Rising Sun

After sex, the power shifts to me. Vagina strength is highest before sex and declines to almost zero afterwards, assuming the girl is with a man who has options. I relax my game after sex not only because the power shift enables me to, but because if we are going to continue seeing each other the relationship has to be built on a foundation where we act natural and closer to our real selves. I know that a relationship built on two people playing hard to get will not last for more than a few dates, so I put less focus on planning alcohol dates with sex being the end goal and try for dates where we have to talk more under sober conditions (e.g. ice cream, bookstore)—more of just hanging out with each other’s company. But this is where it starts to fall apart because a lot of girls don’t know how to act when the main chase ends. They know their power has decreased so they overcompensate to keep your attention when they already had it in the first place.

I called a girl two days after I had first-time sex with her and she answered the phone. We talked for several minutes and then I suggested we do something in a few days. Her response: “Maybe.”

That’s in line with “That can be arranged,” an unnatural and tried answer, especially to a man whose hand you brought up to your neck for semi-aggressive choking. If you don’t want to hang out with me then fine, but don’t pick up the phone and try some move you just read in a book by a “relationship expert.” Don’t tell me the bookstore is boring. Don’t respond to my voicemail with a text message. Don’t suggest a specific restaurant unless you are treating. Don’t start talking about your past relationship failures. Don’t be surprised when I decide to move on.

Assuming you are cute (which is why I talked to you) and good in bed (which is why I called you again), you don’t have to put on a front to keep me interested. After sex, a girl’s game should transition from communication and logistical games to teasing and seduction games, where she tries to heighten a man’s physical arousal during the time they are together. She should send him to his buddy saying, “Dude, this girl drives me crazy. For some reason I can’t stop thinking about her.”

Girls need to increase sexual tension not by withholding attention (an okay strategy before sex) but by giving good attention that takes time and work to master. A lot of girls, unfortunately, have no desire to improve their game beyond techniques they learned in high school. To them, attention withholding is game. But once a man penetrates vagina, chances are he won’t be turned on by the extra time it takes you to return a telephone call.

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