Start And Finish With The Same Game

When it comes to applying game for the first time, most men become surprised at how quickly it works. From trying a new technique or line, they begin receiving positive responses from women that they haven’t before. With this great discovery also comes a downside: you must keep applying this game to sustain the relationship. A man must use any game technique for as long as he desires a sexual relationship with any woman, and can never take off the game mask that got her attracted to him in the first place.

You probably already know that women like men who treat them poorly. This occurs because they are attracted to high value men, and nothing declares to a woman that her value is lower than a man’s when he simply doesn’t care about acting respectful, nice, and polite in her presence. Therefore if you approach a woman in a bar with an asshole type of game and eventually get her into bed, you must maintain the asshole facade in perpetuity, because it’s exactly that type of game which got her attracted to you in the first place.

The biggest game mistake you can make is to relax the initial game that hooked the girl. I’m not a natural seducer, so when I leak out my normal non-game self to girls I’ve been having sex with, I soon experience various bouts of flaking and emotional outbursts that suggest her attraction for me is waffling.

This leaves men who aren’t naturals at game with two options. The first is to apply game as long as it takes to get a couple doses of sex and then ease more into his natural character. This allows him to more or less “be himself,” but it runs the risk that the girl will get bored of his natural self and move on. The second option is to wear the game mask for as long as he’s with the girl to keep extracting sexual rewards from her. It’s clear that the second option is most economical so that men do not keep losing their sources of sex.

What this means is that you must find a functional game that you don’t mind always applying, and it has to be effective enough to get you the sex you want. So while I don’t enjoy being an asshole to women, I don’t mind applying other techniques that attract them: being overly cocky and funny. I can be cocky and funny until the cows come home without any inner conflict, and thankfully this is enough for me to receive and maintain sexual relationships. If it wasn’t, however, I’d have to find another strategy that I could always use when in the presence of women. (One of the reasons that a place like Ukraine is laborious for me is that the game I like doing is not particularly effective.)

A long time ago I used to believe that once you had sex with a girl, you could drop the game charade and more or less be yourself. Unfortunately this doesn’t work, and proof of that is the web sites that now teach married guys how to game their wives so they won’t divorce them. The non-traditional world we live in now means that game must always be applied when you want to maintain sexual relationships.

Identify a functional game that you don’t mind always running on women and then stick to it, because unless you’re a natural, you can no longer be yourself with women. I’ve chosen the game techniques I feel comfortable doing, and so I will use them for as long as I enjoy sex.

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