8 Super Easy Day Game Openers

In Day Bang I shared a lot of openers for specific venues, but some can be so specific that it’s not easy to adapt them in slightly different environments. I’ve stumbled on a new subset of day openers that solve this problem.

Let’s say I’m in a Croatian bookstore and I’ve decided on a “Where are the Croatian language books?” opener. Problem is that the bookstore has a large non-book section that sells art supplies, posters, and board games. If I use my planned opener on a girl who is not in the book section, she’ll give a short answer because she probably didn’t even look at the books. What opener can I ask that causes her to stop what she’s doing and think for a few seconds?

“Do you know of another bookstore around here?”

When you’re in a venue, and for whatever reason don’t have an opener, simply ask a girl for another venue just like it.

1. Are you in a coffee shop? “Do you know of another coffee shop around here? I don’t like this coffee shop.”

2. Are you in an H&M? “Do you know if there is a Zara nearby? H&M clothes don’t fit my body.”

3. Are you in a mall? “Do you know where I can find another mall nearby? This mall doesn’t have the shop I need.”

4. Are you in a supermarket? “Do you know if there’s a bigger supermarket around here? I can’t find my favorite kind of peanut butter.”

Your ramble will simply be about something you’re trying to buy, find, or enjoy that the present location doesn’t have. It shouldn’t be too hard to drop some value…

1. Coffee shop. “The coffee here is very mild. I feel like I’m drinking Folgers Cup. When I visited Colombia…”

2. H&M. “I once bought an H&M sweater and it disintegrated in the wash. I need something that will hold up when I go mountain biking. Zara usually has…”

3. Mall. “There aren’t a lot of choices here. Where I come from, there is a mall with 500 stores. They even sell snakes in one of five pet stores.”

4. Peanut butter. “I’m thankful that I can at least buy my favorite peanut butter in this city. When I was in Eastern Europe, they only had jelly, but no peanut butter.”

As you can see, these openers are easy, painless, and take very little energy to use. Try them.

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