Russian Girls

I can not pull a Russian girl to save my life. I have been to at least seven Russian parties in the past year and I’ve pulled nothing except American. When I try to talk to them, they stick with monosyllabic speech that leads to nowhere, instead of engaging me in conversation that helps me gain access to their vagina.

My Russian roommate, an expert on matters such as this, says the cold attitude of these non-Americanized Russians is not so much snobbiness as it is insecurity, “They are intimidated by Americans and don’t feel confident when having to talk in English.” It has to be cultural because I’ve spoken to many other girls where there was a language barrier and I didn’t get this feeling that hacking away at permafrost in Siberia would be more interesting.


Let’s not forget the good: Russian girls are hot and thin. Sure when they get older they look like a can of Coke, but I’m sure it would be easy upgrade before that happens. To all the men banging Russian girls: God bless you; you are like glorious iron fist of strength and power.

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  • ribald

    it’s very, very difficult to get them to open up about anything, agreed. i spent a chunk of time in eastern europe last year, hitting several countries where the girls were more than eager to talk to me and my two buddies. the last stop was kiev, which had the hottest girls i’ve probably seen in my life, but were impossible to talk to, and wouldn’t even smile. they weren’t russian, of course, but you could see how communism crushed so much of their ability to interact with free-market thinkers.

  • hedonistic

    The man I’m presently dating has been dating NO ONE BUT Russian and Ukranian women for the last ten years. Why? Not just because they’re tall and blonde and drop dead gorgeous, but because they’re “all about pleasing the men” and “happy to be lower than a man.” Yeah, he actually said it. But he had to take them shopping. Lots and lots of shopping. So that’s the deal, dudes: You will need to buy their submission, one way or another. They’re sure as hell not stupid, even if they can’t speak a word of English.

    My response to this man waxing eloquent on the “charms” of Russian/Ukranian women? A raised eyebrow and inner scoldings: “Eyebrow DOWN, Eyebrow DOWN, woman!” They say the seeds of the demise of a relationship are sown in the very beginning. This one likely will not end well, but it sure will make for a good story . . .

  • Roissy

    talk to me son.
    i can show you the promised land.

  • KassyK

    You look like you have a perm in that paint pic. Next time don’t go to the party naked. Might work in making the Russo girls more comfortable. Just sayin.

  • Jay Gatsby

    Do you think that not having hands or feet (or a nose) might also be affecting your game? 😉

  • Phil

    That is a tremendous penis.

  • Anonymous

    It could be that plethora of hairy men in their homeland turns them off and they came here seeking otherwise.

  • Stephen (VA)

    What are you talking about? When I lived in Atlanta, several of my friends were Russian, and I had no problem conversing with the ladies.

    Though perhaps it could be cultural, but to me you just had to have an in-road into their group, otherwise they would blow you off if you weren’t “known”

  • Skyshocker

    Vwh-ee govor-eet po rusky?

    Learn the language, or at least quite a few colloquialisms. Russian is a root based language so once you’ve mastered the cyrillic it gets easier. Then you work your need for tutor into the conversation to illuminate your keen sense of humor.

    My two cents & good luck!

  • Steve Lurkel

    one of my good buddies is really into russian and ukrainian girls, but he speaks fluently…so the language barrier doesn’t exist. anyhow, they’re pretty awesome.

  • Not DJM

    Russian women have a (very well earned) reputation for being extremely manipulative.

    Many are very hot, but they’re known to do pretty much anything to get what they want. From what multiple educated (PhD+) Russian friends of mine have said, Russian women take deception and manipulation to a fine art level.

  • Anonymous


  • sean

    “That is a tremendous penis.”

    She was thinking….”Is that an ICBM in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”

    Roosh just needs to tattoo “USA” down one side, although in real life, there’s probably not enough room.

  • hedonistic

    Not DJM – – I wouldn’t be surprised. I don’t think there is something in the water in their home towns that makes them “naturally” compliant man-candy.

    Caveat emptor! But hey, seems the guys here like mind games, despite the fact that they doth protest too much about them. Play on!

  • Irina

    yeah russian ladies are pretty sweet. 😀 may i ask what you talk about and how the conversation goes? i can advise from there

  • DF

    I have to agree with NotDJM, Russians and Ukranians are very manipulative and well known golddiggers. They will fuck anybody for money and in my view are among the most promiscuous women on the planet. A read a study where 64% of pregnant women sampled in Russia had syphilis and many believe Russia faces an HIV epidemic given rates of infection. If you are still looking to bag a Russian or Ukranian, I suggest you bring your credit card and condoms.

  • mhm

    Gotta second the comment on Kiev having hot girls. Pretty unbelievable how many there are in Kiev.

  • Cob

    No holes in that wall?.. 😉

  • Sweatpants

    they’re ?all about pleasing the men? and ?happy to be lower than a man.? Yeah, he actually said it. But he had to take them shopping. Lots and lots of shopping. So that’s the deal, dudes: You will need to buy their submission, one way or another.

    Ew, no thanks.

  • Anon

    It’s because you’re brown. Russians are extremely racist and xenophobic. Get some skin bleacher or come down with the Michael Jackson disease and you’re in.

  • Roissy

    some suka:
    “So that’s the deal, dudes: You will need to buy their submission,”

    as long as the guy has a car and doesn’t live with mommy he needn’t worry about her “prerequisites”. psychological dominance trumps cash with 99 out of 100 chicks and that hardcore 1 is probably a golddigger out for the old preggers marital entrapment scam.
    now, if shitlapper betaboy’s personality sucks, yeah, then my advice would be to get that shoulder to the grindstone and bustamove on the dreary career and social cog circuit cause he ain’t got nothing better to offer.
    as for the advice i would give to men drawn to lovely russian girls on the make, the same applies….
    even moreso.

    “Russian women have a (very well earned) reputation for being extremely manipulative.”

    speaking as someone who has dated and fucked a number of hot russians and slavic eastern europeans in the past few years i can tell you that there is some truth to this observation. but here’s the catch — the more manipulative they are, the more they appreciate it when you show them real power. it’s the most unsubtle golddiggers, the most pragmatic natashyas, who fall the hardest in love with a guy who knows the emotional landscape of women.

    “They will fuck anybody for money”

    but they will only make love with one.

    “they weren’t russian, of course,”

    ribald, the east half of ukraine is ethnically russian, the west half ethnically polish. there is a slight introgression of turkish and georgian genes into the ukrainian population which gives girls from that region darker and in my opinion more alluring looks. you often see amazing combinations of snow pale skin set against black hair and liquid blue eyes. the stereotypical blond bombshell ice queens hail from moscow and voronesz.

    btw, keep in mind that russian girls who’ve been in the US more than 5 years have gained new perspective on what their slender exotic looks can bag them in a man. FOBs who come from anywhere other than moscow have left behind a nightmare of outdoor plumbing and drunk, ugly, useless russian men who treated their beauty with utter disdain and have entered a land of meekly civilized western men who lap up the shit of mediocre frumpy american yentas. when they meet an american man who gives them something approaching halfway decent behavior COMBINED with power they will beg for the privilege of giving him blowjobs. they, more than anything else, want someone they can trust. because they know from experience that the kind of powerful men they are naturally attracted to are corrupted by their power this trust is the rarest prize of all – a man who is both powerful and loving.

    just never EVER put them on a pedestal once they start draping their sexuality over you like a waterfall. you will be tempted to respond in kind because you will not believe the generosity with which she showers her love on you compared to what you have always known with your compatriots. don’t do it. always remember where they came from. they are used to a lifetime of bedraggled russian men lowering the boom on their self-esteems. if you come in too strong lifting her up and extolling her heretofore unseen feminine virtues she will wonder if there is something wrong with you as a man. she will… yearn for the challenge of proving her worth as your lover.

  • Tacoma


    Could you go masterbate somewhere private?


  • eugenius

    great post/picture, great comments……some of the funniest comments i have seen in a long time……….Roissy is on point about everything, especially the FOB vs Americanized…so true!!!

    I got to admit as many as I have…it has never been easy to pick up one of my own, as my americanization has been more of a hindrance rather than a draw for them ……but the experience with dating/fucking/even arguing with a russian girl is so different from any other kind that you keep getting drawn back to it.

    PS. The good ones are reaaaaaaaaaaaaly good.

  • Namaste


    I’m with Phil.

  • hedonistic

    You will need to act fast though, because genetics WILL take over in the long run . . .

    And that goes for all of us, too, men and women alike. Photos of my germanic/norwegian ancestors mock me. Anyhoo, who said: Life is short, so play hard?

  • A

    Maybe you need to take a bath. You know, take a break from all this writing and go… shower.

  • Phil

    Roosh – perhaps you would find this informative:

    Little Donny disease

  • Anonymous

    So it could be they just don’t want a hairy brown Turk? Yes that must be it. Consider it Karma and forget about it.

  • KassyK

    Phil–That just made my entire year…A grandma singing:

    “Enormous penis!!” While waving her hands in the air? Amazing.

    Simply, amazing.

  • Roissy

    “dating/fucking/even arguing with a russian girl is so different ”

    ain’t that the truth.
    here’s a quick guide to dating russian women:

    first date: you take her to a eurotrash lounge and order stolys while she coldly stares daggers through you.
    second date: you take her to a eurotrash lounge where she continues with the frigid bitch queen routine. yet, unlike with similarly cold american girls, you find yourself oddly compelled to see this out. suddenly, you are making out in your car parked in front of her place. she kisses like she’s sucking out your soul.
    third date: you eschew the euro lounge shit and take her to the lincoln memorial at dusk where you tell her in no uncertain terms that you cannot and will not be tied down by any woman. you love your freedom. later that night – wild, uncautious, machine-like sex, followed by hours of mindfucking.
    fourth date: she tries to stab you with a salad fork when you make fun of her accent.
    fifth date: you take her and her ultrahot blond bombshell russian best friend to eurotrash lounge where you break up because you have been “staring” at her friend all night. rhapsodic sex follows.

  • BHR


  • hedonistic

    You see, I just KNEW Roissy was a sex god . . . :rolleyes:

  • DrG

    Gotta agree with these posts. As someone originally from Eastern Europe I am fully acquanted with Russian women and definitely agree that they are some of the most beautiful in the world. American women who generally tend to be overweight, wear too much makeup and obsessed with work are no match for eastern europeans. If you speak the native language and are a foreigner they will take immediate liking to you. Unfortunately, only the FOB one’s are worth pursuing as the Americanized Russian’s tend to spoil as quickly as “unrefrigirated fish”.
    Btw, here’s a link to some of the women i’m talking about:

  • Joe T.

    Most of the positive things that’ve been said about Russian/Ukrainian women here is true.

    The most striking thing about my trip to Ukraine (mainly Odessa, on the Black Sea) in July-August 2006 was that you could look high and wide, and not see one fat, chunky, or flabby female under 40 years old. Every young woman had what I would consider an “ideal” figure for her height and proportions. Since the weather was warm, they were all wearing revealing clothes, too, so that was an added plus. The contrast with the USA was therefore pretty stark. There were no girls ANYWHERE TO BE SEEN who resembled the girl on the left in the Wii ad.

  • mhm

    But Joe T…..weren’t you moved to tears by the sight of all those “unhealthy” women in the Ukraine? My God man, have you no soul? Think of all the healthy women waiting for you in DC.

  • russianizer

    A friend linked me here, knowing my reputation with russian girls – they find me! Im not russian but I must have been with atleast a dozen russian chicks, yes, theyre hot, but so many issues, my last one was seriously hot, i felt like paying her every time we went out, and i thought it was luck, maybe my bed manners but later on I realized she was trying to get married. I met one who was into witches, one that was anti social, one was using me to piss off her bf, ones dad tryied paying 10k$ to marry her and bring her here. but im still getting around. Just be prepared, 1: russian girls know russian guys, in in a comunity where respect is at the top of priorities – you can find youself in deep shit with a big russian guy named borris. 2: money – if you you have it, you can use it to get them, or hide it to keep it.
    3: defenitly good to know about the russian culture, or a little of russian. good luck

    p.s. gold, looks really luxurious, but when you have it in your hand – it feels like any other metal 😉

  • lion

    Russian women either love you or hate you. There’s no inbetween.

    Unfortunately your game is all american style and they don’t like that unless as some above said, you have money overcome this condition.

  • Joe T.

    Example of a hot Ukrainian girl… I mean, we’re talkin’ JESSA hot!!

  • Not DJM


  • Sweatpants

    “But Joe T?..weren’t you moved to tears by the sight of all those ?unhealthy? women in the Ukraine? My God man, have you no soul? Think of all the healthy women waiting for you in DC.”


  • Irina

    most wonderful example of generalizing an entire group of people i’ve ever seen.

  • Roissy

    irina (lovely name, btw), the exceptions do not invalidate the rules.
    generalizations are useful.
    when we cross a street we generalize that drivers will refrain from speeding up or swerving to mow us down.
    when we see a roomful of drinkers at a bar at 3AM we generalize that many of them are not completely sober.
    when we see an awkward nerd we generalize that he is not getting laid.
    when we see a fat woman we generalize that she is not very happy with her love life.
    generalizations are useful.
    they are an important tool in the mental fabric of human nature.
    the reason most people… and particularly women… dislike them
    is because they fear judgement.

  • Scorpion

    This is towards that gay faggot DF.

    If you prefer American women over hot Eastern European women then you are a gay ridden faggot.

    American women are the lowest scum on this planet.

    They live up to the stereotype, just as Eastern European men beat there wives and European men in
    general are gay.

    DF the only person who has AIDS is you and the crack whore mother you came out of.

    Eastern European women are a hundred times more cultures then shit face American women.

    Russian, Czechs, Pole, Slovaks, Hungarians, Romanians, are a BILLION times more beauitful and have nice personalities. Plus they care for there men and can cook a great meal, but at the same time intelligent

    American men are the knights to save them from there fag/drunk ridden husbands.

    Again only faggots like American men over foreign women, since they are nothing but pussy feminist supporters.

  • Tomteboda

    My two cents: overeducated Russian women are just as demanding and work-obsessed as overeducated American women. Even though they’re thinner.

  • Scorpion

    Tom your mother is a prostitute no matter what and your just a gay faggot.

    Eastern European women are always superior then feminazi american cunts.

  • P

    I would advise American men not to surf Russian internet dating sights. Too many of these Russian women are scam artists, and they have their sights aimed at your wallet instead of your heart.


  • Scorpion

    P stands for prick. He is a gay faggot.

    Russian women are more hotter and faithful then American fat cow women.

    Most Ameriacn women are the ones that will take all your money away.

    There is an 80 percent success rate when American men marry foreign women. That includes Russian women and Eastern European women.

    You dont know anything P you gay faggot.

  • slade

    i’d have a russian bird over a brit/american any day

  • eatshit


    you have bad experience with russian men?
    it looks like somebody fucked you in the ass.

  • Scorpion

    eatshit you are a gay homo with AIDS.

    I have had great times with Eastern Europe/Russian women. They are hot. They are much better then then fat cow obese piles of shit American women that are for emasculate faggots like yourself.

  • Eastern European

    Russian women sometime are shy in the bed to give or receive oral. Happened with about 70% of my Hungarian/Ukrainian/Bulgarian/Russian girlfriends. But otherwise they’re very good in bed. Much better than most American women. And they are not scared if you have a big dick, as most Russian men has 6-7 inches dicks, and they got used to it. You won’t hear “it is too big for me”.

    I’m in US for more than three years now. So far I have seen only 9 (yes, this is NINE!) local women I’d like to have sex with. No wonder so many man here are gay.

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  • rastropovich

    It is so funny to read your American posts here. You are bunch of loosers who will never date with real Russian girls. What you talk is just about the girls who live in the USA or visit it to get some luck. You suckers must remmember that noone Russian girl who respect herself won’t look at your side.

    Russian Guy.

    I have been in the US for 2 yaers and hang out witn those Russians and Americans = NO Defference at all.

  • rastropovich

    Oh I forgot :) You can’t compete for American girls that’s why you are who you are

  • Anna

    hmm… it was so interesting to read everything you had written here:) i am russian girl who lives in the eastern ukraine.i would like to do some corrections to your posts. first of all not russian,hungarian,ukrainian girls are beautiful,but slavic girls are.hungarians are not slavs.they dont have such “blowing up” mixture in their blood)). i want to say that most of american guys use stereotypes while dealing with russian girls, so you get in those “money troubles”. cos real slavic girls have everything they want in their countries. they dont need neither “a big wallet” nor his owner.dont search for a real girl in those dating sites,you won’t find them there. if you want to get a beautiful wife you need to live here for a while,work here,communicate with us. and if a girl is ready to have sex with you at your first date be sure you wont be lucky with her, hse will just use you and your money.i worked for some time at marriage agency, i know many examples when a guy was deceived by an ordinary “wallet hunter”, agents can’t guarantee you her “pure intentions about marriage” – it is impossible! and i realize that of course after these cases american men will think that russian girls are golddiggers. sorry for my flow of emotions but to sum up i want to tell you that you get what you deserve:if you need an easy hot girl,you will get her.with all those doesnt depend upon the nationality of a girl.dont search for easy ways.

  • Ad4m

    I pulled a Russian/Lithuanian girl two nights ago for the first time ever…all I can say is wow.

    European women are my new favourite thing in the world – it was completly Awesome and I will be searching for more of that from now on! UK women have slid down my scale big time!

  • Genevieve

    my boyfriend’s ex is russian. she’s quite lumpy now. he said she was skinny when she came to the states and when she left a year later she was fat. i saw her on myspace. she’s fatish now.

  • Anna

    Poor russian girl :)) What would happen if she lived in the states for more than one year? )) I think, she would become laaaaaarge. It is nice that she came back to her native land and now she is just fatish. This example just proves that extra-weight is caused by the food people eat in the states and shouldnt be considered as the hational trait.

  • renate

    well fuck you all Russian, Czechs, Pole, Slovaks, Hungarians, Romanians USA, arab girls are the best chicks on this planet you all fake fuckers :)

  • Gniewomir

    Fuck you renate!!!! Slavic girls are most beautiful in the world!!! Slavs are elite of all Aryans!!! arab are shitskinned subhumans!!!!

  • renate

    fuck you too Gniewomir arabs are real beauty you are full of shit and smell’s like puke and fuk like animals but arab keep their beauty tell they find their real love and they less drink and smoke i mean girls, of course men do so you shut ut fuckin mouth and keep livig like animals and eat cum and do gay things!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anna

    Renate, I’d rather be a fucked russian girl than have such a guy like you. Poor arab girls:)

  • Seduction Chronicles

    My friend in NYC just seems to attract Russian girls in BOATLOADS. He’s found that he can get Russian girls easier than any other type of woman. He’s not even the masculine type but he’s found the sweet spot.

    Seduction Chronicles’s last blog post: Sinn (Seduction Masters Interview).

  • roissy

    seduction chronicles, what is their sweet spot? i have my own theory but i’d like to here what another aficionado of the russkie ladies has to say.

    roissy’s last blog post: Going Sexual.

  • teonanactl

    I don’t care if this post is old…I just want to second everything it’s said for future on-lookers. I had to learn so much about Russian culture before I could actually accostom myself to being with one. It’s not that I had to change myself…he actually had a little thing for my American spontanaity and wackiness, but it’s something HE had to get accostomed to, too. At first it was like, “Woman, why the fuck is your mouth still open?” The typical alpha-male/ cooking-cleaning helpless lady still very much applies in Russian culture. I had to get used to the innate arrogance (those who said women CRAVE it here are totally right…I’m not a violent person, not into feeding macho-egoness, but Russians do it with such CLASS! I was throwing myself at him and he still practically resonded with “I did not give you permission to touch my dick”) I love the differences, the bridges we cross. I know his family and friends, too…Russian women are beautiful, smart, driven, and yes, manipulative. But they deserve to be. They aren’t like fake sugar-coated American girls who walk on eggshells with everything they say. They’ll call you out, which is awesome in conversation. I fell for the Russian ways a long time ago. I’m currently learning Russian and all I can about the culture just because it’s so intruiging and…sexy. They even smell different, like musky wood alcohol grain in a deep Eastern forest. Okay…that’s enough. Point of this was…listen to people who have experience with Russians. Otherwise you are out of luck around them, especially A) trying to get with them or B) going out for a drink (you have no idea how drunk your body is capable of being until you party with Russians…)

  • teonanactl

    Oh yeah…one more added tidbit:

    GUYS: yes, expect to pay for everything. You won’t mind though like with American girls…you’ll WANT to.

    LADIES: Expect wonders…like a DOOR being opened for you!!!!!!! It’s almost as good as an orgasm compared to American guys who feel it necessary to break the burping-farting barrier within the first month. You will be treated like a China doll…but remember, china dolls are little, porceline, and don’t talk much. For every con there is a pro: some scumbag looks at you wrong, they get their face annhiliated by manly mr. moscow, and that feels good sometimes.

  • miguel005

    Since we are talking about Russian girls i had to share my adventure with you readers, I went to the DR on a Adult and Erotic vacations, enjoying myself with some of the hottest European and Russian escorts i ever seen. The resort owner gave me visits
    to assure that i was enjoying myself, “indeed i was”
    it’s really a great place to visit.

  • Brandon

    I’m having a some what similar experience with this Bulgarian girl, which Bulgarians have a somewhat similar culture as Russia. The second night we met, I took her back to my place with one of her friends and one of my friends. We started making out and then went into my room. As soon as we went into the room, her friend said she wanted to go home. The one I was trying to get with said that she didn’t want to leave, but she couldn’t ditch out on her friend (obviously bad wing man on my friends part). The next night I see her at the bar and she is acting like she isn’t having it. The next night I see her and I kind of ignore her and she approaches me, and it seems like she is feeling it, but ends up going home early because she has a headache. Last night, I was hanging out with a hot Equadorian girl and a decent looking Argentine girl and she walked in the bar. She deffinitely seemed like she was jellious. Me and the two South American girls were playing fooze ball, and the Bulgarian girl walks up and tries to join the game. She ends up following me and the South Americans around all night. I talked with the South Americans and her for a while. The South Americans end up going home and right aftrewards the Bulgarian girl goes home. This chick is smoking hot, but I’m pretty much fed up with the games. I’m also having trouble with finding a good wing man in the village I’m in. I don’t really know many people here because I’m more for the bigger town outside of the village (the villages population is only 1,800). I usually go into the bigger town, but I’m stuck in this small village for the next week because i’m on call @ work, and there are pretty much no hot single girls in this village that I know of besides this Bulgarian and this equadorian. If I want to get laid in the next week, it seems like these are my only two options. The Bulgarian is deffinitely better looking than the equadorian, but the equadorian is still really hot. What do you think I should do?

  • Brandon

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention, the Ecuadorian girl has no ass and the Bulgarian girl has a bangin’ ass. I’m a total ass man. And I can tell that the Bulgarian girl would be a freak in bed by the way she made out. I’m kind of thinking I should use the Ecuadorian chick as jelousy bait. What are your thougts on that? It was seeming to work pretty well last night until they both went home.

  • Prof.Dr.Abdul Nasir Siddiqui

    I want a friend who feel me,Who thought about me she is well educated & looking well.

  • Chris in LA

    From what I’ve heard, Russians are extremely racist and have a strong aversion to people from “-istan” countries or that look like they are from “-istan” countries. Roosh fits that look. Russians refer to them as “blacks”, even though they are not black in the sense we mean it in America. So that’s probably why he’s getting the cold shoulder. Stick to Brasil dude.

  • jocelyn

    Thank God Russian men aren’t that shy.

  • Dynamo Kiev

    My best guess for failure: You look kind of Armenian/Georgian/Azerbaijani which probably caused you to fail with Russian girls. Looking like you’re from one of these countries is probably worse than being black. You can get an exemption if you are Turkish, but that’s only if meet the girl on vacation in Turkey — you’ll get laid, but she’ll be too embarrassed to let anyone back in Russia know.

  • Steve

    Hey Roosh –

    I read here a lot of politically correct fantasy in this board, so I thought I would lay down some truth for ya. I’ve spent a lot of time in both Ukraine and Russia and I do not think east euro chicks are the way they are because they are insecure, in fact it is IMHO just the opposite. Ask anybody who lives in this part of the world and they will tell you that Russian and Ukrainian women are extremely materialistic, even in the dirt poor shit-hole villages. Plus, thanks to the Global Village of internet, chat technology, email, etc East European women know just how much their beauty can fetch in the western world. Lets also add in the fact that a lot of pussy-ass mangina idiots from the USA Canada and Great Britain come to their countries and spoil these skanks spend money on them and feed their ego. It was much easier to meet an east euro chick right after the fall of the Iron Curtain, but since then the attitudes of these women have deteriorated substantially. I recall being at a cafe one time in Kiev, and a few Ukrainian guys hover heard me speak English to my colleague on the phone. They asked a little about me and what i was doing here (I do business here) and then the common question came up to me: “What do you think of Ukrainian and Russian women?” I replied “Do you want me to say something nice or say something honest?” Of course they asked me to be truthful, so I told them that I think Russian and Ukrainian women were the prettiest hookers in the world.”

  • Peter

    Learn Russian. You won’t regret it.

  • SoliGaben

    Anna 57#

    It’s a long time while you have been posting here,maybe you will check this site someday,but i hardly can agree with you.

    First of all, what you are talking about is untrue.
    You said Russian,Ucrainien women are beautiful but Hungarian are not because they are not slavic.Oh please…
    Who told you this stuff?
    How do you get these things together?
    A hungarian could say -for option- they are beautiful, having this extra “blowing up mixture ” because they are unique in europe not a slavic mass(Or something like that).
    Do you think for instance that swedish women are not gorgeous,or brazilians ain’t smokin hot because of they lacking in slavic genes.That’s pathetic,you know.
    On the other side i understand you cause you are one of them(so you cant be objective),no problem.
    But honestly, i dont like if somebody forces his opinion so harsh,this kind of attitude(be all over oneself)…
    You know what i mean?!

  • Daver

    I’m from Los Angeles and currently in the middle of my second year living in St. Petersburg, Russia teaching English. Point of the story, I’ve had my share of Russian (and Ukrainian and Belorussian) women and have been dating one for 9 months – with the occasional mistress on the side. My insights: First off, the per capita beautiful women here is seriously unbeleivable. You get numb to beautiful women – and actually start noticing the NOT-beautiful ones more just because they’re so rare. And yes, in my experience most Russian women are materialistic, controlling, manipulative ballbreakers BUT its the biggest turn-on in the world. And at the same time they are genuine and (usually) deep thinkers. They say what they want, call you out, yell at you, and always stay proud. They pretty much force you to be a “real man” if you want any kind of relationhsip. Russian women NEED a strong man and aren’t afraid to say it. They put on a cold exterior and the 1000m stare when you meet them but if you can stand up to them and not be impressed, and assert yourself over them, they are puddy in your hands and the payoff is worth it. They are by far the greatest lays of any white/caucasian culture. They’re aggressive, adventurous, and more than willing to please a man. They understand that’s their role. To please a strong man who can provide for them and give them what they need – both materially and esoterically. I can’t stress enough the concept of the “strong man” that Russian women are obsessed with. It’s in their culture and history to be strong survivors. I’ve seen many American men not being able to cut it up here and go home with their tails between their legs. People get ravaged living up here but they make up for it by ravaging each other in the sack. And the last thing which is a big, glaring difference than the American women I knew: Russian women would rather die than step foot outside their house looking the least bit sloppy, no matter what the occasion. The soul of Russians is sad and deep – and if you go deep enough you will find a lot weird and sometimes nasty psychological shit. Its not for everybody. But its real. Nothing fake about it. It’s gonna be hard coming home, if I ever do.

  • Natasha


    American women are born and raised to be “Princesses”, even though they dont mind lookin like either shit (pajamas and boots), or like cheap whores (bar skanks). In Russia, women face a tough competition, since there are much more women than men, and the men that are avail are either married, or drunks, or both. So, we have to look good. I keep that ideology even when I came to US from Moscow.

    I am on my way to become a pro dominatrix, so I’m not gonna say much about myself, lmao. But, I hate dumb idiots that come up with one liners, like “so, you are from Russia, yeah?”

    Brains are the most important thing, so take note.

  • Escobar

    wow, that was kinda strange post. Maybe you tried to tell the same bullshit to russian girls as you do to american girls so that the russians thought WTF is this guy doing and what for?
    anyways, russian girls are actually friendlier, more genuine, more into sex and of course better looking than american girls in general.

    when somebody tries to tell me otherwise. just look at this.

    how many russian/latin/asian men go to USA to meet american girls? almost ZERO.

    but how many american men go(or would like to go) to other countries to get laid, to find a girlfriend or to get married? probably hundreds of thousands if not more.

    so this post seems to be very subjective.

  • Shaun

    Personally I have never had any trouble with Russian and Easten European girls. Estonains are my favourite followed by Russians, Polish is third. I seem to hook up with Russians and Estonians with out even trying to hard although pretending to have deep chats always works with Estonians, and me being the boss at work seems to work with the Russians/Ukrainians although its not just cash that appeals to them, they like power. Brasilian chicks for me though were hard work spent a week in Rio tried to follow the advice on here and still only banged out 1 chick, and she was fat. Also that Casa de Matriz is a bit of a shit hole it looks like it was decorated
    by children and never cleaned since, I could not even try my game there as I was worried about what I was stepping in.

  • Nobody

    I agree with most of the words here, i’ve been in a very close relations with russians for a long time… and the result, is that russian nation is lost betweeen the western and middle-eastern nations… they dont have a bold believes or concepts to help them rule thier life, its a mixed,.. end of subject, russian girl is good only when she falls in love, otherwise she can be a totally bitch.. she puts her self first in any relation-and she doesnt mind using her beauty to achive some of her personal interest in guy’s money or just getting pleasure on a vacation far from home… she would do anything to get what she wants..
    what might be new to all, and so interesting, is that the russian girl think that she is angel, and to use her beauty, to seduce a guy and to fuck every guy on the road, just for fun or for anything is her right.. and that attitude cant be called bitchy anyways. she thinks its her freedom..

  • Jumanji

    “I’ve seen many American men not being able to cut it up here and go home with their tails between their legs”

    Those are the American men that stay for like a few weeks or a month without figuring out the culture or the gay loud mouth frat types that think that what works with a dumb down syndromed sorority retard, works with a model type Russian or Eastern European woamn.

    Face is, if you don’t have brains, you lose.

  • Jumanji

    “And yes, in my experience most Russian women are materialistic, controlling, manipulative ballbreakers BUT its the biggest turn-on in the world. And at the same time they are genuine and (usually) deep thinkers. ”

    Dave, you obviously are a homosexual. First of all, MOST Russian women are rather the deep thinker type, rather than the materialistic types.Just cause a hot Russian hotties ask about my education or background, it’s not materialistic. It’s way better than what an American girl can ask. A hot American girl can barely say a complete sentence without sounding retarded.

    Most American women are fat and obese, with only a few thin ones, which means they are always going to be more like cunts than any other group.

  • Jumanji

    @Eastern European.

    You sound like the typical gay male from that part of the world since it seems you peform fellation on Russian men. How else would you know their “size” other than by blowing them. It’s clear you are gay. Guess your dad did you when you were a kid.

  • JRShinkansen


    you obviously sound like a homosexual. It never was “easy” even back after the curtain fell to meet a hottie there. You must be joking. Having sex with your mother is really though.

    LOL and the materialistic crap was always around.

    BTW, only in America do women whine the most about never getting what they want.

  • wontimewhen

    A lot of these women I see in Brooklyn,etc. and on these sights look ,sorry,just like trailer trash ,skinhead douchy. Also,there is always subterfuge with them.Really dirty,creepy vibe. I don’t like them. Really nasty like they have pus for souls.

  • Anonymous

    You have to remmber,A ukraianian female first and only interest is HERSELF. After you scrape of the make up and fake designer clothes you’find avery sly fox interested only in putting on a front for the rest of the world to see.They need only a pasport and citizenship out side the ukraine,once thats done they can go back and stare at themselves in a mirror!If you have alot of cash it helps .Give me bricks and I’l rebuild the bloody wall to keep the buggers in the dustbin that is ukraine

  • Jp

    I think that USA women and Russian, Ukraine, etc who are Hot will alway try to test the guy to see if they can control them You see that the guys who get these girls don’t put up with their shit and call them on it without being an asshole They won’t put up with their shit. I think they all respect someone who has some power, because they have been told they are beautiful,etc by hundreds of guys throughout the years These girls walk all over these type of guys. But when they meet someone that Demands respect and is strong and has some personal power (and having $$$$ is always a plus) they crack So if you let them lead you around like a puppy they won’t respect you and they’ll lose interest or just abuse you Yes I think there are differences within each culture but with hot women its all the same especially when they know they are hot and like everything there are alway exceptions to to the rule

  • Jp

    Look at all hot women in the USA that are 9’s or 10’s Take a look and see what kind of a guy they are with.

  • Anonymous

    this post must be a joke. russian girls are well known to be the easiest and horniest girls ever. everybody i know in europe musthave had at least one russian fuckbuddy, and some one nightstands with russian. i ve had many russian girls, some fuckbuddies, a ltr, and lot of one night stands, many ten-twenty minutes toilets pull (as you say they r not talkative, so dont talk, you can get physical right of the bat, and fuck them very fast), very often they have bfs but they dont care cause they ar too horny. They are really the honriest girls, they love sex, always wet. All my russian fuckbuddies were all the horniest girls i ve met, wanting to fuck far too much. and most guys i know who ve been with russian girls notice the same, they are very horny, probably too horny(causin them to cheat). Al this hapened in europe, maybe russian in us get an attitude that they dont get in europe.. (but anyway this post of ur makes me takes everything u say with a grain of salt cause we must have very different personality if u dont attract russian girls, sinnce i often feel like im a russian pussy magnet)

  • Mike

    I dated a Russian girl in LA for about one year.
    She used to take me for shopping once in a while. [I tried to avoid them as much as i could but she could catch me in spot sometimes ].
    When I came to know about this scenario, I was very upset as no other girl do that kind of stuff. Anyway, I got used to it, but I kind a controlled it, so I was buying for her only when I wanted. But then I realized that sometimes she asked me to buy for her, and then later she sale them off for half the price in some stores that sale used stuff to people. When i came to know about this, I got real upset and I stopped meeting her.
    I do not really blame her for doing this, because she is here without papers, so she can’t get a job!

  • Sergey

    Hi, I am actually a Russian guy and I found some of the comments interesting.

    Just a little piece of advice. Firstly, in Russia we do not smile for no reason, we say thank you and sorry five times less often than Americans. Many other social conventions are different. Maybe she likes you but does not behave like an American, so you do not understand.
    When you are asking things like “How are you doing?”, for instance, in Russia you actually answer e.g. “tired, as usual”, you do not say “great” in most cases.
    Secondly, we are mostly irrational. We do not do things because we want to get something, but often just because we feel some way.

    Hope that helps,

  • Russian

    i`m Russian girl and i want to say that some your comments are awful! and ah money isnt the most important thing!and well many russian people speak English and even 3-4 languages, i`ve never been in states but my english is great as u can see! and we are just a bit more shy than your american girls,we are self-confident,beautiful women.:))

  • blue

    i think slavic wemon are the most beautful wemon in the world im a 3rd generation slovakion and its time for me to come home

  • dave

    russian chicks money grubbing whores. no thanks. not even if they are hot. and they look terrible by age 30.

  • Rian

    I was laughing when saw the picture on your post, very artistic 😀

    Rian’s last blog post: How to increase ton of fans on facebook like page.

  • Rentman

    I went to Russia to meet a girl that I had been emailing for 5 months. She was very polite and considerate but when I got home she started to give me some attitude. I think I had been “too nice” to her and she thought I was soft. I do agree that Russian women want their man to “keep them in line” I called her on her attitude and told her that she was on thin ice with me. She liked that and is in love with me again. I guess a guy has to play this game with a Russian girl. I think it is kind of silly but the sex is great so I will play along.

  • London

    This stuff goes back to simple human relations: if you want to have a girl as your girlfriend, mainly for her looks, you have to give her something in exchange. If she is giving you great sex and being arm candy for you, you have to exchange it with either money or immaterial social power. This is another angle though, which really isn’t an angle: being genuinely connected with her and ways that other guys haven’t. When you get to that point she will feel guilty about taking money from you or manipulating you. No one manipulates people they respect, admire or have a heart-connection to.

    Russian women are cold on the surface and take advantage of men who want to sleep with them. But, inside they can be real—the bitch shield is just a cultural norm, and it is large.

  • Alexander

    Russian women have an aversion to small brained, small-dicked middle-easterner metro-sexuals. Lay off the eyebrow wax, get a penis pump, and a get a jew to donate his brain to you and your luck will change.

  • Bazarov

    I disagree with this post 100%. It actually makes me discount everything Roosh has written in the past. As an American guy who has dated Russian girls in the past, 1). You have the wrong approach 2.) While “game” works in US or South America, Eastern European women only respect true Alphas. Try visiting Moscow, Alphas there are super rich 6’8′ Mafia thugs. These guys do NOT play around. Russian women like this type of man. Yes, racism towards “-stan” people is strong, but consider this: Do you game Columbian chics in Spanish or English? Learn basic Russian or at least Russian culture. Communism taught women there power= survival. Seeing how you don’t hold any social ties to their country or high status job, they will freeze you out. A lot of American women would prefer a rich Beta that they can squeeze out $$$ and ailmony payments. Not the case in good ol’ USSR. Yes, they can be expert manipulators but they are testing your true limits like any women will. Once they trust and open up to you, they have a deep nature rarely found in other western women.

  • ally

    I’m a Russian girl and I’ve lived in America for many years now. I still prefer being with a Russian man only but word of advise for American men who want to get with a Russian girl…when you meet a Russian girl you like, learn some Russian and a littl bit about the culture…that will really impress her..I promise..she might actually give you a chance

  • hm9

    guys most of you’re sick and seems you have no idea what you’re talking about. It’s obvious looking for getting laid it is it what you get and what do you give in exchange? your money of course but that you get everywhere, any country. As some say here, be polite and learn the language and start understanding culture and be a good listener, nobody talks to whom is looking neck down … at the end think first, going for vacations to a foreign country you want have fun, you do things you don’t do at home, go out each night at home and buy drinks for the ladies and see who comes after you, yep the golddiggers and bitches, same as in US, in GB, in spain, brazil, germany as well as in russia and ukraine … so what do you think. Use your brains and behave and eventually you find somebody who looks for the same. As long as you think with your dick (whatever size it may be) you will find a woman using her brains (beeing smarter) getting as quick to your money and you should not offend them here because the stupid of the game is you anyway and everywhere

  • Davidoff

    Roosh V, for someone with your phenotype and skin colour is difficult to get russian/ukranian women. Not impossible but very difficult.

    There’s a racial factor when trying to seduce russian women, for most of them (99% or so) it’s unthinkable to date outside of their race. Russians are not brainwashed by liberalism, it’s not like the USA, Brazil or Western Europe where race mixing is more acceptable.

    I’ve seen alot of people writting that russian women only want strong macho type men but it’s not true, i’m not that type at all, i’m the pretty boy/elegant type and i get alot of attention from russian women (even more than i get from western girls). Forget the badboy look, or the tattoed MTV “cool playboy” wannabe style, that will get you nowhere with russian women. Caucasians with a good haircut and classy clothes have no trouble at all, trust me. And i don’t agree they are cold, usually russian women love sex.

    There are of course many gold diggers also, but so in western countries. Anyway i think it’s pretty ridiculous that the guys here critisize some women for being gold diggers when all they want is to use women for sex.

  • cheroke

    Hi everyone i’m writing from Australia. I have read all of the comments and some have really valid points, some are disgusting and some are shallow. I’m just about to visit my girlfriend in Russia for Christmas…she is the best thing that’s happened to me in my life..she is caring, considerate, sensitive, loving and in general a woman you can see yourself marrying and having children with. She has already lined up a meeting with her father and family, and i know her heart’s in the right place. All this gold digging crap i cannot relate too, she is so romantic it’s amazing, what people say about a Russian girl in love is true, there is no better feeling than this….if she is only after your money or such then look into your intentions…because if you are true to her she will treat you like a prince…oh and by the way i am not gay, etc and i’m not going to take part in childish insults and mud slinging….this is simply my two bobs worth…

  • Pelancong

    Yes, I think Russian woman seems cold outside and warm inside (for sex). It’s true that she loves you, she will do everything for you (irrational on some cases). But still true love is difficult to get, so many men using their power (looks, money, etc) to impress them.

    I still learn about them, beeing Asian, mosty women in my country more like US/Western girl, rather Russian women. They more and more become feminist (sad). So I have to learn a lot about the culture that different in many ways.

  • Love and Respect

    There are alot of wrong and discusting comments here on this blog about Russian women. In my own opinion every women, regardless of race deserves our respect and should not be treated as a sex toy unless they are paid professional :). As to my story, my wife and I have been together for 6 years now; and have only been married for 2. She is a beautiful Russian women, and I am lucky enough to call her my wife and the mother of our baby. Ours was a love from the first sight, and I will love her until my last breath on this world. I think, its true said that, “You can only harvest what you seed” So If your intention is just to fool around for sex, then you only get those lousy girls who are after your money or power what not; but if you are after love, marriage, and a family then your heart takes you to the one and let me tell you a Russian women is the best wife and the best mother in this world. Just love her, and respect her and then you will see her courage to make her family a happy one. You can have sex with anyone, but you can only make love with one. I would rather make love then have sex…

  • http://[email protected] Girla

    I will say few stories and a conclusion, shortly!
    First of all, to all Americans, I apologize for my English.
    8 years ago I came from eastern Europe here in USA and right by that time I met an American (Irish) Blonde girl.
    She used to work at Merrill Lynch. Excellent behavior, hot, lovely. She was coming from NJ to NY to spent time.
    Nothing bad I can say about her. Not fat, not cold (just perfect). My mentality didn’t let us go any further.
    Then I tried meeting with girls from other nationalities.
    Here in Brooklyn you can find mostly russian girls so I tried those good looking girls.
    The first one Ukrainian. “Money talk money walk”, this is the best way describing her.
    Second one and 5 others in the same time in just 3 months were Russian, khazakistan, Siberian girls.
    I didn’t know which one to keep and which one to leave since I like to have one partner only. So, after one month I left all except one Russian girl whom I found as “girl”, not “women”.
    We was having so much fun, in about 4 months we saw all north-east states of USA.
    All of a sudden iPhone 4 came out and I went with this Russian girl in best buy. I was looking for something for the car. Once i bought whatever i wanted to buy i came back to see the “sweet dummy” Russian girlfriend. I found her staying close to two mexicans and trying to talk to them about the iPhone 4 which both “parts” were interested on. At one point those mexicans decided to pay more attention and saw face and her body/legs. After a quick look at each other they left really fast.
    They left. I do not know exactly why…
    I can say for sure.
    Almost all of those Russian girls who come here first, they think they came in the dreamland and every one they meet with they think will be an “option” to turn their BIG dreams into reality! This is also their weak point…
    Those girls/majority, have reeeally high self-esteem but in a very wrong way because;
    First -They do not care about their body, their moral, which is the main and most important thing for them as human and also their emotions, but they care about some bullshit material things (I.e. Small gifts, even expensive cars), or compliments and “gentlemen’s behavior” against them.
    You can open the door for them to get in the car and have her easily manipulated even though she may be in relationship with another man!!!
    They want to be respected while they disrespect the partner always.
    In russia looks like guys have a lot of them (more than people had kallashnikovs per person in my country) and they don’t care about girls at all or they may be cold blood people.
    So for guys who want to have Russian temporarily girlfriends I’m not gonna say more what they need to do in order to get them.
    For those who want to create family, be careful. It’s reeeeeally haaaaaaard to find a Russian stable girl.
    At the age of 19-23 if they managed to stay serious, they are very good but NAIVE! If they tend to think they’ll most likely make wrong conclusion about the relationship. If they don’t think they will make mistakes. They just have high-self esteem and almost never except your advices even though it looks like they did.
    At the age of 27 they are ready for serious relationship but you’ve to see what their body “tells” you!!! It may be like a musical instrument used by many maestros and does not know what kind of music to give you while you play on that.

  • http://[email protected] Just making sure the name there/above came out automatically “girla”. My name is Gert.

    That’s it

  • hm9

    girla-gert, man you are kinda fucked up …

    what are you doing? Trying to find a good single russian girl in NYC? Well, that is as looking for a new mercedes on the junkyard :)

    start thinking straight man …

  • Anonymous

    Russian chicks are universally known as the hottest chicks on the planet. They also are well known for their love of foreign men. I’ve seen Russian models with some scrappy foreign guys.

    The fact that you couldn’t bag ONE shows that what I’ve feared this whole time is true… you’re a LOSER. Just saying.

  • Olga

    Makes no sense to me, Roosh. You just turned your own issues with the Russian girls/prostitutes into a problem of mantal incapacity of the nation.That’s cheap and inappropriate for a man. If you know what I mean.

  • Olga


  • Anonymous

    Slavic girls are awesome to date! She puts up a strong front because she expects you to be strong enough to chisel it down. You absolutely cannot be beta, you have to be very authentic and show some intellect and passion. Basically, forget everything you know about American women.

    Slavic girls are not afraid to use men who try to use them. But the ones that are not gold-diggers will respond to authentic, strong, and passionate masculinity with their own authentic, strong, and very passionate femininity.

  • Roizzy in Leningrad

    I grew up in one of post-Soviet countries and I and have to say this PUAs worldwide – you are fucking naive about so-called “Russian” girls (anyone coming from former Soviet States). Those “hot, caring and feminine” girls were trained by their moms and peers to find a rich man by the age they graduate from college, to marry and sponge him later in order to avoid having a real world “job” like Western women do.

    I remember some hottest girls from my high school were banging drug-dealing local thugs (alphas) and dropouts, seems very much like the dynamic of American cheerleaders and footballers (as seen by me in American movies). Funny enough, I am able to look at their social networking profiles and I see now their are married to double-chinned beta looking herbs and having kids at the age 24. I bet these kids are all bastards and beta herbs are paying for their support.

    Being a foreigner in Easter Block is a huge DHV, as well as flashing with $200 in your wallet. It is really to impress and DHV a girl from a country where most working-class and lower-middle-classs people live under $300-400 per month. Please save the poor girl from poverty!!

    One thing about Russian girls is that most of them turn into waddling babushkas after they hit 30. Double think about marrying one! :)

  • onlydateforeigners

    My friend married a Russian woman and yes there is allot of shopping involved. LOTS. Though most women like to shop.

    Well from what she tells me, Russian women are not into hookups, but are looking for long term or marriage.
    So maybe that is what you can’t bag one? if they think you just want sex you are probably out of luck.

  • Luis

    so how does a latino males fair with a russian girl

  • cle

    all you need to bang russian woman is confidence, do a good conversation and the most important to have with them is… MONEY 😀

    that way you wil bang them for sure.

  • Oliver L.

    I think the original advice about Russians being insecure was spot-on, it’s known among (enlightened) Western businessmen that Russians will not invite them to their homes even after years of doing business, it’s because they’re ashamed of their houses (they imagine that all Westerners live in palatial house with immaculate furnishings).

    Russians are actually quite insecure people when interacting with Westerners from wealthy countries, but they manifest their insecurity by being taciturn, stone-faced, etc., all things which inadvertantly play into Western stereotypes of being emotionless, arrogant, insensitive, and so on, so it becomes a vicious cycle of misinterpretation from both sides.

    Even when Westerners recognize the dynamic, they have to be careful about being “extra nice” because they often come across as condescending to the Russian(s).

  • Winston

    Roosh, dude, you gotta go to Russia to bang Russian girls. They are the most approachable women in the world. See proof in my photo collage here:

  • Tropicano

    Once upon the time when in Russia,I liked so much,because people was working hard for a living,honest and could take care of you like a prince.But now I see Russian becoming like a big brothel with high criminality and political mafia.It is very sad when greedy people lose their values and destroy such a rich by culture and natural resources country as Russia.How this country could be now if not the the American bankers and the Rotschild family who pltted to destroy the Tsar Romanov family and introduce communism.We could surely see the real power on earth in every matter,not like the faked American dream build on greed ,bluff and despair.The country of mixed bastard race who destroyed human values and destroyed nations by their wicked biased medias propaganda,and this all intentionally on purpose.

  • Tropicano

    Rotschild family who plotted…

  • Bungy

    Russian girls are among the hottest and easiest girls I have met.
    Here in Berlin, Germany there are so many Russians now and I can tell you German girls compared to Russians are simply no competition. (The way you describe American girls actually reminded me of how German girls are.)
    I certainly prefer Russian girls over German girls.

    If you don’t believe that Russian girls can be easy then have a look at Video #3 on this page:

    What the guy does with this Russian girl would NEVER have been possible with a German girl.

  • hernanday

    People saying Russian girls are easy, I don’t know about that, I’ve seen both sides of it here, some Russian grls literally offering their pussy on a platter, and others being stone cold as Roosh describes and even worse, but worst of all it was to other russian guys, I am talking about fresh of the boat russians who were stone faced, talked little can’t be read.

  • Raul Felix

    Check out English Teacher X. He wrote a book called Vodkaberg about his 10 years in Russia banging easy Russian women and getting drunk all the time.

  • Dazzlicious

    On an island in the Mediterranean Sea with my homies for a week. In the hotel room next to mine was 2 hot Russians. Me being the confident guy that I am popped over and introduced myself to the ladies prior to my going out with the crew. The seed was planted but I chose to go out with my crew that night instead. A couple nights later, after drinking and raving with the crew, I slipped off to my hotel. The hottest of the 2 Russian girls happened to be standing outside the hotel talking to a guy. I made my presence be known and made subtle eye contact without even breaking stride as I entered the hotel. As I waited for the elevator to be whisked to my floor, the Russian girl walks in WITHOUT the guy. We conversated and jumped on the elevator. I invited her to my room for a drink which she kindly accepted. We entered the room and I poured us a drink each all while I gave her some more conversation. I’m sure she only had 3 sips of the drink I poured her as she was all over me within 5 minutes of entering the room. Remember, I planted the seed 3 days earlier. I woke up the next morning to no Russian girl but to a bed full of earrings, rings, and necklaces. Oh, by the way, I’m not Russian nor Eastern European. I’m African American.

  • Calling Bullshit

    127 Dazzlicious – I am calling bullshit on your ridiculous posting. I don’t know any Russian girls who are into bestiality with shitskins.

  • Tony

    You are trying too hard. I recently dated a Russian girl and they are not at all easy. I wasn’t just looking for sex I was interested in her culture and about her. The most beautiful Russian girl in the world would date an average guy if he’s genuine. Most American guys are like yourself, you go for the kill instead of being patient. Russian women are really good people readers, even of There’s a language barrier she knows when pure full of shit. American women are quite the opposite they embrace the bullshit so when they sleep with you they can tell there girlfriends they slept with a pro football player cause that’s the lie you told to get them. Russian women will never fall for that bullshit I promise. So, keep it real and genuine and you’ll fall in love with a Russian woman cause she will change your life

  • Buh

    En primer lugar lo siento por hablar en español, mi ingles es malisimo…. Soy Español y he de decir que las chicas rusas son las mas cachondas que yo he visto. Son mis preferidas junto con las francesa y argentinas.Para hacer una “bandera” como vosotros decis, solo tienes que coger el mando, ellas se quedara calladas con cara de poker pero haran todo lo que tu digas, siempre llevan lenceria muy fina y se lo tragan todo….. pocas chicas hacen este tipo de cosas en una noche. Me encantan
    Saludos desde Madrid

  • Joe Dick


  • Regina

    hi my name is Regina, I am a girl from Russia , accidentally came here .
    well guys you give , I am shocked . all who writes bad things about Russian girls you’re just losers , so you don’t like them )))Russian girls are the most beautiful , friendly, passionate ,sexy and generally the best (there are whores and those who drinks a lot , but tell me where they are not ? and this does not mean that all such .You his look )
    all who Russian girls thank you ))) there are the light of the good guys :*
    Russian girls are super .

  • опять я Регина)

    короче! я там ваш не совсем понимаю но поняла что большинству не нравятся русские девушки .вы на себя сначала посмотрите и на своих девушек ,которые бухаю,отвратительно выглядят,показывают свои сиськи направо и налево. сосут у всех и ноги раздвигают только бы их до дома кто-нибудь довез)
    а вы сами ? да у вас просто куча комплексов,много прыщей,но мало мозгов. я девушка из России,и я вам так скажу что, из всего что ниже написано плохого,ни у меня ни моих подруг не встречается.
    да стречаются тут шлюх всякие ,да у вас их не меньше.своих обсуждайте.кто кому сколько раз ноги раздвинул.прям ваши монашки дома только сидят и жрать готовят ,детей рожают.и не надо мне тут жепадур да лемясьви.стыдно должно быть тьфу…идите уже займитесь своими девушками,а не жалуйтесь тут на русских девушек вас это никак не красит фээээээ
    Все ! я закончила!все спасибо за внимание!я пошла гыыыыыы Охуительная девушка из России к счастью не ваша Регина!

    ну нападай ,кто первый?

  • Регина

    не обобщайте всех девушек.все разные.и 90% из 100% хорошие.просто вам попадаются та 10

  • регина

    ущербныеи кроме шлюх подворотных им вам хуй кто дастпо-этому вы так и пишитеа нормальные девки с такими как вы не водятся, потому что они наХ не нужныхорошие норм себе ищут, а не всяких там пидоров забугорных

  • Menno

    90% of Russian Girls are, sorry to say so, racist as fuck. They screened you out before you even said a word.

  • Adam Nahari

    Ladies are ladies, Russia, Yemen, ,Poland ,China, Denmark, they are this nice, good smelling creatures..

  • Charliecharlie

    I have worked in Russia and find Russian ladies very nice, charming, georgeous and great lovers, all you need to do is treat the girl like a lady, show affection and interest in her. Russian guys treat their ladies like dirt, so come on give a girl time and you will be hoked on aRussian beauty, who looks after herself, not like the fat Yankee & Brit women.

  • Mooshcheena

    I am an American man who knows better. Russian women are the best, it’s just a matter of understanding their culture and not grinding gears with them. If anybody here wants to see Russian girls as they truly are, check out russianwomentruth dot com and start reading the contents page. The guy lived there for close to seven years.

  • Brazilian

    Ahahahah, I see your point bro. I was born and raised in Rio and I understand what you’re talking about.
    When I go to Europe girls seems to throw themselves at me. It takes a little to no time to have one of them laying on my bed. This attitude , however, is not common in Rio. I believe it is easier to get on the 1st and 2nd base, but it will take you much longer to reach sexual activities.
    About Casa da Matriz, It is a place for hipsters wannabes, you should try ”Boate Praia”, ”00” and some music venues in Lapa.

  • Mik

    I agree Regina. Russian girls are super. Mike UK

  • alireza

    how are you sexy?

  • Borneonawind

    “about to visit my girlfriend in Russia”
    Really? A girlfriend who lives in another country?

  • ohwell

    Hateful misogynist little shit….I hope you’re dead by now

  • erctus_habilis

    Hey folks..
    I am lucky to be man that is banging a Russian Babe. I have average game..and I mer her online. I spitted few stupid jokes and I was sure she’ll ignore my messages. I also thought she was a fake profile..because she is incredibly beautiful, young, fresh…

    I am a lucky bastard because she’s into dark guys and she likes my sense of humor. All this to say…is you need also luck…