Say Hello To My New Friend

The posts you read on my blog usually take a month or two from concept to publication. A thought enters my brain, I nurture it, take notes, write a draft, and then revise it over a few weeks until you see the final product. Because of this process, quality would drop if I posted more than three times a week.

Enter Twitter, a great platform to quickly share interesting links and media (my feed sends out about 100,000 clicks a month). Only problem is that it’s constricting in how much you can express. There’s no way to collect relevant comments that add to the conversation.

I needed something that would fit in between my blog and Twitter, so I created a site called Return Of Kings. Instead of telling you what it is, check out a sample of recent posts:

I plan on updating it 7-10 times a week. Subscribe to the RSS feed or follow it via Twitter and Facebook.

To encourage participation, I’m running a contest where five $15 Amazon gift certificates will be given out as prizes. On December 1, I will pick five random comments as winners. The more comments you leave until then, the greater chance you have to win. Just remember to leave your email address when you post (it won’t be displayed publicly). Limit one gift certificate per person.

One thing I want to try is posting “street style” photos of attractive foreign women, similar to how it’s done on The Sartorialist and Hel Looks. I know a lot of my readers travel with expensive cameras, so here’s the plan:

  1. Travel to a country as you normally do (with your impressive camera).
  2. Approach pretty girls on the street asking to take a photo for a men’s magazine site. I will provide you with a business card template that you can show them when you approach.
  3. Take a couple pictures that you send to me.
  4. Segue into a personal chat where you try to get her number (if you wish).

I get content for the site and you leverage your photography hobby to approach women in a way that shows value (and builds your portfolio). It’s win-win! I’m also open-minded to other contributions, so contact me if you want to help.

Click here to check out Return Of Kings.

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