Sex Tourists vs. Love Tourists

Sex tourists go to countries with the explicit goal to pay for sex.
Love tourists go to countries with a goal to date women. This may include sex, casual relationships, and long-term relationships.

Sex tourists do not study game.
Love tourists study game, psychology, and other related fields that help them be more attractive to women.

Sex tourists share tips on where the best whores are located.
Love tourists share tips on where the most feminine women are located.

Sex tourists hate American women.
Love tourists hate American women.

Sex tourists think that all women care about are looks and money.
Love tourists understand that human attraction includes a wide range of variables and factors.

Sex tourists go to a city with a goal to drop cash in brothels.
Love tourists go to a city with a goal to start conversations with attractive women.

Sex tourists pack viagra.
Love tourists pack baking soda.

Sex tourists do not have sex without directly paying for it
Love tourists do not pay money to have sex.

Sex tourists pay for the “girlfriend experience.”
Love tourists get real girlfriends.

Sex tourists learn how to say “How much for one hour?” in the local language.
Love tourists spend months doing Pimsleur language audio courses, sometimes taking university-level classes.

Sex tourists rationalize paying directly for sex as efficient.
Love tourists rationalize not paying for sex as real.

Sex tourists congregate on the internet to share whoremongering stories.
Love tourists congregate on the internet to share city data sheets.

Sex tourists don’t care if there are love tourists around.
Love tourists prefer to stay far away from sex tourists.

Sex tourists would consider getting a mail order bride.
Love tourists wouldn’t consider a mail order bride since he can cultivate real relationships from scratch.

Sex tourists get freebies in the form of an extra 15 minutes from his whore.
Love tourists get freebies in the form of a blowjob in the bushes by a girl who loves Americans.

I don’t blame feminists too much for grouping us with sex tourists since love touristry is at the leading edge of the nascent movement, but if they wish to get into an intelligent debate about why we do what we do, the difference must be respected.

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  • John Rambo

    Hi Roosh, Boycott American Women founder here.

    I am going to start reading your blog daily, and can you suggest a couple of other good PUA blogs?

    I will not even waste time even visiting these stupid MRA sites anymore, spearhead, Avfm, etc.

    Thanks man.

  • Shon Starr

    Good break down Roosh! Hey to each his own, but my problem is with those “SEX” tourists who become delusional and actually think they have some real type of “PIMP’ game. While guys like us put the blood, sweat, and tears in to become great at what we do.

  • Armor Welding

    Spot on Bro! I would add one more Sex Tourists will not study the local language, Love Tourists understand that language study leads to a more intimate cultural exchange= more intense girlfriend connection. Perhaps this is already covered in the “start conversations with attractive women” statement…but re-emphasis does not hurt!

    [Roosh: What a glaring omission. I need to add it to the original.]

  • muc

    Ha. True. :)
    Except I personally don’t hate American women.

  • Elihu

    Love tourism is even more threatening to American women, because it’s claiming the desirable men. The Women could give two fucks if fat 60 year old dudes are off the dating market.

    “…if they wish to get into an intelligent debate…”


  • Mojo

    “Sex tourists hate American women.
    Love tourists hate American women.”

    Nearly choked when I read this. Roosh, you old scoundrel!

  • Vomit Sex

    Love tourists know which places to go to, which women to speak to, and which women to pre-snub.

  • Eddie Morra

    “Sex tourists pack viagra.
    Love tourists pack baking soda.”

    …baking soda can be found in Ukraine….. Stay away from antiperspirant guys or deodorants with Aluminium, it’s the culprit to yellow underarm stains…..

  • Proud Whoremonger

    Why do you care if feminists group you with sex tourist? Weird sense of pride Roosh has by not fucking prostitutes

  • Anonymous

    Love tourist rationalize paying for drinks/food as not paying for sex.

  • Jon

    “Sex tourists hate American women.
    Love tourists hate American women.”

    haha, at least both groups can agree with one thing.

    Yet, we all know both groups exist BECAUSE of American women.

  • Mike

    I would have to say both have there reasons for doing what they do. Not every guy is looking for a wife or girlfriend. Also some guys are sick of having to game women after years of dealing with American women.
    They just want to go to a country and pay for sex with some attractive women. With zero hassles.

    Personally I see nothing wrong with either one. Just depends on what a guy wants at the time.

    I would disagree that sex tourists don’t do research or learn the language of the places they visit.

    Dinner and drinks or just outright paying for sex. One way Is a garantee the other is still a gamble in any country.

  • Bill

    A bit odd that Roosh acts squeamish about how he’s perceived and about prostitutes when only recently he was telling a story about trying to get free sex off of a Russian prostitute with hairy armpits.

  • Scott

    Sex tourists pay for their sex with prostitutes
    Love tourist don’t pay for their sex with prostitutes

  • Whosyourdaddy

    Young girls go to spain, italy & greece to meet guys all the time. Any feminist that calls us sex tourists- we’ll have to say you mean like girls who goto Spain, Italy & Mexico? And what about the chicks who went to Alaska? Sex tourists?

    And lets not forget the actual girls who are on vacation seeking sex! Scandinavians on holiday and Americans in Cancun/Florida! Real sex tourists!

  • Thailand Whoremonger

    You forgot this one…

    Sex tourist is upfront about his intentions
    Love tourist fabricates an alternative persona and lies about the duration of his stay

  • Turner

    “Sex tourists hate American women.
    Love tourists hate American women.”

    HaHa. Amen.

  • Anonymous

    The two categories aren’t mutually exclusive. I’m what you’d call a “greater beta” who does a little of both. During my most recent trip, I both banged a plethora of 8s and 9s in the megabrothels of Germany, while also managing to pull off a one-nighter with a Polish girl in Warsaw. I’m not nearly as adept at approaching and getting laid as most here claim to be, but I’m not hopelessly inept at it either. That said, no American girl that I’ve ever managed to hook up with has been quite as hot as those prostitutes in Germany, all of whom I got to have sex with sans effort in a bullshit-free environment. Sure, it cost money, but considering that I work 40 hours a week anyway, I’m not doing any EXTRA work for the experience, and the money would most likely have sat in a savings account unspent if I hadn’t used it as I had. Taking the shortest path to what you want is refreshing, although I realize that the value is limited. Even the prostitutes who seem to enjoy your company more than others – and I think some of them do, in the way a bartender or barrista enjoys chatting with certain customers – would still not be fucking you if you didn’t pay them. Prostitution’s most obvious shortcoming is that it doesn’t provide the sensation of validation, personal accomplishment or status. (Having sex with a ten, even as a result of paying for it, can possibly improve ones game, given that one will be far less likely to put up with BS from a six or seven after the experience. It can also make one not want to deal with non-prostitutes at all due to the hassle. Regardless, the experience changes you.)

    Many here don’t seem to understand that a lot of us don’t really enjoy the environments of clubs, nor do we enjoy the process of trying to outwit women. Men of a certain personality type enjoy it as a sport, but for some of us, it just makes us feel exhausted. What you call a challenge, other men just consider a hassle. It’s a lot of work to expend on a goal that might not be worth the effort and will eventually suffer diminishing returns from repetition. Many of us don’t wish to spend our time that way. I’ll start a conversation with a woman in “low-hanging fruit” situations – for example, if one sits near me at a bar, if I overhear a girl having a conversation that I can contribute to in a novel way, etc. However, I’m not especially interested in making a hobby of it. In America specifically, spending too much time gaming women leaves a really sour taste in my mouth, because it’s involves giving too much value to women who don’t deserve it. In non-Anglo countries where incentives don’t give women as much leverage, I do feel motivated to approach more frequently.

  • Jordan

    Well put post Roosh! I have to admit though i’m enjoying reading the comments section more than usual today. Looks like you have quite a few sex tourists that read you, and they want to be understood.

  • Rael

    Pride goeth before a fall.

  • Amerin

    Poster 18 had some valid points. If you want to be as rational as possible about it, spending 3,4,10 nights out to get ‘that girl’ that you want could wind up costing you a whole lot more then purchasing that 8,9,10. Especially if your time = real money.

    Even though I smashed a lot more girls for free in the last year then most guys do in their entire lifetime, tossing some pocket change at a girl I want once and while doesn’t hurt my ego (I make 10K a week, not sure how Id feel about if I made 20K a year though. I just make sure I get my moneys worth out of her pussy.

    I personally would not delude myself into thinking that a girl who is half wasted and fucks me makes me some kind of god. Personality, looks, ‘game’, money, time all have a value. If you dont have a lot of money but a lot of extra time, go that route. If your time is more valuable on any given day and you got money, go with that. Its all circumstance. Not character.

  • Anonymous

    “Love tourists study game, psychology, and other related fields that help that be more attractive to women.”

    Small typo there’ “that help them be”.

  • Balzac

    I don’t mind as long as Rakel shows up.

  • Eugenius

    So what you’re saying is that sex tourists have money…love tourists don’t ….damn you’re right

    I like the bushes one…true love

  • Stop and think….

    Sex tourists tell girls the truth about how long they’ll be in town for, they have no need to lie.

    Love tourists lie through their teeth and pretend they live there or will be in town for months, just to get a girl in bed. One day a girl will voluntarily want to have sex with me.

  • I Pay For My Flags.. But It Still Counts!

    Love Tourist:

    Spends ten years of blood, sweat, and tears just to get a few flags.

    Sex Tourist:

    Gets quadruple the number of flags in a brief time period, for less money and less hassle. Spends the rest of his time doing something productive instead of putting pussy on a pedestal.

    [Roosh: Funny how guys who pay for whores brag about it like they’re accomplishing something. I guess I would too if I knew the moment I didn’t hand over cash, girls wouldn’t like me anymore :( ]

  • Mike

    One argument I always hear from the sex tourist side is the amount it costs to bang an 8-10 in a allot of countries. Where in America you could spend much more and not get anything from a 5-7.

    Personally my first trip to Eastern Europe is in spring 2013. I plan to have both options open. If I can pick one of up free sure. If I need to lay out a little cash, I see no problem with that either.

    American women hate both sides. They hate the fact we can pay little to have sex with way hotter women than allot of guys could get here.

    Or on the other side a guy looking for a wife can do much better in other place as well.

  • bob

    haha first of all, “game” or whatever you call it is overrated.

    “game” usually will get u needy, not too desirable women.

    And paying for pussy is a more direct approach, ensures that she wont slip away as in trying to seduce her and is a shortcut to get to her pussy…instead of playing silly body language games

  • tufforama

    Call me jaded but the Thailand mongers are making good points in the comments. No fake name (although perhaps a fake hotel to avoid the ladies following them to their real address), no fake story about how long in town, no paying 3x normal rent to live within 10 blocks of downtown, no paying for dinner and drinks, blah blah blah. But alas, no illusion of love for the night either (Is it really love if you know you’ll be dumping her in the morning?). Or is shitting on them by not calling them back, and thinking that ruined their week, part of the turn on? Glass houses and all. I think your trip to Thailand is shaping up to be a Roosh vs. Mongers WWF Title Bout. Should get lots of cross traffic.

  • Roosh

    Whoremongers are guys who only know how to drive automatic and are telling guys who know how to drive manual too that they are fools.

    In the end, I can whoremonger WHEN I WANT TO. At any point I, or any other guy, can pay a whore for sex. It’s not a fucking skill. But can they stop mongering and do what I do? Does mongering give them one scrap of ability to land a desirable girl on their own? Absolutely not. In the end it’s about choice, and they have less to get AND keep a girl. To summarize:

    Roosh and crew can use…

    Whoremongers can use…

    Go ahead, brag some more about how you’re superior for having LESS options. Silly mongers, see you in Thailand.

  • Anonymous

    The best country for paying for it, as far as white women go, isn’t any post-Soviet backwater, but in the economic powerhouse of the EU: Germany. Although the industry is present in Eastern Europe, organized crime is involved and it’s easy to be ripped off if you aren’t tuned into the local culture. In Germany, the industry is well-regulated by a non-corrupt government, and you can be confident that you won’t get screwed (provided that you avoid street walkers, who are working illegally). They also have the “FKKs”, which are super-brothels where you can hang out for as long as you want and choose from the 80-100 naked women walk around. Although there are German girls working there, the majority of those I got with were from the former Eastern bloc. You see groups of businessmen hanging out in the bar or around the pool area — seems like a mainstream activity for ordinary guys there.

    That said, ordinary women in Eastern Europe are far prettier on average than those in Germany.

    Anyway, I don’t disparage the gamers for what they do, but they seem to be trying to fulfill a different need than the pooners, namely status. Sex is just a metric by which they can measure their skill and aptitude at conquering a challenge. It’s still a need, but a secondary one. I get the impression that many gamers enjoy impressing their online friends by reporting on their accomplishments more than they do the actual sex. I confess that I also get an ego boost when I successfully land a fling or a one-nighter, so I know where they’re coming from, but it’s not my primary goal. I’m also not a very groupish person, so bragging rights do not grant me much in the way of tangible benefit.

  • Anonymous

    Roosh, not all mongers are the omegas that you characterize them to be, although it’s probably true that few are alphas. Many are capable of getting laid here and there, myself included, but not at the frequency you describe. Perhaps if we put in more work, that could change, but we all have different priorities.

  • tufforama

    Roosh: email Stickman and he’ll hook you up with whatever he can, would be a cool meeting of the minds. I’d pay $$ for the Roosh + Korski interview.

  • Expat

    Nothing wrong with whores, esp in SE Asia. And for anyone experienced with hookers, it is not just pay the money, get a product. Your experience can vary widely depending on your attitude and attractiveness. You can get a shitty experience or a very passionate one depending on you. Some of us don’t like to lie to women and pretend we want a relationship nor waste time “dating” some chick and having boring conversations over dinner in broken english. Whores are available when ever you want at a moments notice and then they leave you alone until you decide a few weeks later to fuck them again. Regular chicks cost just as much money through buying dinner, gifts and most importantly time, the most valuable commodity. I have done both here in Vietnam and prefer the hookers, even though I have dated a few girls here and have many girls show a lot of interest that I did not follow up on. Some of us don’t need the validation you seem to need from a girl to feel good about yourself.
    Money is always a factor with any girl in SE Asia, even with locals dating locals. As all Viet men say “no money, no honey”.

  • Expat

    For all your worldliness, you still have very American attitudes when it comes to prostitution. Most men in other countries have girlfriends and also fuck whores.

  • American Man

    When I lived in Eastern Europe I had a girlfriend, but I went to the brothel a few times with a buddy. It was the “free body culture” thing where they all walked around naked. After I did it I felt bad because I was cheating and couldn’t stop thinking about how I’d rather be with my girl. Not sure how I would feel about it if I didn’t have a girlfriend.

    Some guys just don’t want to deal with girls at a point in their lives, and having a safe, legal, outlet to fulfill their baser desires allows them to stay healthy because I really think complete lack of sex is really unhealthy.

    Also, some guys may just be off. They may be productive members of society in other ways though and everyone wants sex, so, safe, legal, prostitution gives them a healthy release.

    I feel where Roosh is coming from-he just has to realize the people he is trying to enlighten-feminists, American women-they will never accept that we just prefer other women. Women who like our masculinity, who root for us to do well, who reward us for taking them to a nice dinner, who are more forgiving when we make conversational mistakes. We like real women. Thank god they still exist-just don’t look in the States.

  • doclove

    @ Roosh
    Any man who thinks he isn’t a john and a woman isn’t a whore is a fool. A woman wants you to pay for her in one of 3 ways to increase her social status among her peers( her friendly peers and maybe enemies and neutrals), her emotional status(gina tingles), and her financial status(be she whore, girfriend or wife etc.). It is only what currrency a man pays and what combination of currencies he pays and why that changes, but he is stilla john. She is still a whore. Sometimes it is less obvious and sometimes it is glaringly obvious. Personally, I’ve come down on your side even if just barely that a aman should endeavor to learn GAME because you are right that a Cad can get sex from amatuer women and a professional(prostitute) women wheras a total whoremonger with no seduction skills can only get sex with professionals. However, not everyone is able or willing to learn GAME. I don’t care how a man gets a woman to volunteer sex as long as no genuine criminal coercion is involved. One day unless you raise your status enough, you will be less likely to get the 20 something year old women you want and will have to adjust upwards to 30 something, 40 something etc. women or pay cash to 20 something yearold prostitutes should you grow old enough. Even if you raise your status to Hugh Hefner levels, all you will get is golddiggers even if they are nice, pleasant, moral and ethical golddiggers.

  • doclove

    @ Roosh
    I do blame feminists and others for grouping sex tourists with love tourists a lot because confusing the two different groups is wrong and causes intense harm to the innocent. Prostitution generally speaking makes the amatuer women of the country more agreeable to deal with because all men can go elsewhere. You will find a lower percentage of men who know how to GAME women, but you will also find a a much lower percentage of men who are PUSSY-WHOOPED. If you can’t GAME women, at least don’t be PUSSY-WHOOPED, gentlemen. I advise everyone listen to the rock band’s, Theory of a Dead Man, song, “Gentleman”. Google it now.

  • doclove

    @ Roosh
    Feminists and most American women hate men especially American men with options. Please do not fall into the trap about how rotten prostitution is because it is a feminist trap and they want you to think it’s rotten and although they would prefer that you think it’s rotten for their own reasons they will accept your different reasons as long as you think it’s rotten. Feminism more than anythng else squashed and drove underground what we call prostitution around just before, during and after the First World War to limit men’s options. Prostitutes while they are working are consistently men’s best friends among the female gender. They are on average better than wives, girlfriends and friends with benefits on average. They may be limited friends, but best friends they still are to men because they cause less harm to men than the other three as long as they are working and still strictly 100% professional and they are more likely to provide the kinds of sex and the kinds of women want even if their is a financial price to it. If anyone thinks they don’t pay in some other currency then refer up to my post, #36, above. You will pay her by giving her higher social status or higher emotional status or you will pay any combination of social, emotional and financial status if you want to have sex with any woman. AWALT, All Women are like that, is true about her being a whore in some way.

  • Jake

    I tell cute tourist and NGO worker girls that I’m a sex tourist.

    American girls, usually disgusted. Look on their faces, precious. And that then American accented “eeeewww, gross!”

    European chicks, the opposite. Chicks who understand nuance, the concept of playful sarcasm. One day I’m leaving this monkey jungle of SEA to go enjoy a bit of cultured humanity.

  • A

    Sex Tourists contribute substantially to the local economy
    (they are buyers of what is technically called an “invisible export”)

    Love Tourists, like backpackers, don’t much.

  • cle

    Sex tourists pay for the “girlfriend experience.”
    Love tourists get real girlfriends.


  • Amerin

    Yes we can stop mongering and do what you do Roosh lol (at least me). Can you stop doing what you do and still sell books? I fucked at least 80 free bitches and maybe 5 pros in the last year, would of fucked more so called ‘free’ girls but ive got more important things to do then to pretend i give a fuck over dinner and drinks every night of the week. Some of us have to get up at a decent hour and cant languish in clubs until 3am (about the time that a very plain looking regular girl would find a very plain looking regular guy attractive).

    Approaching a ton of girls that are drunk on any given night is going to get you laid. Its commendable that you try so hard to get laid, but those of us that dont feel like having to waste time on pretense when we land in a new capitol for a couple of days for business are not idiot loser betas.

    Everything has a cost. We all pay for pussy in either time, money or both. If your time is worth $300+ USD an hour like mine, then tossing 1 note at a ho is a net gain. For all of your time studying game, approaching, sitting in bars/clubs, ‘daygaming’ are you at a net loss? Whats your time worth? Maybe your CPN (cost per notch) is much higher then you think?

    I say fuck as many girls as you have time for. Sometimes that pussy has a direct cost, sometimes an indirect one. The wisest, ‘most alpha’ guys see the fastest/most optimized route to their goals.

    Can we even seriously have a conversation about the most principled way to fuck as many girls as possible lol. Its ridiculous.

    I think for most of us can reasonably conclude that guys that ‘game’ girls are not amazing gods to women, and that guys that pay for hoes occasionally are not beta losers. Be rational fellas. Spend more time fucking, and less time fucking with your time. Do whats works best considering your circumstances on any given day.

  • American Man

    Random Thoughts

    Maybe we are all John’s, I can kind of agree with that, however, having a girlfriend who likes you and who you care for and protect, that’s something a whore cannot substitute. Yes, ALL women are crazy, its just to what extent, but I still like forming relationships with them whether they are long, short, whatever.

    Roosh is pissed, and rightfully so, that he forms better relationships and is happier with girls outside the US and US girls try to disparage him by saying he is just a whoremonger. This is insulting to the girls of different countries and to Roosh. It pisses me off too. They can’t wrap their heads around the fact that American girls are a shitty substitute for a real woman.

    I was reading some manosphere stuff tonight, it really is sad how pussy some men have become. The Men’s rights people just fucking whine and whine. If you really don’t like women as girlfriends, why can’t they just pay a whore once a week and do whatever the hell they want to do the rest of the week? Instead they just drone on and on about how they are an “underclass”. I’m still in the states, and yes Europe is ten times better for me, but I don’t feel like I’m in an underclass. I can go anywhere, do anything, and travel anywhere. In some countries you can’t travel to anywhere you want like you can as an American. Yea, our government is bs, but I don’t get these guys. One guy says he’s a 30 year old virgin. Why doesn’t he just pay a girl 150 bucks and fuck her doggy style?

  • Bill

    Roosh seems to derive a bizarre amount of self-esteem from chasing women. For those of us who are just satisfying an appetite, the source of the satisfaction doesn’t really matter. Most guys just want to cum and move on – not make chasing pussy the center of their existence and the focus of their time. That said, I’d avoid pros because they are generally not attractive, are unsanitary and I value my cash more than any woman. Roosh obviously doesn’t share these concerns since he limits his income spending time chasing women and is open to sleeping with hairy arm-pitted whores so long as he doesn’t have to pay, thereby fulfilling some need for validation.

  • American Girl

    I don’t see many comments from American women in these sorts of threads. The majority of the name calling (whoremongerer, beta, etc.) comes from your male peers who have invested heavy amounts of time in the “manosphere,” and who are looking to reinforce the belief that their way is right and righteous. I wonder if in other countries there are underground clubs whose members dedicate themselves to debating the best ways to fuck and hate women. Just move on already. If you’re happier in another country, either because the cost of living is cheaper, you feel more at home in that culture, or because the local women are more your type, then by all means live out your life there … we’re rooting for you!! But stop acting like you guys treat South American/Polish/Russian women well. There’s just as many disparaging and offensive posts about them, which tells me that the PUA/MRA plight isn’t so much anti- “American” women as it is just your garden variety sexism. Nobody likes being treated as a commodity … that’s why feminism was born. You guys are doing more to spread feminism than you are to fight it.

  • Anonymous

    #31 wrote:
    “I don’t disparage the gamers for what they do, but they seem to be trying to fulfill a different need than the pooners, namely status. Sex is just a metric by which they can measure their skill and aptitude at conquering a challenge. It’s still a need, but a secondary one. I get the impression that many gamers enjoy impressing their online friends by reporting on their accomplishments more than they do the actual sex.”

    I agree 1000%

  • Garth

    ROOSH “But can they stop mongering and do what I do?”

    So, what the FUCK do you care what “mongers” do anyway?

    If your life was so great you would NOT have the need to try to pick a fight with men who do not subscribe to your way of doing things. But you are desperate to validate yourself.

    You’re insecure, and you know it.

  • Timoteo

    The funniest part of this post was suggesting that you can have an “intelligent” discussion or debate with a woman about anything…HA HA!

    Also, game isn’t about wining and dining, dinner and drinks with chicks. If anything, Roosh and other gamers preach against any kind of outlay for pussy. It’s about creating attraction and getting a chick to fuck you that night, or at worst the next time you see her without any significant outlay. They drop money on THEMSELVES, not women.

    Also, @41 A, gamers also contribute to local economy. Gamers and “backpackers” pay for a place to stay (sometimes long-term), and have to pay for food and drink. I get that both sides of the discussion must defend their positions, but let’s keep it honest.

  • Jim

    Roosh seems to be crippled by insecurity lately. First picking fights with MRAs and now whoremongers. I come here to read amusing on-the-ground reports, not desperate, validation-seeking philosophizing. OK, we all now know that you don’t go to prostitutes or approve of those that do and you can print this off and hand it to women when you seek their approval. Now get back to writing something entertaining and/or informative.

  • k.

    Sex Tourist: a man who travels the world to have sex with the conscious and subconscious intent to have sex with the locals.

    Love Tourist: a woman who travels the world to have sex with the conscious and subconscious intent to have sex with the locasls.


  • doclove

    @ #45 Bill
    You are less likely to get diseases from prostitutes(professinal) women than amatuer women. I will assume that you are a decieved man. A decieved man talks like a woman. Please stop talking like a woman. If you need to know more about prostitutes go to

  • doclove

    @ #45 Bill
    You are less likely to get diseases from prostitutes(professinal) women than amatuer women. I will assume that you are a decieved man. A decieved man talks like a woman. Please stop talking like a woman. If you need to know more about prostitutes go to

  • Wilson

    Yeah, “sex tourism” is really only made an issue by feminist dictatorial hellholes that ban prostitution. There is no appeasing the feminists, Roosh, Game is in fact a worse crime to them, because the only thing worse than men getting easy sex for cash (rape via economic exploitation) is men getting easy sex for free (legitimate rape).

  • Anonymous

    As someone wrote on the forum recently….

    The difference between Roosh and sex tourist is 40 years and $50.

    As they pointed out many of the whoremongers are guys in their 60s who used to travel and pick up young girls, now they are old they still want to fuck the girls in their 20s but they need to be realistic about it and pay for it. Fair enough really.

  • Victor

    We ALL pay for sex in some shape or form because human interaction is FUNDAMENTALLY built upon value-exchange.

    However, I think Roosh’s contention and that of several commenters is that IDEALLY, we’d like to go to bed with women who find us INTRINSICALLY valuable.

    That is, our presence, personality and way of moving through this world is valuable enough to her IN AND OF ITSELF, that she wants to be intimate with us regardless of whether or not we treat her to meals, drinks, etc.

  • American Man

    @ American Girl
    Have you been to Eastern Europe? No, you haven’t. Let me fill you in on how women think of American women: fat, obnoxious, loud, bossy, and manly. They don’t like them and don’t understand why AW act the way they do. They call them spoiled.

    How do they view American men? They generally like them. They especially like the ones who aren’t effeminate because they like their men to act like men.

    They have heard how bad American women act and are proud that they don’t act like that and are more attractive to American men.

    Are we Americans spreading feminism? No. They look down on American culture, the fatness and obnoxiousness of some Americans,the slobbishness of the American women, they live in the moment more, they enjoy life more, they are thinner, and they enjoy dressing sexy and being sexy. They are also grateful when you buy them dinner or a gift.

    Just thought I’d fill you in on the truth. American culture is gross. We have 60% obesity, high rates of single motherhood, fatherless homes, a prison industrial complex, and cold women. The good men are getting out. You can have your dystopia. I’m moving to be back to the world where I’m valued, respected, and get to bang 9’s and 10’s.

  • dragnet

    “I don’t date girls who weigh over 115 pounds (52 kg). I’ll bang a thickie though”

    What’s up with the blanket statement? It’s probably more correct to say you’ll only bang women who are height/weight proportionate. You wouldn’t bang a hottie who was 5’11, 150 lbs? Come on now.

    I’m 6’1, 200 lbs myself—I have no problem with women who are little sturdier. Just be height/weight proportionate—if you’re over 150 you’d better be really tall and have a chest.

  • xsplat

    Why are the defenders of the whoremonger lifestyle going on and on about money? We all pay for sex anyway, so whoremongering saves time and gets us results without bullshit.

    Is that really the point to you guys?

    I wonder if I’m some aberration to have emotional needs. You guys are so clinical. Have you ever been in love? Have you ever had a woman fall in love with you?

    I have women fall in love with me all the time. At least one girl is always in love with me at any given time. For me the greater part of satisfaction is the attentive care the woman gives. Not only does she worship my body like a temple, but will cook and clean and massage on demand, wake me up with a careful meal, go do errands, and take care of any need I can think for her to take care of.

    What the hell does that have to do with money? It’s not about money. Who fucking cares how much money you spend? It’s about intimacy.

    You whoremongers have forgotten what it was ever like to feel love for a woman and to have one love you.

    Sometimes I wonder if you ever knew.

  • xsplat

    For women, paying them is to pay them so that they won’t want any sort of relationship with you.

    One night stands and fuckbuddies are fun. But am I naive to think that most men are built to want more?

    I think it’s guys who have no idea what it’s like to have more who rationalize their limited lifestyle as sufficient. Then throw in the red herring of money – how we all pay anyway. So what? The way you guys pay causes the woman to not want to be intimate with you.

    The way we pay causes them to become our love slaves.

    Get the difference?

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  • PeeWee

    Sex with a whore for money = entertainment , consumerism.
    You’re just buying what they’re selling.

    Sex as a natural(guided) process with interesting people = self-improvement , creativity.
    You’re connecting to the deeper source of life.

  • xsplat

    There is an art to making women fall head over heels hopelessly in love, and keeping them that way. Being good at that art pays off with unique life satisfactions. Whoremongers act as if they really don’t want to know.

    I’m starting to see that pick up is the least of mens worries. Men have forgotten how to manage the women in their lives, and so wind up not wanting to bother being intimate at all. They’ve thrown the baby out with the bathwater, and then pretend that there never was a baby. Yes, women heighten the drama and bullshit in men’s lives, but if you are skilled at handling them, it’s worth it 100 times over.

  • PeeWee

    (social transaction)Having sex with someone because they have money(good with money or good Job or bank robber ) VS because they are going to give you money( financial transaction) is a very large gap of mental gymnastics. Many men seem eager to leap over.

    Yes , everyone uses some form of currency to achieve their goals you stupid whoremonger pricks.

  • Marco

    Yea, that was an interesting comparison.

    You’re still creepy as hell tho.

    Creepy creepity creep creeper 😀

  • Anonymous


    Haven’t you admitted on more than one occasion that you’re an old, short, physically repulsive little troglodyte?

    Didn’t you also admit that you returned to Vancouver (or somewhere like that) recently, but after figuring that it wasn’t all that great (GEE, I WONDER WHY), booked your ticket back to SE Asia pronto?

    You really are a naive little troglodyte aren’t you?

    Dumbass, it doesn’t matter if you aren’t forking money hand over fist for female companionship. There are literally BILLIONS of women in the world who will make due with the POTENTIAL to live out the rest of their lives with a “wealthy foreigner” and will gladly play the part if it guarantees having their basic needs met.

    But hey, pay no attention to me, I wouldn’t want to burst your bubble. By all means, continue regalling us with your love stories, you delusional hack.

  • Anonymous

    “However, I think Roosh’s contention and that of several commenters is that IDEALLY, we’d like to go to bed with women who find us INTRINSICALLY valuable.”

    I thought alpha pick up types weren’t supposed to care about what women thought about them? Why would you care if she sees value in you or not if that’s the case. Maybe we’ll all be whoremonging when we’re in our 50s or 60s too.

  • Anonymous


    you’re coasting on your money, whether you know it/like it or not.

  • Anonymous

    Literally ANY guy who makes a first world salary (30-40k per year) can go to any of a few dozen countries and get a hot girlfriend by playing the provider angle. No need for direct payment. Potential for a life outside of poverty will make women do absolutely anything. Just keep dangling that carrot above their heads and you will be knee-deep in pussy 24/7.

    LOL @ delusional hacks like xsplat. Shit genes don’t just stop with shitty appearance, they make you a delusional retard too.

  • Jordan

    Great great great comments section for this post!!

  • Stuki

    Don’t know whether Xplat is delusional or not, as I have no idea who is is; but he is making Roosh’ point better than Roosh himself did.

    As the $10K/week dude and others have alluded to, as long as income correlates positively with effort at making it, time spent futzing with Pimsleur, or with “game”, has a cost. How much depends to a large extent on the income forgone by doing so. If you could spend a week as a destitute backpacker approaching girls, or a week collecting bailout billions at some IBank, choosing the second may well require you to pay more directly for sex if you want it, but it does come with other advantages. If, on the other hand, the alternative is to drone away in a cubicle for $500, the other advantages aren’t quite so great.

    But the one thing those who choose the way of the whoremonger will always miss out on, is the opportunity to actually know what to do should he ever come across a woman he wanted more from than sex. And, as in most of history, I do think lots of men want that, deep down.

    In the US, women may well have become so almost universally indoctrinated into progtardism that this is impossible, but by spending at least some effort learning from Roosh et al about connecting with and cultivating and maintaining a relationship with women who have at least a theoretical chance of not being just whores, one does have the opportunity to experience something that many may want, and as the saying goes, “money can’t buy.” Or perhaps I’m just a hopeless, old fashioned romantic, way past due date anywhere in the world.

  • Anonymous

    From what you write about yourself here, you are sex tourist

  • DarkTriad

    Exsplat has some genuinely elite relationship game. Some of you would be better served studying him than ragging on him.

  • Big Jim

    I thought “sex tourism” means “prostitution”. Roosh refers to “sex tourism” throughout his blog. But I think he may be using the term incorrectly. So yes, we are “love tourist” or “PUA tourist” but not “sex tourist”. Roosh is uninterested in prostitution. See my post in the forum about proper sex tourism.

  • Anonymous

    Screwing up people you like, not your enemies – what do you call it?
    Tourism in pursuit of sex is sex tourism. As simple as that.
    Not even dating, just plain straight sex as fast as you can.
    There’s no love, therefore “love tourism” does not apply.

  • Big Jim

    “Roosh et al about connecting with and cultivating and maintaining a relationship.” So, Roosh is a good writer, and he’s going out there and taking life by the balls, and I respect that. But in reading his blog, as a practice he almost never screws a girl more than once. Because, he’s all about the challenge. He’s not about relationships, and he’s not about perfecting his sexual technique, or keeping his dick as wet as possible. Because, after those one night stands, he’s one 5 minute phone call away, from hitting it a second third fourth time with those girls. Instead he doesn’t make that 5 minute phone call, which should have a 50% payoff rate, but prefers to go back to the grind and spend hours back in the bar, enjoying the challenge. Not criticizing Roosh, but just as there is a world outside the USA, there is a world outside Roosh, which consists of improving your sexual technique, and of love, meaningful LTRs, marriage, and children. He very rarely talks about those.

  • tuffster

    I knew the social commentary in Thailand was gonna be a goldmine… make sure to get at least 5 suits while you’re there, my buddy actually got 10 eheh. I still think an eventual trip to Turkey would be icing, considering your background, but it will have to wait for the indefinite future.

  • tuffster

    Or will they fatwa your ass if you wrote a book on Turkey? Sad times we live in these days.

  • Irama

    (Clinton imitation voice) I don’t pay for sex, I pay to give facials.
    Among SEA girls, Vietnamese hooking abroad seem to be the ones most unwilling to submit to this. One even said swallowing “make you die.”
    For the sake of Vietnamese dudes, I hope these were anomalies.

  • Jay

    Bitch, when and where has Roosh or anybody here posted disparaging or offensive comments about foreign women that in anyway compares to those posted towards American women?

    I live in Asia, and whenever I see you American “chick-dudes” over here, with your over-masculinating, pajamas in public, flip-flop wearing chubby asses walking around, I always grin to myself- cause I know nobody here finds you desirable in the slightest. Most of you simply reek of inner and outer nastiness.

    Alphas males, at least the ones that have not allowed themselves to be feminized by US culture, are repulsed by you. Why? Because you have retarded yourselves with your femi-nazi ideas, so much so that collectively you American women have morphed into these androgynous amoebas, and it’s embarrassing to see you out in public.

    I’m looking into your crystal ball, and all I see are emo-chumps, cupcakes, and cats. Have fun with that. Gotta run now, I got a fun, feminine, 95lb Asian princess with a moist pussy and a big appetite to tend to.

  • BlahBlah2

    There’s no reason to shit on either. Pick whatever makes you feel best and do it.

    I’m in the high income crowd and there is no way I’d ever go back to 6’s and 7’s, even foreign ones. When you can pay a Playboy Playmate or Penthouse Pet a grand or two to fuck them, why would you be chasing drunk 6’s at the bar? I recently turned down a “free” 8.5 because she was too much hassle. Constant flaking that I just don’t want to deal with.

    If you care more about the rush of conquest or whatever, go to town. I get that from kicking ass at my job. Like people have said, there’s an opportunity cost.

    I can tell you too that many, many high income guys do this. Think of any male celebrity or sports star who seems chronically single. It’s usually because they’re paying. I’ve heard lots of names.

    Also, paying does not meet the women don’t become attracted to you. High volume professionals won’t, but if you do something like one of those arrangement sites, they’ll often fall head over heels for you. I’ve had women I’ve paid stalking me and trying to turn it into a real relationship. Oxytocin is a powerful thing, and women are wired to fall in love with men they have sex with.

    At the end of the day, why shit all over either? Do your thing and let other people do theirs.

  • Jamie

    Can someone put together a graphic for the Roosh Hamster to post when Roosh writes this nonsense?

  • Tony Stone

    As a younger man, my friends and played the game well and had a great many notches. We would even compete to see who could pull a girl with the fewest lines or get them into bed once home in the fewest minutes. All very entertaining and fun but it came at a cost to our time and health given the time spent out late into the nights. It reduced our ability to be alphas in the bigger game for money and power in business, be it our own or the corporate.

    As an older man, I find trolling the clubs night after night to be boring. You have to play a longer game through social and business networks but younger women are attracted to your alpha power and success. They will let you know they want you and you can have a great variety of fun with them – just ask Bill Clinton.

    Also, for an older man, there is nothing wrong with having some top shelf courtesans in your mix. It’s time and price efficient relative to your income and you’re both getting exactly what you want in a way that you both enjoy.

    In some countries, it is also common to give your GF gifts and an allowance. What’s $300 or $500 a month pocket money for a early 20s student? A much better diet and less worry about rent. What’s that to an expat guy earning $25k a month? 1-2 % of his income to sort out his woman and reduce the noise to go shopping. Does that make him a provider or a whore monger? I think the former.

    The bottom lines for me is that pussy is the easy game, just don’t obsess about it. And don’t worry about which approach is best for the world, only which approach is best for you, your circumstances and makes you happy.

  • Rael

    Roosh – you’re going to Thailand!!!

    I’m so happy to hear that.
    This should be very interesting for you
    considering your attitude about paying for it.

    It’s fairly easy to get a Thai flag there without going to an out-and-out prostitute (i.e. picking out some girl with a number pinned to her dress behind a window who does nothing but get fucked by men by the dozens all day every day.)

    If you completely rule out semi-pros, though, it’s going to be quite difficult I think.

    The lines are drawn differently in Thailand.
    Their attitude towards prostitution is very different. Waitresses, nightclub entertainers, tour guides, almost ANY young woman who speaks English and is involved in the tourism industry in any way is likely to be open to doing a little
    something on the side. It WILL be a paid proposition in some way though … perhaps indirectly, but in some way.

    Short of that, you can either bang other travelers/tourists, or learn the (very difficult) Thai language & hang around for a year or two to meet locals that are not involved in tourism.

    If I were you I’d just hire an attractive Thai female guide for a motorcycle tour. She’ll translate for you, take you to places you’d never find or see without her, & let you bang her twice a day for the duration of the tour … all for one flat daily rate. That’s the absolute quickest way to get some immersion into local Thai culture.

    After that you can decide how you want to play it.

  • Rael

    BTW –

    In Thai culture there is little or no social stigma attached to prostitution, at least at the semi-pro level. There is a social stigma attached to not making/having money though.

    The Thais will not understand your attitude about paying for it. They’ll think you’re just cheap.

  • Jake

    My issue with that perspective isn’t about pay or not pay.

    It’s that guys who are open to buying a chick don’t judge the ‘gamers’ for insisting on conning girls to get it for free, or calling out their ego issues, or the questionable value of a one night stand.

    I prefer to build a connection, hunt, have a fun night flirting. Just as I don’t insist on growing / hunting all of the food I eat though, my preference isn’t all black and white.

    Still, I understand R’s view. He’s a purist.

    My take on the hooker thing:

  • Brian Mark

    Roosh, are you going to Thailand next or is this a joke? I thought you didn’t like Asian women. So your just going to bang women your not attracted to for the hell of it?

  • Wayne

    [Roosh: Funny how guys who pay for whores brag about it like they’re accomplishing something. I guess I would too if I knew the moment I didn’t hand over cash, girls wouldn’t like me anymore :( ]

    Ha! Meeting a chick in banging her is no acomplishment, sorry to burst your bubble. I suppose I simply have the insight and ability to find the non-game playing females. But I’m speaking in terms of european women. So for me the process is absolutely 100% natural. American females have to be dismissed entirely because they are truly worthless as human beings let alone as women.

  • Danish Broski

    I banged a Thai girl within the last week. I didn’t give her any money, but I did pay for her and her friends admission to a club, then drinks, then opened a good bottle of Pinot Noir in my 20th floor 4.5 star hotel, then sexed one, then slept with two girls in my bed, then bought them roomservice the next day, then gave her a few bucks for a taxi (a clear mistake), then she added me on Facebook.

    Mongering or legit lay?

  • tuffolicious

    “Roosh, are you going to Thailand next or is this a joke? I thought you didn’t like Asian women. So your just going to bang women your not attracted to for the hell of it?”

    Maybe Roosh likes money, and he smells gold. A few 1 ounce gold coins will make more than a few women cuter.

  • Colin

    Your distinctions are all accurate. The only thing I’d say in defense of sex tourists is that some are married, so it’s not realistic or safe to do anything on the side except bang whores.

  • solo

    I guess I’m a love tourist but I don’t lite about my intentions to the girls. Well when Iäm in the West I do sometimes, but not in other countries.

  • Anonymous

    There’s a time for “gaming” and a time for “mongering.” I have no problem with either.

  • Daniel

    In reality there is little difference between the two. A sex tourist who immediately asks how much is no less aggressive than the love tourist who kisses women within minutes of meeting them.

    The sex tourist picks a girl working in a bar where all the girls go home with guys. The love tourist is willing to bang a chick who is clearly drunk and may have been responsible for pouring booze down her gullet. Be honest, how many club PU stories have we heard/read where the chick was wasted? They both pick the type of women who will give the least amount of resistance in giving them what they want.

    The sex tourist who drops some cash in the girl’s hand is not too different from the guy who wines and dines a girl and in some cases her friends as well. Okay, the main difference is the love tourist knew where the money went.

    The sex tourist makes everything clear. The love tourist usually sells a story. If you have a nice apartment or tell stories about your world travels, what do you think she reads between the lines.

    If you sell the wrong story, for example letting it be known that you are leaving the next day, you probably won’t get laid. I was awoken one morning by a screaming Thai chick. She was pissed because she fucked a guy she met at a club, left to change and when she got back he had checked out. I had met the guy the night before and he thought he was the cock of the walk and his game was winning her over. Although she flirted hard and laughed at his jokes, she did not understand them. She fucked him hoping he would be in town for a few days and for that time she would be the girlfriend, which for many women is a better proposition than fucking a random guy every night.

    We all pay for sex. Be it with time, dinners, club outings…The truth is most men and women are at the mercy of the most basic instinct which is security. Security is not always a husband, for some women it is having a person to take them out for nights of fun. It is all about the value you add and in most cases that value is not your charm and wit because when you travel to another countries there will be a lot of things that others just don’t understand. I was in a small Thai town and I was popping a bottle of whiskey and buying chasers every night with this chick and her friends. The club would close, they would buy some food and then I would take the girl back to my room and fuck her until the next day when we would repeat. There was very little in the way of conversation. I was just a somewhat fun guy who took some of the stress off paying for a night of fun away from them and provided her with a nice place to sleep. When her sponsor came back to town and she could not fuck me anymore she happily pushed one of her friends to me. It was not game or good looks that did it for me, just taking good advantage of a situation that I understood how to control.

    The reason so many of us get flaked on with women in certain countries is that we provide little if any more value than local men. Several years ago I was in Guatemala, met a cute girl and she agreed to meet me later. She did not show up by I ran into another girl she was with. Turns out that yes she liked me, but a local guy with a good job and a good family did as well. She made the shrewd decision to pursue the best long term option. Contrast that to a place like the Philippines. The rate of flaking goes down because you offer more long and short term potential than most local men, especially to regular girls who are really just trying to get by.

    I’ll close with a little known fact that many SE Asian freelancer told me. Many of them prefer young guys who proudly proclaim that they will never pay for sex. These young guys generally don’t have family or time constraints so they can often be talked into sponsorship or at least sticking around for a while. During the time the guy sticks around it usually means that they can go out every night, eat every day…with very little cost to themselves. In some cases they even get the guy to move in and often pay a month of rent. The guy feels good because he gamed her into falling in love instead of being one of those pathetic losers who pays and she feels good because at least for that short period of time she is taken care of. These guys are also easy targets of love hotel (she won’t go to your place or hers and insists on a love hotel. she is then given a percentage of the inflated price you pay) and the restaurant scam (she goes to a restaurant with you and the bill seems high, but you don’t question it and she gets a percentage). They are easy targets because their ego keeps them from considering why the girl is with them.

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  • moses

    Nothing wrong with a carefully chosen whore from time to time. Sometimes you have a physical need to empty your balls. A transaction with a professional allows you to do that, no muss no fuss no phone calls after.

    I also live in Asia. Tons of local and expat married guys pay for play on the side for variety. It’s the perfect solution if you value your marriage yet crave the strange. Refusing to pay and putting your marriage in jeopardy by seducing some crazy chick who might call your wife seems a very high price to pay for validation.

    I do agree that relying exclusively on whores for sex is not healthy or desirable. But if a man can get laid regularly on his skills, nothing wrong with a little p4p from time to time.

  • David

    All women have a price tag, it just varies what that tag is. Lumping “mail order brides” in with sex tourists is siding with the feminazi’s. The majority of guys who marry are 40-60 years old and can’t go gallivanting the world practicing game for years.

    I know a few of those guys and they are usually busting their ass to stay afloat after getting ass-raped in a divorce or paying for their kids going through collage.

    I don’t look down on them, gamers, or whoremongers. It’s all different styles. Most PUA guys who teach it live say most of their clients while enjoying game really want to find that one exceptional gal.

    Now say you have a guy who spends thousands learning “game” language etc yet he’s a 3 pump chump. A few dozen sessions with whores or even a handful might cure him of the nervousness and fear of women that causes it.

    A lot of guys who have hit their 40’s and up have no interest in chasing tail all over the bars. They would rather have 1-3 regular dates or whores to call up when they are in the mood. I know guys that take a month each winter to go be sex tourists and party. The rest of the year they hand out with their buddies hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, riding ATV’s and enjoying the heck out of their lives.

    To each their own path.

  • David

    BTW From what I know of girls in the Philippines don’t try the fake names and BS. They will fuck you just for being fun, don’t think they won’t stay a week though or show up at midnight wanting more.

    Lead them on and lie to them and you’ll end up with a knife in the belly. Don’t yell at the guys over there either, they are super friendly, crooked as hell, and smiling constantly. The will knife you in heartbeat though if you disrespect them.

    Their people died along side our soldier in Battan, and they are damn fine soldiers as well.

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  • M.

    Sex tourists hate American women.
    Love tourists hate American women.

    I was momentarily offended, then remembered I’ve sworn never to marry an American man. Oh well, carry on then?

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  • Natalia

    Interesting article, thanks for girl who wrote that, I think every girl has to read that.
    I am Eastern European. We don’t separate terms love tourist or sex tourist here.But looking at the whole picture as you did – I think there is no big problems with sex tourists – who has an honest deal and both or them sex tourist and prostitute know what they are risking and what they are doing and what they are getting, but LOVE TOURISM is a true EVIL, that destroys millions of nice, kind, sweet, beautiful,young woman lives,whose unfortunate one single meeting with love tourist will destroy her life, she will never trust any man in her life, she will suspect her husband by the end of her days, it will not let her truly love anyone ever after. It’s a huge emotional bomb explode she will get which is even worse then AIDS will infect her life and all this is because of some BASTARDS that should have been aborted and never born.I think if their mothers knew what they are doing that all would wish to have an abortion 20, 30,40 years ego.

    For 20 years we have constant flood of love tourists mostly from US,EU,Turkey, it makes me sick and tired to see more and more of them.

    After reading the comments to this article – the cruelty of men just shocked me – they do crime – destroy someone’s life by fooling them, using them and threw them away and they feel no guilty after that. It’s so disgusting.Do they realize that they get HUGE KARMA that their children will have to pay out for next thousands of years?

    How do you assholes feel after you broke life of thousands of poor, innocent women????

    It breaks my heart to see how those Bastards get easy with that.

    I understand that me hating sex-love tourists will not change the fact that their number will be doubled and tripled within few months just. I am not just sitting and doing nothing about it. I wrote many articles,I called many TV channels to “get into” this problem and I do think we reached some kind of result.At least nowadays all women here knows that those man come here not to FIND A WIFE as all of them claim -but simply to have a FREE SEX TOUR and use woman, playing innocent little boys. So nowadays if those sex-love tourists will go to the club, no women after drinking the drinks he bought for her won’t go to his apartment for free( to see pictures of her beautiful new house of course: ), she will say 300$ or 500$ to make the user feel used and we are trying to teach more girls to do that, to kick out love tourists out of here somehow.

    Also there is a new local guys organization appeared who catch the love tourists, drive them outside of city- usually at the place where whores work, undress them and put tatoo on them – SEX TOURIST.

    I hope maybe that will stop and defend naive woman who dreams to get married to loving foreigner and have large happy family. Please, all sex tourists who commented on here watch. We are waiting for you – please, come :) hahha

  • Katya

    I am also from Eastern Europe. I think the problem why this place is so attractive for love sex tourists is a cultural background. I think while in US every girl and boy dreams about making lots of money and great career – “Be Rich and Famous” – “American Dream” and I would even say American Slogan,women out here from the time they are born they are dreaming about family,pretty lovely kids nice husbands they have to love adore and take care of.”Family is the key to happiness” was a slogan of former USSR. Guys knew that they have to work to make money and well enjoy their lives doing everything else they like while women take care of families, houses and children and money as well too. This kind of approach lead to many lazy men out here. After USSR everything fall apart together with moral slogans and people didn’t know anymore what to do and where to go. Economy got destroyed within 5 years, plants stopped, people lost their jobs and mass started to flow all over the countries. But one thing stayed certain – there were no borders anymore, but there were money barriers. Foreigners started to come and teach about standards. People started to figure out that main moral value is Money and its the only thing that make sense while everything else doesn’t anymore. Women stopped to like local guys since they didn’t fit into the NEW VALUE – MONEY, they were lazy,they were broke and logically women figured out that foreign men look better and work and most importantly live in the environment where women themselves could also work and make descent money and be independent.No one really wants to be a slave. Some women who had children by that time felt the way much more motivated to get out of sucking economy with no descent medical policy, no police defense, no descent education and no future jobs or possibility to open business -cos if your business will grow to the expend of turnover being over 50 000 USD, the mafia will get interest in you and will obligate you to work for mafia by force. Women were pretty desperate – in their mind unconsciously was a thing that they have to get married, have to give birth to children and they just didn’t see with whom it would be possible to create this family and why. They were put in desperate position.They were ready to go out with foreigners for free, they didn’t know at that point that foreigners are not interested in any family at all, that they lived by different standards – by standards of cash, self-egoism, self-love and well sex.It took them 10-15 years to learn.But things have been changing in this last 5 years -yeah TV and magazines helped their a lot – they show horrible pictures of love sex tourists. Word prostitute sounds like a compliment here then something abusing, everyone knows prostitutes are rich.So hopefully millions of free Love tourists now have to pay now, they will not get free sex by using poor women anymore.

    At any dating site you can find millions of sex tourists whose primal goal is sex, they are broke and therefore cant afford to have family or afraid of it.

    Society also started to understand more. No one kisses ass of foreigners any longer, on the contrary everyone tries to make business on them.

    Me,myself,since I am not interested in any retards or retired foreign men, I only dated few good looking foreigners who were making good money.Some of them had used me, but I did paid back. It’s so weird to see how confident those love sex tourists are and how huge ego they have and how easy they feel when they fool local woman. But I am not a stupid one. I don’t let to be fooled and I also help other girls not to be. Once my girlfriend was used by foreigner – they were chatting through internet and of course he was looking for “serious relationship” but just he forgot to mention that he was looking for that with many women in the same time. He said he came only for her. Anyways they spent 7 days and girl deeply fall in love – but dude who lived in her apartment had disappeared after that and she came to me all in tears didnt know what to do. I made it easier for her, I asked to give me all the details she knew. I called my girlfriend in US, we had found all the info about guy and had sent an e-mail to his employer with pictures and all details of such a brilliant employee, and he got fired next week.In my situation – I had dealt with married guy and I didn’t know about it, I knew that he had someone on the side I just didn’t know who.One time I had checked his phone ( I memorized the password he was using once in front of me to unlock the phone),I saw the name “bitch”, it was interesting to know who would call a bitch every day, so I wrote down the number and called the “bitch” the bitch turned out to be his wife. I decided to give a dude a bit of heart attack and the night when he came back home I was using word bitch all the time even though I have never used it before – I seemed dude was slightly nervous after I used the word 10th time.Then I made a picture of him naked and send it to every e-mail of the company he used to work in I could find. I bet they had lots of fun there – its so nice to keep up the mood of nice people.

    So Ladies, rule number one – before you even start to date any guy – figure out where he works – get your weapon.
    RULE NUMBER TWO:make his naked pictures – (get some more weapon) – its a nice material to use either you want to put him on gay dating site or send it to his boss or business partners – and yeah, don’t forget secretary – this Lady deserves to have some fun on underpaying job.
    RULE NUMBER THREE – record him telling you how much he loves and adores you,make sure he says your name.
    Now you ready to go for a date. Don’t forget golden rule of Steve Harvey -don’t sleep with dude at least 3 months of day to day dating. It’s essential and here you go, now all love sex tourists are in your hands.

  • SawatdeeKhrab

    I was both a love and sex tourist in Thailand until I eventually found the perfect girl and now we’re engaged.

    Just wanted to add that some people can certainly be both, and being able to go out for NSA fun when you want, while other nights cuddling up to a movie with your teerak (sweetheart) is a fabulous set of options. As long as you understand the class system and know the signs of a good/bad girl you can walk the line, although at times it can be challenging because you get feelings for the “working girls” too. If you don’t know the system in SE Asia you probably won’t understand…

    Thai women in general are absolutely fabulous – feminine, sweet, nurturing, slender, and most have only had 1-2 sexual partners by 25. Had a lot of great experiences with both regular girls and working girls and I don’t regret any of it. Have not dated an Americans woman in 5 years and probably never will again, if it doesn’t work out of course…

    On a side note I’m 32 and my fiance is 25.

  • Julja

    I am also an Eastern European woman – like Natalia and Katya. I watched on a TV channel LOVE TOURIST Roosh. After collapse of USSR I am grateful for our local guy organization protecting our women who want to have large family.

  • A.

    Sex tourist is not a liar, love tourist is a liar and also hypocrite.(sorry guys)

  • Anonymous

    regular gals with nowheres-ville jobs in Thailand & Vietnam, will do amateur hooking in Singapore. They know they’ll get some extra money; the real bingo prize is if they can catch a halfway presentable guy who will take them away from their life of just-barely-keeping-their-head-above-water-in-the-province, and become a housefrau in some Swedish suburban town. 95% of these gals are way too smart to divorce their acceptable husband. They dream of the bingo prize, because maybe 5-10% of the girls ==do== catch the hubby. Plenty of the girls in Orchard Towers can show you letters postmarked in Germnay/Norway/etc from their former girlfriends, there’s pictures of girl, middle-aged husband, and a eurasian baby or two.

  • DJ

    I mix it up. If I strike out during day game, I use an escort to release loads at night. Either way, I win. So I am both a love and sex tourist.

  • adelaziz

    long time ago I was just a tourist (when I was 20 about) Now at 37, am on the “love” thing. Cuz I matured so much.

  • Twitchman Ticker

    Right, and those women that are using men to buy them drinks don’t know if the man’s intentions are true and honorable, destroying their hearts and belief in all women, creating new monsters that are willing to do just what previous PUAs had done in the past…
    And you do realize PUAs are in fact heartbroken and are victims themselves of some selfish and horrible women? That they are doing this kind of shit because they were mistreated even when they tried their best long ago?
    I believe there must be good willed women out there, but acting as the women you describe is just going to create more monsters.
    P.S.: Abortion is a despicable horror that nobody should joke about.

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  • John L

    Sex Tourists are usually accomplished men of means who can afford to travel great distances and stay in nice accommodations.

    Love tourists are younger guys who have limited cash and cannot afford much

    Sex Tourists are generally men who are successful. They have worked and paid taxes, created businesses and supported their communities. They spent their formidable years in education or positive economic and social pursuits.

    Love tourists spend their formidable years in bars with drunks, narcissists and scummy women. They think they have achieved status if they can pick up hot cum buckets. They try to make money off the Internet or making minimal income as English teachers. They waste their youth in pursuit of pussy.

    Sex Tourists are generally on vacation, are easy going, taking in the sites, eating in fine restaurants having a wonderful time with beautiful women. They are getting laid every day with the finest women of that city/country. for a pittance.

    Love Tourists are laboriously gaming women wherever they go in hopes that they score. They must act like clowns and monkeys and dance around like idiots. Only the top players are success on a consistent basis. Middling and newbie love tourists might not even get laid on their trip. They must spend months in a location to have enough supply to meet a regular demand.

    Sex Tourists usually stay in high end hotels with maid service.

    Love tourists stay in swarmy hostels or otherwise low-end accommodations.

    Sex tourists pull the hottest women, the ones they want; the hottest ones available of which there are many choices.

    Love tourists may end up with fuglies if they strike out.

    Sex Tourists understand that it is only the economic advantage that they have that allows them to bed these beauties so easily. They appreciate this incredible opportunity to spend minor amounts of cash to be with such exotic and beautiful creatures.. Most of these guys are very generous and chivalrous with these girls. They treat them very well.

    Love Tourists use their perceived economic advantage by playing provider or potential boyfriend/husband game. Thereby, they are using deceit to achieve their objectives. They leave their conquests feeling used and abused and worse off.

    Sex Tourist pay the women. There is no ambiguity or hidden agendas. The women are using their best seduction skills to lock down their conquests. The money the women earn goes directly to help feed and house children and extended families. The combined vacation pursuits of the sex tourists greatly benefit local economies.

    Love tourists provide zero economic value to their conquests. In fact, they may lower the social value of an already impoverished woman. They make very little economic impact on the community as a whole.

    Sex Tourist are usually older guys who have paid their dues. They are cool and comfortable with themselves. Foreign girls really like the older guys because they respect the ladies.

    Love Tourists resent the older guys having a little fun before they die. They don’t realize that they too will become old, lose their hair, get a belly. One day they will be popping Viagras, too….hahahahahahah. Young guys never believe that they will actually get old and look like shit. Trust me, you will….hahahhahahahahah

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