She Is Bitch (Part 5 of 5)


The following night Luigi and I met at the TGI Fridays and ordered burgers. It was his last night in Riga.

“So what happened to you after I started talking to the girl?” Luigi asked.

“The bitch tricked me,” I said, “but first tell me what happened with the blonde.”

“I fucked her,” he laughed.

“How did it go down?”

“Remember last night I was telling you to sell these girls a dream? Well, my energy was really high and I was telling her that she was so beautiful and her hair was so soft. Then I said, ‘Look you’re a pretty girl. You like me, I like you, how about I give you 20 lat and we go to my place and hang out?’”

“And what did she say?”

“Of course she say yes. I told you, these girls are crazy about money. So I took her to my place, less than one hour after I start talking to her, and I fuck her. I even fuck her in the ass! It was so tiny.” He cupped his hands to accentuate the tightness.

“And you gave her the 20 lat?”

“No, I didn’t even give her! In the morning I could tell she wanted to ask me something, like she wants the money, but she didn’t ask and I didn’t bring it up.”

“What would you have done if she brought it up?”

“I would tell her that I didn’t have the money and I have to go to the ATM later. What is she going to do? Call the cops? These girls don’t have pimps.”

“So you scammed her. Amazing.

“Yes, remember, I’m from Sicily.”

“So while you were scamming a chick, I was getting scammed.”

“Yes tell me what happened. I saw you talking to a nice blonde.”

“I approached her and we started dancing. After a while we agreed to go somewhere else. I was going to take her to the Latvian club we were at earlier, since it’s normal and the music is good, but once we got outside, she wanted to take me to a bar in the opposite direction.”

“Uh oh.”

“Exactly,” I said. “She didn’t want to come to my bar because she didn’t trust me. I said, ‘Trust? We’re going to a public club, not my apartment.’ She insisted on going to her bar.

“I told her, ‘Look, don’t try to screw me. I’ve been in this city for a month and I know what goes on here. If you want to screw me then go right back inside and find another guy. There are many guys there who don’t care about getting screwed.’ I basically told her I wasn’t an idiot and that she was wasting her time if she was trying to con me. She got offended that I’d think of her that way. She stopped walking and then our faces got real close, like we were about to kiss.”

“So she was sincere?”

“Yes. I was convinced she wasn’t a scammer and that she really liked me. Either that or she was the best actress I have ever met. We walked and walked, just like with those two chicks from our first night out. She kept saying it was close, like they did. I was getting a little anxious, but not too much because I believed she was real. Then we finally arrived at her club. I walked in and it looked fine—nice bar, DJ, big dance floor—but there were only two people in there.

“I went up to the bar and asked the bartender how much a Finlandia vodka cost. Usually it costs 2.50 lats, even in the good clubs. Well, he showed me the menu…8 lats. $16 for a shot of average vodka. I went back to the girl and said, ‘Do I look stupid?’ She didn’t answer. I raised my voice. ‘Look at me! Do I look fucking stupid? I told you not to screw me, and now you bring me to this fucking scam bar. What the hell is wrong with you?’”

“So she is bitch?”

“Yes, she is bitch. She broke down and started crying. I couldn’t tell if she was faking. She said, ‘I feel ashamed.’ I told her, ‘If you want to come with me to the normal club, we can go now. Yes or no?’ She didn’t give me an answer, wanting to talk instead. I could tell she was trying to stall, that she wasn’t really attracted to me, so I left. It was almost 5:00. I thought it was hopeless, but I didn’t give up. I went to another Latvian club and met a thirty-year-old who was sitting alone at the bar.”

“Alone, that’s like a jackpot.”

“Yes. I got her to my place, but we didn’t fuck. I couldn’t get her clothes off.”

“At least the night wasn’t a total loss.”

“Yes, it was. What happened last night was something I would rather not have experienced. I was being genuine to a woman that I was attracted to, wanting to have a good time, and she was acting the whole time like she was starring in a movie. She saw me as a piece of shit. The whole thing was completely fake. This whole city is fake. I don’t know why you keep coming back.”

“Because I see them as the bitch they are. In this city one person is always doing the scamming. So if you’re not scamming her, which last night you were not, then you get scammed.”

“I understand that, but I don’t want to be in a place where that’s the reality. I prefer the fantasy world of women wanting to have sex with you just because they like your sense of humor or personality. My culture is different.”

“I already told you I’ve been burned here many times. One time I take home a girl and when I come out of the bathroom she made two drinks. She made a toast ‘to our health.’ All I remember next is waking up the next morning with the worst headache of my life. She stole my phone and passport. Another time some guy on the street stole my passport, and then there was the girl who stole my laptop.”

“Jesus,” I said.

“Yeah but it’s part of the game. You fuck her before she fucks you. I’m good at this. Well, at least now I am.”

“You were walking directly into a trap on Wednesday night, dragging me with you. I saved your ass,” I said with a laugh. “Are you sure you’re good at this?”

“Last night I was good!” he said, smiling broadly.

When our burgers came I realized why Luigi loved Riga so much: he was a scammer himself. He got joy out of tricking girls at their own game, even though he had lost the game many times. For him the fun wasn’t just fucking a girl, but tricking her in the process. He made me feel prudish in that I wanted to be honest and just have some fun sex without any scams, tricks, or money attached.

“So what do you want to do tonight?” he asked.

“Sleep. I’m tired.”

“When I walked by Scandal there were some people inside. Let’s just go for a drink.”

“Oh, no, I’m completely done,” I said.

“This is my last night here and you’re going to say goodbye to me in front of an American burger place? Let’s have one drink to our friendship and that’s it. Come on. I don’t want to be alone. Oh, and let me tell you some more reasons why I love America and the American dream…”

Twenty minutes later we were walking to the club. I already knew how the rest of the night would go.

The above article was adapted from Don’t Bang Latvia, a 63-page hater travel guide that teaches you how to sleep with Latvian women while simultaneously convincing you not to go. It contains tourist tips, game advice, sex stories, and hate. Click here to learn more.

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  • Mike

    FIRST !

  • jasonUSA

    I want to know if you used your new found trick!! 😀


    Girls will f**k you there LIKE CRAZY and you will have a great time.

    RIGA was overdone and destroyed. Just take ANY OTHER SMALLER CITY, I guarantee it is not touched and you will find REAL girls that will have sex with you because THEY LIKE YOU

  • jasonUSA

    I call bull shit to Wake Up. I’ve been there. The girls are fucked up in the head man.

  • The G Manifesto

    What’s with all the TGI Fridays?

    You should have been eating some of those Latvian ravioli things they have. I actually kind of liked those.

    To be honest, I haven’t exactly searched them out since I left Latvia.

    At least you didn’t get into any fights. Or did you ?



    I swooped a girl from Jelgava.

    I kind of wanted to check the place out. She was fly.

    But Riga kind of made me over that part of the world in general.

    The food is pretty weesh, weather sucks, no surf, no decent beaches, no sun, people don’t smile, zero sense of humor etc.

    I know there are guys that like that part of the world, but look deeply at who likes it. They are usually kind of strange people themselves.

    Sure there are fly girls in high heels walking on the street, but is it worth it if you have to knuckle up with a 250lb Russian guy with a bald head and leather jacket every night?

    I would rather pick up topless girls on the beach in Spain. Or France.

    And laugh and smile.

    – MPM

  • Virgle Kent

    LOL, to me the 40 lats would be the same as a whole night drinking for two. And again you could just scam them like Luigi did. Isn’t selling them a dream what we do anyways where ever you go until you get them in bed?

  • The G Manifesto

    VK –

    “to me the 40 lats would be the same as a whole night drinking for two.”

    Hell, I drink more than that myself before 11pm. Maybe double.

    I am not totally sure about this whole “Luigi and his 40 LVL Game”.

    It doesn’t really jive with what I experienced there.

    I was solicited only once by some strange mother/daughter combo.

    Girls were either scammers or they weren’t. I never ran in hookys.

    I am not sure how Luigi pulled off this “40 LVL thing”.

    Maybe he was leading with it? Either way, it seems odd.

    – MPM

  • Bruce

    Halfway around the world to eat at TGI Fridays. More than once. You are one worldly gentleman. The famous quote arrives to me: You know americans. They love to travel but then they only want to meet other americans, and talk about how hard it is to get a decent hamburger.

  • Ralph

    Awesome story man.

  • Odds

    brb I think I’m going to go clean my ears with a bullet.

    shit is depressing man.

  • Dave

    Think i may be giving riga a miss and trying tallin instead.

  • anon

    Depressing is right. I’m a young guy who has started making quite a bit of money recently and I was seriously considering traveling to Eastern Europe. Now I’m starting to reconsider.

  • Cozos

    FYI, you have a typo in this sentence: “I told her, ‘If you want to come with you to the normal club, we can go now. Yes or no?’” [sic]

    Great story BTW! Kinda feel sorry for the girls living in that shithole… People gotta eat..

    But it’s probably worse for the guys

  • Krauser

    If you resemble Luigi in any way, your life is an abject failure. Good story.

  • Wigwam

    So all the hot girls in Latvia are fucking mobsters and thugs?

    Then it’s really the shithole I thought it was.

  • Food Snob

    So you were making fun of American chicks eating at McDonalds and Chipotle, yet you go half way across the world to eat in a TGI Fridays?

  • Samuel

    Fully enjoyed the ‘She is Bitch” segments.

    Thanks Roosh

  • Buitre

    Nice story!. It puts me in a better mood to deal with the BS of Colombian girls flakiness that is about 50% (by far the highest out of all the countries where I have hunted) and it sometimes gets very frustrating since I have got the same amount and quality with one-third of effort and resources in many other places. But man, after reading your story about Riga, this is a picnic lol … I wonder what Luigi would do here ☺

  • Dallas

    Great writing, it was an epic read.

    When you see beneath the surface of some of these poor countries, you suddenly realize exactly why they are poor and always will be – it’s the totally backward mentality.

    Certain progressive types will always try to justify it because of some oppression or whatever that the country faced, but it usually boils down to backward attitudes.

    The mindset of these bar owners just boggles the mind. They’d rather try and make money by scamming the occasional tourist on overpriced drinks, (and having to pay the burly enforcers) when they could probably make a lot more money by simply running a legit business and offering great drink specials and ladies nights.

    Same thing happens in S. America. It’s like it never dawned on them to offer quality products, at a fair price, with great customer service. They act like they are doing you a huge favor to serve you, then wonder why they don’t get much business. Strange.

  • Anonymous

    Tricking semi-pros and outright prostitutes into free sex is definitely not game.

    its sad is what it is.

    just face it, in Eastern Europe (save Poland) there is no culture of going to clubs at night to hook up.

  • Greek kamaki

    I wrote in previous part that the Italian intended to scam the scammers.There is no trick a Sicelian can pull that the sly Balkan does not know about.
    As we say here ”either you fuck them or they fuck you.”There is no middle ground.
    In reality I doubt he offered her only 20 lat.In reality he must have offered her about 100 lat.He judged that she was not fully proffessional so she would not demand the money beforehand as Ukrainian women use to do.

  • Anonymous


    Hmm if he really enjoys scamming and getting satisfaction out of it, is his life actually a failure for him? We might see it as pathetic, but if you get a thrill from scamming others Luigi might be a sort of role model.

  • Anonymous

    Luigi? he bitch!

  • The G Manifesto


    “The mindset of these bar owners just boggles the mind. They’d rather try and make money by scamming the occasional tourist on overpriced drinks, (and having to pay the burly enforcers) when they could probably make a lot more money by simply running a legit business and offering great drink specials and ladies nights.”

    It is simply short term thinking over long term thinking.

    Hell, if Riga was cool, I probably would have gone there again and again. And gave the place high marks. If Roosh liked it he would have given the place high marks too. Then more tourists would have come from America.

    Like Amarillo Slim once said, “You can sheer a sheep many times, but skin him only once”.

    Latvia needs to learn a little from Amarillo Slim.


    Green Kamaki,

    “In reality I doubt he offered her only 20 lat.In reality he must have offered her about 100 lat.”

    I agree.

    I think Luigi was low-balling the figure at best.

    – MPM

  • Roosh

    My upcoming book about Latvia will be called Don’t Bang Latvia. Should be out soon.

  • Krauser

    @ anonynous

    Does any part of this story make it sound like Luigi is a happy man, rather than an unhappy-but-driven man?

  • Anonymous


  • anon

    “If you resemble Luigi in any way, your life is an abject failure. Good story.”

    LOL what a retarded thing to say.

  • jeans

    ““If you resemble Luigi in any way, your life is an abject failure. Good story.”

    Luigi is naive, at times pathetic, and perhaps downright bizarre, but he is also an eternal optimist with a relentless drive to accomplish his goals and outshine his countrymen. I think it is pretty clear that his character is constituted by a unique mix of positive and negative attributes, some absolutely worth emulating, others not so. In the end, he does not strike one as the type of man who has accomplished true inner peace, but he is probably closer to happiness than many American men, who themselves are, more often than not, entraped in a Sisyphian pursuit of corrupted women.

  • jeans

    Roosh also I have to say, I am simultaneously pretty disappointed by the conclusion to this story and very impressed with the way you built up to it. I really enjoyed parts 1-4 and was very much on the edge of my seat for the next installment, expecting something really consequential to happen. It never does, nor do you offer any concluding thoughts wherein you attempt to draw any lessons from this episode, which from a reader’s point of view was kind of a letdown, but at the same time it is indisputable that you have mad skills in making a story engrossing and suspenseful.

  • Cozos

    The ending was kind of anti-climactic. You didn’t end up in a fight with Igor the Destructor or lose a kidney or something… But it was definitely a good read!

    [Roosh: Life is anti-climatic.]

  • Theodora

    Expecting a climactic ending is part of the American mentality of Hollywood movies and advertising. How much engaged and active your mind is while reading it is more important in terms of value, the ending is only part of it.

  • Pantalones

    Life is anti climactic. *lifts glass*Here, here.

  • thecaptainpower
  • Jurko

    Usually enjoy your writing. This story is boring and repetitive though.

  • JK

    Hey Roosh, Nice effort here. This was an enjoyable and tense — but i repeat myself — story.

    What makes it anti-climactic is that you started this part off with your meeting with Luigi. So, we know right from the get-go that you’re not in the hospital, kidnapped, etc., etc., and that everything turned out alright with you. After reading the first four parts I was really anticipating the end, but starting off with Luigi in the TGIF really deflated the tension.

    Keep up the good work though. Your matter-of-fact writing and story telling style is really appreciated. peace

  • jesse

    life isnt always anti-climactic and no reason why a short story should be. this story could have had a knockout climax.

    you could have played up luigi being in the scam more. even a few commenters thought he was despite you writing a line that clearly indicated otherwise. dramatic tension, son.

    also you could have ended this thing by giving up on luigi, souring on his pro-america bullshit. that probaby was the way to end it and bring this whole thing full circle. you probably feel this way anyway but for some reason didnt articulate it.

    it was never really about the girls. it was really about america and america’s decline and some sicilian being optimistic and making you hopeful america, for a moment. then that hope gets dashed. that whole thread of the story got lost after getting a strong start.

  • David H. Fucktrelle-Male Feminist Extraordinaire™

    O.M.G. Luigi “forgot” to pay the prostitute-now that is RAPE-you know she wouldn’t have sex with him for free….

  • David H. Fucktrelle-Male Feminist Extraordinaire™

    See above the story of roshiepoops and luigi in emocons 😉

  • luis

    hey feminist extraordinare it seems like u love roosh since u come to read what he posts. damn hell no I wont go to riga

  • skeet_game

    loving the hate on TGIF like #16 food snob. the man did not travel half way across the world to eat at TGIF…..he went there for pussy and happened to get some meals at TGIF. not everyone does everything for food – if you knew you’d tap some

  • Greek kamaki

    It is no wonder why Russians dislike Latvians.If I were in Riga I would focus exclusively in Russian minprity or just take the train and enter Pskov Russia.In general only the pure slavic experience can bring rewards the less mix the better.

  • madmax

    Roosh, oh man….so many of your stories are fucking surreal. You are a fucking rockstar. I would have never thought Latvia and latvian girls was so fucked up. The Sicilian guy gives a bad name to Sicilians, I have met some of them and they are amongst the best people I could ever find.
    Thank you for sharing this story! Again I have learned a shitload from it. A part of me would never have believed that some women can be so fucked up, until I had gotten screwed myself. Man, one of the many reasons why I prefer you to 98 of all the ‘dating gurus’ is that you exude realism. Although you get into these surreal experiences, you are building an incredible portfolio of life experiences. You are travelling everywhere as a true cosmopolitan, with modest means and a clunky pair of balls. I wish I could come along. You fucking rock. PS. I will buy the latvia guide as soon as it’s out. You rock.

    Jurko, shut the fuck up and go watch Spider-Man.

  • moses

    “Either that or she was the best actress I have ever met.”

    Women’s greater emotional and social sensitivity renders them incredibly gifted liars.

    I once got a funny feeling about a former gf. I snooped around and got incontrovertible evidence that she was screwing around.

    I asked her about it without revealing that I had hard evidence. She put on an Oscar-worthy performance. Tears, emotional pleas of “I Love You!”, everything. If I hadn’t had hard evidence I probably would have been suckered. That’s how good she was.

    When I dropped the bomb she immediately switched tactics without skipping a beat and described it as a moment of weakness, apologizing and crying. I dumped her immediately.

    Guys in the community don’t like to talk about this. Many have so much ego invested in their alpha creds that they won’t even consider the possibility that their girl could screw around because it would mean they’re “beta.” There’s confidence, and then there’s willful ignorance and wishful thinking.

    If your spidey sense is tingling about your gf, do yourself a favor and do what it takes to find out on the down-low. Never, ever ask — it’s shes not screwing around she’ll swear she’s not, and if she is screwing around she’ll swear she’s not. You won’t be able to tell the difference, believe me.

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only who’s shocked that they have TGI Friday’s in Latvia? haha The world is a strange place.

    Can’t speak for Roosh as he’s not a permanent expat, but to all the people criticizing his choice of restaurant: try not setting foot in the USA for 5+ years and your cravings will keep you up at night. There have been times I’d rape and pillage for some properly done babyback ribs, NY pizza/Chicago deep dish, etc.

    [Roosh: Haters can hate, but they have no idea how hard it is to find good burger and fries in Europe.]

  • Curious to know

    Roosh, I want to know something.

    You’re not anything like an archetypal PUA blog, or a free-spirited travel blog, but there is something I would love to tell you.

    I am an eternal student of geography. Ever since the fifth grade, maps, countries, demographics, culture and people have been a side-passion for when I’m bored. Learning as much as I can about a country and it’s people and culture takes up most of my abundant time.

    When you visit a country, how do you experience it? Do you land in a hotel, then sample the downtown nightlife hours later? Well, what about the grim realities of living in a poverty-stricken country like Brazil with a culture of crime unmatched the world over? You may have a good time with a salacious lass, but what if she was a drug lord’s girlfriend who would make her pay? Were you ever stopped by a policeman late at night and treated like a Guantanamo detainee? Cops are known to murder civilians at will.

    You would visit Russia for tail, but would you live there? The locals might mistake you for an Armenian or a Chechen, and God forbid if a bomb goes off in Moscow, nationalist groups will give you a beating with the tacit or explicit approval of the police. Poverty is everywhere, the locals are cynical and cold, corruption is rampant, services are substandard, foreigners are resented and the weather is bad all year around.

    I won’t judge you for not being anchored to an existential home, but unlike you I like to know what living in a country feels like. I like to know the cities of a country, different neighborhoods of a city, the rich and poor neighborhoods, the economic output, the behavior of the locals – and in turn – what the country is like.

    And what about African girls (outside of the Horn of Africa) and Arab girls?

  • madmax

    moses, you are right on. We should not just strive to be more alpha etc, but just a lot more skeptical about women. The story of that former gf of your was revealing. What a psycho.

    This story by Roosh really opened my fucking eyes.

  • Pat

    Isn’t there some G.I. Joe style morale here? At heart everyone is a “scammer” just more or less evolved? Knowing is half the battle (?)

  • Kafkaesque

    Roosh, from reading this short story and your previous entries, you sound like a relentlessly joyless and excruciatingly humourless man with a surreal entitlement mentality.

    I don’t know if this is an American thing or what but you actually expect these girls to give themselves to you for nothing in exchange. And then you get petulant when they act in a rational manner and either ignore you, focusing on the local men who have a much better chance of giving them commitment, or actually expect compensation for services rendered.

    You labour under Hollywood illusions and the discrepancy between that and reality surely must cause some mental distress for you.

  • Insight

    The haters criticizing the TGIFs make me think they have never been outside the US/their native country. When you are born and raised in the US, you are indelibly stamped as an American. You can get sick of the US and leave, but you will never realize how American you are until you go somewhere else. Then you will realize you are American to the core. And no matter how good the food is, you will eventually crave some US comfort food. Nothing beats a cheeseburger.

  • Anonymous

    @ #50 Insight…It also goes well beyond the creature comforts like food. We are a distinct and unique people, in a good way. Generic “America hate” makes my skin crawl, and this is coming from someone who isn’t a big fan of the U.S. government and the general populace our country has produced in recent decades, to say the least.

    But as an American with ancestry going back to the 1600’s, I (and we, I’m assuming) know how things work there. We understand why things are the way they are given our history and status as a superpower. We embrace the good and try to ignore the bad, because that’s all any ordinary citizen can do.

    Whenever I hear an American doing the old “I’m so sick of this country, I should move to Canada or Sweden, etc.” that’s the gigantic red flag that they’ve never travelled. When it’s coming from foreigners, the irony is always that they don’t realize they’re talking to someone who has much more resentment towards the place than they could ever fathom, but still loves the soil they were born and bred on.

    Oddly enough, I’ve always found Americans to be one of the LEAST blindly patriotic peoples walking the planet. Try making the slightest of criticisms toward the average joe’s country from any other place and the dukes will be up quickly. I’d class Americans as abnormally laid back.

  • Great story

    I guess the Latvian girl can write a book called “Bang Roosh”.

    Seriously go to the Bonobo cage at the zoo—the male gives the female a banana and she gives up the pussy. Roosh has been writing books telling us how to get the pussy without giving up the banana. (And getting bananas from us for these books, so he’s a kind of meta female bonobo.) And the females try to get the banana without giving up the pussy. The dance has been going on since the blue-green algae, will go on after we are all dust.

    Thanks Roosh for teaching us some dance steps.

  • TonyD

    Fantastic story man. It may have seemed tragic when it happened but upon reflection you have fantastic prose!

    Thanks whores!

  • anon

    “I don’t know if this is an American thing or what but you actually expect these girls to give themselves to you for nothing in exchange. And then you get petulant when they act in a rational manner and either ignore you, focusing on the local men who have a much better chance of giving them commitment, or actually expect compensation for services rendered.

    You labour under Hollywood illusions and the discrepancy between that and reality surely must cause some mental distress for you.”

    Good point. Western culture and PUAs in general tend to labour under the false god of romanticism. They really expect a girl from some shit hole country to be so swept away by their charms that they should just magically forget how deficient the rest of their lives actually are. In PUALand, love (or “animal attraction”) conquers all, even an empty stomach.

    It’s highly delusional behavior from some otherwise smart guys, and probably the biggest display of desire for validation that I’ve seen.

  • Latvian Girl Who Likes Roosh

    Oh Roosh, Roosh, you should have mentioned that Latvian girls like guys who have your Spanish look. I recommend all Spanish and Italian guys go there. Latvian women like dark guys. Story was cool.

  • Mike

    Wow people who were expecting roosh and luigi to be mugged or similar are truly dumbasses. This is a story from the real life and has obviously a more subtle point.

  • Gmac

    Great story.

  • Raza

    After part 1, I was convinced Luigi was a scam artist. its a popular scam.. chatty foreigner (trumping around as an expat) approaches tourist, befriends him, and after few drinks and some bro bondage over girls, travel, etc, leads him to scam club where he’s butthexed for all his cash. surprised he wasn’t (especially after part 2), but turns out he’s a different league of scammer..

  • cle

    all this story is fuckin bullshit.

    i have searched a lot about latvia girls and they don’t accept money for sex unless they are prostitutes. you can’t go find normal girls and offer them money for sex cause the best you can get is a slap or punch in the mouth LOL

  • La mouette

    This was a very good read, real page turner, congratulations Roosh, I am writing myself and this a great achievement.

  • derrick

    Dunno why but I kept expecting you to say you felt Luigi scammed you. You don’t seemed to mind he screws anything in ‘skirt’. Don’t you preach we go for at least a 6?
    Anyway, this is an awesome read. I better start carryimg a note pad with me. Take notes on dates perhaps.

  • derrick

    Some how, is luigi ur alter ego here?

  • anon.


  • muc

    Good story. Riga was the first former-Soviet country I visited as well, and I didn’t like it. Even though it was half a decade earlier than Roosh’s trip.
    The good thing is that the others (Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine and of course Russia) seem to be more normal. But I haven’t checked for myself yet.

  • Anonymous

    The anticlimactic ending is exactly why the book will be called Don’t Bang Latvia.

  • a normal Latvian girl

    Compliments for Your writing! 😉 Love & enjoy it!

    I am sorry about Your experience in Riga, but probably that’s quite true – a very little number of latvian girls are interested in foreigners and most of them are not living in Latvia any more.. The girl You would enjoy has barely never been in Scandal or Essential and mostly can not be found/met in Old city. That part of Riga is reserved for sex tourists & bitches (with few exceptions only). Sad but true..

  • another Latvian girl

    Well, you hang out only with Russians who are slutty ones, go to scum bars which are known in whole country because of things which are going on there, and then complain that Latvia is not good enough? Let me explain you something. Latvian girls go to Latvian clubs! Nice, smart and hot ones can be found all over the town. And they are not dumb at all – Latvian girls know that most of the foreigners are sex tourists who just want to bang not talk. Why should they waste their time on some foreigner if they can try to find a Latvian man with who be in a relationships? Mostly those “foreign lovers” are drunk as fuck, kind a ugly, they act like they are immature teenagers and talk all cheesy “you are beautiful” crap . We know that we are beautiful, smart and interesting, so – what’s next? Fucking? I don’t think so. To understand the real reason why Latvian [and I will repeat – Latvian not Russian] girls act like that you have to understand what actually is happening in this country and how the concepts of femininity and the gender roles are created in this area.

    Good like next time, lover.

  • Latvian Jane

    Hey Roosh! Your experience is quite…typical… for a sex tourist. But what can you expect? You came to Latvia not to learn about it, you came to find “a hole”. Well, that was exactly, what you got:D It’s weird how sex tourists always get matched to the local hookers and then complain about all the Latvian girls.:D Being so experienced you must be smarter than that. Going out to typical places for foreigners? What would you expect there – honest and pretty local girls raving about the opportunity to get a one night stand with some foreigners. C’mon! Despite it doesn’t look quite the same as France, it’s still part of EU, people are traveling all around the Europe without a necessity to get a travel visa. Foreigners come to Latvia all the time. Why should a normal Latvian girl care about them? Money (this seems to be the strongest impulse in your stories)… however, it’s not as bad as your crying acquaintances claim. Attraction… well, no offence, but the Americans are not the most attractive males:D Their clothes are hanging on them (as I was told by my fellow students from USA – it has to be this way otherwise every one would think they are gays:P),they are usually poorly educated about the world’s politics, economics and culture (if we eliminate the Hollywood from the culture classics:D), they know nothing about the normal meal and fine dining – just all about the junk food the normal Latvian girl would not eat because it would make her as fat as your girls back home, because of cholestorol and GMO etc. Sex – I agree with you – the act of sticking the dick is all the same, the performance is what matters. From my really poor experience with Americans, I can conclude that the only difference from “the below average sex that is forgotten next day morning” is the circumcision. So, name me one reason why should a normal girl be interested in your worn-out phrases: do you know a nice place … bla..bla..bla?

  • Kisses

    Haha i feel so not sorry for you, may this story be warning for you and all the sex tourists that come to Latvia. You will get scammed, scammed and one more time scammed and if you come back we will scam you again. And if I see any of your kind myself, ill forget that im a nice girl and fuck you so bad that you will go home crying and carrying your american dick in a paper bag! 😀

  • A good looking Latvian girl

    Hi guys,
    I’m a tall, blonde, good looking and educated LV girl. And I fully agree with what “Latvian Jane” has written. A high class girl who has both good looks and brains would not even consider sleeping with anyone like you…because you don’t offer what a normal girl wants: a loving, warm relationship…and a brainy girl finds it out very soon. It is only logical that you got what you got in Latvia (you attract girls who are similar to yourself). I wish you more joy in your love life and more love and understanting in general.

  • allencraig

    So let me get this straight, you dislike Rigo because the girls were all scammers and (therefore) you couldn’t run your PUA scams on them?

    I love your writing and have been inspired by more than a few of your observations and “techniques” in trying to connect with women. You also have great insight about men/women and the world in general.

    But let’s call a spade a spade. When you go out, you are looking to “trick” women into having fast sex with you, and you will do and say almost anything you think you need to to make it happen. But for some reason you see your efforts as authentic.

    You do exactly what these semi-pros in Rigo do, only your prize is different than theirs. And you’re full-time.

  • Anonymous

    Somehow I got the feeling Luigi was kind of running a con on Roosh too, wanting someone to buy him drinks 😉

  • hernanday

    DEar Latvians cunts, you want Roosh a guy who is just travelling through to form warm and loving reltionships (and wait for sex I bet too) with you when he is just passing through for a few days. A sex tourist goes with intent to pay for sex, a normal person wants to have sex regardless of the country they are in.

    Allencraig you are a whipped beta boy, how many months u waiting for sex dude. Its funny how if a man and a woman have sex through ONS, the man is tricking her, yeah right, but when woman make you wait 8 months for poon you think you think you are not being tricked by her to wait for pussy… god damn dumb ass, no man willing WANTS to wait 8 months for pussy over getting it on night 1.

  • Shalom

    to hernanday

    😀 go fuck your mother cunt

  • V

    Great writing. You’re a good story teller.

  • a

    rape? what a stupidity.
    rape is if she say no to sex and he still have sex with her.

  • a

    what a long boring story. all that and u didnt even get any girl. lol
    and even if u got, so what?
    u just write about going out with some friend or guy u just meet and also about some girls in bars.
    nothing usefull reading.
    just uselss. lol