She Knows About The Blog

It’s very unnerving when I’m out on a date with a random girl and she says something which strongly implies that she knows about my blog. In the past few months I feel like it’s happening with every girl. The only response I have come up with is to twiddle my thumbs uncomfortably.

I had a first date where the girl said, “You must be able to save a lot of money since you live at home.” Problem was I hadn’t yet gotten to that part yet—I never told her my living situation. I asked her how she could have possibly known. She insisted I did tell her, but telling a girl that I live with my dad is such a “big deal” that I always know when, where, and how I brought it up.

On another first date I told the girl that I hang out a lot at coffee shops and she made a comment that I had a “brooding” coffee shop look. Then she said, “You must have good coffee shop game.” I’ve never, ever heard a girl utter the phrase “coffee shop game” in my life. Plus this date took place soon after I first announced my day game workshop.

Another first date. I brought up my South America trip when the girl asked, “So while you were in South America, did you blog about it?” Not conclusive, you’re probably thinking. Well, out of the dozens of times I talked about my trip before, getting asked if I blogged about it has never come up—not once. There’s a million other questions to ask first, like what countries I visited, how long I stayed, what were the highlights, etc.

Another girl. The morning after we met she asked, “So do you live with your Mom?” I told her I didn’t, since I don’t, but then she asked again. I looked at her and said, “Is there something you want to tell me?” She said no. Then on a future date she slipped two more times. First, when I told her I had two younger brothers, she said something to the effect of, “Aww chubby brothers are cute.”

“How do you know they are chubby?” I snapped. (One way to know is the photos that I have put up on the blog.)

Her answer was unsatisfactory: “Oh little boys are always chubby.” :rolleyes:

The charade continued, but first let me tell you what two of my groupies did recently. They hit me up on Facebook, properly stroked my ego, and then met up with me one night at a bar. One of the first things they asked me was for their rating on the 1-10 scale. (From time to time I get emails with pictures attached asking this as well). I refused, just because it’s too weird, and that was that. Well my date, while laying in bed, asked me to rate her. She fished by saying, “I’m a 6, right?” A girl that doesn’t know about my blog would never bring up her rating.

There were one more peculiar incident, in Brazil, of all places. I’m in a cab with my date (our second), when she randomly she asked, “Do you have a blog?” At least she was direct about it.

Here’s something one of my students told me:

In Entourage the actor Jeremy Piven plays Ari, and in a recent interview he said that girls he meets never admits that they know him from the show. But every now and then they accidentally call him Ari instead of Jeremy, and then quickly tries to play it off.

Not counting the Brazilian, three out of four girls I mentioned got my attention first. They either made strong eye contact or approached me outright. Based on what I know about the female gender, I’m forced to conclude one thing:

Besides generic compliments, girls are reluctant to do things which announce a man’s value. By bringing up my blog, a girl is admitting that she is a fan or a follower (one stop short of a stalker), and this decreases her value relative to mine. It’s not in their best game interests to reveal that they know me. So they don’t.

What’s irritating to me is that even after a girl slips badly, she still doesn’t admit it. But I know how I’m going to deal with it from this point on. I’m going to ask her so what’s your favorite post, and she’s going to give this fake, confused look, and I’ll fuck her anyway, because if it mattered she wouldn’t be out with me in the first place. But it won’t happen since in only sixteen days I’ll be in Ethiopia.

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