State Of The Day Game Workshops

I have now taught ten day game workshops to nineteen men. April will most likely be the last month I do these. I’m going to be a little mum on my plans since they aren’t finalized yet, but I plan on hitting the road by May.

Here’s some workshop thoughts from a few students:

I’d give the workshop an A+ grade. I liked how easy the system is, and thought Roosh was a great teacher. He explained everything in an easy to understand manner, and then closely watched the approaches, taking good notes so he could give lots of feedback. He uses a casual, “under the radar” style with openers that just sound like natural conversation. Because they are so easy and natural sounding, the openers take only a minimum amount of balls to deliver. Roosh gives you a 100% effort–worth every bit of your money.

The key to tight day game is indirect approaches. Direct game is not game at all, but a roll of the die based on what a girl thinks about your physical appearance.

First of all, I really appreciate how you stayed beyond your planned time, and helped me get started with day game.

I thought entire program was well thought-out and ‘easy to follow’, although actual execution of the routines were rough.

I think the workshop could be improved with additional help beyond ‘opener’ and ‘follow up’…(like when we kept on asking you for possible scenarios after back-and-forth follow up) but then again… I imagine anything beyond is mid-level game, and there would be too many scenarios and factors involved.

The workshop was really worth the cost and time, especially with the idea that “SHE WANTS TO GIVE YOU THE NUMBER, NOT THAT YOU ARE SCHEMING TO GET THAT NUMBER”. That statement and idea really opened my eyes and my attitude towards the game.

When you’re using the material for the first time it will be choppy, though rarely disastrous since the approach is indirect. With practice it will get a lot smoother. Beyond the follow-up I teach the main idea of what you want to do (baiting, rambling), but it is not feasible to memorize conversation. That would be too robotic and unnatural.

My overall experience with the Day Game Workshop was positive. The provided workbook that was extremely helpful and the in depth explanation of the concepts gave me a better understanding of the pick-up techniques that work. Not only did Roosh show me how to successfully approach women during the day, Roosh also made the workshop fun and gave me the motivation I needed to approach women. Of the 15 women I approached during the workshop, I came away two numbers (one of which, I dated today). After the workshop, I even used Roosh’s techniques on the subway to get an additional number from a pair of girls. I am quite satisfied with the the Day Game Workshop and would recommend it to anyone with a desire to learn how to attract women. THANKS ROOSH!

This was one of my most advanced students. His day game learning curve will be short because he was already decent with girls beforehand.

The workshop was great, and more than worth it. It was transformational and helped build my confidence to go out and practice. I actually talked to a woman on the street and used FALNUC and said let’s hang out. I didn’t number close, but I did something I’ve never done before and it honestly made me proud. I’ve been on kind of a high since Sunday. I have been talking to girls and not getting scared to open because I’m so under the radar using some of the lines you taught me as well reframing it that my interest was just not sexual during the day. I’ll write more later this week as I just got back from a date, and I do need your advice moving to the Bang. Your book will probably answer it for me, but I won’t get a chance to read it until this weekend.

FALNUC is an mneumonic I made up for when it’s time to get the number. Each letter stands for something. It’s a bit involved but it increases rapport while reducing the liklihood of a flake.

The workshop lasts about 8 hours, of which roughly the first several are spent going over the theory and the material, and the the remainder is spent in bookshops, grocery stores, clothing stores and other usual places people go to during the day.

Although the material can be pretty dry, things pick up quickly when pickup attempts are made. Roosh has a pretty clear idea of what works and what doesn’t and is an encyclopedia of experience. Perhaps my attention span is too short, but while I found it difficult to absorb the written material, once it was demonstrated in practice a structure was developed and then honed in on.

Roosh does a good job of keeping things fun, humorous, and informative. Overall I would recommend this experience to anyone.

Pros: Asking Roosh all sorts of questions about lots of aspects of the game.

Cons: Sitting for a lecture for several hours is why I go to school.

The most common complaint I have is the initial 2-3 hours where students are listening to me talk. I’m aware of this but I don’t want to put students in tough situations without preparing them beforehand. The material takes time to explain, and it should because it’s not easy. Here’s another comment about that:

I didn’t like the amount of time we spent at Starbucks. We were there for about three hours just looking over your packet. It reminded me of school, and so my mind began to wander. I thought we should have been thrown into the fire immediately. If we had left earlier, we might have seen some hotter women.

As far as you analyzing our approaches, that was the best part of the workshop. The nuggets of information you fed me were very useful.

Overall, it was an experience that has numbed me from the nervousness of approaching.

This student had the type of personality where he liked a challenge, but most guys would be traumatized if “thrown into the fire.” In a perfect world I would give students personality quizzes before the workshop and pair them up with someone like them.

Here are the previous things I’ve written about the workshop:

I teach these on Saturday’s now. If you’re interested email me at [email protected] with “workshop” in the subject.

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