Santiago Chile Nightlife

It’s difficult to explore nightlife is cities that are both prosperous and large because everything is so segmented. There’s the weird house clubs, and there’s the expensive lounges, and there’s the area where the grunge kids go. Therefore I don’t know how representative my two nights in Santiago were.

Friday. A horrible misunderstanding sent me and a few gringos into The Circuit, a gay house club in Bellavista. The gringos followed my stupid ass in even though there were warning signs like guys wearing shirts two sizes too small and a complete absence of females in line, all because I didn’t want to “walk all night to find a club.” Once inside it was too late. It was fun for a half an hour until I ran out of gay jokes (e.g. “Hey look it’s so crowded that those two men are forced to hug tightly). Several men were wearing Abercrombie & Fitch shirts, which should tell you all you need to know about that brand, but disappointingly no gay guy approached me beyond some deep stares. I don’t know what makes a large gay scene but I imagine Santiago has it because this club was packed. The house music was actually very decent. $10 ass rape cover.

We then went into a heterosexual house club called La Feria nearby but I think it had only four more girls than the gay club. The rule so far in South America is that the clubs have hotter girls than what you see on the streets (somewhat opposite of the States), but that turned out to be not true in Santiago. Quality sucked and the DJ played music that had a lot of beeps. $8 regretful cover.

This was my most expensive night out in South America ($30), and probably the worst.

Saturday. We take a 20 minute cab ride to Plaza Ñuñoa, a hard to pronounce hot spot that only had sit-down bars. Another 20 minutes walking landed us in Kmasu, a decent club playing popular music, including a lengthy hip hop set featuring Dr Dre and Sean Paul. Halfway through the night I conclude that Chilean girls are unattractive; homely faces with pale skin and a culture of obesity that rivals that of the States means the few lookers know they are lookers. The homely girls are quite friendly though. We all got trashed at the reasonably priced drinks and stayed until 6am. The girl I ended up talking to wasn’t a drinker so I had to act sober like I just got pulled over by the cops. On the other hand, the American girl with us got so drunk she passed out and needed to be carried back to the hostel. USA! USA! $8 cover.

Santiago doesn’t have Salta’s weird all-night glass policy, but it does have an interesting way of buying a drink. You have to wait in an orderly line at the register, pay, and then take your receipt to the bartender who makes your drink. It’s actually a very nice first-come first-serve system instead of having to wait next to a mob of people snapping their fingers and waving paper money to get the bartenders attention.

Overall, Santiago was a bust.

La Feria

For more on Chile, check out my Chile travel guide.

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  • Gannon

    Sorry for your bad experience Roosh. In all of Southamerica, but specially in Santiago, Chile connections and knowing where to go is essential. The most beautiful girls are met in private parties, through church or at University parties. Ñuñoa is also only middle class, pubs in Las Condes feature better looking girls, but in general Chilean girls can’t compete with Uruguayan or Argentinian girls. In Chile, and in most of Latinamerica, it’s difficult to meet girlfriend material using the nightlife channels. The best way is still to meet the sisters of your friends.

  • roissy

    man i can’t wait for the reports from rio.

  • Raphael

    how come you know all this Gannon? You live in SA?

  • Bobby Rio

    Damn, I had high hopes for Santiago.. now im doubting… hows the place in general??

    I’m going to be in Fortaleza BR next week.. i’ll scout it out for you so if you decide to go there you don’t wind up in gay bars..

    i’ll tell you what.. ive been to brazil enough times to know you will never ever refer to a night as “a bust”

  • Gannon

    Yeah, I know the southern cone relatively well.
    To Bobby Río:
    I’m a little bit surprised of Roissy’s bellavista assesment. In Bellavista, you can meet relatively looking girls, specially the sluttier one for one night stands. The barrio alto of Santiago is Las Condes and also Vitacura has some nice pubs, where you will spend about 20 US per person. The waitresses will be nice, and the high class girls are European looking or slightly mestizo, but they won’t be impressed by gringos, since they lead relatively oppulent lifestyles and are rather conservative. It’s not that they are hostile, not at all, but being just a Gringo won’t impress them like you were in Peru or Bolivia.

  • Sudamericana

    My Argentine friends living in Santiago find it very boring. But then again, they say we Argentine people tend to be quite arrogant and look down on the rest of Latin America.

  • Anonymous

    Man, you are naive.

  • Really?

    Why do the Argentine people look down on the rest of Latin America? I thought they would be a little humble considering the country is more or less in economic shambles, harbors nazis and the whole Pinochet thing? No big deal I guess…

  • Anonymous

    Champagne. That is a great club.

  • Anonymous

    You didn’t go to any cafe con piernas?

  • Anonymous

    To Really?:

    Pinochet was from Chile… not Argentina, Gosh ¬¬

    Argentinians just look down on the rest of Latin America because, in their minds, they are purely white Europeans, with not a drop of Amerindian blood, who just happen to be trapped in a developing continent.

    Of course, that’s just a stereotype.

  • Sudamericana

    Dear Really?

    A little bit of history, a topic in which I am not an expert myself…

    On the Nazi thing, please note that we also welcomed much more Jews escaping the genocide. It is my understanding that the largest Jewish community in Latin America (and one of the largest in the world) lives in our country.

    In fact, we did welcome many Europeans in different moments of our history, and that’s why the stereotype presented by Anonymous 2 is quite right. Our constitution in itself was inspired by the ideas of a man who thought we were called to be “Europeans in America” and should therefore welcome European immigrants who would bring technical advances, etc. It was a time were illuminist ideas of progress were the guiding ones, not just in Argentina (check the Brazilian flag, originated during those times: “Orden y Progreso”).

    There are many things for which I am not proud of my country. Among them, the fact that so many aborigins were killed and displaced during the late XIX century. I am not proud of the killings during the dirty war during the 70s either.

    So I am not arguing that my people are right to be looking down on others. But when making a strong statement, doublecheck your facts before writing. Particularly avoid making mistakes like saying our military dictatorship was led by Pinochet!!! And, anyway, the common Argentine is not to blame of what a rule that was not even democratically elected did.

  • Gannon

    Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Argentina and Uruguay are about 80% white, and the rest is rather white looking mestizo. Chile is semiwhite with around 30 % white and the rest rather white looking mestizo, with maybe 5 % Indian. These countries consider themselfes European and look down on the other countries as “Países Indios”. These countries (Arg and Ur) are in fact whiter than the US, although we are talking here about Southerneuropeans (mainly Spanish and Italians, with a little German, French and English), not about blond northerneuropeans. Argentina and Uruguay (Uruguay is really just another part of Argentina culturally speaking) have the strange benefit of being the only countries ever who went from first world in the late 19th and early 20th century and being among the richest countries of the world (still noticeable specially in Buenos Aires)to become third world countries (although there are in reality middle income countries, with a GDP of around 10.000 US, which adjusted to purchase parity would be like 15.000 dollars in the US, so they are actually middle income countries). Although internationally disdained, Pinochet’s legacy
    (liberal constitution, social market economy and most contemporary laws)is essentially still in place and commands a lot of respect from the elite and the high middle class. Extremely unequal income distribution characterize Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

  • Sudamericana

    I am impressed Gannon…

    Buenos Aires and Montevideo were even popularly known, in their moments of splendour, as the “Paris” and “Switzerland” of America, respectively.

  • Nullpointer

    You guys in Argentina must be really envious of Brazil. All those dirty dark-skinned mixed Portugese, Amerindian, and blacks!

    How dare they be more successful!?!

    They thumped you hard core in futbol too. What was that 3 – 0?

  • Sudamericana

    The way I see it, and I think most Argentines would agree, there is no malicious envy on the part of the average Argentine towards Brazilians, but rather a playful sibling-rivalry. We get along very well, and particularly admire their joy of living. The relations with Chileans are more complicated, specially due to long time territorial disputes.

  • Roosh

    Santiago is one of the most generic cities i’ve been to in south america. Nearby valparaiso has a better vibe to it.

    All the argentines I meet say, “We are different. We are not like the rest of south america.”

    They really believe they are of european stock. Their attitude matches that belief.

  • inSOMnia

    Post card received. Love the animal sex. If you need sexytime consider goats

  • Gannon

    That’s the problem with us Argentinians. We all like to talk but none of us wants to work.

  • Anonymous

    I still don’t get it. Why is it so expensive every where you go. That is some scary shit.

  • Rafael

    So, Gannon, yer an Argentinian? How interesting.

  • Buddyboy

    Damn Roosh, I’d suck it for you

  • Sergio Italia

    Why is that Argentinians,Peruvian,Cubans,Brazilians
    and yellow people are muving to Chile.

    Next time go to platino stupid

  • anonymous

    Argentinian, they shut look down on them self
    they have a bad F economic

  • sergio.

    man, what are u doing go to brasil,medellin colombia or south florida

  • Tim

    You definitely had to check out Vitacura and Las Condes instead. That’s where the hot girls are hidden.
    IMO, Bellavista was the preferred foreign move until some 20 years ago. Now it’s just crowded with punks, drug dealers and poor students.

    Plaza Nunoa (spelled like “new-noah”) is one of the “alternative” (read, low budget) move to get a drinks and that’s all.

    You should come an check out the Liguria, Champagne, Passapoga with hot white chicks (I mean white, not whitened indians), and the Cafe con piernas (“coffe with legs”), a chile’s invention to check some good meat during your office lunch time.

  • Natalia

    Ohh bad experience! but you should have started in VITACURA, or LAS CONDES.
    Just sit down in any park near those districts and you will see..
    We do take care of ourselves!!
    Unfortunately I can’t say the same for the 61%..well now almost 70% of the population.

    “Culture of obesity”….sorry to say that you were right.

  • Chilena

    You are so stupid guys!!

  • Gabe

    True story about the hotter girls being in clubs in Vitacura and Las Condes. They do tend to be a little harder to impress and “I’m the shit” due to their cuica (upper-class) background but in my experience it still pays to play off of the whole gringo vibe, teasing them about their bad English, being cuicas, wishing they were from Argentina, etc. If you’re looking to pull for a one-night stand you can find some very slutty but less attractive girls in Bellavista, or Suecia which is an even worse area of town with more drug dealers and prostitutes. The girls there will be even more homely but if you don’t mind low quality your gringo status plus a bare minimum level of dick/caveman game will be enough for you to pull.

  • rick

    I have been all over the world and I love girls. So if you are looking for latinas please dont come to Santiago you are wasting your time. Chilean girls are in general quite ugly and when they are sort of attractive they thing they are hot shit and will play hard to get (club game i mean). My advice is Colombia.-

  • Ec1warc1

    I work in Chile, Colombia, and sometimes Mexico. I agree with Rick. The hottest chicks are in Colombia, especially Medellin.

  • surfer dude

    not worth going out at night in santiago/save your time and money for buenos aires the most beautiful women in the world!

  • Martin

    You went to the shittiest places in Santiago. Seriously, go check out some places where the upper class people go out. Every weekend there are events at the W where you are bound to find some very decent looking girls…

  • hbrazil

    Agree with 30 Rick. Lived in Sao Paulo for the past 3 years, married a hot young Brazilian, so for me Brazilian women are the bomb. I’ve been to Venezuela, very nice, Argentina, so-so, Chile and Peru. Have not been to Colombia, however, I did work with a hot Colombian chick. So my preference is Brazil, Venezuela, and Colombia. You can’t go wrong with either of these countries. The girls are smokin hot, friendly, and of course little to no attitude. Although Brazilian women can be very jealous so watch out. Chile, I’m not too impressed and I’m staying in the Vitacura and Los Condes area. Sure there are some very pretty girls, but the ratio from pretty to ugly is low. Maybe it’s all the layer of clothes they’re wearing……

  • from santiago

    Tough luck Roosh, the problem was you had no idea were to go in Santiago… in Chile the hot girls are mostly rich high class girls so you won’t find them in the cheap places you went and they are not really impressed with foreigners because they usually travel abroad. Gannon is right on the money, I think.

  • from santiago

    foreigners have a real misconception of latinamerica in general i think… when they come they think everythings is going to be real cheap and all the girls are going to be hot and horny latina stereotypes… sorry it isn’t like that

  • Guy from Chile

    The only bangable areas of Santiago are Las Condes and Vitacura. Unfortunately, most good places are off the avg. backpacker budget :/

    The rest of the women are just worth for some Animal Planet documentary.

  • Me

    Chileans girls are very pretty, beautiful faces. Argies always say they are, but the girls over there have horse faces, better looking Chilean girls. The guy from above is gay.

  • Jim

    Argentinians always want to pass as Chilean men to make bad comments on Chilean girls and Chile in general. Chile is the best country in Latin America.

  • Beatrice

    Chile the best!!! I agree with you Jim.

  • Hansel

    Chilean girls are ok at best. Even the hot ones would be average in NYC or LA.

  • Anonymous

    i want to have sex with a girl and i just cant find any prostitutes for emergency times i just like to have sex atleast 3 times a day

  • Anonymous

    chile is very hard to find prostitutes that want to suck a hard dick

  • Anonymous

    my dick is hard and i want to cum in some bitches face and make her sallow my load dirty bitches i want to fuck them so hard i make them think their on their period

  • Anonymous

    i want to fuck a girl here in chile in her ass till she sits and ill eat it because im a retard and i will lick her pussy even if she has her period i like wet bloody pusse

  • Anonymous

    Chileans smoke and drink alcohol to they cant no more!They have the highest smoking rates for Teen Smokers in the world.Plus, 40 percent of Chileans, about 8 million people of their small 17 million people smoke daily.I hardly believe anorexia and being drug addicts and alcoholics is taking good care of yourselves.

  • Anonymous

    instead the girls in Chile and in south america are arrogant and everything is grossly overpriced for their shit third world merchandise.What a ripoff! South America is a signature Third World Continent still, by far.

  • Aussie

    Santiago people especially the men are mostly complete wankers with chips on there shoulders they wish to be rich Instead of being happy with what they have which is nothing

  • Aussie

    Nothing but a cold city smiling the men have forgotten how to eat a dick I,ll never come back unless to see some beautiful girls I’ve meet but out of all SA city’s Santiago is the most unwelcoming next to la Paz

  • Aussie

    I don’t mean to generalise because there are some helpful people here in Santiago but seriously the majority are complete fuckwits

  • Twitchman Ticker

    It’s illegal for them to fuck a child, no can do, kiddy

  • Twitchman Ticker

    Nah, I’m chilean, was in LA some years ago, you just don’t know where to look. They’re stuck up though.

  • Twitchman Ticker

    Ogro picado detected

  • Twitchman Ticker

    Yeah surely you went around doing statistical studies. Pendejo.

  • Twitchman Ticker

    Yeah, smokers have no respect at all.

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