She’s Like A Doorknob, Everybody Gets A Turn!

Michelle is a cute 27-year-old whore. It says so right on her tattoos:

“I Swallow Cum”
“Fuck My Whore Ass”
“Cum Slutt” [sic]
“For Deposit Only”

Let’s find out how this came about.

I started the tattoo process during the time I was initially trying not to act out on my addiction. Since I was trying hard not to actually have sex with everyone I spoke to during a day, my sexual addiction came out in other ways. My mind could not, would not, and could not stop focusing on sex 24/7 — I was wet and turned on all day, every day. My pussy ached so bad for attention that I could barely function.

My last job was an $80,000 a year position as a supervisor for RTD in Denver — I was fired for having sex with the people I supervised. I found out I was known as the “pass around girl” by the bus drivers. It was not a term of endearment, I assure you. The term just sort of stuck, and that is often how I am referred to, and I often refer to myself as such.

Good for her for embracing her sexuality. A lot of you girls reading right now could take a lesson or two from Michelle, who I guarantee you knows how to please a man in bed (or in a Wendy’s bathroom, janitor’s closet, dark alley next to the dumpster, etc.). I wouldn’t worry about going overboard with the tattoos like her though, just one that says “Fuck My Whore Ass” should be enough.

Some body modification magazine interviewed her and published nude body shots, including a close-up of her vagina. It will leave you speechless.

NOT SAFE FOR WORK: Michelle, The Pass Around Girl

Hell yeah I’d hit that.


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  • mm

    Whatever makes you happy…

  • monohechomierda

    A very sad story. Her children suffer terribly as a result of her problems.

  • Sweat P.


    You’z a hooooooooooo.

    You’z a hooooooooooo.

    I said that you’z a ho.

  • Phil

    I would love to see her OB/GYN’s face when he gets a glimpse of that one.

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    Dude, I’m usually with you on these sort of things, but that’s just nasty. The fact that she gives away her e-mail probably means she’s selling something. Hmmm…I wonder what?

  • Murdoc

    What are the scars on her hips? Did the slut have her ovaries removed?

    Probably wise if so, eh?

  • terps

    man, I don’t know… I thought I’ve seen it and done it ALL, but this? I’m not sure how I feel about that

  • The Dude

    Gross dude. Just Gross…

  • cob

    From the article:

    “I have a huge problem with sex addiction and have been trying to shed light on the fact that women suffer from sex addiction as well as men. I have been fired from every job I have ever had for having sex on the job. I had affairs on my first husband to the point where he killed himself. I have had almost thirty affairs on Britni, and my marriage with her is in shambles.”

    “A handful of doctors have seen them and said nothing. I can see it in their eyes when they read them, but to their credit, they say nothing. I did have one nurse in a mental hospital go down on me after asking a few questions about my tattoos. So the ink seems to have prompted at least one healthcare professional to act improperly. I was just surprised it was a woman that did it, and not a man.”

    The article is interesting, but sad.

  • jessica819

    I wouldn’t say she owns her sexuality. Her sexuality owns her, like any addict. Likely the only place she knows how to take care of a man is in a bedroom. But she probably doesn’t care. I will not be taking lessons from Michelle. She should take lessons from me. I take care of my man’s cock, as well as his head and heart.

  • Jewcano

    Dude, tats are such a fucking turnoff.

  • Gunslingergregi

    Nice rhyme Jessica :)

  • Phil

    That was indeed touching. Perhaps you should incorporate that into your wedding vows, Jessica.

  • Some Catchy Chic

    That is disturbing. She probably has multiple STD’s.

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  • Genevieve

    mmmmmm STDs

  • Dani

    You’re fairly good looking and have game. Why the hell would you stoop that low?