Sex Tourists vs. Love Tourists

Sex tourists go to countries with the explicit goal to pay for sex.
Love tourists go to countries with a goal to date women. This may include sex, casual relationships, and long-term relationships.

Sex tourists do not study game.
Love tourists study game, psychology, and other related fields that help them be more attractive to women.

Sex tourists share tips on where the best whores are located.
Love tourists share tips on where the most feminine women are located.

Sex tourists hate American women.
Love tourists hate American women.

Sex tourists think that all women care about are looks and money.
Love tourists understand that human attraction includes a wide range of variables and factors.

Sex tourists go to a city with a goal to drop cash in brothels.
Love tourists go to a city with a goal to start conversations with attractive women.

Sex tourists pack viagra.
Love tourists pack baking soda.

Sex tourists do not have sex without directly paying for it
Love tourists do not pay money to have sex.

Sex tourists pay for the “girlfriend experience.”
Love tourists get real girlfriends.

Sex tourists learn how to say “How much for one hour?” in the local language.
Love tourists spend months doing Pimsleur language audio courses, sometimes taking university-level classes.

Sex tourists rationalize paying directly for sex as efficient.
Love tourists rationalize not paying for sex as real.

Sex tourists congregate on the internet to share whoremongering stories.
Love tourists congregate on the internet to share city data sheets.

Sex tourists don’t care if there are love tourists around.
Love tourists prefer to stay far away from sex tourists.

Sex tourists would consider getting a mail order bride.
Love tourists wouldn’t consider a mail order bride since he can cultivate real relationships from scratch.

Sex tourists get freebies in the form of an extra 15 minutes from his whore.
Love tourists get freebies in the form of a blowjob in the bushes by a girl who loves Americans.

I don’t blame feminists too much for grouping us with sex tourists since love touristry is at the leading edge of the nascent movement, but if they wish to get into an intelligent debate about why we do what we do, the difference must be respected.

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