Sex Is Mathematics

The past year I’ve become interested in the mathematics of game. In Bang Colombia I introduced the Approach Index:

[The Approach Index] states how many girls an average looking guy with decent game has to approach before he’s likely to bang a cute girl. If you’re conversational in Spanish, that number in Colombia is 60. If not, you’ll need to approach about 120 girls. (If you’re a very ugly guy or have zero game, increase these numbers accordingly. If you’re a very ugly guy and have zero game, then increase them further.) The Approach Index doesn’t count internet attempts, only face-to-face approaches.

I made the Approach Index to help guys know how much work they’ll have to do to get laid in foreign countries. Men are too dissimilar for the 60 or 120 values to be accurate, but guys can compare them to other countries to see which is easier to get laid in.

Taking this a step further, I want to introduce the Fuck Number, the number of girls a specific man has to make before he gets laid. Here’s how to calculate your Fuck Number:

Fuck Number = (Number of girls you’ve approached in the past two years) ÷ (Number of girls you’ve fucked)

You may be wondering why I selected two years instead of, say, a lifetime. The reason is that a man’s Fuck Number is constantly changing (improving in his 20s, 30s, and possibly 40s, until finally plateauing around 50 years of age). We need a number that is based on a good amount of data to have actual meaning, but also strongly correlated to current game. Two years is a reasonable compromise. Therefore you must recalculate your Fuck Number regularly, but truth is I don’t know any man who counts his approaches. Therefore the Fuck Number is a theoretical concept.

In the past I’ve guessed that my fuck number was around 30, but after accounting for all the bullshit approaches I do for laughs, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was half that. Let’s pick 20 for the sake of example. That means I have to do 20 real approaches to get a new notch. Because the number is an average, it falls on a bell curve.

It’s possible that during the last two years I got laid only 5 approaches after the previous one, or as much as 80 after. This is the nature of the beast, and perfectly explains both the hot and cold streak. In fact, since the data is normally distributed, it should never happen that I get laid at exactly every 20 approaches like this:

Instead it looks random and noisy, like this:

The second chart is what I see in real life. In a recent month I slept with three new girls, and then the following month got absolutely nothing, not even a kiss. The month after that I started heating up again. There is no such thing as a perfectly neutral streak—you’re either leaning hot or leaning cold. If you’ve been leaning hot for over six months, that means you’ve jumped a level of game.

Many guys say they “got lucky” after getting laid, but really they came close to their Fuck Number. Thinking about this concept makes me realize there is no luck to getting laid at all—it’s just statistics (romantic, I know), and all based on your existing game.

Every non-virgin man has a Fuck Number (the mean), and for him to get laid he has to do two standard deviations in approaches from the mean to pretty much guarantee getting laid. Let’s say a man’s fuck number is 317 with a standard deviation of 100. Using the principles of normal distribution, this man has a 0.4% chance of a new notch after only 17 approaches, and a 99.6% chance of getting laid after 617 approaches. That means he could have a cold streak of years, but within those 617 approaches he’s going to get laid.

I’ve already shared my thoughts about how continuous approaching is the key to banging (Just Keep Going, The Secret To Getting Laid), but the concept of the Fuck Number provides rudimentary mathematical support that sex can be had with only attempts instead of any game at all. While I don’t want to be the man who has to do 617 approaches to get laid, the most important factor in getting laid is how many approaches you do.

I hate to take the fun out of game, but it’s just a form of technology that allows you to screw more girls with less effort, like how the assembly line allowed Ford to make more cars at a cheaper price. To get laid all you need is will and energy. Add game to improve your efficiency, but it’s not required.

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