School Of Argentine Girls

When I arrived in Cordoba, I was still trying to figure out the best way to pick up Argentine girls. Two weeks later, after going out most nights with a pack of almost a dozen gringos as motivated as I am, one of the last conversations we had was the smoothest way to take a girl to a love hotel.

It’s amazing how fast you learn with other guys. It’s similar to how you work out harder when you have a buddy standing over you on the bench calling you a pussy for not being able to push the bar up. Every night we’d talk about our experiences, share our revelations, and then use all that knowledge the following night. We all got pretty good pretty fast. As a couple of them have told me, “I’ve never in my life hit on girls like I have here.” I have! But it’s been a while.

Lesson 1: Get a cell phone. While one night stands happen, they are much less common than in the U.S. And how many of those have you gotten recently? A nice phone on a prepaid plan will cost you $50, and a $10 fill-up will last you forever since you will be mostly sending text messages.

Lesson 2: Know where at least one love hotel is located. “So do you know of a hotel around here?” is something you should never ask your chick. Take her out to a bar nearby the hotel to set up the “random” discovery. Going rate for a mostly decent room is $7-$14 for a two hour go.

Lesson 3: You need to average at least five approaches a day, and not just at night. Girls are everywhere: the park, the university, the gym. It’d be silly to wait until 2AM to start talking to girls. Remember that Argentine girls will never approach you. If you are a shy guy and have no intention of approaching, don’t come to Argentina.

Turns out it is very easy to talk to Argentine girls, but hard to escalate. Every guy has a story that starts with “She was loving me” and ends with “Fuck I don’t what happened.” We’re pretty sure that the novelty of talking to a gringo (there aren’t many here) makes them excited to talk to us for the first 20 minutes or so, giving us the impression that they are into us. Once the novelty wears off and the language barrier becomes more obvious and painful, things fade out. So you need to talk to enough girls to catch one whose attraction for you is enough to overcome the language problem. It helps if she hasn’t been laid in a while.

Lesson 4: You have significantly better odds getting laid when you meet a girl in a bar than in a loud club. Go to the house club only after trying your luck at the bars. Only problem is that the bars here are packed with tables and everyone is sitting down, making for tougher approaches. While the clubs have tons and tons and tons of girls, the young ones there are more concerned with dancing than hooking up. It really seems like most of them don’t want to get laid.

Lesson 5: Forget everything you have ever learned about eye contact. Don’t look for it, don’t expect it, and don’t wait for it. It is a very poor indicator of interest in Argentina.

Lesson 6: Young Argentine girls are more flakey and have less focus than American girls. If you can’t bang an American college girl, it will be very difficult for you to pick up an Argentine college girl, though 90% of girls you meet at night in Cordoba are in college. They also value attention more than American girls, stringing you along just for validation until they get their fix and move on.

The older girls in Cordoba have it tough. The competition is so great that they will make it extremely easy for you if you happen to meet them (I can count on one hand how many girls I have met over 25). Proof of how hard it is for girls out here is that I get much more love from the girl travellers in the hostel than when I was in ugly countries like Bolivia or Ecuador. But I don’t bother because, relatively speaking, even the cute gringas seem ugly. On the flip side, even the ugly Argentine girls are cute.

Lesson 7: It takes time. The quality ones are projects that take at least a week to crack if you even got a shot. You need to buckle down, play the text messaging game, hang out with her friends, and keep pushing things into love hotel where you just to “talk” and “hacer cucharita.” Do all this while working on other girls. If you stay here for only a weekend, you’ll need lots of luck.

Lesson 8: Dick game works better here. Girls respond better to jerk + funny than interesting + funny. For example when the girl tells you she doesn’t speak much English, say, “Why not? English is a very common language.” When she asks you what you think of Argentina say, “It’s alright. The girls are very weird.” Don’t insult, but make a lot of jokes that you are not impressed with the country or girls. Point out things like cultural flaws instead of mentioning how her country has the hottest girls you’ve ever seen in your life.

Lesson 9: Get ready for the head turn when you go in for the kiss. Every girl does it. Something that never happens in the U.S. may be traumatizing for an American guy, but keep in mind it’s a cultural thing and isn’t that bad because she sticks around after your attempt. Stay composed like it didn’t affect you and retry every 10 minutes or so until you get there. Resist the temptation to force it. If you don’t kiss her the first night you meet, forget about it.

The kiss here is a big deal. It’s the most frustrating part of dealing with Argentine girls. They make you put in a ridiculous amount of work for something that is so minor back home. But once you kiss them it’s like a light switch goes off: they instantly get more affectionate and warm. The amount of affection an Argentine girl gives you after the kiss is similar to what an American girl would give you on the second or third date. When an Argentine girl tries to convince me her behavior is the same as girls from other parts of the world, I ask her how many girls they have tried to bang that are not from Argentina.

Lesson 10: Leave your ego, pride, shame, and humiliation at home. It’s hard, and while I’m not completely sure if it’s worth it or not, you will not get anything if you are used to playing it cool and letting girls do the work. As I like to tell the guys, “If I put this much energy into getting girls at home, I’d get laid every single night.”

Follow these rules and it’s a 100% guarantee you will get action here, either from the suddenly insecure female travellers, the Argentine girls working at the hostel, the young ones at the club, or the older cougars who know their place. It’s up to you how much you get.

When my ass was exploding in Bolivia, I drew a strict travel plan on a cocktail napkin, including which cities I’d visit and how many days I’d spend there. I wrote down two rules: Do not visit a city unless there is something you want to see or experience, and only stay longer than planned if you are having the time of you life. I originally planned to stay in Cordoba for four nights, but I’ve been here for three weeks, and the only reason I’m leaving soon is because a buddy of mine is flying into Buenos Aires. My first night going out back in DC is going to be spent fighting back tears. I know it.

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  • Sudamericana

    Best part of the post: “hacer cucharita” !!!! I can’t believe you’ve learned that expression… :laugh:

  • Anonymous

    you look scary dude!

  • Sudamericana

    Oh… and I’m surprised that, after spending so much time in Cordoba, none of your posts has made reference to Fernet con Coca… a classic

  • Anonymous

    the first girl on the left is absolutely gorgeous… the rest are just okay
    i’m not sure they prefer jerk + funny, but rather witty + sarcastic

  • mike says

    i second anonymous. who won the contest for the girl on the far left?

  • Anonymous

    “you look scary dude!”

    Agreed. Definately putting out the El Greco Jesus look.

    Also, good job cracking the code.

  • Bobby Rio

    Excellent advice man… i never thought to get a cell phone while in S.A. but its a shit load easier then having a pocket full of napkins with phone numbers written on it.. and standing on a payphone trying to make plans

  • roissy

    NOW we’re cooking with gas!

    player or poseur? :hump:

    the girl in the purple top is the hottest. the girl on the left has the jawline of a man. great body, though.

    what’s the scene like for older guys hitting on argentine girls?

  • eugenius

    I am crying even more…..after my email that I sent to you……

  • virglekent

    are any of those women over 12??? Not that I care, nah mean

  • Nullpointer

    Your next book should be a Bang Int’l, where you basically write an international guidebook to where and how to get laid.

    You could do that thing where you write it in epistolary form releasing a chapter at a time online, where people pay to sign up for a stream. You could then use this to fund your international travels. Take the whole workshop thing to new levels. You could cater to the wealthy and plot debauchery tours around the world, with pick-up workshops hosted in the different cities.

  • Tampa

    You are the fucking man. How do you get over the approach anexiety in a country where you don’t even speak the damn language??

  • http://no spaceman

    Roissy: no way, girl on the left wins. wow! shes hot. id bang all of them cept the middle one. that would probably take a few beers.

    whats hacer cucharita? babelfish says to make teaspoon :)

  • http://no spaceman

    changed my mind
    girl on the right wins,very close second girl on the left. and the middle two would take a few beers..

    as you can tell i was seriously grilling this picture…. lol

  • Sudamericana

    There are girls who are far more beautfiful in Argentina. But Roosh is quite right that those in the pic are average. You would see their type any time you walk the streets in Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Rosario,etc. Even though the girls in the pic are cute I don’t think these ones would turn many heads in BA, except the brunette on the left. But, you know, they look very young, and here’s an over 25 Argentine speaking :)

    BTW, I don’t agree that the older Argentine girls make it easier for guys because of the competition from the young ones. I am sorry, but the average Argentine guy – almost everyone I know, at least in BA- does not generally go for girls who are many years younger than him, and prefers to hang out at places where people in are around his age. Going for the very young ones seems to be a visiting gringo thing. So the fact that the girls over 25 ones are easier has to do more with them having learning the lesson that it may be worth to let go the pride and inhibitions you had when you were younger if you want to have fun.

    Hacer cucharita is a cute phrase, meaning spooning.

  • Gannon

    To Virgle Kent:
    the girls on the picture are around 20 (Argentinian women do look younger than their US counterparts).
    To Roissy: in Chile, Uruguay and Argentina (places I know very well and have lived for years, it’s very easy to get a girl 5 to 12 years younger (my own gf is 8 years younger than me). While not standard just like Sudamericana tells, about 20 to 25% of men have gfs around 10 years younger. It’s not a huge exception like in the US. I have no idea how old you are, but the limit for most women is at around 12 years. So if you are 29 you can still realistically date that gorgeous 20 year old college girls, but at 36 it will be much more difficult. I once went to a freshman college party in Buenos Aires and 1/3 of the girls (18-19) had boyfriends in their late twenties. Most Argentinian women also still marry at around 24, so most girls who are clubbing are around 16 to 24 yeqar old, you simply don’t meet the huge amount of 30 something cougars who still believe they are great marriage material like in the US. Argentina is a much younger country than the US, where the average population is still relatively young, so young twentysomething girls are abundant. But one night stands are rather difficult (eso sólo lo hacen las putas)and if you want to have sex, you have to build a relationship first.

  • Anonymous

    you look thin. are you eating?

  • Anonymous

    can you please tell us more about the difference between eye contact in the US and Argentina?
    i mean, what makes it so important in the US and so irrelevant in other places?

  • Anonymous

    This post proves that if you are nice to girls and show them respect you will do well. Stop posing Roosh.

  • Anonymous

    is that the aussie’s hand holding the cig over the hot one’s right shoulder? fuckin stretch armstrong

  • Eric

    you look like you’ve lost a lot of weight, Roosh

  • Nabs

    From what I’ve seen, the jerk + funny game works well in most collectivistic cultures (pretty much everywhere feminism isn’t very influential). The interesting + funny game works, but it’ll take longer to get laid.

  • Anonymous

    To catch a predator…

  • Anonymous

    you’re ugly roosh

  • Anonymous

    Gotta love a chick that can handle Lucky Strikes

  • Anonymous

    I was considering going to Argentina because the cost of living is very good. The US dollar is strong there. However, after reading your post I am reconsidering. Why to fuck would I want to go somewhere that is harder to get laid than USA? There are so many countries where I can get laid like a rock star, I cant imagine putting in that much effort. What a pain in the ass!

  • Seduction Chronicles

    “Young Argentine girls are more flakey and have less focus than American girls.”

    Oh shit, and that’s saying something.

  • 18yr old argentinian

    ahahahhaa that is absolutely fantastic.

    American’s fascination with Argentinians is flattering…

  • Anonymous

    if u have money u have honey so just pay the girls 200$ n they r yours fuck them as hard as u want n as fast as u want n the positions too this is wat i did in brazil :)

  • Brandon

    I deffintely didn’t find Argintine girls to be hard to get with. I haven’t been to Argentina, but I’ve been with two and I live in Colorado. One of them I dated for a couple months. We ended up making out the first night I met her. I bangged her the next. I would have had it the first night if I lived in a more conveniant location. The second was just a couple weeks ago. I knew the girl, and I saw her on the bus on my way home. I talked to her for about 5 minutes before she started sucking my face. And I noticed in another part of the site when you are talking about Argentine girls you said they don’t drink much, well the first one drank pretty frequently, and the second was pretty much a full out drunk.

  • Wild Bill

    Argentinians act quite different out of thier country… I do not consider the girls worth the effort, especially while in country. I have spent quite a bit of time there, mostly Cordoba and BA… That close to Brazil, why waste your time??

  • Anonymous

    Dood …i ve been a gringo here for 20 years,, i still talk in french and english sometimes just for the f of it. COuld not agree more on everything.

  • Anonymous

    ah! pero que inteligente,que profesor, que catedra, que manera de investigar si seguís así vas a descubrir la vacuna contra el sida, la verdad es que sos un pito corto, impotente y con gonorrea.

    Pero que le vamos a hacer naciste para perder el tiempo y no tenes ni idea de todo lo que te estas perdiendo en tu mundo infeliz.
    Saludos cerebro de silicona!!!

    ah y los pelos de tu brazo son desagradables, sos visco y tenes cara de pancho!

  • Anonymous

    i got laid in buenos aires… by having a glow cube thing in my glass.. i barely speak any spanish.. oh.. and dressing really well

  • http://Nudesites Mac

    Hi this is mac.You two will be on bed and naked on bed and on an on.

  • ay ay ay… pobre gringo

    no se dan cuenta que las minas en argentina a los gringos los ven como unos giles!jajaja les parecen totalmente desabridos!! y si se hacen las amigas de algun yankee,es nada mas que para que les inviten los tragos!!! El pelotudo este que escribio las lecciones para levantarse argentinas,durante su estadia en cordoba se debe haber matado a pajas!!! que nabo por dios!!!!
    Pd:a ver quien se los traduce

  • doctor J

    Hahaha… que argentina más típica! nena, dejate de histeriquear.

    Ladies and gentlemen I don’t even need to translate what’s above other than its suffice to say its a proper welcome to the land of the “histericas”

    Do not confuse this word with the english translation for it as even the Argentines can’t agree on exectly what it means but in short it encompasses the behaviour roosh mentions above and more. Argentine men can’t explain it fully and they’ve had to deal with it their whole lives.

    Now, not all argentinas are like this, i’ve spent enough time here to know that but chances are you’re gonna run across it more often than not.

  • top cat

    if you *just* want to get a quick lay in Argentina then your best bet is a married woman, Thursdays nights are the trampas night, try Rumi or Congo in Bs As. Their husbands will be somewhere else doing the same thing.

    If you want to lay a normal girl then you are going to have to put some time and effort, like you would have had to in Europe or the US 50 years ago.

  • James

    Argentinian girls are the hottest on earth!! I’ ve been there and its amazing how you can find on every corner a gorgeous woman… But I think that they are much easy as u thought… The main problem on getting chicks there is language… But if u know just a little of Spanish…. They can be the easiest chicks, dude

  • j e s s e

    you’re describing problems anyone would have when hitting on 20 year old girls…

  • Langauge Dude

    “It helps if she hasn’t been laid in a while.”

    I love this quote. Priceless!

  • anonymous

    argentine girls take time to get laid with….they want to know you first….there not some USA college chick that are like a brick….flat on both sides and get laid by mexicans that show them 150 dollars. trust me it takes time…..but in the end its all worth it.

  • Enrique

    Hey, just wanna say that i found interesting your view of latin girls from a “gringo” well im now in australia and have my point of view of “gringas” from a latino…
    Well my advice to you and al gringos that read this thread is:
    1. in southamerica social status is extremely separetad a plumber dont socialize with a lawyer and things like that. So if you are going to south america to pick girls you have to pretend to be an important person buy some expensive clothes a good watch and even a iphone can help lol…everything is cheap in SA so there is no money issues
    2. you have to speak good spanish…latinos relation a lot the talking with sex..

    And other than that is the same as in every part of the world

  • Harrison

    this is for sure: argentinians are the hottest girls…Ive also been there and WOW

  • Anonymous

    Im a 25 year old girl from bs as argentina and i agree with Roosh. i think its an interesting description of argentine women. besos!! welcome to argentina!

  • Anonymous

    Most of you poor guys still go for the looks. Good looks have little to do with good sex, dudes.

    You want sex or you want to get married ?

  • Anonymous

    agree with jesse, girls don’t come in nationalities

  • Anonymous

    Want to get laid quickly ? Go find a gorgeous hooker: fast fuck, and you end up spending less, and she wont bother you when you get your pants back on.
    Cost a lot of money getting an inexperienced “gorgeous” girl from whatever place in the world to get laid.
    Senior has spoken (fucks a lot, no complications).

    Kut = kut.

  • ???

    Hahaha you are guys are interesting,I’m Argentinian girl and I didnt know American think we hott like that xD
    Jejejeje pero esu es bueno si? 😉

  • jose globant

    you are an asshole

  • jose globant

    wtf chabon

  • tomas

    im from cordoba. i know the girls in the picture and i have to say that in amazing how bitches they are. besides, u turist dont understand that thess girls just see u as a money source. nothing else. you are not the pretty ones. thats for sure.

    I used to work in a hostel and i can say the same a diferent thing about the girls in USA or Europe, for example. They are really really easy thing.

    Most of u have been in argenita for a very short time. you dont know anything about our people.
    Belive me. You are far way of being on the top of the world.


    Orgullo de que las mejores mujeres vivan en mi tierra..como el mejor futbol y la mejor comida.
    Yankie metele la maquina de hacer plata en el orto. porque si venis a argentina solo te comes las gordas!

  • tomas (after a second read)

    its not our fault if in your country the girls look like shit!
    so try to think that thats the problem.
    You act like the average yankie, try to take what you need from other places instead yours.
    Fuck your way of life, fuck your flag and land too.


  • Anonymous

    What a dick!

  • Bill

    Guys guys guys, you got it all wrong. This whole business of “picking them up” is a stupid, frustrating waste of time and energy, especially in a country where you don’t speak the language and share no cultural background. If you want some sweet argentine ass, just get a call girl or go to the brothel; they usually look just as good, if not way better then the local girls, they know what there doing, you get what you want on all levels ( many will make out with you and hold you just like a girlfriend would, or bounce her ass on your dick) and it completely cuts the bullshit. Keep in mind that the big players in the clubs are either buying the girls with drugs or paying the girls to go on dates with them via escort services.

  • Anonymous

    I can totally understand tomas. Going to another country with the intention of tricking as many girls into having sex with you is disrespectful, abject and sleazy:
    It’s disrespectful towards the country, its people, and, most of all, towards the girls themselves. When reading rooshs tips (the whole idea of bragging about…err I mean sharing precious information about one’s sex life disgusts me) and many comments here, I wonder if you will ever be able to become loving and caring husbands..if so, you better dont ever talk about all this “pickup (faszination) past” with your future wife, do you?

  • Anonymous

    You have proved me right. US men are really sexmaniac and desperados…loser bunch who just want cheap thrill and free sex.
    Anyway,those girls in the pictures look barely in the early teens and I am very sure, they would throw themselves at any Tom, Dick or Harry with an offer of just a stick of cigarette.

  • Anonymous

    Yes I have to say I agree with tomas too that Americans have the stereotype they do all around the world for the obvious reason. And most foregners don’t like the Loud American accent either, unless an argentine can tell us differently on this.

  • Anonymous

    To one if the comments above, what did you mean by it’s like picking up women in Europe or us 50 years ago??? How and what’s the difference in this?? Somone who has been to Argentina answe this?

    Also, from looking around the net, many blogs have put an end to the myth that argentine women are the most beautiful in the world, many argentines replied with this being true also that it is just a myth, how can they be when all they are are a mix of afew Europeans like Italy, genes don’t change.

  • Fade

    Required Reading for anyone who wants to pick up Argentinean women.

    Fade’s last blog post: Divide and Conquer.

  • nolyta

    no entienden que a las argentinas nos gusta que nos vean como personas no como un cacho de carne que voltearse, no somos todas histericas… ademas el winner no nos va, es mas, nos causa gracia y lo agregamos al club de amigos… o de ignorados, depende de que tan pavo sea. soy argentina, de mendoza… y les puedo apostar que si hubiera venido aqui se le hubieran reido en la cara por tarado y alzado

  • James Dean

    Roosh or what ever his name is, is a natural result of feminism. The more matriarchal a society becomes the more guys will behave like Roosh. Guys like Roosh have always been around but in few numbers. But because in America marriage is such a raw deal for guys and women have no accountability, a lot more guys behave like Roosh.
    Especially young guys. It is a new phenomena that is really under the radar. In my opinion when guys behave like this in mass you will have a third world country. Women hate the behavior guys like Roosh exhibit but do not want to deal with the root causes. Until American women are willing to face the face that is looking at them in the mirror, most guys will become players like Roosh in the future.

  • istoutgrill

    Most guys won’t become successful players; the Sad Truth is that it’s just too much work for the average guy.

    What more men *are* becoming is more anti-family and anti-longterm relationship. And yes, you can’t really blame them for it.

    Intrinsically, feminism isn’t specifically the problem, it’s the American version of feminism. Many european girls have feministic tendencies but are far more charming than your average American girl. This is totally indisputable to anyone who’s traveled even a small amount.

  • the choicest

    James Dean basically stated the obvious and insulted roosh. Its called evolution. Go join a sociology club. In closing, if girls are more wholesome, less jersey shore; but still slutty, dumb and responsible, the guys will calm down and appreciate(put up with) them more.

  • Bill

    You see, there are 2 types of feminism; Liberal and Radical. In America most people see radical feminists ( Hairy legs, chop the balls off men, no this, no that) And think that’s all what feminism is; it isn’t! Read about Liberal Feminism and C.O.Y.O.T.E. and you’ll see

  • masacrator

    I traveled US, Europe, South America and I’m sadly living in the US now but gotta agree american girls ain’t pretty and they’re slutty

  • Antonella

    Wow you’re an asshole, and I’m from Argentina. You’re an absolute moron.

  • Matias

    Dude the same can be said about Uruguayan girls! They make it seem like they really care at first then they just loose interest. Great blog/hilarious blog!

  • dave

    honestly i would not waste my time with argentina girls. they remind me of girls from southern spain. very very pretty with absolutely no personality. the kind of girls who are more interested in looking pretty, going to a club with their drink, looking around at all the guys looking at them, but find it impossible just to let go and have fun probably because they are too busy thinking what others think of them. i dont know what it is, but these girls just dont have any chispa (spark). there are so many other places in the world with SUPER COOL girls and very very pretty – starting with brazil which is right next door! i travelled in argentina and although i enjoyed the food and sights, the girls…i would NOT go back for this. go to brazil for great girls and have fun…trust me on this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maria

    I’m Argentinian. You sound like a desperate loser, typical Yank. You resemble so much to your ugly cousins the Brits.
    If someone ever approached you was to use YOU and not the other way around you fool. I know how you guys tend to show your US dollars to impress. Do you know why we Argie girls don’t “surrender” to your “charms” that easily? Because we are not cheap sluts like the ones you are used to back in your own country. “Language barrier”, most of us can speak up to three languages.
    Have you ever heard about Chlamydia? And about AIDS and Herpes? Pervs like you only help spreading STDs ewww. Stay in Yankeeland.

  • Maria

    Dave Dave tsk tsk. We all know that when men say pretty girls don’t have ” personality” it means they couldn’t score because they are unattractive. It’s Argentina, not Thailand, get used to rejection here, especially if Brazilians like you LOL, they need your money more than us. Bagarto!

  • Porteño (BA guy)

    Bagarto means ”ubly bug/fish”; an ugly person… its not about the money, or other bulsshit said before about ”latino” (sorry, we are different to mexicans or other, not better, just a lil bit diferrents…) its about the charm… and the girls here are not all the same… maybe the pretty ones could be very hard to pick up for an average guy… just be cool, thats the only secret.

  • Porteño (BA guy)

    ”the kind of girls who are more interested in looking pretty, going to a club with their drink, looking around at all the guys looking at them, but find it impossible just to let go and have fun probably because they are too busy thinking what others think of them ” …

    sometime this is true… it depends on what kind of club you had go… i think you went a ”top / vip” club… dont go just to one kind of place, try differents styles, places, etc…

  • Neoyorquino


    Soy de Nueva York de origen puertorriqueno e irlandes. Entiendo la opinion de los argentinos enfafadados sobres las actitudes de ciertos turistas americanos que visiten a tu pais sobre este articulo. He visto algunos insultos en contra de los “yanquis” y entiendo sus frustraciones pero tampoco es justo juzgar un pais de mas 300 millones de habitantes compuesto de varias culturas y idiomas, cada uno con sus propios costumbres. Tambien es importante notarse que la actitud del autor del articulo es normal considerando que vivimos en una cultura bastante conservadora y paternalistica como los EE.UU, donde nuestra sistema educativa no les dan a los estudiantes la ensenanza apropiada en relacion a relaciones sexuales e entre ambos sexos y tambien la desventaja que el feminismo no ha advanzado en la forma correcta en las cuatro decadas pasadas.

    No es la culpa de el o de los demas. Nadie es perfecto damas y caballeros. En mi opinion, cada quien que viaja al exterior es un pequeno embajador, que representa a su pais ante el mundo y este caso no es diferente al norteamericano que viaja a la Argentina. Yo he viajado a muchos paises y he visto las mismas costumbres que han demostrado mis compatriotas ante los locales y ellos lo interpretan como el comportamiento del tipico “yanqui.” Siempre trato de explicar que no es la culpa del persona, sino la cultura y la manera en que nos ensenaron en la escuela, especialmente en las instituciones publicas, que solo tienen una agenda especifica y no les ensena a los alumnos sobre el mundo fuera de los EE.UU.

    Yo he visitado a su pais un par de veces y es uno de mis lugares favoritos de vistar en todo el mundo. Desde la ninez, estuve totalmente fascinado de la cultura argentina. Espero visitar de nuevo pronto. Tengo amigos argentinos aca en NY y son gente buena. Perdon por el espanol terrible, no la hablo tan frequentamente y no tengo el teclado espanol para poner los acentos a las palabras.

  • María Inés

    Sus disculpas saben donde se la pueden meter ! no? Haganos 2 favores enormes, evitemos mantener un diálogo , cierren este thread y traten de no volver nunca a más a mi país ¿ está claro?. Así evitamos mayores inconvenientes.

  • An Argentine

    Neoyorquino you always will be welcome here in mi country!!

    In fact it is truth that girls here are hot and pretty ( for sure Argentina is in the top of the Americas) but not the best of the world like they believe. Scandinavian, dutch, and eastern european girls are the most prettiest. Also american and canadian girls are very fine.

  • Español en Yanquilandia

    Bueno, yo soy español y ya llevo 5 años en los USA, y la verdad es que la descripción de la “escena” en Argentina me ha recordado bastante a lo que pasa en mi país. Cuando llegué a los USA me sorprendió lo fácil que es salir una noche y acabar teniendo diversión con una yanqui la primera noche. En comparación con todo el trabajo que hay que poner con una de mis compatriotas. Creo que es simplemente la diferencia de años y años de tradiciones y culturas diferentes. Un error muy común que hacemos los que venimos de países como España, Argentina, Chile, etc. es pensar automaticamente que todas las yanquis son unas fáciles. No sé es una actitud totalmente distinta. Al principio me quede enamorado de las chicas de los USA por lo divertidas y abiertas que son, pero luego en el largo plazo te das cuenta de que muchas son auténticas “control freaks”, he conocido tipas con las que la primera noche tuve lo que simplemente pensaba que era un “one-night stand” que después poco más o menos que se pensaban que ya estábamas en una relación de matrimonio, mientras que las chicas latinas o hispanas, al principio pueden ser más difíciles, pero en el largo plazo parecen más razonables.

  • some girl

    You guys are pathetic. You should be ashamed of yourselves for relying on such stereotypes.
    Plus, it’s worth to note that a decent guy would never depend on a a ridiculous guide like this to “get girls”. This are for loser like you. Give me a break for God’s sake and grow up!

  • some girl


    ” tampoco es justo juzgar un pais de mas 300 millones de habitantes compuesto de varias culturas y idiomas, cada uno con sus propios costumbres.”

    Bueno, estoy de acuerdo. Pero decíme, ?porque no es justo juzgar a un país de más de 300 millones (EU) cuando ustedes juzgan a un país de 40 millones (Argentina)? No hace sentido.

    I agree. But please tell me, why is it unfair to judge USA when you keep judging us all the time? Is it just the population number difference? It doesn’t make any sense.

  • freddy

    wow…interesting take but very generalised on a subject that is much more complicated and individual than most men think. You can meet interesting girls from anywhere in the world, and find them attractive, sexy, interesting no matte where they’re from…that said, there are obviously some cultural differences which you have to take into account, but trying to meet a girl doesnt really vary much in western culture.

    I agree that if you just want sex and feel desperate maybe go for a prostitute instead.
    For the Argentines who posted negative comments you need to grow up and ignore silly gringo talk….

  • Anonymous

    Wow. you are such an asshole. You are the reason North American men have such a pathetic reputation. Suck it and choke. Or change your attitude.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to marry an Argentine. I love the culture.

  • Julian

    Nice analysis. Actually a very good one. Im argentinian and some times I hate im not fucking in the US, but on the other hand, I think because of all that reasons Argentinian girls are the best girlfriends.

  • María Esther

    I would never be with an american even if somebody will pay a me a millon dolars..! I’ m hoping not to come across with someone otherwise I wont imagine hitting in her miserable face. You think you are better than latinamerica just because your are white jajaajaja. You came to Argentina so as to see if you can fucked us and use us as slutty,as you cant apreciate nothing of our culture ohh! you making terrible mistake!!. I thougth you should have known from the start that Argentina is the first country in the world who most hates English, even thougth we are still allowing to visit our country. I hope we wont change up our mind !!
    Ihate you!! SO MUCH!! dont even thiking to returning back!!

  • Anya

    Don’t be offended but you clearly suffer from “boyish” looks, something that is a turn-on for women only in their 40s. Did this Argentinian girl fucking make you feel like a “real” man? You should thank all of these girls for such a great input in improving your incomplete biological development.

  • Dave

    Mary Esther, these are northern rich boys, who are traveling the world on daddy’s money. These boys have shocked me, and I am an American. I am from the south and was taught to behave as a gentleman. I work hard in a steel mill every day, take my children to church and have never cheated on my wife. If it was not for a miss-type i would not even have seen this web site. I have respect for every man or woman that works hard, pays the bills, and raises the children well. Do not lump us in the same basket with these city boys who have no morals and are godless. it breaks my heart that the only Americans to travel the world are the spoiled brats of the rich who project this image of America. 90% of us are good people, Alas 1% has all the money. Peace to You and all your family.

  • María Esther

    Agreden a mexicano en condado neoyorquino
    Por: EFE/Nueva York, EU.
    Un mexicano de 17 años es la más reciente víctima de la ola de agresiones contra inmigrantes en Port Richmond, en el condado neoyorquino de Staten Island.

    El menor, cuyo nombre no ha sido revelado, regresaba de trabajar en la madrugada del sábado de un restaurante en Manhattan cuando fue agredido por un latino y dos afroamericanos que gritaron insultos contra los mexicanos y le robaron diez dólares, señalan hoy medios locales.

    Indican además que un hispano se acercó al mexicano y le hizo una pregunta, aparentemente para distraerle, y que entonces aparecieron dos afroamericanos que comenzaron a golpearle mientras le insultaban.

    El joven, la décima víctima de las agresiones que se han registrado desde el pasado 5 de abril, fue atendido en un hospital por heridas menores.

    Para la reverenda Terry Troia, que dirige el Centro del Inmigrante en Port Richmond, el último ataque “es extremadamente preocupante”.

    “No es sólo un acto de violencia, sino un acto de desafío de una comunidad que hace sus mejores esfuerzos para buscar la manera de establecer relaciones, la paz y crear un vecindario más seguro”, indicó Troia.

    La policía ha dicho que investiga el último ataque y los nueve anteriores como agresiones motivadas por el odio racial. Pero, un gran jurado rechazó presentar cargos de odio racial contra tres jóvenes que fueron arrestados en relación a uno de los casos.

    Las agresiones contra inmigrantes han aumentado la presencia de la policía en las calles de Port Richmond, que además mantiene dos torres de vigilancia y una unidad móvil.

    También miembros de los Ángeles Guardianes, voluntarios que patrullan zonas de incidencia criminal, se han unido en la vigilancia.

  • María Esther

    La inmigración latina en USA puede ser la puerta del crecimiento de nuestros países
    Publicado: sábado 14 de mayo de 2011
    A A
    Página:12siguiente >
    Por segunda vez en los últimos meses me tocó viajar a El Salvador, el clima ahora se había puesto bien caliente y húmedo, unos casi 35 grados centígrados y una humedad del 90 % hacia dificultosa la tarea de trabajar afuera, según me contaban, éso no era todo, aun llegaría más y más calor como antesala de la época de lluvias en los meses del verano.

    De todas maneras, siempre es agradable volver a la hermosa ciudad de San Salvador.

    “Como anda Don Claudio, que bueno tenerlo de nuevo por aquí “eran los saludos que se repetían al verme nuevamente por el hotel o en mi lugar de trabajo, ese mismo fue el saludo que me extendió el conductor que nos llevaba y traía, desde y hacia el hotel cada día.

    Fue con él con quien nuevamente volvimos a hablar sobre la economía, y lo difícil que se hace vivir en ese país. “No” me decía él “para nosotros es imposible salir a comer a cualquier restaurante de comida rápida, imagínese que una comida para cuatro, nos saldría cerca de 24 dólares y mi sueldo llega a unos $250, por éso mi esposita me tiene que preparar una comidita todos los días, así yo puedo tener mis tortillitas o mi sopita y después sólo me restaría comprar mi agüita y así vamos estirando, de a poco y viviendo como se puede”.

    Artículo continúa más abajo


  • María Esther

    Constante racismo gringo contra latinos en supermercados
    Raleigh. Por Paola Jaramillo/La Conexión. | 29 octubre de 20
    Cada vez y con mayor frecuencia, los gerentes de supermercados vienen notando como los casos de racismo contra latinos dentro de los establecimientos, aumentan., a tal punto que se han visto en la necesidad de prohibir la entrada de algunas personas.

    En el WalMart de la calle New Hope Church se ha prohibido la entrada a dos norteamericanos por insultar a los clientes latinos sólo por el hecho de ser latinos. Acorde con uno de los gerentes de la tienda, los casos se hacen cada vez más frecuentes

    Los casos de racismo contra hispanos se hacen cada vez más frecuentes, sin que haya solución a la vista.

    “Personalmente me ha tocado negar la entrada de personas a la tienda porque insultan a otros clientes solo por el hecho de ser latinos y ya los hemos detectado con anterioridad” dijo a La Conexión, Eduardo, uno de los gerentes de turno de la tienda WalMart, ubicada en la calle New Hope Church; también nacido en Nicaragua.

    El gerente comentó que últimamente ve como supervisores de otras tiendas comparten experiencias de casos similares que se generan en sus negocios y cada vez, más a menudo.

    Y es que la protagonista de unos de los casos es precisamente quien escribe.

    El sábado me encontraba pagando en una de las registradoras automatizadas de este supermercado, cuando un señor, anglosajón, de aproximadamente 65 años, se acercó ordenándome que me apurara porque había mucha gente en la línea.

    Yo le pregunte cuál era el problema, si acababa de tomar mi turno y sólo iba a pagar cuatro artículos. Al ver que le conteste en inglés, se enfureció y empezó a gritarme en repetidas ocasiones y sin parar, que yo era ilegal y debía regresar a mi país.

    En medio de toda esta ráfaga de insultos y esperanzada de que llegara el gerente de la tienda, continué registrando mis artículos, pero la espera fue infructuosa, pues el supervisor nunca llegó y la cajera, al igual que los demás clientes ni se inmutaron.

    La cajera viendo como el señor levantaba sus manos tratando de golpearme no hizo nada. Cuando le pregunté al supervisor por la actitud de la cajera me dijo que su trabajo era solo vigilar las registradoras y atender a los clientes, más no mover un dedo si algo sucedía a su alrededor.

    Sin ir muy lejos pregunte: “¿Qué haría entonces que ella llamara al supervisor? ¿Acaso una agresión con un arma?”. No obtuve respuesta.

    Sin embargo, le pregunté: “Si el señor enfurecido me persigue hasta el establecimiento, saca un arma y me pega un tiro, ¿los supervisores, la seguridad del área y la cajera, reaccionarían?, la respuesta fue: dependiendo la gravedad del caso.

    Después de tremenda vaciada, visité 6 supermercados como Food Lion y Krogers en diversas aéreas de Raleigh, para indagar acerca de este tipo de situaciones.

    En algunas tiendas, los supervisores se atrevieron a confesar que con más frecuencia los latinos son maltratados verbalmente dentro de los establecimientos, pero que ellos como supervisores, solo pueden sacar al agresor del lugar, y eso en casos extremos.

    Y es que los casos de odio van en aumento. El lunes, el FBI emitió el informe anual sobre incidentes de odio en el 2007.

    El análisis indica que en Carolina del Norte, 75 casos de odio fueron registrados por 33 de las 369 agencias que compartieron sus datos con la agencia federal. De estos reportes, 13 han sido por etnicidad; 46 por raza; 10 por orientación sexual y 6 por religión. En Raleigh, por ejemplo, se registraron seis de los casos y en Durham, cinco.

    El reporte, no menciona el grupo étnico de los afectados.

    PD: Ahora ni el supermercados podemos sentirnos tranquilos y seguros. ¡Qué desilusión!

  • María Esther


  • amused

    I am from Argentina, and I find this post hilarious

  • Tury

    Hola, Yo pienso que las argentinas son hermosas y mas por cer decendientes de italianos.. yo no se ni como llege a esta pagina solamente estaba buscando informacion de BOCA JRS. y salio esto.y empece a leer……… y solomente quiero preguntar a las mujeres argentina…QUE PIENSAN SOBRE LOS HOMBRES mexicanos??? como yo soy mexicano y vivo en U.S..??? y no soy el tipico mexicano que es basura!!!! ee tengo mi un MASTERS IN SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY y bachelors in criminal justice tengo 22 anos y tengo decendecia italiana e espanola…..y a mi megustan mucho las argentinas

  • Tury

    Argentina rules!!!!

  • http://WTF? Umiko

    Soy cordobesa y tengo un novio americano y me muero de la risa leyendo esto, es genial! if you can understand what Im saying you definitely learned something in Argentina jajajaj

  • http://WTF? Umiko

    Gente, no se lo tomen tan personal, son solo adolescentes que quieren coger!! y lo mismo pasa cuando los Argentinos van a USA, todas las yankis se los quieren voltear, porque lo diferente atrae, ahora, como mujer Argentina les digo: No hay manual ni reglas ni nada que pueda decir como levantarse una Argentina, porque lo que tenemos de linda lo tenemos de complicadas y saben que?? somos muyyy lindad…
    Ps: No generalicemos! paz y amor!! hay gringos estupidos y desubicados y hay gringos geniales como hay argentinos muy piolas pero el 70% están limados de la cabeza y son unos pajeros inmaduros….

  • Phill

    The comments are hilarious. I’m going to Buenos Aires in October with no expectations just to enjoy the culture, nightlife and beauty. If you click with a girl and things follow then thats great but judging a whole nationality of girls is rediculous.
    Plus a challenge always makes it more worth while when girls throw themselves on you it generally relates to desperation and just destroys the excitement. I can’t wait to go to Buenos Aires and enjoy the quality and decency it has to offer.

    I was in Bali with girls sometimes 3 at a time grabbing me and trying to dance and whatever but the quality was shit so whats the point.

  • bill

    Your observations about Argentine girls are pretty correct. You failed to mention that they can be hysterical princesses in a way that trumps US girls. How’d you like to be the guy sitting next to a girl at McD’s who’s crying for the entire time?
    In Buenos Airies, you see that all the time. I’d rather be making out. They are just like US girls in that they idolize shopping and having stuff.
    Ecuador was great for me. Nearly every girl I approached first was nice or let me down pretty nicely, and weekly I counted about three approaches outside the bars and clubs. Just standing at the bus station in Quito women would try all sorts of approaches. One girl wanted me to go away with her, a cute, 29 year old expat from Bogota, right then with no game whatsoever. I just spoke my junk, basic survival Spanish, but she didn’t care about style, game, cash, or even age. I was 20 years older than she was.
    I only had one full time g/f in Buenos, and she was a handful emotionally. Ecuador by contrast is where I’ll be returning and hopefully Bogota as well.

  • ezekiel_dmg

    men..the true is you go too slow; im from argentina; and here doing it with 15 years old girls is the national sport!! xD

  • Anonymous

    Im definatly going to Arg when im 18. Was in miami on holiday with the fam few weeks ago and then we went on this cruise.

    I’m 15, and me and my mate suddenly found ourself dancing with about 200 latino girls all from arg, apparently they were celebrating becoming a women at aged 15 or something. i can easily say not one of them was ugly like you said even the ugly ones are cute. we met these 3 beautiful girls and danced with them for a whole hour or so, there were no other guys just us it was like a dream, but then again boys wern’t really intended to be there we just happend to find it, and there was no way i was just gonna turn around… what you said about the fact that they never approach you and are more focused on there dancing is so true, but we found it pretty easy to talk to them even though i know fuck all spanish one of them took a liking to me quite a bit and we ended up talking for ages, she could speak pretty good english and was pretty friendly she said she liked the british accent (im from london) and complemented me on my dress sense

    she become pretty warm and open and i joked at how the english girls cant dance compared to you guys at the end of the night at like 1am i got her number and fb then all of a sudden they all had to go to bed we said good bye got the kiss and the hug and that was it – i flew home the next day a bit depressed atleast i got her number :)

    i know im only 15 and this is probably aimed at guys older than me who are actually living in argentina, its alot easier when you got a friend with you in my opinion.. atleast i know where im goin for my gap year.

    then again i don’t know what the guys are like over there? i heard theres more girls but i think the fact im a pretty good dancer helped me get on with them easily was important

  • Anonymous

    this very funny guide bt very trues yes

  • Sudacón

    No. Big city is an error. The way to be a king between girls is go to a small little town del campo. Since dudes abandon the town more than girls, there is a deficit of man, and girls are desperate.

    Just memorize the complete works of Redonditos de Ricota, and ask about Divididos and Las Pelotas. Then ask for the girl’s bands. They will feel flattered by your interest, but ashamed of liking the crappy town’s band. Then ask to hear those bands.

    Girl’s party does not end at the club, they keep going “de caravana” after it.
    Girls go out in groups, but they go secretly to fish a dude, and every time there is one girl whose house is free of people (it should be Friday night). That’s the house where the party keeps going.

    Just ask to hear those bands, and you will be carried to that house, and find many opportunities to be alone with her. If you are cool enough, the other girls will “leave”.

  • Good Friend 777

    I read what you wrote. I am sorry about you. Do you think you are a superstar? Or that you are doing something (misleading and sleeping with these young ladies, I don’t care what country they are from) to bring you honor?
    Haven’t you’ve read “lo que siembras eso cosecharas.” “what you sow is what you will reap”.
    How would you feel your mother or your sisters (if you have any) to be mislead and used by someone not responsable, filthy and with bad intentions like you?
    If have to really get to know LOVE to really start walking away from just sex. I see you are missing out on a lot of great things women have to offer. I feel sad for you.
    You are not enjoying your life but wasting it. Due to your lock of knowledge, I see, you are going to have to pay a high price (that does not compares to the joy you experience having sex with those your girls) for making poor choices. They range from health issues to real success in life. Did you know that because of what you did and what you are doing to these young girls, sooner or later life will become tough on you and you’ll have to work harder to achieve goals in life than if you’ve never did these things?
    To affect your entire life and the life of your future wife and children up to you 3rd and 4th generation (for a moment of sex done at the wrong time and under the wrong circumstances) IT IS CERTAINLY NOT WORTH IT.
    I SUGGEST YOU two things to you:
    1) remove your tactic comments from the web.
    2) take responsability and make a life commitment of getting married and being a faithful husband and father of a family.

    Good Friend 777

  • susy

    i’m Argentinian and i live in Cba.
    i just must say that you are sooo full of preconceived-tendentious-misogynist opinions that i don’t even know where to begin! in fact, i won’t even try to refute your misleading & insulting theories, since you’ve probed good enough that YOU ARE CLUELESS MATE!

  • jude

    Fancy what a lovely person an Argentine girl is!

  • Anonymous

    You’re a fucking retarded sexist loser.

    Vos has pensado en aprender el lenguaje perfectamente para charlar con las chicas y encontrarte con alguien que realmente te cae bien?

    Suck my dick you pathetic worm – it’s people like you that make latin american girls hate white guys – which is 90% of the female population, the other 10% being made up of uneducated bitches that are just looking for a ticket out of the country. If I see you on any of my travels, I’m going to stab you multiple times in the face. Ya dig?

    Thanks for so much personal information.

  • Anonymous

    Take a joke will ya? María, I wouldn’t approach you if we were the last 2 people on Earth. Self-righteous, self-serious demeanors with presumed elitism on scattershot racist views is a bad look, love.

  • Ortega y Gasset

    The great Spanish philosopher said that the most profitable business would be to buy Argentinians for what they are worth, and sell them for what they say they are worth. This clearly applies to some of these Argie bagallitos with their inflated bitch shields.

    That whore María Ester also likes to threaten gringos – “Watch out when we get pissed!” Sorry bitch, we saw your act in the Falklands and we were not impressed.

  • Spooky

    Qué pelotudo, no todas las mujeres son iguales.. ni acá ni en ningun otro lado del mundo.

  • Ortega y Gasset

    Muchas de las que comentan en este link encajan perfectamente en el estereotipo de la argentina antipática, engreída y con cara de caballo. Mi comentario 107 va dirigido a ellas.

    Así que cerrá el orto, querido. Va de onda…

  • María Rosario

    I really don’t know why I’m bothering to respond or even why I found this article on the internet.
    Both my parents were diplomats, hence I’m a socially aware person, open minded, I have been to … well lived in all continents and usually have no culture shock issues, usually get along with people with different backgrounds, I’ve always considered myself a non judgmental person.


    I’ll kindly ask any man considering Argentina as a sex tourism destination, to stay the “beep!” away from this country I am a women, judging from your chauvinist attitude, I don’t think I’d have much of a say …. but please don’t come to this country for that.

    You are so welcome to our country, to learn about our culture, life experience…hike around the country side, walk around our cities, I hope you meet friendly people, enjoy our food… exchange ideas ….stay if you want , retire here if you’d like …call it and feel it yours. the land is not ours.
    But remember , people are people, human are to be valued and treasured -not used and that is full of crap, and if I see or hear anyone speaking and plotting something of this sort …I WILL UNDERSTAND I’ll ruin your evil plan on the spot, in front of that person you wanted to bang.

    I don’t care if you’re 12 or 46, you really sound like you don’t enjoy sex, and you hate women.

    Maybe you should ask the next women you are with to stimulate your prostate gland clearly you haven’t had a strong even orgasm, and envy women because of this.
    And seriously consider toning this “lifestyle” down when you get older, as Oxytocin is a bitch and you may not want life to bite you in the ass with a younger women.

    I know there’s lots of pick up gurus who call themselves artists, I have read the books to see what’s out there.

    If you want to have sex with any women get a job, brush your teeth, listen and loose the sense of entitlement, you’re a man it IS part of nature, you SHOULD pursue us, be ready to work, because unlike you’ve be told we look for hard worker who are socially adept beings WITH PRINCIPLES WHO WE CAN TRUST. With OUR BODIES! and Our futures. (sti’s sort of dictate part of a person’s future I would guess!)

    women and men shouldn’t be competing against each other.
    It’s a question of whether man can dominate women.

    It’s all about having the courage to mentally and emotionally opening up to the interaction, just as women open up, to surrender to the experience and enjoy it, with out misleading or being selfish or a prick about it.

    This is my opinion, and I’m sure you’re a good person, I just think it questionable behavior, that’s all.

    Si soy de Buenos Aires argentina y no hable en castellano porque sinceramente me referia a la gente que no es de aca, exclusivamente… solo queria dar mi opnion … con mucho respeto, y si faltarle a nadie. (asumo que todos entienden si respondieron el post)

    Muchas gracias.

  • María Rosario

    women and men shouldn’t be competing against each other.
    It isn’t (i don’t think) a question of whether man can dominate women.
    Men and women are suppose to be partners.
    If I were to have this sort of mentality and talked about using a man for his money, I’d be seriously told the same thing am I telling you. It is most definitely unfair to mislead and use people,and manipulate. it is called being a psychopath actually.

  • lol

    Roosh.. why r u going for the ”jesus” look its so 2000 years ago

  • Refrescante Conflicto

    Jamas pense que despues de leer el interesante y controversial articulo “School of Argentine Girls” del experto Roosh, leeria todos los 112 comentarios a continuacion apasionadamente.
    Tampoco imagine que hubiera participacion de mujeres Argentinas en este foro. La experiencia, en su totalidad, fue como leer “Como Comerse a la Caperucita Argentina como a una Emapanadita de Carne mientras la Empanada se DEFIENDE!!”. Que les cuento — me encantan las empanadas!, pero las empanadas no se defienden tanto. Cuando estas muejeres Argentinas se defienden hasta la muerte desesperadas, efusivas y muy eloquentemente a traves de comentarios — sin duda bellas todas, no se dan cuenta que inevitablemente proporcionan con esto informacion critica para su futura caceria y seduccion. ¿Que nadie les ha dicho que entre mas dificiles, histericas y neuroticas mas bellas y apetecibles se ven? Las admiro de verdad mis queridas Argentinas — que ovarios para comentar en un blog “para hombres lobo” siendo ustedes las caperucitas. Pero si he conquistado EU, Inglaterra, Francia, España, Portugal, Italia, Suiza, Suecia, Dinamarca, Polonia, Alemania, La Republica Checa, Ukrania — y eso si es lo mejor, Romania, Grecia, Lithuania, Belarus, Moldovia, Rusia, Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Australia, China, Japon y Tailandia… porque no pudiera conquistar a algunas Argentinas quiza con los mismos trucos traviesos? Cierto, ya tuve algun dia una novia Argentina, una de las mujeres mas bellas que he conocido y tuve el privilegio de estar — y no era tan complicada. Me arrepiento de haberla dejado ir tan rapido… y por eso voy en busca de mas aventuras. Les advierto — salgo para Argentina mañana. Perdon, pero soy un hombre lobo con mucha hambre y con todo respeto… hare lo posible por comerme a las mas bellas flores de sus jardines. Pero les garantizo a todas mis futuras novias Argentinas: mi amor apasionado — aunque quiza temporal, las mejores conversaciones, el mejor trato posible, los mejores restaurantes, las mejores discotecas, la mejor musica, los mejores hoteles, …. y el mejor sexo, y claro, completa discrecion. Un caballero no tiene memoria. Mujeres, pueden llamarnos psicopatas, locos, inmaduros, tontos, niños, infelices, idiotas, manipulantes, boludos, cabrones, pelotudos, gilipollas, lo que quieran, pero en realidad basta un calificativo: HOMBRES a los que nos gustan las mujeres bellas. ¿Que no se dan cuenta que por ustedes un hombre hace lo que sea? Tomenlo como un cumplido! Enhorabuena.

  • sofia

    hey! are you so poor that you need to be trying strategies because your lack of personality — and a compendium of strategies to sleep with argentinians, that’s insulting…and then u complain about macho men or something,i really dont like them and it is full in south an argentinian i should tell you that your guide sucks!!!!!!

  • sofia

    and of course rarely you’ll find an article, like this talking with such an unrespectful way to the american’s women or any women in the world, you forget the word “respect” in your trips..anyways you cross the barrer and you dotn even answer the comments,,, how can you let the people of your country look so bad..completely loosers, i shouldnt generalize,it’s just you,,retarded..fuck off man!

  • Julieta

    A mi también me da muchísimo asco, me repugnan no son nadie, ojala que nunca en mi vida me pongan en camino con gente tan cruel como los asesinos del norte, nunca en mi vida he conocido a gente tan racistas contra los sudamericanos ! Nunca más vuelvan a este país , ya demasiado daños no han causado a nosotros , háganle un favor a este mundo entero , desaparezcan de nuestro planeta!!!

  • Julieta

    A mi también me da muchísimo asco, me repugnan no son nadie, ojala que nunca en mi vida me pongan en camino con gente tan cruel como los asesinos del norte, nunca en mi vida he conocido a gente tan racistas contra los sudamericanos ! Nunca más vuelvan a este país , ya demasiado daños no han causado a nosotros , háganle un favor , desaparezcan de nuestro planeta!!!

  • http://[email protected] Anonymous

    Typical pathetic foreigner that can not score women in his home country so he wants to go to southamerica thinking women are easy.Do not go by what this loser has to say about meeting women in Argentina,everybody’s personality and approaches are different.This guy was not getting any play because of his appearance like shaggy from scooby doo ( bum)look and loser approaches.

  • Anonymous

    I know this group of girls and are womens really decent, i find this stupid! they don’t deserve appear in this note , Im sure that not a hair touched any of them.
    Well, greetings and hope see you soon for cordoba again, and have for granted that there are hookers all over the world! not only in Argentina.

  • 120 anonymous

    jajajajaj yo las conozco son chicas super bien, de buena familia, te aseguro que nunca le pusieron un dedo encima, solo les pasa por ser confiadas y sacarse una foto con cualquier gil que despues las pone en una pagina. PATETICO!! Las mujeres argentinas son mucho mas dificiles que las de su pais.

  • Phill

    Are you serious?

  • Grobian482

    I am a man in his early 50’s, and have fucked many Latin women and girls from the Latin Americas. Latin women are very hot and sexual, and with a right man, they are delicious sluts. I love you Latin Ladies and Girls. Thank you.

  • Ana

    Watch sons of bitches! Do not dare set foot in this country that grabbed a shotgun myself starting to shoot the first one you see, it is clear! I’m not going to shake the pulse.!!!!

  • Rico

    I doff my hat to you Mr Roosh, clearly you are a bounder and a cad but your views are quite entertaining and I am enjoying the read. I wish you all the best and godspeed to your next lay. Nice to see those that do not subscribe to your mindset being so measured and proportionate in their responses!

  • Anonymous

    Soy el autor del articulo ¨Refrescante Conflicto¨. ¿Que les puedo contar de las 2 semanas que pase en Argentina? Fueron 2 de las semanas mas exquisitas que he pasado en mi vida. La primera semana estuve con 6 chicas Roció, Carolina, Celeste, Natalia, Tatiana y Celina; y la ultima semana con una sola chica Sabrina. Las conoci en varios lugares: el club Honduras, el club Esperanto, y el club Kikas, el club Ink. Todos en Palermo Hollywood. Me recomendaron otros lugares en el barrio Norte pero la verdad no andaba de onda para aguantar a niñas ricas, difíciles y menos impresionables — pero lo haré la próxima vez, porque habrá muchas mas! Mas bien quería ser el príncipe azul, travieso y divertido para chicas de clase media que mi BMW rentado, mi hotel en Puerto Madero, y mis invitaciones a lugares caros, como Las Lilas, todavía pudieran impresionarlas aunque sea un poquito :) Me llamo la atención desde un principio la cantidad de mujeres bellas y divertidas — están por todos lados! Mi rutina era desayunar poco, almorzar poco, comer un bife de chorizo o un lomo allá de las 8 de la noche, y despues empezar la cacería. Mi hotel estaba en Puerto Madero. El primer día, un domingo que salí ya tarde, me fui con unas chicas del club Honduras , en donde soborne al guardia del VIP en el segundo piso para acechar a 2 chicas, una de ellas Roció. De ahí nos fuimos al hotel …. después de comer unas empanadas y huir del novio morocho de su amiga, el cual quería pegarme :) Si había muchas putas por todos lados también, pero la verdad a mi no me gusta tanto eso, sobre todo cuando hay mujeres ¨mas decentes¨ disponibles. Pero si cheque varios otros lugares como el Hipopótamo en Recoleta y el Cocodrilo por ahí cerca — allá famosos, hasta artistas y deportistas. Que si, en un día que ande uno muy desesperado puede tomar esa opción, o de plano irse a un cabarute como el Black, también en Recoleta. En los cabarutes hay chicas guapas, pero nunca como las chicas en los clubes como Esperanto, Kikas o Ink, y nunca tan divertido pues al cazador no le gusta comprar las presas. También hay privados, en los que uno paga $250 a $400 pesos, y puede escoger a una chica, o dos a la vez del lugar. Ahí también hay mujeres guapas, pero las de los clubes son mejor, mucho mejor. La ultima opción es ir a la esquina de Cordoba y Florida en microcentro, y ahí escoger a una ¨chica de la calle¨ — eso es ya para los muy desesperados. La mayoría están asociadas con los hoteles, así que son mas o menos confiables. Pero ojo con los maricas! Un amigo me llevo a un privado en Quilmes, y que mujeres!!!! No fui a Rosario, pero también me cuentan que por allá hay muchas chicas lindas…. sera la próxima vez. Acabo de regresar y ya quiera regresar!!!! Lo de Sabrina fue especial. Desde que la vi parada en su mini falda negra cubriendo escasamente su exquisito cuerpo, su melena pelirroja y su gran sonrisa sexy, sentí que el pelo detrás del cuello se me me paraba…. o igual fue otra cosa. La invite a tomar una copa, y acepto. De ahí no me separe de ella por 5 días. Fuimos a muchos restaurantes, barras, clubes y de compras por todos lados…. la verdad que la extrañó. Que queres que te diga guapa, te extraño todos los días. Sabrina es mitad Criolla mitad Ucraniana… una boluda divertida, guapa y sensual. Una mujer de ensueño como nunca nadie conocí…. de verdad que la pasamos bien. Y que mujer mas fogosa. Si pudiera, estaría ahora mismo camino a Buenos Aires para estar con ella…. o llevármela a otros lugares. La invite a París y dijo que si. Así que tendré que ponerle fechas a ese viajecito. Suerte a todos en Argentina!!!! Ya la pase increíble y una vez mas gracias a Roosh — lo primero que hice fue sacar un teléfono local!!! Que buena idea fue eso, pues como dice el, textear a las chicas es en mucho parte del juego!!!

  • Elena

    HACER CUCHARITA. Listo cerramo’ todo viejo.

  • fk

    Um.. argentinian girls think that white dudes are weirdos when they try to hook up with u while in argentina.. we hate the way white dudes sound trying to speak castellano. White dudes accent its the worst accent ive ever heard! Sorry! Its a total turn off! Thats something YOU NEED TO KNOW mr. Knowitall NOT!
    no matter how hard u try to speak our language u ll still sounds stupid.

  • jonathan

    Mhm wierd artical I’ve mett severall argentine girls & wr all very nice & very fun! Maybe cus I live in ny & know how to speak spanish haha

  • Anonymous




  • tobias

    Seems as if you think you’re the shit. Well, tell you what dude. You ain’t. You keeping talking on how to impress those Argentina girls but it doesn’t matter. You’ll never have your way with them.
    And all that criticizing Copenhagen. Come on. I think the reason why you don’t like that city is, that you, yet again, can’t have your way with Danish girls. Well just Scandinavian girls in general. Too bad for you.
    Copenhagen is actually a pretty cool place.


    Tobias from….. Copenhagen.

  • Inés

    You’re right, Tobias, but there is something good in us, we know recognize as the human quality manufacturing hurts! We do not suck the means to Americans nor the Europeans are far fewer. you are the most racist human beings I’ve met in my life. As it is possible that in the 21st century still do not know the inner beauty of each woman. How sad to think that it is necessary to fall in love with a slim and silicone-That is not love. Life does not go through that. Urgently need a psychologist to believe that a person is superior in all ARIA.

  • tobias

    I basically don’t have any idea of what you’re trying to say.
    Ofc I’m right. Furtermore, I would love to read your comment to what i wrote, but put an efford into explaining yourself as i have no clue what the point of what you’re writing is.

  • Inés

    No matter, we know that we’re playing a talking sync, we will never reach an agreement

  • vickytar

    what? even the ugly are cute…….

  • mami ;)

    Pffff boy im just an asian woman with lovely awesome boobs 😉 hey ya, so u having so much fun here? :p that’s just so lovely, cuz u obviously sounds like uve never gotten any near to american beauties. thats just so pathetic u have ur needs to dont u? completely understandable. but you should know that it’s such a huge opportunity to learn how to flirt women, u know. argentine guys are just so adorable, the way they treat girls with sweet words that u would never even be able to think of, and those sexy eyes? THATs what makes girls high. u should learn THAT kind of stuff. ohh right right ,i know u just LOVE your men s club ‘vamos-america, which is just one of stupid loser clubs but seriously u just look like a puppy on the street so horny abandoned. hell yeah girls know what we’re doin. please stop jerk around and look at the mirror d u actually bealieve the girls didnt know any of these losers talking? get a life, i see the girls laughing at ur stupid texts like i do with my chicas. seriously the only word comes up on my mind is LOL, haha maybe u got some luck with girls bored that see u cuz u r not local guys thjat she may actually meet in their daily lives, but im shocked how many guys actually believe this bullshit. dick game works? u idiota do u even know what ure sayin? oh btw dont get me wrong i love americanos, just not idiots like u :p and vamos argentines, with lots of kisses.

  • just an ordinary guy

    if I was Argentinian this would piss the crap out of me. you describe them like hookers.
    but i must say…i was laughing so much at this guide. its like..a joke. did he just write down his method of getting girls. is that even “game”? i would say if one can write this out. his epeen must be reaching his bum anytime now.
    like did you have to really remind yourself how to pick up a girl? and show the world how much of a douchebag you are…
    i cant see something like this and let it slide…
    i feel sorry for the many Argentinians seeing this and seeing what people can conclude of their country. Argentina is a fantastic place. Get your head out the gutter sir.

  • Sean

    so funny to read the comments. Thomas is upset that American amigos give HIM competition but he masks it as love for his coutry. A few others, full of themselves, bring morality into the equation, as if there is something immoral in girls making a consensual choice which guy to go with, local or tourist.

    The bitter truth is that if you cannot pick up the girls in your country then you won’t be able to do it in other countries as well, Argentina or not. I am sure 90% of all the hot-shots on this forum wind up sucking on their beer alone waiting to get to their computer and post macho comments. Show women respect and they will follow you, both in Argentina or at home. lol

  • argentinian girl

    I found your post very funny !! Everything you said is true!! But .. let me tell u I´d rather prefer witty and funny than jerk & funny !

    It´s always a pleasure to know we are better than other girls around the world!

  • christiaan

    lies lies lies. You have no idea about cordoba. I am a european who has lived here with argentinians longer than you care to think and i can tell you now that girl are all up for one night stands and are extremely easy. Go to a place like gala on the outskirts as the chatuea…10 girls for one guy…man you dont know shit about cordoba…girls here are easy as hell even if you are shy they will approach you…this is a sexual culture and i guess you didnt get any hence your stupid excuses…man


  • Ana maría

    christiaan so are you telling us hookers piece of shit? you’ re such a looser. go somewhere else to find your hookers. We have already problems with americans but not yet with europeans. Please grow up and get a life!!

  • arjo

    este quien se cree … se lo debe haver garchado un negro impresionante… ja ja

  • Anonymous

    no se que les molesta tanto.. es sabido que las argentinas son histericas y dificiles.. por algo tienen la fama.. la diferencia en comportamiento, actitudes, etc entre las argentinas y las mujeres de otros paises es abismal.. esto lo sabe cualquiera que haya viajado o que este bien informado.. y si fuera tan facil levantar mujeres argentinas como todos dicen, porque es tan comun que los jovenes argentinos frecuenten prostibulos?? no me digan que no porque se ve todo el tiempo.. el que no tiene pareja estable generalmente se la pasa de cabarute en cabarute. Asi que en vez de criticar a los americanos o a otras nacionalidades, yo creo que es hora que se miren en el espejo..

  • Jorge

    LOL that’s bullshits…something is different here in argentina even if i am not local…but it can’t be that hard to find a woman plus+ the traveler or whatever who started this shit is probably carajo y pendejo i mean…come oooon…guides??guides my ass…games??que juegos maricon???…bullshits…i might had a bad start with argentinian girls…perhaps because i fell to idiot ones…but i know that the girl i am in love with will understand me when the right time comes…no matter where you travel no matter how women are “playing their cards” i believe what i always used to believe..Respect and be true to who you are will help the situation…just be honest from the start who are you what do you want…with the way you are talking about argentinian girls is like they are from another planet…i can’t believe that so easily…i mean..coooome ooon…if they are that tough ALL of them…then this is not a country this is 100000 years back in barbarians century…so as i mentioned before even if i had a bad start and i treated like a dog and worst…from these argentina chicas…perhaps it was another bad day… i have what every woman needs…so it won’t be that hard to be accepted in argentina too… 1.hermoso(rubio+blue eyes+tall+athlete+open minded+bad/good humor) 2.muy bueno amante and it’s true cause i had many hot girls back to my country… and 3. and most important i am always willing to help people around me as a good friend…BUT…mistreat my like those 5-10 argentinian girls did to me at the start…and i will treat you the same and worst x2…..that’s who i am..but again…i believe it doesn’t matter the country…at least not so much….it’s about character in every person…i just fell to shitheads…for my bad luck…but i want to believe that there are out here good argentinian people who will like me…because i am still like :S that i am a bad thing to them…i mean…i don’t know….i hope with the time both good and bad argentinian people will understand me and give me a chance to show them my true colors…because it’s stupid to treat someone new around like a dog…and also it’s not polite for a country like argentina…ALSO(and pay attention here)okay…you might hate me more now..but the truth is i’ve noticed you all argentinian girls act like GODess and royal blue blood…for fuck sake….we are all the same…we are all humans…because you are beautiful that doesn’t mean you are more than anybody…as i said to another comment on the next subject about argentinian girls post…even I who i am hermoso by myself i don’t act like that…beauty it’s just a gift and sometimes a curse…but don’t get high Like: I am toos exy for my shirt i am sexy argentinian and i am jealous… <—-that's bullshits don't you think??take it easy with the beauty thing….!!

  • Anonymous

    You´re a Jerk.


    Hola me gusta mucho tu pagina, espero que sigas posteando. Un saludo de escort La Rioja

  • tanguero 23

    Hey bud, I’m 56 and still look better than most guys 35. I’m also a lawyer with a few bucks. Before I headed to B.A., Argentina, I brushed up on my Tango. That’s the key to getting along good in Argentina. Ok, I wasn’t nailing the 23 and 24 year olds…………..but the 26 through 35 year olds…………….yes. The women LOVE a good gringo Tango dancer. And I do it well. I got layed a bunch of times down there, just not by hanging out in the same Tango salon. I went to many of them. Anyway, I’ll go back there. The Argentine girls are special, fairly sophisticated…………….and love Tango.

  • Carolina

    I must say that americans ages up to 50 are very sexier and charming! kisses

  • belle


  • Anonymous

    Las malvinas son argentinas?? jaja that’s what your government makes you believe.. you’re nothing but a bunch of brainwashed idiots. keep dreaming

  • Anonymous

    I am from argentina, and i LOVE american guys, they are so funny, so interesting, and very hot! Love their english accents. You are welcome! :)

  • zax

    American women are a piece of crap, gringos don’t deserve lain women. If your women are jaded than it’s nobody’s fault but your own. Stop focusing on invading other countries and killing Innocent people and focus more on your women.

  • American Strong

    To Thomas: We like to go to other countries and fuck your women and you know deep down that your women want to fuck us. We are successful, hard working, and intelligent. Your country consist of half-breed indigenous people that were conquered by the spanish. Tourist come there for two reasons to see the scenery (which you did not make) and fuck your women (whom you can not get). You argies should not talk shit about our women when your women are the ones how spread thier legs for every gringo with a wallet that walks by.
    Yes definitely, we gringos have a problem, not enough hours in the day to bang every one of your women, but we definitely will keep trying. Soon, the people of argentina will all be a mix of indigenous people, spanish, and white. Won’t that be great. Not all of us think your women are hotter than any other women in the world, just easier to fuck on vacation.

  • Freddy

    I’m a Mexican Latino from Chicago and I did alright with the Argentinian girls. Went to Buenos Aires and tried my best to game. A lot of them have never seen a Mexican before or a Latino/American in their life and was quite a bit of a novelty there. Im more on the tan side and was well aware about Argentina’s obsession with white skin, but did not let it affect me one bit with the girls. I went all out day-gaming and gaming the girls at the bars. I’ve approached maybe 50 or 60 girls and banged 2. I know its a bad percentage but it was enough to get my Argentinian flag. Although maybe I would have gotten more action if I asked them on a date or stayed longer because I noticed that a lot of the girls did show some interest in me. Im happy though. Great experience.

  • Grudge Banger

    Fuck, if you spend all day asking girls and end up fucking one at the end, it doesn’t count for the ones you asked it only counts for the ones you got. I have a friend who has a rule that he follows, in a bar he will approach ten women that he finds attractive, and he will end up fucking one of them every time, sometimes its the first one sometimes its the last, but everytime he’s fucking one of them. Also I have noticed if you encounter a group of girls and one or two of them is super hot all of the guys in the bar will be trying to out game each other and get the hot ones. All you have to do is pick one of the other girls that you find attractive and show her some attention and she will be all over your shit. It’s the players application of game theory, works all the time.

  • Grudge Banger

    Seems to be alot of people who do not like the idea that you can come to thier country stay a few days and plant your stake in thier women. They talk alot of shit and that generally is a good indication that what you say is true. The more truth in something the more pissed people get. Reality is you should leave a couple pregnant women in every country you visit.

  • Grudge Banger

    Unhappy political strife in a country = women looking to bang dudes from other countries to get the hell out of there. Perhaps you should visit Egypt and bang like an Egyptian (sorry could not help myself).:)

  • juice

    haha. computer nerd. and his pathetic followers. don’t listen to this guy… you won’t get laid. be yourself and you probably will (unless you are a piece of shit).

  • Martina

    I find this incredibly disrespectful and insulting. Please take this down, and please for god sake stop referring to women as a piece of meat i can assure you argentinian and every other girl in the world would give you half the respect you deserve if you do.

  • Martina

    *half the respect you DONT deserve

  • hernanday

    Shut the fuck up Martina, all women are just worthless pieces of meat with a hole for a dick to go in.

  • Edvinas

    Hey, Roosh! Your articles are great! Had a fine evening reading them:)

  • Anonymous


  • Mekorig

    Hey Roosh, dont pay atention to the fake feminist and the ocasional white knight/mangina nationalist. You described young women in Argentina very well, all feminist and princess with their friends, but sluts that will make thenself “hard” for a few minutes when alone.

  • steel targets plate

    Pretty component to content. I just stumbled upon your
    weblog and in accession capital to assert that I get in fact
    enjoyed account your weblog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing for your augment and even I fulfillment you get admission to persistently quickly.

  • Anonymous

    I find americans so boring,so ugly,they try to understand why women are the way they are,i like my argentine guys sexier,more intelligent with good sense of humor….north american look silly and desperate

  • carlos

    argentine men get laid very little.. most single men in argentina find it almost impossible to get with the local girls.. pretty much the only way to have sex in argentina if you don’t have a steady partner is paying for it.. the men may be very skilled, yet they have a hard time getting laid.. they look much more desperate than american men..

  • Siena

    Are u gay Hernan? :)

  • Siena

    indigenous people? Are you actually aware there’s almost zero indigenous people in this country? They are all descendents of spanish, italian and french. Or what you refer to “white”. God, you should try to put your dick inside your pants and grab a book, any book. Oh and btw, your whole comment is such pure bullshit. You seem like a lovely red neck, pathetic.