Summer Hiatus… Complete

I will resume posting again on Monday. There may be a couple short breaks here or there until the fall, but I think I’m ready to commit at least two posts a week for the remainder of the summer.

I have to warn you that some of my upcoming posts will contradict older writings. In some cases it may seem like I’m taking an entirely new direction. This may trouble some of you since contradiction is often seen as weakness or confusion. But I see it as a complete circling of the whole. It reveals a man’s ongoing exploration of the extremes to determine the correct path that lies between. Virginity vs playerdom. Poverty vs wealth. Isolation vs social dependence. Employment vs unemployment. Apathy vs effort. Immobility vs travel. Alpha vs beta. True understanding can only come from testing all available paths.

In the past I would proclaim a truth or theory based on only exploring one of the extremes without knowing the other. I gave advice without having a complete picture. When you also consider that my Western upbringing has pushed me towards a nonstop pursuit of achievement, “growth,” and ego-fulfillment without resting to see where I am along the path, I wonder if I may have missed some targets. So let’s see what you think of some posts I have coming up starting on Monday.

One last thing: if you follow me through Google Reader, you need to find a new alternative since it’s going offline on July 1. I recommend The Old Reader.

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  • Chris Shepherd

    Welcome back, I’m interested to see what your new perspective is. Looking forward to reading your new stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Yessss!! Yesss, please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BDM

    Welcome back. I’m really looking forward to your new writing. Artists evolve and grow, and the more you reflect on your intention and experience, the better I like your writing. Thanks for continuing to transform, Roosh.

  • Tampa

    Oh shit….Roosh has become a vegan monk who chases queers

  • RobP

    Sounds promising–look forward to it.

  • haniel



    Welcome back, master

  • Deebos

    Western achievement has created some of the greatest civilizations, sadly they are beginning to rot. We are the generation that is inheriting this rot. Do we love America as it is, or is it the nostalgic America of Freedom we miss?

  • Bill

    sounds like the plot of Siddhartha

  • AlphaKong

    Roosh is becoming a poor obese feminist fat acceptance vegan gay white knight BETA?

    Or the ultimate resolution: becoming… a woman?

  • Atlanta Man

    Bet you this guy takes that Microbiology degree and either resumes work , or goes balls out and gets an MD or PhD.

  • Dr. Murray F. Rottencrotch

    Nice self-evaluation.

    The value of your work is its experiential extremism. Its value is high enough that a little extremism of expression and opinion was wholly pardonable.

  • Anonymous

    oh no not hegel again

  • Lika

    Roosh gets married to a couple of Femen

  • Meyer

    Well Roosh, you’ve always been somewhat contradictory. You brilliantly illuminate the pathologies of the Western culture and legal systems that make it so difficult for ordinary men to form relationships. But when you escape the Anglosphere, and find opportunities for real love elsewhere, you decline them in favor of more slaying/violating/demolishing/etc. of fresh “targets”.

    You’ve been sending powerful and eloquent messages about men’s self-improvement and women’s disgraceful behavior. But then you undercut those messages with your repeated fixation on getting the next “hit” with a new woman.

    I hope your new approach takes you in the direction of building and not “demolition”. I hope you have read Daniel Amneus’ book and understand that it is men who build civilization and men who need to regulate women’s behavior. I hope you start to focus on social cooperation among the still small minority of red pill guys.

    You came close to the truth when you said that women are like water that takes the shape of the container it’s in. The next step is to understand that MEN create that container. We need to work together to improve our daughters and sisters. Women respect men who are on a team together. This way we can finally start to fix the mess we’ve inherited.

  • Inside The University of Melbourne


  • Rez

    Well back roosh joon!

  • Jake

    Roosh has been kidnapped and his account hacked by the Femen, the first post might concern why women deserve equal rights, or why we should cut our balls.
    Welcome back!


    I would like to believe that the posts contained in “The Roosh Compendim” will remain valid in the Roosh ver 2.0

  • John Rambo, Anti-Feminist Soldier and Founder of the Boycott American Women blog

    Good to see you back, I look forward to reading your new articles.

  • decomposer917

    It is only natural and expected that some of your future posts will contradict the previous once. Like all (or most of us) you evolve, and so are your views, goals, preferences and taste in women and just about anything else.

  • OlioOx

    We need to make our predictions and guesses. Here’s mine: Roosh found himself a nice Polish girl and is getting married. Actually, more likely is perhaps this: He’s got some kind of a steady relationship, but he won’t get married; and he is going to change the way he earns his living.

  • shafter

    Knowing polish girls all my life i would rather say that he got runned over by one :)

    All what cares for polish girls are dark skinned guys and money šŸ˜‰

  • Rod

    I am scared .. Roosh gets morals and turns beta. just as the manosphere is moving in the right direction and my personal game is improving my ‘go to ‘ guy for advice and damn funny stories may be throwing in the towel .. Don’t get deep and boring on us roosh .. Few years left in you yet .

  • Frankie d’friela-Mombasa


    Welcome back, we love you man.

    Looking forward to your new posts with my notebook and fountain pen at the ready.

    Everything I write is then buried in lead containers in desert caves for future generations to find many years in the future.



  • michelin

    The ability to reinvent oneself is what makes the man.

    looking forward to the new rooshV !

  • Chi Hsu

    What’s with the random vegan discriminating? You can be an alpha and a non-racist/sexist/homophobe. You can also be an alpha and a non-animal killer.

  • Red Pill Too Late

    Welcome back. Very interested in reading future posts based on what you put forth in this post.

  • Joe Dick

    WOW man, I am VERY interested to hear about your new change of direction! I think only the best have the balls to do work and after they complete the circle, they say ‘hey, you know what? Scrap what I said before! Here are the fruits of my new experiences.’ THAT is why I learn from you and admire you, because I know you do all this as a personal challenge. It takes BALLS to recant what you did and said, because life is very complex and non-linear, and as much as we all want a ‘system’ that works, and to think ‘hey, that guy did this, so if I do the same, I’ll get the same results, right?’, the reality is that life and learning is very chaotic and there’s too many variables about why something might work for a while and then stop working, or why something works for someone and it doesn’t for someone else. The American way to think is ‘my neighbour did that, so if I do that, I’ll get X or Y too’. Well, bullshit. Sure, it’s important to have GUIDELINES, for example not to kiss women’s ass, not to be a pushover, etc, but if someone thinks he will follow a pre-established plan and things will work, chances are, something will happen that will shatter his expectations. Bruce Lee, when he devised the ‘Jun Fan’ martial arts style, could kick ass in Hong Kong, but when he came to America, pretty soon had to revise a lot of things as his opponents now were bigger and stronger. And you bet he revised the hell out of everything, and created Jeet Kune Do, which wasn’t a fighting style, but more of a concept. He said that you always have to try to adapt to new variables, to be ‘like water’, and not to follow any rigid rules, or you can be sure you’ll get your ass kicked. I never forget his saying ‘Jeet Kune Do is anything that scores’. And you, Roosh, are going through the same process, I think. I am not going to throw away what I learned in the past from you as that has worked well for me, as did all the other things I have learned from many other people (I learn by observing myself and everybody else) ,but I kind of knew you were going in this sort of evolving process, because EVOLUTION it is. So, no, I am not going to be one of these who says ‘I don’t want to throw away what I have learned’. Success is ANYTHING that score. Except killing, stealing or raping, ah ah! I’ll leave that shit to someone else. I am VERY curious to read your new blogs.

  • Jim

    Roosh, one can only wonder if after your latest revelations you will manage to finally control your ever apparent hatred and endless negativity and anger towards everything that lives and doesn’t spread its legs for you on command. Or that has an iPhone or something.

    I guess not, but maybe I am underestimating you.

  • Reader in Md

    He got an STD…

  • Giovonny

    Oh Fuck. This is gonna be good!

    @28 Joe Dick — Great comment. One of my all time favorites.

    Looking forward to this modern philosophical discussion.

  • Arch

    “The opposite of a great truth is also true.”

  • Virgin And Proud!

    God is SO good! Perhaps he will find you soon. God bless.

    Male, 30

  • Virgin And Proud!

    PS I will pray for you all…

  • derthal

    No one will ever had the complete picture. One can rely on more or less incomplete picture. One never knows how important is that little undiscovered part of a picture and one might even has no clue that such part of picture exist.

  • the passenger

    Roosh, will you engage in LTR? I suggest you do it, for at least 3-6 months. And tell us what such experience was like…

  • nguyenimproved

    My all-time favourite Middle Eastern, tome reading, eastern european loving, DC hating, independent travelling, piano playing, qualified microbiologist is back.
    wonder what treats you have in store.
    your shit is always more mind opening than a bad lsd trip.
    ps My educated guess is you are going to star in a Disney-inspired Roosh-keteers show.

  • nguyenimproved

    @3 “artists evolve and grow”
    yes elvis sure did grow!
    but seriously roosh is evolving and alive. i love how you’ve never been afraid to go against the grow in the pursuit of knowledge. you aren’t afraid to grow.
    Plato Socrates Aristotle and now

  • RougeNoir

    Marriage in the works?

  • Anonymous

    @ virgin and proud
    if ura man thats sad….unless u live in middle east aka do not game zone

  • Gui

    Can I attend the wedding?

  • Big Jim

    Let’s say you were a scientist studying marketing. Is there some kind of half life factor as far as, how many readers you lose, based on how many weeks you take off. Or how long it takes to recover your readership. Just sayin’. Glad to have you back, before you lose too many readers.

    [Roosh: Good question, though I rarely take off more than a month so my data is limited.]

  • Abe

    Haha.. I’ve been reading your blog since the DC Bachelor days. I found myself explaining this exact concept to a friend earlier this year. If you don’t pursue all options available to you, how do you know that you’re availing the best one? Pretty curious.. I wonder if I read your blog because I share your mentality, or if reading your blog has helped shape my views.