Sex With Full Sized Girls

I used to prefer sex only with petite girls, but now I’m proud to say I enjoy sex with a wide variety of body types.

With a petite girl I like how her small size makes me look big and how she is easier to maneuver, but small girls mean small vaginas so I usually have to take it easy. I can’t just pound away with impunity and many times I will get comments about going too deep or too fast. I dislike it when my stroke is disturbed but I understand it has to feel good for the girls too.

With a bigger girl, and I mean a more curvy and full figured woman and not BBW, man I can pound away and she’ll still want it harder than I can provide. There is nothing more humbling than when a girl says “Fuck me harder” and I am fucking her as hard as I possibly can. Full figured women are also less inhibited than fragile petite girls (for reason I don’t understand), so things do get nice and sloppy even if moving her around takes more verbal commanding. After sex with a petite girl the room smells like the candle she is burning. After sex with a bigger girl the room smells like her vaginal juices which got all over both of our bodies.

Another advantage of the bigger girl is their vaginas are looser. Having sex with a tighter than a vice Asian girl and my resulting three minute orgasm time has led me to believe that guys who want tight vaginas has not had unprotected sex before. Of course I don’t want to be swimming in there but the longer it takes me to reach orgasm the better that orgasm is. Plus I’ll be be perceived as a champion in the bedroom. If you gave me a choice between a tight vagina and a loose vagina, I’d pick the loose vagina every time.

Petite girls are like flowers and for girlfriend lovemaking this would be a sound choice, but there is nothing like the possibility of banging a girl with a gigantic meaty ass to get me excited about going out on a date. When I’m especially horny and masturbation is not working only this type of body type can satisfy my craving. Even fat girls I don’t mind pleasuring once a year as long as she has a cute face. I mean I didn’t spend all that time mastering my game just to have sex with one very specific type of girl. If you like sex, you like sex.

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  • Ava V

    interesting…so where’d you get that picture?

    Ava V’s last blog post: A Few Tips.

  • virgle kent

    Welcome to the dark side….

    You are now an official member of the brotha hood. I’ll show you the handshake later…

  • Jay

    Preach on, Brother! Curvy girls are the best.


  • namaste

    the picture definitely says it all.

    namaste’s last blog post: Dodi Li Va’ani Lo.

  • The Editor

    Great post. I have linked to it at The DC Feed.

    The Editor’s last blog post: Roosh: Sex With Full Sized Girls.

  • Peter

    Is there really a connection between a girl’s body size and the tightness of her Tunnel of Love? I’ve never noticed that.

  • Brandon

    No way! I deffinitely can’t go for bigger girls. I’ve been with two. One of them was actually real tight as well, but I didn’t care because her body was shit. I need a girl with a nice tight body. Deffintely a little curvey is fine, but not overboard or fat.

  • a

    My friends never understand why I like the taller girls: Bottomless vaginas. As a youth guys speak of the virtue of the tight vagina, but unless you are under equipped and don’t feel like really having some marathon heart pounding sex, go for the bigger girls. Great post!

  • Peter

    a more curvy and full figured woman and not BBW

    In personals ads, “curvy, “full figured” and “BBW” (along with “a few extra pounds”) are all used pretty much interchangeably.

  • Jack Goes Forth

    “There is nothing more humbling than when a girl says “Fuck me harder” and I am fucking her as hard as I possibly can.”

    I’ve been there and you’re right…a humbling experience indeed.

    Haha. Good post

    Jack Goes Forth’s last blog post: Don’t Lie, You Want To Be James Bond.

  • Jay Gatsby

    Yo, I need some eye bleach over here….

  • SeaFighter HSV

    “I will get comments about going too deep or too fast”

    Take it easy on VK.

  • Lisa

    Look at Roosh coming over to the good side!

    Actually I have a serious query. In the time since I started regularly attending a gym class which has us doing weights stuff along with bazillions of squats and lunges and other “clench your gluteous” moves a natural side effect has been a tighter hoo-ha and the ability to clench it at will – actually it’s kind of unconciously done during lovemaking. I know there is a difference because there have been comments in the bedroom on this ability when before there were none (a reference to being “choked” for instance.) But it’s like you say, to my surprise I can’t help but feel it’s not always met with over-the-top enthusiasm. So — what am I supposed to do? Seriously. Who has experience with this? Is it about finessing the clench? I know there are some guys with personal experiences to share.

  • spaceman

    i agree with alot of this but i still would prefer a smaller girl than a bigger one. better if your being seen in public and all that.

    Lisa: i have experienced the clench , with my ex. She would clench my dick really hard until she orgasmed then it would loosen up into this completely different wide open pussy. it was pretty weird at times.

    I liked it though, it felt pretty damn good. I could never go super hard though cause it was too tight.

  • Joe T

    I agree, there is nothing more humbling than sex with a girl who is built bigger than you.

    I could never have sex with a so-called “BBW” (why is it that only in the US do we use that obsequious euphemism?)… however, having sex with a voluptuous girl who may be a little bit taller than my 5’8″, or who outweighs me, is always a pleasure, and happens to me much more rarely than I would prefer.

    It’s not so much when she says, “Fuck me harder”, but when she is actually moving her hips much harder than you can yours…

    THAT is humbling.

    Joe T’s last blog post: Bye Bye Ted.

  • Jewcano

    Count me as pro-clinch. Keeps you from having to look down to make sure you’re still in there. Why some guys dig that hot dog down the hallway feel is beyond me.

    Jewcano’s last blog post: You Are What You Do When It Counts.

  • spaceman

    ^ haha

    wide pussies always make me think they are sluts as well.

  • Sarah

    Lisa: I can tighten my kegels during sex and have been told by men it is nice. Also apparently when I orgasm it clenches and releases. Not sure what you are asking…


    Let yourself go, ladies!
    Go ahead and let it all hang out!
    Forget about that pilates nonsense & counting calories!
    Just stick another Moon Pie in yer mouth and lift up that Mu-mu tent dress for Rooooosh V!
    He is the man!

    He loves you just the way you are.

  • iLLn it

    ^^^ Hilarious.

  • Roosh

    “wide open pussy”

    thankfully i haven’t had much experience with this.

    the random clench is nice. it’s like winning a small prize in the nickel slot machine. not life changing but very pleasant.

  • Paul

    haha it was hard for me to see where this topic came from, that it until I saw your how to be an expert blogger video. Rofl fat chick Roosh

  • Scottie

    Roosh…I’m curious…What’s the cutoff point for you between “curvy” and “Oh hell no.”

  • turtle

    I’m a fan of the voluptuous body type. The curvy chicks also try alot harder to please the man. Awesome fellatio and nice bigguns to play with.

    Isn’t that whole “clench” thing the reason behind the donkey punch?

  • roissy

    as i get older i’m starting to get more turned on by the curvier women — wide hips and big tits. maybe it’s my genes telling me to screw women more likely to be fertile and give me kids?

    also, in my experience, voluptuous women tend to be more orgasmic. they are natural squirters.


    roissy’s last blog post: Handholding Daytime Dates.

  • Patrick Bateman

    Considering I have to push myself to exhaustion in order to cum with most girls, a nice tight pussy is a relief. Even when I was inexperienced, I never had to worry about cumming early, in fact, I had trouble getting myself to orgasm.

    I can’t just pound away with impunity and many times I will get comments about going too deep or too fast.

    These comments always make me lose just a bit of wood. I usually can’t cum unless I’m smashing it hardcore.

  • Gannon

    I also agree with Roosh. It’s nice to make love to a soft body, more cushin for the pushin. The limit for girlfriend material with me however is a BMI of around 27, and for lovemaking a BMI of 35.

  • Sara

    How do you know a girls BMI? Do you ask her that before you have sex?

    “I’m sorry your BMI is 36. I can’t”.

  • roissy

    The limit for girlfriend material with me however is a BMI of around 27, and for lovemaking a BMI of 35.

    gannon, a 5’7″ girl with a BMI of 35 will be 225 pounds. that’s not curvy or voluptuous, that’s a beached whale. do you like making love to blowholes?


    you might want to recheck your numbers. please, last thing we need is to encourage american chicks to think bloating up won’t hurt their dating prospects.

    roissy’s last blog post: Handholding Daytime Dates.

  • Dr K

    F that man! Size 4 – MAX!

  • GMoney

    Hey guys, don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it. I like to go “hogging” (yes that’s a real word), 3 or 4 times a year. I find a big chick with huge mammaries, and I work out all my weird urges. It’s kinda like going to a retreat or a spa, works out the kinks a skinny chick can’t get too. Either you get it or you don’t man. And yes, they are way less inhibited, and usually will work as hard as they can to please you in the attempt to get you to stay with them. Sometimes if they are really good, I keep them as a booty call for a while, that way I am not so desperate at the club, because I know I can always swing by Ol’ Bigguns house if I bomb out.Plus they can cook!

  • Jewcano

    This is going totally in the wrong direction. There’s a big difference (no pun intended) between a thick bitch and a she-walrus. A girl with a bit of chunk doesn’t stab you with pointy elbows and ribs, is more likely to enjoy and request paddling, and is guaranteed to have more entertaining tits. A genuine fatass is going to have strange odors and a body that is totally un-navigable with the lights off. It’s more bounce to the ounce, not more fun by the ton.

    The cardinal rule – never bang a girl that weighs more than you do. Unless she plays professional sports.

    Jewcano’s last blog post: You Are What You Do When It Counts.

  • let’s not kid ourselves here


  • Gannon

    Ok, maybe I was being overly generous: let’s redefine girlfriend material limit to a 25 BMI and the fuckeable material limit to around 30. Also, obviously distribution of the fat matters. A female with thin legs, plane breasts, flat ass and big potbelly looks awful. On the other side a more voluptuous, thick women which accumulates fat in her breasts, thights and specially ass, retaining her hour glass figure is interesting at least for casual sex.
    @Sarah: the limits are estimations, if she is still decently attractive to the eye. Marylin Monroe by the way probably had a BMI of 27 or so.
    There was a trekking course in University, and I was an assitant at that course. People had to take two sport credits to get thier degrees, and in trekking all you had to do was to go to the fieldtrips. There were a lot of out of shape girls who couldn’t climb up the mountain, so the basically stayed at base camp with some of the assistants. So while the main trainer was climbing up during two days the mountain with the fit young men and some girls, two assitants (which are also college aged, usually a little bit older, 22-27 years of age) stayed at the base fucking one of the fatties.

  • GMoney

    It’s easy Jewcano, just roll her in flour and aim for the wet spot, or you can slap her thigh and ride the wave in.

  • Lisa

    Some of you guys can be real shitheads on here the way you talk about the women you sleep with. But something tells me you’re a lot nicer to them when it’s just the two of you in private and they probably have a good time – and as long as that’s the case, head-trip away my friends.

    There’s a lot of overweight women who don’t have the self-esteem issues that hotter women have. Maybe it has to do with the fact that when overweight women don’t get what they want, they have something to point at and say “this is why this isn’t happening.” It makes sense. It is logical and therefore bearable. Then they can work towards fixing the problem and enjoy the benefits of having a hand in their own fate. Because anything is better than feeling fat and out of shape, as you find out once you start exercising. If you’re as hot as you’re going to be and life is still shitty what do you do? If I was a 9 or 10 I’d probably have low self esteem too.

  • Anonymous

    Lisa sounds fat!

  • turtle

    Is going “hogging” equivalent to “no pig too big”?

  • Lisa

    Yep pretty much anonymous! I’m just a big field of jelly over here. Maybe I should throw myself on you and smother you with my enormous breasts. Show you what 300 can do.

  • Arthur Cain

    Kegels should be a regular part of the vocabulary for every ‘hitman’. Supposedly there’s a way to do them incorrectly, but I tell all of my regulars to do it, and I usually find a way to drop it into conversation with someone new as well. If she knows what kegels are, they know why you’re asking. Planting that seed in the back of their mind you know?

  • Jewcano

    GMoney, I can’t believe you would endorse battering women.

    Jewcano’s last blog post: You Are What You Do When It Counts.

  • GMoney

    Oh yeah, well I roll them in flour, but when I’m done, its kinda like pancake batter, but it smells a lot worse. 😉 Welcome to the men’s locker room Lisa, this is how we roll. If you want to come over and talk about Tolstoy, or your cat, or whatever stupid thing you are into, I will patiently listen and feign interest as long as it takes, until you give me some or I cut my losses and bail. how long I will tolerate it is directly proportional to how hot you are. No Pig Too Big, thats gross but its gotta nice ring to it. I did a chick so big one time, she had smaller fat chicks orbiting her. The 48FFF’s were awesome though. Like two saggy basketballs with nipples man.

  • Lisa

    I’ve forgotten more about sexing women than you’ll ever know GMoney, plus on top of that you’re not even funny. You do get sympathy points however.

  • Sweatpants

    I am shocked, SHOCKED by the disgusting things posted here!!!!

  • danielle

    what does curvy look like…. is a compliment to be called curvy, please name someone in the media that is curvy…. big fatties call themselves curvy,

  • Anonymous

    i am interested too for sex with these ladies

  • Anonymous 2

    Sweatpants sounds fat too!

  • Anonymous 3

    All Anonymouses are idiotic virgins with no experience in the fine art of sex whatsoever, besides their collection of porn, of course.

    This Anonymous is excluded, naturally.

  • Brandon

    I don’t know about the whole, “The longer it takes me to reach orgasm the better than orgasm is.” I kind of used to think that too, but the other day, I had the best orgasm of my life and both of us came in about 3 or 4 minutes.

  • Jedi

    Hmm.. Interesting post. I wouldn’t know the difference cause I haven’t tried a voluptuous woman, but I do like their attitude better then the skinny stereotypical HOT ones. I seem to notice that voluptuous woman has a motherly quality to them. Which means? Most would take care of you probably after getting their needs fulfilled.

    How can you go wrong with that?

  • Timothy

    For years I’ve been wanting a full-figured woman, but I always ended up with more slender women. Finally, this year a got my hands on some REAL curves. She wasn’t a very good lover, but I just loved the way her body felt. I would even go bigger, but short of sloppy. I’m an ass man, so I like hips and a round ass. I just love the visual during doggystyle. I’ve never been a breast man – I was always cool with a B or C cup with a nice nipple. That was until I got my hands on some firm D cups. Now I don’t know if I can go back!

    There’s nothing more painful than to see a women with a really cute face, but an out-of-control sloppy body. If she could dedicate herself for a year to dropping some pounds and toning up, it would make a world of difference.

  • Timothy

    HA HA! Like many of you, I love some of the different adjectives women use for “fat.” BBW, a few extra pounds, curvy, thick, voluptuous,blah, blah. And how the pictures these women post are pretty much just face pics, taken from a variety of angles to keep you from getting a look at the rest of them.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    And you don’t like black girls why?

    You just described exactly why I do. And the thick and tall girls in general. Nothing like that feeling of being behind a huge ass pounding that shit.