Start A Blog Already

I think everyone should have their own blog, for these reasons:

1. It’s a cheap hobby. Other than an internet connection and computer, it costs you nothing.

2. You are a very creative snowflake. When I sit down in front of a blank screen, interesting ideas just pop in my head. Most people have routines (sitting in front of the TV) or environments (eight hours a day of beige cubicle walls) that make it hard for creative ideas to bubble on the surface.

3. You connect the dots. If I didn’t have to blog, I would probably buy an iPod and listen to music instead of piecing together the events of my life to create quality stuff.

4. Exposure to new ideas. When you have a blog you start reading more blogs, exposing yourself to interesting ideas, theories, and writing. And if you are in a scene where other bloggers meet, you get to expose yourself to these bloggers, literally, before having sex with them.

5. It improves your writing. Even without taking a writing class, the act of writing will make your writing better through no conscious work on your part.

6. :attentionwhore:

Head on over to, pick a blog name (I recommend something generic so you don’t have to change it when your life changes), pick a template, mess around with the software, and start writing. Email the blog to your friends, link to blogs you like that are related to you, and comment on them too. Just don’t be a kiss ass. Post 2-4 times a week and send me an email after one year telling me how much you wish you started blogging sooner.

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