She Was 17 Years Old

Growing up in America, it was hammered into my mind that 18 was the cutoff to have sexual relations with a girl. Even if the age of consent was 16, pursuing a girl so young was sure to prompt “jailbait” comments from well-intentioned friends who also warned about ambiguous statutory rape laws that require a lawyer to decipher. Once you add in the societal shaming of older man and younger girl pairings, it’s no surprise that you almost never hear stories of men in their 20’s or beyond getting with high school girls.

There are fewer laws and shame in having such relations in Europe and South America, but my American-washed brain prevented me from pursuing all girls under 18, in spite of living on these two continents for years. The fear of imprisonment stayed with me far from the hands of the feminist-dominated American judicial system.

Somewhere in Europe, I met a 17 year old on the street. Normally I’d end the conversation without trying to get her number, but this time I pursued, and we had a brief date. It didn’t result in a kiss, but I felt the seal was broken, and my mind was prepared to go farther the next time around.

Two months after, I met another 17 year old. She was a woman in every respect, with large, perky breasts and a 5’9″ height that her personality had yet grown into. She had a noticeable slump in her shoulders, as if announcing to the world that she didn’t want to be so much taller than boys her age, a condition that would surely fade as her confidence rose. I figured it would take no more than three years until she would be seen with massive heals, strolling through the nightclub with a face so cold that few men would brave an approach.

I was able to get her phone number. She didn’t even ask where I was from or how old I was. I thought it was a poor prospect, but she showed enthusiasm when we text messaged, and we soon set a date one evening to go for a walk.

I was braced for a night of awkwardness. We met near a fountain and the conversation was essentially me interviewing her. She barely responded due to her weak English, but did eventually ask how old I was. I told her the truth—34 years old. She didn’t give it a second thought.

Her shyness became apparent when she never dared to break a silence. If I didn’t say anything, neither did she. This meant that the crickets chirped all night, but much intimate eye contact was exchanged. What attraction could possibly exist between a 17-year-old girl and a man twice her age? Physical attraction, I suppose. I can’t speak for why she came out to see me, but her timid beauty, not yet enhanced by female guile and manipulation, was more than enough for me. I decided that I wanted to have sex with her.

As we walked around the city, I touched her more and more, knowing that touch would partially replace what my words would have done had language not been a barrier. Every so often we’d stop to check out a view and I’d plant my hand on her arm or back. She never objected, eventually agreeing to have some wine at my apartment. After stopping at the grocery store to buy a bottle, we made it to the front door of my building. Unexpectantly, she told me she wasn’t coming in. Something must have been lost in translation.

“Okay, well, I can drop the bottle off and we can continue our walk,” I said. “But don’t wait outside.” That’s how I got her to step into the building.

“I’m going to put the wine in the refrigerator. Come take a look at my apartment.” That’s how I got her inside my place.

“I have a nice view. Come take a look.” That’s how I got her in my room and on my balcony.

I was almost disturbed how my mind had no objection to escalate when just months prior I would have been scared to even ask her out.

I poured some wine and the mood was right for a kiss. It felt natural. I enjoyed it because of her beauty more so than her age. She insisted on leaving after finishing her glass, and I did little to convince her to stay, already having gone much farther with a girl her age than I have before.

I took her to pizza for our second date. She wore a shirt that said “Future Model.” Tall girls can be exceedingly bulky, but she was trim with a thin layer of baby fat that smoothed out her figure. After pizza, we went to my apartment and straight into my bed. One hour passed and she was still fully clothed, refusing to let me rub her vagina. This continued for some time, and when I was on the verge of giving up, I thought, “Well, if she is still here, after my persistent attempts, and doesn’t show any sign of leaving, that must mean she wants me to keep going.” So I continued, knowing full well she may get annoyed and leave.

I steadily marched on until most of her clothes were removed and I was finally able to curl my finger around the strip of her panty cloth and onto her labia.

“I have a condom,” I said. Less than ten minutes later and the deed was done. I didn’t last particularly long because her vagina was constructed very tightly. Thankfully, there was no blood.

I thought that doing an act forbidden in the West would give me a higher amount of pleasure, but it was more of a burden. She wasn’t in a ready-to-fuck state and would need both emotional and physical training in order to get her up to speed. Besides the extra tightness of her vagina and the suppleness of her body, she could have been any other girl I’ve had before. It was just another bang, of running game and dealing with a girl’s unpredictable behavior and desires. And that’s all there really is to say about that.

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  • A New Man

    Why would you put wine in the refrigerator exactly ?

  • Jon

    What Country did this pick up happen in?

  • Jacedric Jefferson

    Personally, it annoys me how uptight Americans are about this issue. I remember doing a 10 approach mission in a mall and the finest girl I saw there (and perhaps anywhere locally in a month-5’5, baby fat yet trim, huge perky tits, nice curvy hips, blue eyed brunette with a smooth tan) liked the attention but shyly shrieked-“I’m only 16” while coyly smiling at me.
    The point- Anglosphere brainwashing is so retarded. I’ve seen some super hot 16 y/o girls and to me they look like a brand new Porsche 911 in the showroom- fresh, new and not jaded or used up.

  • Ryan

    I picked up a 17 year old russian while daygaming in London and got a SDL. I was surprised how up for it she was considering I’m 29. She was cute as a button and her body was just amazing, soft skin, long blonde hair down to her ass.

  • Expat away from NASCAR Murica’

    With a question in that vein are you making your own moonshine at your Daddy’s sisters trailer???

  • Inane Rambler

    Going with a 16 year old girl doesn’t disgust me, I’m hardly mature for my age anyways, it’s the societal disapproval that I keep in mind.

  • A New Man

    Wait what?

  • Ryan

    Obviously it was white wine you idiot!

  • Slashfund

    It’s irrational, since it’s expected for these girls to be having sex

  • Web

    In Europe, you can legally go for a 15-16 y. o.

  • A New Man

    Fridge is still too cold my dear sir. Except for a hot summer day if you want to fuck the flavor.

    But anyway the point is to make the girl drunk and she will tend to drink more if the beverage is cold so it is permitted only in this case.

  • Puanani

    Roosh you may not have thought about this but a woman that young may not realize that she even has the option to leave. She is expecting you to be like a mentor to her, as you are taking her into a place that is outside her realm. Young women can have an extreme passivity that comes from inexperience and lack of savvy like children do. When I was that age, for example, my boyfriend who was a couple years older and my first sexual experience, he would cum in inside me and not use condoms. I felt it was not right and I knew it could lead to things that I did not want, and eventually it did, but I did not know how to speak up and voice my feelings. I simply felt I was so supposed to follow his lead.

  • seth datta

    In the Uk the legal age for sex is 16. Ive seen many 40 y/o women with 16 year old boys. Hell Paul Walker started dating a 16 y/o when he was 33; its natural for men to be this way. Not so much for women – leads to a collapsing society. I think all men should be aware of their sexual market value being higher/highest in their 30’s and they should make women aware of their low SMV at the same age, so they actually ‘woman up’ for a change.

    I consider 30 y/o women good for sex and short term relationships; but for long term relationships, I think for most men, the only thing that works is 16-25 (depending on where you live and what the laws are). It was this was for most of human history, and abandoning this method has led to the problems we see today, with useless women with absurdly high expectations, it makes you want to vomit considering what and who you are looking at.

  • blawkz

    damn nigga this one was just kind of sad

    sry you didn’t get laid in HS when your parents were foisting all that science on you and you have to get that experience in this awkward ass way :/

  • William Rex

    Maybe it was a rose in summertime?

  • Nomad77

    Yep, young girls are just an infatuation. Sexually they are terrible.

  • TJ

    The USA is a police state now. Sex tourism and giving alcohol
    to minors is illegal. The NSA is recording emails and wiretapping phones
    without warrants. The US government can arrest, torture, and kill you for any reason. I don’t know how anyone can do anything anymore. Everyone is immoral and governments are corrupt. Humanity disgusts me.

  • zyzz-brah

    in america, girls are already sluts by the time they reach 17.

    here’s how it usually goes down:
    14-loses virginity; gets heartbroken.
    15-has her first “real” b/f and he breaks up with her
    16- decides to have her first gangbang at a party
    17-after many romantic failures, she’s ready to ride that cock carousel for life…that is, until she hits the wall.

  • anonymous

    A fridge is not too cold if the bottle was sitting in a room-temperature rack in a store or supermarket.

    If you need to chill a white wine just before serving it, placing it in the fridge for 10 minutes does the job.

    Besides, I don’t think Roosh is buying a $60 bottle that will have its sense of terroir dissipated by being served cold.

  • anonymous

    between 27 and 35 — she need a “real man” to “man up” and buy her expensive shit while she experiments with a part-time marketing/HR/non-profit job that she’ll soon quit when she gets tired of it and wants a baby like all her friends have

    38-45 — she grows tired of her marriage, gives some BJs to the local UPS delivery guy, and initiates frivorce to take 50%, get alimony/spousal support, and full custody — except for when she wants time for a girl night and to bang new dudes in your (former) house

  • DeLeroy Ronzell Jaron Wilkes

    Man you get how these clowns really behave and they want to have respect??? Seriously??? Hahaha

  • Quinton G

    Roosh Pimp
    What Country did this 17 yo pick up happen in? Was she a local
    Girl or a foreign flag?

  • anonymous

    I had a gf when i was 16, ost my virginity to her. she was very hot. Ten years later, i would be just as attracted and sexually interested in that same 16 year old girl. Nothings fucking changed!? So just because ive aged apparantly makes me less fit to be involved with a girl that age. WOuldnt it make sense that im better prepared to handle a girl that age having had more life experience? I was a complete asshole at 16. Which is good overall, but contradicts the wisdom that older guys are somehow predators for being attracted to younger women. SOmehow the 16 year old version of me is more fit for that girl than an older, more mature and more worldly established man. I feel this all comes back to female jealousy for mens desire for youth.

  • playmuc

    I like how this is not a heroic tale of conversational kung-fu and game super-powers like some other bloggers would probably portrait it. It really becomes easy when you hit 30; you can pick up young girls easily and that’s that. Of course the brainwashing is strong with many who say she is too young. Fair enough, if it’s your true opinion, but often it’s just guys with older girlfriends who never tried to pick up a younger girl.

    Also, as some other commenter wrote, this one is not “jaded or used up”: I agree it’s kind of disgusting to have sex with a girl who’s had a ton of guys – hottie or not. Luckily things are not completely horrible in some parts of the world. I just pity the guys in the Anglosphere. They seem to have harems, yeah. But harems of what kind of girls..

  • Fletch

    I’m all for eliminating false hysteria re: older men and younger women. OTOH, more older men with younger women would only exacerbate the groundswell of young (beta) guys struggling with women. Just a thought

  • Giuseppie

    I live in the US, and either my city has a large number of Eastern Europeans or I’m just a magnet for them. Regardless, a few years ago I befriended my first two Russian beauties, who were both only 18 and 19 years old. I was 28. Maybe it’s partially because my mother was 18 when she got married (almost 40 years later, they’re still together!!!), but it never once struck me as odd.

    Nothing sexual ever happened between us, which is fine, as the social experience of being exposed to their culture is part and parcel to what made me realize how generally repulsive I had already internally become about American women, and it slowly helped me externalize it.

    They’re back home, and we communicate regularly, and some of their friends regularly message me on Skype and Facebook, promising to come visit me in the States (one of them is as young as 15, yet you would never know it; she’s smarter than most women my age, and I’m in my lower 30s).

    Call it a blessing or a curse, but over the next year, roughly 60% or more of the women whom I would meet spontaneously were Eastern European. Not “my grandma is from Ukraine”, but they themselves were brand-spanking new here. My American friends still joke about it.

    Anyways, long story short, I’ll never forget a conversation over coffee with one of these Russian girls, telling me how badly she feels for American men. When I asked her why?, she said, “Your women and culture hate you, and look for every reason to make you guilty of some sex crime!” Without my even asking, she volunteered the whole age thing, telling me how when she was 15 she dated a 30 year old man, and no one said a thing. Latin women, too! I semi went out w a 20 year old gal from South America, and her mother had been here long enough that she pitched a fit because of my age. “When I was 14 and we lived back home, you let me date a 26 year old!”, my friend retorted back.

    All in all, age gaps or no, if it deals with sex and relationships, the last place that I look for guidance is American culture. When I was 28 I regularly went out w an 18 year old ballerina for a bit. One person asked if I was ready to deal with societal pressures, not only given the age gap but also how young she was. My answer was simple: look at what society condones and encourages; why in the word would I, by default, trust what society discourages and condemns?

  • Space Line Here

    Women hate competition and know the younger girls have firmer tits,’leaner bodies, and juicier holes. American women over 25 remind me of a bunch of Union workers doing a menial skill expecting top dollars when you got of whole crew of better, cheaper faster workers overseas. Also, Americans have strong delusions of grandeur and think they are the greatest and can’t see the decay all around- pride comes before a fall Murica’.
    PS-Isn’t it sad the central bankers and government can make a man so miserable he rants against his own homeland???

  • splooge

    i think the whole stigma started when society were really focus on education,espically on girls. since here when u graduate youll be 18. back in the 1950s it wasnt unusual to marry at 16.but back then education wasnt a big deal. you could have grade 5 education and still make a good living. in europe an other nations they finish school earlier at age 15 or 16 at grade we are babyed with 2 extra grades(as said by my female russian high school teacher)
    another reason we feel the stigma is cause of women(an their betas) shame older men so they can get them to commit to them. a 30yr old cant hang with 16yr old hottie. each year that go by itll get harder n harder. an older women hate this wheather they from a conservative or libral culture. think this is why feminst promote fat acceptance to sabatoze the younger ones(never saw an older women doin fat acceptance). im seein it now skinny older women or fat young girl.
    when women shame on men chasin younger girls,you should not crumble,hit those cougars back on why and their hypocrispy. there just afraid of competition and being left out. china japan n russia have names for women that go over a certain age without marrying.(old maid christmas cake n loser dog)
    its good to be a guy.

  • splooge

    sad but true. when i was in school i was told 15 was way too young to have sex.
    but what always puzzled was the stigma of losing your virginity and being a slut at that age is gone but yey marrying at that age and being monogomus is stigmatiezed….even in 3rd world nations where life expectancy is so low

  • Tom Dane

    Legal age is 15 in Denmark.

  • Tom Dane

    Feminists would claim that you were raped.

  • Lacedric Duranzell Julius Gree

    What kind?????????? Seriously?????
    Ugg boot wearing, Starbucks sipping, cock carousel, I-thing cult consumer, tagged up, non cooking but snarky and witty aka-
    TRASH BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lehtair

    My inhibitions towards 16 and 17 year olds has less to do with social programming and more to do with their behavior. In America, girls those ages come across like kids and don’t know how to be women.

    Perhaps things are different in Eastern Europe where they still need men to survive. This can force them to grow up and become women at a faster rate.

  • Jensl

    Not in 90% of the countries. What the fuck are you talking about you tard

  • Ternarydemon

    Sad but true. Those girls have more than 10 years advantage in human relationship experience than a boy her age. By 25, as they begin to sense the incoming hit with the Wall, they have been though so much that the idea of love is erradicated, to be replaced with settling with a beta provider while fucking an alpha on the side.

  • seductionsextravel

    I think you just perceive it as a burden because you see is as something that is not normal or something that is forbidden in the country where you come from. I am from Germany and when I admit that I had sex with a 16 or 17 year old girl nobody really cares because it is totally normal and legal in our society.

    Therefore, there is no burden, no shame and no guilty conscience. All you have to do is to get over this american worldview of “you are a criminal when she is under 18” and enjoy the beauty of sleeping with young women.

  • AlphaMaleIntellect

    Men are generally smarter than women, in-fact new science confirms men have higher iq’s. 95% of all successful fortune 500 companies are male ran, just google finance and check the ceos list under any stock, its always a MALE CEO, why? Alpha intelligence

    Without smart men, women would have no job to go to and brag about, sorry but its true

    If you are an average intelligent man than you are smarter than 75% of women especially if you have read 1 book in the last year. Women who are intelligent like a man are un-attractive and feminist and are awful in relationships. This goes to the whole age thing, simply date a woman of average intelligence and you will feel dominant and yeah there is nothing less attractive than a used up 200-dicks-been-in woman who drinks alcohol, typical bar trash. I can see why youd want a women close to 18, as they are really ignorant and dumb and being an older male you have a solid ability to manipulate them with years of game under your belt, i think its the instinct to be dominant

  • Gurney Halleck

    The taboo is part of the feminine imperative…it exists because older women want to remove younger, more appealing women as competition. Basically women want to ride the cock carousel in their 20s and then marry in their late 20s or early 30s, but in order for them to snag a man, that man must not be allowed the option of dating women younger than 23. This is partially done through mere shaming (i.e a man in his 30s is a weirdo for dating a 21 year old) and also done through legislation (as in age of consent laws that legally prohibit men from dating women younger than 18.)

  • prep says really?

    America sucks. We try to sexualize everything for kids, yet arbitrarily pick 18 to be the age when a girl has a green light to have sex with an older male.

    We’re so confused, conflicted and fearful that we criminalize sex when people are ready, willing and able to have it. It’s the same thing we do with pot, guns, and cash money. We’re so educated and sophisticated yet we’re so stupid and irrational at times. We make good evil, natural unnatural, and wholesome perverted.

    However, even if the girl’s 18, dip too far below your own age and you’re still branded creepy, or worse a child molester. This happened to me when I landed a cute 21 year old in my 40’s. She realized my value and wanted the whole enchilada — family, kids, and a future. She called me her Lexus man (in comparison to the Kia boys in college). However, every small minded person from her coffee house peers to her mother thought I was a deranged and saw her as a victim of my Svengali like influence.

    I can’t stand 30+ year olds, and I can’t bang 20 somethings without severe backlash. I’m so done with America and it’s infantile thinking. For a country that claims how be built on Judeo Christain principals, how does this culture reconcile the fact that God gives women the ability to reproduce around age 13? Back in Jesus days girls were marrying and having SEX as early as 12. And they weren’t being marrying 12 year old dudes, but rather older males who could support them bitches. And fathers would PAY those guys a dowry to take them girls and support them.

    If God created woman **from man** and gave her the ability

  • mykland

    I like your name. Puanani = PUA + Poonani

  • Tom Dane

    SDL ?

  • U know what it is player

    where can you hunt the young fresh pie 15-19 at in Denmark?
    where do these chicks spend their time, etc.?
    how do you game them?


    Where I come from, there’s a very famous song called “diecisiete años” which means “seventeen years old” (; the lyrics clearly state that the guy is much older than the girl and is teaching her about love and sex. It is interesting how two different cultures, which are geographically very closed, have a practically opposite view on young girl-old man relationships.

  • splooge

    ya in the future someday they may call 16 yr old boys pedos for liking girls their own age as opposed to liking older women…after all age is just a number right.

  • splooge

    where abouts in europe did you meet these girls? eastern europe i assume?

  • splooge

    another hypocrisy worth noting is that model agencies sexualize girls at a young age. They pick up these models as young as 14 and dress them up as sluts or nearly naked and put their pictures up on all these advertisements all over the public. So that beautiful woman you are lusting after(or the woman admiring her) could vary well be underage and yet no one has a problem with that. They even sell sex related items or clothing to these underage girls and think nothings wrong with that They are exploiting human nature but the paradox runs against our new socialized values. You cant call her a child if you dress her like a slutty woman cause its difficult to tell if shes hit the magic number yet.
    You cant blame the men, we see these sexy “women” as advertised and like what we see, but what you are showing is apparently off limits and we dont realize it
    its weird sexualizing them is ok but not lusting for them. the 2 go together….strange aint it?

  • anomaly

    same day lay …

  • banana

    Too bad you weren’t born 70 years ago then.

  • Westchester Lothario

    Bob comments above me about women and age are spot on.
    You left out 50-56-inherits trust fund, turns on own young, acts like 28 yo party girl foodie on family’s trust fund elders left to look out for everyone and build up future generations of wealth but instead wastes in trips and flying her boyfriend across Country to party. That’s my Mom in action. I’ve seen many menopausal nuts and come to think of it there’s probably a damn good reason women weren’t allowed to own property or vote in much of Wesrern history- why? They’ll destroy the family’s wealth and themselves if they do. If you’ve been there too- shout back at this comment.

  • Westchester Lothario

    Career girl and latent dream bonanza will turn on anyone anywhere to grasp at life’s fleeting hope
    Menopause monster. Will turn on own young and lifelong family (husband, siblings. Cousins, etc.), may have a sizeable trust fund her parents left and/or a business windfall and will be broke if mass consumer mid life crisis clown behavior continues to accelerate or will become a wealthy geriatric vampire after a lifetime of manipulation control and deceit.

  • Murcia-beer taxes cops and nfl

    You make a good point about how many are compensating for lack in youth- it’s my story too. Be glad Roosh is reaching out to guys who missed the boat.
    Helping others learn and grow and overcome their frustrations is a great thing. What can you contribute to help guys who struggle overcome their”awkward ass ways”??? Also where are you from? Crude plays a part in it all. Westmcosters love Nlp patterns, New Yorkers have bold ways and great humor, and Southerners are like a village of trolls or something- if they don’t know you in some lame ass click (and down here they wrote the book on LAME- shit food, cheap beer, pick up trucks, tools, collee and high school football neurotically sick preoccupation bcuz there isn’t jack shit else to do, etc.) I’ve met other folks from all over the US and they all say the Souh is cheesy lame and boring. People only come here bcuz rednecks will work for cheap and their are less taxes and red tape for businesses and investors. Why did all the upper upper echelon turn California and New York into a red tape pinko regulatory hell hole? I mean the culture food people and scenery are far more interesting than bear Ass Kansas or Red Neck yard Alabama. American politics sucks!!!

  • lucasgrijander

    In a certain Southern European country the name of which I don’t want to remember, the legal age is 13.

  • lucasgrijander

    And, as most things feminists say, it would be a lie.

  • kin

    It comes from men pigs marrying 9 month old babies in Arabia.
    Killing the babies by raping them.
    Men marrying children and stealing their children.Putting the children through hell is the saddest thing in the world.
    If you think a man should have sex with a 3 year old just because her holes are far tighter.Then you are a satan evil person who doesn’t deserve the very life god has given you.
    Its based off of those laws.
    I mean if the girl likes you and is OLD ENOUGH to have sex with.
    Meaning shes 16 and up.
    She wants to be with you.
    Then yes its super fine.Theres nothing wrong with that.
    I can see if you were pestering the girl to be with you,then that’s just plain wrong and creepy.
    Your the adult,act like it.
    Shes the minor.
    I mean have some adult attitude and pride about yourself.

  • Tokyo Teddy

    I would love to read this scientific study. Do you have a link?

  • Dan

    A girl is old enough for sex the moment she reaches the age to bleed, granted I prefer to state 11/12 and up. It is big enough then for even 10 inches to go in and out so long as it is gentle the first few times. Also a yes is a yes regardless of how it was obtained, if he was pestering or simply asked her for her number or sex and she said yes and does it then who gives a fuck.

  • Dan

    That is a good age, she is old enough to get pregnant she is old enough to get married.

  • Jeremy aka troublemagnet.

    She was only 17,Dad says she’s too young, but she’s old enough for me!

  • 20th Level

    A few years ago one summer when I was in my mid thirties here in the states I met this tall blonde stunner at a local bar. The type where guys I didnt know were giving me the wide eyed thumbs up when het back was turned at the bar. We hung out for a while, danced a bit and really hit it off. I got her number and left feeling really good about this high quality pull.

    I call her and we meet up at this local coffee shop the next evening and things are going really good. Where talking about this and that when she tells me she’s seventeen. Understand that she’s about 5’9″-5″10 and looks about 22.

    I play it cool like its no big deal but inside my mind is reeling. I know she’s down for everything because she’s explaining to me that she’s an emancipated minor and she moved here on her own from out if state.

    I continue to play it cool while she’s calmly explaining why things could work even though she’s 17 because she’s legally emancipated and her parents are out of state and wouldn’t have an issue with it anyway.

    Every thing is moving in slow motion and inside my head and I’m like …fucking fuck fuck fuuuuuuck! because this chick is ridiculously fine and totally down.

    I start weighing my options for a nd against and try to think if different scenarios of how I could make this work so I ask her when is her birthday because if its just couple of months away we could just hang out til then.

    She says ” March” . At that time it was mid July. I though about it for a minute and decided that that was too far away.

    My instincts said walk away while you still can so I politely told her that it wasn’t going to work out and I got up and left and that was that.

  • Garth

    That’s a pretty good breakdown. I would like to add:

    age 11 – 12 -13-ish- Starts giving hand jobs at the mall parking lot for cigarette money and cheesy, overpriced, fashion wares.

    The age of innocence for the female gender is completely gone in America.

  • Cyrus

    Yup that about sums it up.

  • Leroy

    Go to the source- feminism/communism/inflationary fractional reserve banking/environmentalism/etc are all Jewish (aka Khazar read Benjamin Freedsmans Facts Are Facts to see most so called Jews are really Turkic Khazars as an ethnic group) and
    Jews are liars.

  • hernandayoleary

    I would just like to warn everyone including Roosh, I think, and I could be mistaken as it was a long time ago, that I read somewhere if you are an american citizen and have sex with women under 18 including 16 or 17, regardless of local law, that you can be prosecuted on return for child sex tourism.

  • hernandayoleary

    Its called game amateurs.

    O come into my apartment I have to my wine in my fridge. O come into my room it has such a good view, o come into my bed, the view is even better 😉

  • Nick

    This applies to girls in the 18-20 range as well and it’s due in part to the drinking age being 21. In Europe its perfectly natural to meet a girl who’s 18-19 and go on a date and have drinks or a bottle of wine. The absurd drinking age in the U.S. has helped prolong the childhood of both men and women.

  • Nick

    Don’t forget alcohol, for some brilliant reason the drinking age is 21 in America. You can get killed as a soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan, or tried as an adult, but can’t have a beer. This blows if you want to take a 18-20 y.o. out.

  • Nick

    The age of consent is 14-16 for practically every state in Europe except Malta and Turkey:

  • aintnobodygottimeforthat

    I agree. I had many experiences from ages 14-18 that went further than I wanted because I was too young and naive to realize I could just leave. I also always had boyfriends that were 5-8 years older than me (not being into 16 year old jerks either), so I do know about this sort of situation from that side of things. Maybe I would feel differently if they were old enough to be my father as you were to this girl, but I felt that I consented to the boys (men) I thought I loved regardless of their years on me. I do realize that culturally the US has boundaries/laws that much of the world does not and I try to keep that in mind.

    That said,I think to have sex with a teen girl that has been having sex already and is definitely “into it” is way different than luring a reluctant and naive young girl to your apartment for casual sex, and your “extra maturity” on other boys her age (though agreed, are mostly jerks) and her being a minor only puts you in the position of responsibility (both legally and morally) for her safety and and the potential consequences in the situation, regardless if she is an enthusiastic participant.

    It’s not really “rape” (well I guess legally, in many states, yes it is) as this girl seemed to consent from this one-sided account of events, but it’s taking advantage. I think to call this rape would be minimizing the life-shattering experience of true “rape”.

    Surely her experience with you wasn’t too terrible (other than being sadly disappointing for sure) and she definitely learned a lot from her encounter with you. That it was all over in 10 minutes may be a clue as to why you are looking for girls too inexperienced to know how bad that is. By definition, you may now officially call yourself a pedophile, just saying.

  • A New Man

    The point we are discussing is whether to store the wine in or out the fridge, not the gaming part.

  • Trouble

    You do not know the meaning of pedophile. A 17 year old is not prepubescent. Let’s not throw that word around lightly.

  • Trouble


  • Nigel Big Game Davis

    You took her to Pizza for the second date. That’s a solid move brother. Right on.

  • Atlanta Man

    Paul Walker on that ass!

  • yeah

    by this logic, torture-induced confessions are valid. so if you get called in by the police over this comment about fucking 11-12 year old girls, if you confess that yes you HAVE fucked a girl that young , even if you really havent, jsut because they are torturing you psychologically or physically and you need it to stop, then they can arrest you and it is justice.

    basically your logic is fucked. and this is what’s wrong with the so-called manosphere: by condemning higher education as “liberal indoctrination,” no one with a goddamn brain who actually knows anything about psychology and the way the human mind or even BODY works can have a say. my own step father is a OB/GYN physician and he has some somewhat “Redpill” ideas but even HE asserts, as a physician, that the reason that some cultures sometimes preferred younger (13-14 y.o.) mates is NOT because their bodies are more suited towards childbirth – they are usually WAY underdeveloped, their hips are too narrow to pass the baby, etc – b ut because they may have a decreased risk of gestational diabetes. 4

    also, on one hand women should be protective and nurturing…but only of men. the reason “feminists” are against guys picking up young girls is because THEY WISH THEY HAD SAVED THEIR VIRGINITY LONGER and they realize how stupid they were to give it up, but they were too naive. they are acutally EMPLOYING THEIR FEMININE NATURE by protecting these young girls from doing things they will eventually regret- and believe me, even if she liked it at the time, this young girl WILL regret that she randomly banged some fucking random guy who was 34. if not now, in five years she wil realize and she will cringe.

    there’s just not much rhyme or reason here…

  • yeah

    the first sentence of the last paragraph is summarizing manosphere logic, not my own

  • Ray Wolfson

    so another girl notched up and ready to ride the cock carousel and end up being a nightmare wife to some lonely beta….. the irony of game never escapes me….

  • Mark Power

    Any tips on gaming high schoolers by a much older man is appreciated.

  • Good Job

    Nice rape accusation. Subtle.

  • whatevs

    Oh — Wikipedia says you’re probably antisemitic. Surprise!

  • Orson OLSON

    “They are exploiting human nature ” – and ‘culture’ is exploiting your expectations. Think outside the culture and don’t get boxed in by your own prejudices.

  • roman43

    You’re too hung up, man, just be sure not to shoot below the age of consent. Apart of when you’re wanting kids together, age is irrelevant.

  • SAZ 101

    Gross creepy loser.

  • SAZ 101

    Ew. You’re probably such an ugly, desperate, creepy pig. You must really pull a lot of women. Although I don’t know if it counts when they’re locked up in your basement.

  • SAZ 101

    You’re so retarded. The philosophy is that you mature, that’s the logic behind this. That’s why you can’t take advantage of a girl who has not yet matured- you’re in two different spots in life. And all that your saying by being so fucking clueless is that your growth is stunted and you lack any insight and you never matured if you are interested in an actual relationship (not just sex) with a 16 year old you liked ten years ago. Most people grow a little more than that. Hard to believe what a loser you are and how idiotic your “reasoning” is. You should be embarrassed. You’re just putting it out there that your deficient, inept, and lack any qualities someone might want.

  • Tommy

    I had the same sort of problem.(she was 19 and i was 39)Me and my girlfriend dated for almost 10 months and we had a great time always.We had so much in common.But the way america thinks is what killed our relationship.Her mom and friends would harass her every day about my age and other shit until she finally broke it off.she still contacts me here and there and tells me she still has feelings for me.Maybe one day a guy her age will either hurt her mentally and/or physically,just like mommy wanted when she pried her daughter from me.

  • josorio300

    Seductionsextravel is right Roosh. Unless u have legal citizenship in the country u banged the 17yo the USA Government can nail you for this. Be careful…

  • atpcliff

    The legal age for sex in the US varies, by state, between 16 and 18. It is legal to have sex with a 16 year old in many states.
    In other countries, the age of consent varies between 12-19. Most countries it is 15/16. BUT, there are a few countries where it is 18, and a couple at 19. If you want to be legal, then know your age limits.
    I know women in the US that got married at the ages of 13, 14 and 15 and up. There are also a number of US men with more than one wife, mostly in Utah.
    There is a lot of stuff that happens in the US…if no one says anything, then no one goes to jail.

    PS-The youngest girl I have ever had sex with was 18.

  • Steve

    Actually, for US traveling citizens, it is legal to pay for sex with someone 16 years of age and older. As long as you follow the law of the land after ( All countries require prostitutes to be at least 18) you should be fine.

  • krood

    funny as shit.

  • girl

    Maybe it’s my “American brainwashing” but i would never do a guy twice my age. And all the beta guys here sound like a bunch of bitter asswipes. Americans in general tend to be vain in general but all this American girl bashing and praising Eastern European girls like they are some perfect creature is kind of amusing. I guess the Eastern European man is much better than the American guy too?

    Also you call girls sluts yet expect a traditional girl? Btw i am a thin girl and a virgin. And i am dating a non-American boy but i don’t generalize Americans. Anyway, i’m not even 20 and i’m engaged but marriage is not the life goal of anyone but people naturally want companionship.

    I could in theory try to marry some old guy twice my age and he would have a nice young wife while i lived off his money. Really? Is this the goal for you old dudes? Pathetic. Bitter guys are losers. But oh well.
    You guys are just jealous you can’t compete with the good-looking men who get all the girls they want. 😛

  • Charlie

    Laughing at all who are asking which country this happened. Theyre COPS. LOL

  • Der Mac

    Childhood is indeed extended ad infinitum in the U.S., but I don’t think that the drinking age is such a significant factor, although it certainly doesn’t help.

  • Nick

    sure, it’s more of a symptom than a cause, adolescence seems to stretch well into many people’s 30s or later

  • Roberts

    The United States of Europe! Those America centric geography lessons in action…

  • Cleric775

    Well done, Roosh. Well done.
    Nobody would give a shit if you did that.
    Come to southern England, (just don’t come to places like Wales or Ireland).
    I salute you.

  • darthclide

    I love seeing all the white knights freaking out about the discussion “under 16”. As many have stated, there are many European countries with 14 as the AoC. My personal motto in life is this: “If what I am doing is A. Legal and B. Nobody is getting hurt then I will do whatever the heck I want.”

    I am happy to simply talk with girls of all ages and this includes some under 16. I know a bunch of naysayers will say anecdotal evidence is worthless, but I have talked to some amazing 14-18 year olds from Eastern European countries who enjoy my company and do not care about my age (25).

  • Ronald Heatherington

    Yes, I remember being shocked in France this one time when a couple of fourteen and fifteen year old girls began to flirt with me in a charming way when I was staying in this lovely village. We spent some time together, me in my twenties, and it was SO UNUSUAL being openly present with these young girls but without societal disapproval.

    I suspect things MAY have changed since then, however, as the Americunt values have certainly spread much farther. I myself am actually gay though.

  • Ronald Heatherington

    I wonder if a portion of the hostility some men feel towards other men who have been arrest for having sex with a thirteen year old girl, is because they themselves never got to taste the fruit of a tight, wet, panting vagina. Instead they must make do with their ageing bitch-wives! lol

    But DON’T be tempted to visit the darknet!!!!! lol