Summer Hiatus… Complete

I will resume posting again on Monday. There may be a couple short breaks here or there until the fall, but I think I’m ready to commit at least two posts a week for the remainder of the summer.

I have to warn you that some of my upcoming posts will contradict older writings. In some cases it may seem like I’m taking an entirely new direction. This may trouble some of you since contradiction is often seen as weakness or confusion. But I see it as a complete circling of the whole. It reveals a man’s ongoing exploration of the extremes to determine the correct path that lies between. Virginity vs playerdom. Poverty vs wealth. Isolation vs social dependence. Employment vs unemployment. Apathy vs effort. Immobility vs travel. Alpha vs beta. True understanding can only come from testing all available paths.

In the past I would proclaim a truth or theory based on only exploring one of the extremes without knowing the other. I gave advice without having a complete picture. When you also consider that my Western upbringing has pushed me towards a nonstop pursuit of achievement, “growth,” and ego-fulfillment without resting to see where I am along the path, I wonder if I may have missed some targets. So let’s see what you think of some posts I have coming up starting on Monday.

One last thing: if you follow me through Google Reader, you need to find a new alternative since it’s going offline on July 1. I recommend The Old Reader.

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