She Is Bitch (Part 4 of 5)


In all fairness, some of the girls were rather cute. Out of the three categories of women in Riga, two were present: bitch and desperate. The desperate girls were easy to spot: they were fat and poorly dressed. The bitches were always sexy.

“Hey, look at that girl,” Luigi said, pointing towards a fat brunette. “On Badoo she asked me 150 lats to fuck her.”

“That’s $300. Are you sure she didn’t mean 1.50 lats?”

“No, I’m sure.”

“If she’s asking that much, I guess that means that there are actually guys who have paid. Fucking sex tourists.”

Luigi said, “This is my last visit here. Let’s get a drink and try to have a good time.”

By “let’s get a drink” he actually meant “how about if you buy me a drink?” I figured his funds were tight since he was always complaining about the high drink prices.

I handed him a vodka and Red Bull and he immediately started talking to a short blonde. She was a country girl with below-average looks. I put her in the desperate category. When they were still talking five minutes later, I knew he was in. All of a sudden I felt alone and in need to chat up a girl. Going out with Luigi I actually talked to very few girls because I was so busy talking to him.

I saw a tall blonde standing by the dance floor. She was wearing heels and a mini-skirt—a typical scammer chick, but she had a girl-next-door vibe with Princess Leia braided hair and a plain face. Because I knew all the scams, I felt immune.

I approached her and said, “You look like speak English.”

“A little,” she said.

“Are you Russian or Latvian?”

“I’m Russian.”

“I’m actually learning Russian now. I’m studying one hour a day. It’s a hard language.”

She didn’t seem impressed and turned away slightly. I glanced over at Luigi. His girl was laughing. There were two foreign guys for every Latvian girl, so I had to try to make this one work.

I looked at her and said, “Do you want to dance?” She said yes.

After a couple minutes on the dance floor I put my hand on her hip, but she stepped back and made an X with her arms. Okay, relax, no problem. She eventually warmed up and we were dancing somewhat close.

I said, “This club is awful. I want to kill myself for coming here.”

“Do you want to go somewhere else?” she asked.

“Yes. I know a normal club we can go to.”

“Then let’s go.”

I felt like we were two lost souls, stuck in a club we both hated, extremely lucky to have found each other.

I can’t believe how naïve I was.


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  • Anonymous

    you should write one sentence a day

  • Pantalones

    So little ? Just finish already,God!

  • Roosh

    Yeah my bad. I thought people didn’t like huge chunks so I put it in five parts rather than four. Tomorrow will be the last part.

  • George

    Looking forward to it.

  • Adrian

    Definitely this story is SO TRUE AND CATCHY.

    I have been many times in RIGA, and it was the most dangerous city I have ever been to.

    The girls were gorgeous, I talked with a lot of locals and slept with 2 very cute locals.

    But nightlife was full of scams indeed

  • Tyler

    Haha, man…I love these stories. When I just read, to be continued, I started laughing.

  • Odds

    It was a dark and stormy night.

    To be continued…

  • cookie9001

    From both your blog and G’s stories, Riga sounds like it’s a real life version of some old Philip Marlowe book.

  • CPG

    I’ve been loving the story, and there’s no harm in spreading it out over several posts…every time you’ve made a new post I’ve ended up rereading the last, and it’s got me coming back every day instead of checking once or twice a week like I usually do.

  • Tree Soap

    Great story Roosh, big fan..
    Also, it would be great if you could put some pics of the girls you hook up with..unless you are protecting their identity?

  • Generate

    Huge chunks are better (in this case). Looking forward to reading the conclusion.

  • Le’ Rock

    Yeah, so far so good. Very suspenseful, and stylish writing. Hurry up and release the last part!

  • The Chrome Microphone

    You don’t die at the end, do you?

  • samseau


  • gerry

    fuck I was just getting into part 4 then I realized it was over!

  • Soup

    Great story. Keep ’em coming. Your writing flows well.

  • Rye-Guy

    i’m enjoying the story, Roosh. Today’s chapter was too short to fill my coffee break, but i’d look forward to more stories in the same format in the future.

  • Phoenix

    Has Krauser done Riga already?

    Thanks for the emo roller coaster Roosh. I was getting pepped up with the blonde girl, but now you’re giving me a bad feeling based off the last line…

  • Fubsy

    does luigi have a brother mario? :laugh:

  • Szwagier

    ‘she stepped back and made an X with her arms’
    >she wants to fuck

  • madmax

    can’t wait for the rest !!!

  • Luis

    You got me hooked man tell me what happens next

  • Drew

    Last time I eagerly awaited the next chapter,, Christopher Nolan was directing! Can’t wait for the next sentence, err installment.

  • Iron Cream

    this is the great american novel in the making. How are educated ex-pat PUAs abroad unlike the Lost Generation of writers who went to France, Spain and North Africa to write and get laid?? Hemmingway, Falkner, William James, Paul Bowles and even bitches like Gertrude Stein all went overseas doing the exact same thing Roosh is doing (hell, William James was OPEN about relocating to Tangiers as a sex tourist to get young men!)The literary past is NOT as glamorous as they want us to think. Write that novel Roosh.

  • Shalom

    Haha :d all this wankers 😀 you americans are laughable nation of crap 😀 hope your got lost aLOADS of cash

  • d

    “If she’s asking that much, I guess that means that there are actually guys who have paid. Fucking sex tourists.”
    And what are u? An angel? lol