Roosh Life Update

Last week was mostly promotional for the second edition of Bang. It case you missed it:

Monday: I shared details of the new edition, especially the text messaging section
Wednesday: I discussed the gloomy future of game
Friday: I gave the most optimal method for studying any game resource

I received a lot of emails from guys who missed Wednesday’s newsletter that included a download link to the text messaging guide. I’m going to send it again one more time this Friday, so fill out the newsletter sign-up page by then (or the form at the bottom of this post) to receive it for free.

With this major project completed, it’s time to edit my life schedule…

July: Complete text messaging guide
September—December: Complete epilogue to A Dead Bat In Paraguay. Start day game book rough draft. Prepare for next trip.
January: New trip

As you can see I’ve simplified my plans from before. I’ve been getting the itch to go to Brazil for the winter and actually started planning for it, but as of right now I think it’s best to suffer through a DC winter to get the day game book off the ground. If I go to Brazil again I may get stuck there forever, yet I still want to visit other parts of the world. This decision is tearing me up inside, so I’ve stopped listening to Brazilian music because of the pain it causes.

On a sad note I’ve started charging for Bang Colombia (same price as A Dead Bat In Paraguay). I don’t have the audience size where a donation model would bring enough money to support projects like it. The donation rate was respectable (2.5% with an average donation of just under $6), so I may experiment with it again in the future.

On a positive note, in July, a month when I didn’t release anything new, I sold just over 300 copies of my books. Considering that in 2008 I sold on average 40 copies a month, this is an exciting development. It has given me the confidence and financial support to focus exclusively on writing. I haven’t worked for the man in three and a half years.

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