She Is Bitch (Part 2 of 5)


He walked with me to my apartment so I could drop off my laptop and wash up. He said there was no time for me to take a shower, so I just brushed my teeth and scrubbed my armpits over the sink. Once back on the street, he started telling me about his method.

“This isn’t like America where you have to go in circles to talk to a woman. They want a strong, direct man here. Give her a good look in the eyes, smile, hold it, and then ask her how she’s doing. That’s it. You’ll know right away if she wants to talk to you or not. Let me see your smile.”

I smiled.

“Okay, fake smiles aren’t so great, but that’s a good start. Just smile and look her in the eyes. Don’t be scared, and don’t look away first.”

After I went to an ATM to withdraw some cash, we saw two girls coming up the sidewalk. One was cute and playing with her dog. The other was a land whale who had managed to fit into a party dress two sizes too small.

“Want to demonstrate?” I asked.

He stopped next to the girls and said, “Hi, ladies, how are you?”

The fat one responded instantly, complimenting his accent and asking where he was from. Even the cute one was friendly, so we all engaged in small talk. The fat girl turned into a bit of a stalker, however, following Luigi and me for a block until finally getting the hint.

“That girl is too fat,” he said. “I just wanted to show you what I mean.”

“What’s funny is that those girls were more receptive than I would have thought. If I approached them alone, I doubt if they would have responded like that.”

“The girls here think it’s weird when you go out alone. They don’t like it.”

“It was the opposite in Poland. I’d go out alone and the girls would commend me, saying they liked my confidence.”

“Yes, because Poland is a normal place. Remember that we’re in a shit place and things are different. I teach you so you understand.”

We walked to the front of a tourist club called Scandal, debating whether we should go in or not. Then a pretty brunette said hi to us. Wow, I thought, being with a friend really improves things. Luigi took over the conversation and asked what her and her tall friend were up to. They said they couldn’t get in because the brunette was too young and the bouncer she knows wasn’t working. They asked if we wanted to go to another club where she could get in. Luigi enthusiastically accepted.

I always do research on a country before I fly in. One thing I read about Riga is that a girl will lead you to a bar of her choosing where prices are grossly inflated. She gets a cut of the proceeds and slowly drains your wallet while pretending she likes you. By the end of the night, you’re broke and she goes home with the excuse that she has to take care of her mother. I’ve read some horror stories where a guy unwittingly buys a bottle, gets a bill for an absurd sum, and isn’t allowed to leave until he pays up. Burly Russian types escort him to nearby ATMs to make the withdrawal.

The two girls were extremely friendly, asking questions interview-style, where during the previous two weeks I had trouble finding more than one girl who acted that way. I was skeptical. I didn’t want to discount the power of being with a friend, but their vibe seemed off. While walking to their club, the brunette hooked Luigi’s arm and the tall girl, who wasn’t at all attractive, hooked mine. Without any doubt in the world, I knew something was wrong.

“So what do you think of Riga?” the tall girl asked.

“It’s a weird place.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Well, you have the Latvians and the Russians, and they’re completely different people. It depends on where you go, I guess.”

“Where have you been so far?” she asked.

“Just to a couple clubs in the center.”

“Do you have a favorite?”

“Not yet.”

“What other countries have you been to?”

On and on it went. The conversation wasn’t natural because Eastern European women don’t ask rapid-fire questions. What’s funny was that she was talking to me the way I always tell guys not to talk to women.

Five minutes into the walk, I said, “Hey, Luigi, can I have a word with you for a minute?”

“Yeah buddy wants up?”

“This doesn’t feel right. I think we should go back.”

“Why, man? These girls are cool.”

“Nah, I think it’s a scam.”

“No, man, you’re just being paranoid. I’ve been to Riga twenty times, I’m not an idiot. Let’s just see where they want to go. Trust me, I’m not the last boy scout. I won’t let anything happen to us.”

He was a convincing little man. We resumed walking with the girls.

“So, where are we going?” I asked the tall girl.

“Don’t be so nervous,” she said. “We’re just going to have fun.”

“Does this place have a name?”

“Don’t worry about it!”

“Well, how far is it?”

“It’s close. Just a couple more minutes.”

She kept asking questions to keep my mind off the bar we were going to, but her awkward conversation style just made me even more suspicious. We made a left turn, a right, and then another right, which was the city equivalent of going three blocks to walk one.

“So do you know where this bar is or not? We’re walking in circles,” I said.

“Don’t be so nervous!” she said, but all my brain heard was be so nervous.

“Hey, Luigi, come here for a second,” I said, drawing him into another conference. “You know we just walked in a circle, right?”

“Yeah, it looks that way. Strange.”

“Look, this is a fucking scam. I’m 100% sure. We’re wasting our time.”

“It’s okay. Let’s just check out the place and if it’s a scam, we’ll leave.”

“So you want to continue wasting our night just to confirm it really is a scam? I have my ATM card on me and a lot of cash. I don’t feel comfortable at all.”

“Don’t worry, man.”

“Yeah, famous last words.”

“Look, they say it’s close. Let’s just check it out.”

“They’ve been saying its close for the past ten minutes.”

“We’ll just look at it from the front. I agree that it’s starting to smell like shit, but if it’s shit, we won’t go in.”

We went back to the girls. I didn’t even bother to put on a fake smile. Luigi really thought his girl was intensely attracted to him and walking us across town because she eventually wanted to fuck him.

Ten minutes later, we were approaching the worst area of the city, with no signs of civilization in sight. I stopped all conversation with the tall girl. If I got scammed on my own, having been honestly tricked, I’d take my licks and learn from it. But in this case I had seen the scam a mile away and was allowing a new friendship to suck me in way farther than I would have otherwise gone. I was putting my fate in Luigi’s hands.

“Alright, I’m going back,” I suddenly said. “Luigi, this is bullshit. We’ve been walking for twenty minutes and now we’re in a shit part of town. Even if the bar isn’t a scam, I don’t want to go.” Then, I added in a whisper, “I don’t even like the girl. I don’t want to fuck her. She’s not even cute.”

“So you’re going to leave me here alone?”

“You’re welcome to come with me if you want, but I’m not going to do something I don’t feel comfortable with.”

Luigi got stern with the girls. “Hey, ladies, this isn’t some bar where a bottle costs 500 euro, eh?”

Their cheesy smiles tried to assure him. For a guy who supposedly had so much Riga experience, I couldn’t believe that he was still indulging a scam that was going down word for word the way I had read about on the Internet (it wouldn’t be until the following night that he revealed he had been scammed multiple times in Riga).

“Okay, Roosh, I talked to the girls. They say it’s just three blocks down. How about we get into a taxi and look at it from the front? If it’s not good, we’ll drop them off and go back to club we were at.”

That sounded reasonable to me, especially since we would pick the cab. I hailed one on the street, but the driver didn’t speak English. We got in and the girls gave him directions in Russian. We had unwittingly given them complete control over the situation. They had told Luigi that the bar was only three blocks away, but just like on foot, we started going in circles. Either these girls were such amateurs that they had forgotten where the scam bar was, or they were deliberately trying to disorient us.

“I used to live here. This is a very bad area,” Luigi said.

“No shit,” I said. “Hey girls, do you know where this bar is or not?”

The pretty girl said to the taxi driver in Russian, “He doesn’t understand,” followed by a little laugh.

The taxi driver just smiled, understanding what was going on. The scam was definitely on and my heart started racing.


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  • Alexandre Takahashi

    Dude, you’re really a great writer. I’m really anxious to know what happened!

  • silent

    This is why Mario made all the decisions, and Luigi was 2nd player.

  • Anonymous

    Roosh is really cooking up a potboiler here…

  • real Latvian girl


  • real Latvian girl

    Hilarious, a cool Italian. I feel so drawn to him. Do you have a picture?

  • outlaw josey wales

    Great suspense.

  • jasonUSA

    I’m really interested in reading your writing now because it is no bs and gives perfect guidance. Also the style is soo real. I’ve been there and your experience is making sense and bringing more sense to my experience.

  • Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, D.R.G.

    Di Niro’s quote in Ronin is appropriate: “Whenever there is any doubt, there is no doubt.”

  • D-Mack

    I’m hooked on this story. I started feeling unsettled while reading it and had to remind myself its not actually me its happening to! Can’t wait for the next part Roosh!

  • babuschka

    Im cheering for the russian thugs, cant wait for the ending…i hope they took you for everything.

  • Solo

    I just burned the chicken I was grilling to finish reading (srs), its crazy anytime I read Roosh’s stories like these I get a mental play by play.

    Like Watching a movie in blue ray

  • Ralph


    Exactly. Can’t be listening to Luigi gotta always go with Mario.

  • HCE

    Classic! Although, it is everywhere… I escaped the same scam as the (purported) one here in Poland. It’s also popular in Turkey, Croatia, Monte Negro, Serbia… I think it’s a worldwide phenomenon actually.

  • Ollie

    @Ministry of Public:
    Also from Ronin: “I never walk into a place I don’t know how to walk out of. “

  • Anonymous

    “Он не понимает hahaha”

  • Anonymous

    Well, that’s one hell of a cliffhanger.

    You can definitely write, Roosh.

  • David H. Fucktrelle-Male Feminist Extraordinaire™

    obviously it turned out good because you are still here writing this….

    maybe it was some neo natzi’s at the divey club and they wanted to re-enact the brutal American History X shower scene with you and Louie…

  • Lucky White Male

    Thank God I continue to be a White Male Roosh.

    There’s a good reason why White People are not called immigrants, but “ex pats”. It has to do with superior privileges available to certain people that other people simply cannot have.

    It is part of the QUALITATIVELY superior experience of existence that a White European Derived Male such as myself enjoys

  • Naughty Nomad

    Damn it, man. What happens next?

  • The G Manifesto


    This reminds me of Riga, although it really sounds like this Luigi guy is taking you deep down the rabbit hole.

    I am kind of surprised anyone would go to Riga after what I wrote about it.

    Before I ripped the lid off the place, there was so much talk of how “amazing Riga is”. And even more talk about how “easy the girls are in Riga”.

    No one talked about the scams publicly.

    Hell, I endured three street fights and multiple scams.

    However, I do think the place must have been good in the past.

    – MPM

  • Tim

    I wonder if one of the girls is the title subject.

  • M Night Shamalyan

    So is this the part of the story right before Luigi announces his allegiance to feminism and turns on you?

  • Anonymous

    My prediction: Luigi is in on the scam. What an ass.

  • Anonymous

    At some point Roosh, maybe you should try your hand at a new type of project, like a screenplay or something? Even you must, at some point, get tired of writing about game, feminism, cunts and degenerate/toxic culture. I mean, how many Bang derivatives can be fulfilling to write?

    After visiting your site for about a year or two, I’d have to say I enjoy these types of stories more than your other posts. They are fun to read.

  • Anonymous

    similar thing happened to me in Istanbul, except the italian guy in the story was in on it. I’m pretty sure it was a Turkish guy, he claimed to be Greek and there on business.

    firs this ‘greek’ dude befriended me off of the street and said he was here on business staying at the swiss hotel, and he was from greece, etc… very friendly chat while walking on istikal (main street). I then suggested we get a cup of tea, which we had. The topic turned to women (he brought it up) Then he said he wanted to pick up women and he knew a good place to go.

    we were headed to the place, and i said i had read that where he was leading us to was a bad part of town (below the main square off istikal). He then thought about it, and then said he knew another good place for pickup and led us there instead.

    We arrived at hte place and went inside. seemed legit. While there he was very quick to pick up girls… too quick & too easy. We went to a booth to talk further. One of the girls said she wanted Russian champagne and said was cheap.

    I asked before the bottle came how much it cost, the bartender just said “a few dollars”.

    after about an hour of talking I was making out with one of the girls but I got a really bad feeling. the first bottle was empty and they were about to bring another, then i thought it may be a scam so i said im sorry had to leave to get up early. I told the greek guy i thought this may be a scam. The greek guy reassured me and said no for sure not, impossible becuase we picked the place.

    they gave us the bill of 500$!! the Greek guy paid his ‘share’ quickly. It became obvious he was in on it by his body language. The girls left and 2 Big guys and the club owner came and blocked off our booth and told me to pay the rest or we could not leave.

    I argued with them for about 45 mins why i shouldn’t pay more than 15$. I said i know how much Cheap Russian Champagne costs, this is not French Champagne (aout 3$ a bottle). I kept telling them I would have had no problem to pay their price if it was told to me before, but the waiter said it was only a few dollars so i would not pay a fake price. If it was in the menu… etc. They brought me some fake english menu, which i called them out on as a ‘tourish menu’. I told them i needed the money for my plane ticket anyway so i couldnt possibly give them 250$.(which was BS) I kept telling them over and over how i would love to pay but it was both not possible and unfair because the waiter told me it was only a few dollars. I was also very calm, relaxed, and reasonable. the big dude to my left kept repeating to me “how much money do you have” (i had about $400 on me)

    After 45 mins of talking to the owner/bouncers, i had them convinced i was a poor yet nice guy. I also convinced them i had a turkish great grandparent. I ended up talking them into paying $75, which wasn’t bad at all. Could have been a lot worse. Actually, for an evenings entertainment involving a whole team of performers (bouncers, greek guy, 2 girls, one makeout with a cute turkish girl) it was frankly worth it lol

    its funny because there were these fat british girls in the hostel who told me the next day they were picked up by these 2 guys, who winded up bringing them to a club and then pullign the same scam on them (minus the girls). they paid hundreds each.

  • The Watcher

    Could be possible. Rooshie did point out how luigi was adamant about selling him the (american) dream. Now, he’s trying to sell him the dream of these two girls. A luigi backstab seems imminent.

  • Nomad77

    Great writing, the old Roosh is back in form :)

  • lui drakovich

    I agree with the anon above. Luigi is in on the scam. Most professional scam artists are very charismatic and comforting. He saw that you were alone and you probably looked like easy prey. Also, him mentioning that he used to live in that bad place is no good.

  • Neil Skywalker

    Come on Roosh, don’t keep us waiting. I’ve been to Riga too and hot girls approached me but I spotted golddigger/scam a mile away and brushed them off. I’m also starting to think this italian dude is in on it.

  • Beeyatch

    Now, the evil thing to do, after whipping up all this interest, would be to post the climactic ending to this cliffhanger… on Amazon, as a ten buck e-book.

    How’s that for a scam? :)

  • Apocalypseman

    That makes me angry just reading it.

    You have to be very careful with some of the eastern european broads. It’s like they’re great or a nightmare.

    Even the ones in London, you can meet some that are genuine sweethearts, and then others who portray that all the while keeping dollar signs in sight.

    It doesn’t help that there are loads of men who literally buy these women. Whether it’s mail order bride, gold digger relationship or paying for a fancy night out in return for sex. All of which are various degrees of prostitution.

    I know the above story doesn’t apply, as the scam is short-term in nature and very obvious (at least to Roosh).

    When you date them, you sometimes don’t notice what’s happening until later on…hopefully, as in my case, sooner rather than later. I guess some men are ok with this, but I have dated two Russian girls who married a Brit, only to drop him shortly after arriving in the UK. Convenient. The poison of Western society is really starting to kill all options.

    It’s amazing how many men don’t wake up to this, whether it’s a short jaunt over to Riga or a long-term relationship with a Russian in a more comfortable environment as London. In the meantime, these broads will keep on ho’ing on.

  • Anonymous

    Luigi game = Deb Auchery game …

  • Sam Spade

    Fantastic writing – a lot of tension building.

  • George

    Ohhhh shit. Your 6th sense is the most valuable thing you possess in foreign countries, especially when people don’t speak the same language as you. Looking forward to hearing how you got out of this one!

  • mantle


    Same thing happened to me in Istanbul, except I told the scamming cunts that I had very little cash on hand, so I was escorted to an ATM to pay up. The problem was that the ATM was on a major street in Taksim, and the only guy making me pay up with the middle aged owner of the shop. He begged me for my money before I booked it and got a in a taxi. How pathetic do you have to be to BEG someone for the money you’re trying to steal?

  • DrG

    Great story Roosh. This is exactly why I love this site! Your travel stories are top notch.

  • Anonymous 2

    The EXACT same thing happened to me in Istanbul as happened to anonymous, about 3 years ago, in the Taksim area. It was a Luigi type … walked up to me and said “Hey are you also at the convention?” Said he was Greek. We went for tea, chatted about women, he said he knew a club. I knew it was a scam when I sat down and they spread around all this colored water. Cost to me: $200. The next day and the one after that, guys made the same approach to me. This is a relentless, recurring scam. It really turned me against Istanbul.

  • anon

    Oh shit man, can’t wait to see what happens.

  • Fluffy McGee

    Rule number 1: Always lead.

  • Anonymous

    Very well written, keep it up

  • silbanis (banned)

    Looking forward to hearing the rest of the story
    Roosh.I agree with those claiming that Luigi
    sound shady Hope it turned out okay for you.

    Same sort of scam is being run here in N.America;
    Story about an L.A weatherman (John Bolaris) who was scammed in Miami.

    John Bolaris was dubbed the real-life Hangover after he gave an interview about being drugged and swindled out of more than $40,000 by Eastern European bar girls which saw him fired from his job.

    Weatherman John Bolaris scammed,drugged, by Miami Russian Bar Girls

  • The Vain Yogi

    Can’t wait for the next installment!!

  • Brandon

    No, no. Luigi isn’t in on it. It’s in the writing.

    ‘it wouldn’t be until the following night that he (Luigi) revealed he had been scammed multiple times in Riga.’

  • jimmy

    I dont know if someone already posted this, but I feel Luigi is part of the scam.
    I can smell it through the pixels on my screen!!!

    Who wants to bet with me?
    50 bucks in!

  • moses

    Excellent, snappy writing. On the edge of my seat Roosh.

  • Mike

    Haha I know Luigis type. Naive, and acting like he knows it all. Will always get you in trouble somehow.

  • Jason S

    I don’t really trust this Luigi character. He seems like the kind of chap who’d be in on the scam. You just met him that same day right? Also you say he’s a smooth talker, convincing, able to win your trust and friendship easily, directs the proceedings of the night … dictionary definition of a con-man (or scandalous pimp) in my eyes.

  • michelin

    Roosh V: Writer…

    can’ t wait to finish this Pulitzer winning story :)

  • Mack

    Once again proving that the world outside of North-Western European derived countries is a shit hole.

    Can’t trust any of them.

  • JJ Roberts

    Fairly obvious scam.

    I was in this town last year and I quickly worked out which were the scam bars and which were the clean bars.

    Bar Cuba and Kiwi bar are both clean bars for example in my experience.

    I did not even have the advantage of the blacklist of bars produced by the US Embassy at the time

    The town is small enough that you should be able to work is out for yourself in a couple of days without getting scammed.

    I did not get scammed even once there. There were attempts but I always …

    1) Insisted on knowing the full price of a beer before ordering it.

    2) Then immediately paying for the cost of my drink the moment it arrives and before I have taken even one sip of it.

    3) Making it clear to the bar staff who were serving that any girls that I am with will be paying for their own drinks. Also making this clear to the girls.

    4) Never follow anyone to a bar of their choosing – EVER !

    The red flag that would have terminated this interaction for me would have been the vagueness of the details of the bar.

    What’s the bar called? Does not matter? Yeah hell it matters.

    Where is it? It’s close. At that point I would ask for the exact name and address of the bar and if they refused to provide it then just immediately terminate the interaction.

    I have been to every country in Europe and Riga is the single worst town that I have ever encountered in my life for bar scams.

    Seriously, it seemed like about 50% of the bars are scam bars.

    Even running daygame solo I encountered it. Here is what happened.

    I met a hot girl walking down the street during the evening.

    I talked to her (standard daygame stuff) got her number as she was on the bar to a bar to meet a friend.

    I texted her a few hours later when I was out and she invited me to the bar she was at.

    I arrived and she was with one female friend.

    As I sensed it might be a scam I said I did not like this bar (I think it might of been Roxys which is on that blacklist) so I immediately lead them to another bar of my chosing a little further down the road.

    I asked the price of a beer. The bar staff told me (it was the regular / local price about USD $2). So far so good.

    The girls ordered a drink each. Before their drinks even arrived I had paid for my beer and asked to see the total bill for the other two drinks.

    The other two drinks were about $25 EACH for nothing more than a rum and coke. I immediately told the bar staff that the girls pay for their drinks not me.

    The girls gave me an “shit, the scam did not work” look to each other. They two of them paid for their drinks (of course they paid the regular price of about $2 and not the scam price).

    Then they took literally one sip each and said that they thought that this bar was “boring” and were going back to the last bar.

    I finished my beer in peace before leaving the bar.

    I then sent them a text message telling her exactly what I thought of her and laughed at her stupidity.

    The only cost to me was the cost of a couple of text messages.

    Total = $0.10

  • Astelamos

    Yes, Istanbul Taksim Square. It was already like that 8 years ago….
    It seems a big city is not a place to invent something new.

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  • Wilson

    “Too young” to get into the first bar–well played.

  • a

    Thats what happen when u follow ur dick. lol