School Of Argentine Girls

When I arrived in Cordoba, I was still trying to figure out the best way to pick up Argentine girls. Two weeks later, after going out most nights with a pack of almost a dozen gringos as motivated as I am, one of the last conversations we had was the smoothest way to take a girl to a love hotel.

It’s amazing how fast you learn with other guys. It’s similar to how you work out harder when you have a buddy standing over you on the bench calling you a pussy for not being able to push the bar up. Every night we’d talk about our experiences, share our revelations, and then use all that knowledge the following night. We all got pretty good pretty fast. As a couple of them have told me, “I’ve never in my life hit on girls like I have here.” I have! But it’s been a while.

Lesson 1: Get a cell phone. While one night stands happen, they are much less common than in the U.S. And how many of those have you gotten recently? A nice phone on a prepaid plan will cost you $50, and a $10 fill-up will last you forever since you will be mostly sending text messages.

Lesson 2: Know where at least one love hotel is located. “So do you know of a hotel around here?” is something you should never ask your chick. Take her out to a bar nearby the hotel to set up the “random” discovery. Going rate for a mostly decent room is $7-$14 for a two hour go.

Lesson 3: You need to average at least five approaches a day, and not just at night. Girls are everywhere: the park, the university, the gym. It’d be silly to wait until 2AM to start talking to girls. Remember that Argentine girls will never approach you. If you are a shy guy and have no intention of approaching, don’t come to Argentina.

Turns out it is very easy to talk to Argentine girls, but hard to escalate. Every guy has a story that starts with “She was loving me” and ends with “Fuck I don’t what happened.” We’re pretty sure that the novelty of talking to a gringo (there aren’t many here) makes them excited to talk to us for the first 20 minutes or so, giving us the impression that they are into us. Once the novelty wears off and the language barrier becomes more obvious and painful, things fade out. So you need to talk to enough girls to catch one whose attraction for you is enough to overcome the language problem. It helps if she hasn’t been laid in a while.

Lesson 4: You have significantly better odds getting laid when you meet a girl in a bar than in a loud club. Go to the house club only after trying your luck at the bars. Only problem is that the bars here are packed with tables and everyone is sitting down, making for tougher approaches. While the clubs have tons and tons and tons of girls, the young ones there are more concerned with dancing than hooking up. It really seems like most of them don’t want to get laid.

Lesson 5: Forget everything you have ever learned about eye contact. Don’t look for it, don’t expect it, and don’t wait for it. It is a very poor indicator of interest in Argentina.

Lesson 6: Young Argentine girls are more flakey and have less focus than American girls. If you can’t bang an American college girl, it will be very difficult for you to pick up an Argentine college girl, though 90% of girls you meet at night in Cordoba are in college. They also value attention more than American girls, stringing you along just for validation until they get their fix and move on.

The older girls in Cordoba have it tough. The competition is so great that they will make it extremely easy for you if you happen to meet them (I can count on one hand how many girls I have met over 25). Proof of how hard it is for girls out here is that I get much more love from the girl travellers in the hostel than when I was in ugly countries like Bolivia or Ecuador. But I don’t bother because, relatively speaking, even the cute gringas seem ugly. On the flip side, even the ugly Argentine girls are cute.

Lesson 7: It takes time. The quality ones are projects that take at least a week to crack if you even got a shot. You need to buckle down, play the text messaging game, hang out with her friends, and keep pushing things into love hotel where you just to “talk” and “hacer cucharita.” Do all this while working on other girls. If you stay here for only a weekend, you’ll need lots of luck.

Lesson 8: Dick game works better here. Girls respond better to jerk + funny than interesting + funny. For example when the girl tells you she doesn’t speak much English, say, “Why not? English is a very common language.” When she asks you what you think of Argentina say, “It’s alright. The girls are very weird.” Don’t insult, but make a lot of jokes that you are not impressed with the country or girls. Point out things like cultural flaws instead of mentioning how her country has the hottest girls you’ve ever seen in your life.

Lesson 9: Get ready for the head turn when you go in for the kiss. Every girl does it. Something that never happens in the U.S. may be traumatizing for an American guy, but keep in mind it’s a cultural thing and isn’t that bad because she sticks around after your attempt. Stay composed like it didn’t affect you and retry every 10 minutes or so until you get there. Resist the temptation to force it. If you don’t kiss her the first night you meet, forget about it.

The kiss here is a big deal. It’s the most frustrating part of dealing with Argentine girls. They make you put in a ridiculous amount of work for something that is so minor back home. But once you kiss them it’s like a light switch goes off: they instantly get more affectionate and warm. The amount of affection an Argentine girl gives you after the kiss is similar to what an American girl would give you on the second or third date. When an Argentine girl tries to convince me her behavior is the same as girls from other parts of the world, I ask her how many girls they have tried to bang that are not from Argentina.

Lesson 10: Leave your ego, pride, shame, and humiliation at home. It’s hard, and while I’m not completely sure if it’s worth it or not, you will not get anything if you are used to playing it cool and letting girls do the work. As I like to tell the guys, “If I put this much energy into getting girls at home, I’d get laid every single night.”

Follow these rules and it’s a 100% guarantee you will get action here, either from the suddenly insecure female travellers, the Argentine girls working at the hostel, the young ones at the club, or the older cougars who know their place. It’s up to you how much you get.

When my ass was exploding in Bolivia, I drew a strict travel plan on a cocktail napkin, including which cities I’d visit and how many days I’d spend there. I wrote down two rules: Do not visit a city unless there is something you want to see or experience, and only stay longer than planned if you are having the time of you life. I originally planned to stay in Cordoba for four nights, but I’ve been here for three weeks, and the only reason I’m leaving soon is because a buddy of mine is flying into Buenos Aires. My first night going out back in DC is going to be spent fighting back tears. I know it.

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