Super Easy Day Game Openers

In Day Bang I shared a lot of openers for specific venues, but some can be so specific that it’s not easy to adapt them in slightly different environments. I’ve stumbled on a new subset of day openers that solve this problem.

Let’s say I’m in a Croatian bookstore and I’ve decided on a “Where are the Croatian language books?” opener. Problem is that the bookstore has a large non-book section that sells art supplies, posters, and board games. If I use my planned opener on a girl who is not in the book section, she’ll give a short answer because she probably didn’t even look at the books. What opener can I ask that causes her to stop what she’s doing and think for a few seconds?

“Do you know of another bookstore around here?”

When you’re in a venue, and for whatever reason don’t have an opener, simply ask a girl for another venue just like it.

1. Are you in a coffee shop? “Do you know of another coffee shop around here? I don’t like this coffee shop.”

2. Are you in an H&M? “Do you know if there is a Zara nearby? H&M clothes don’t fit my body.”

3. Are you in a mall? “Do you know where I can find another mall nearby? This mall doesn’t have the shop I need.”

4. Are you in a supermarket? “Do you know if there’s a bigger supermarket around here? I can’t find my favorite kind of peanut butter.”

Your ramble will simply be about something you’re trying to buy, find, or enjoy that the present location doesn’t have. It shouldn’t be too hard to drop some value…

1. Coffee shop. “The coffee here is very mild. I feel like I’m drinking Folgers Cup. When I visited Colombia…”

2. H&M. “I once bought an H&M sweater and it disintegrated in the wash. I need something that will hold up when I go mountain biking. Zara usually has…”

3. Mall. “There aren’t a lot of choices here. Where I come from, there is a mall with 500 stores. They even sell snakes in one of five pet stores.”

4. Peanut butter. “I’m thankful that I can at least buy my favorite peanut butter in this city. When I was in Eastern Europe, they only had jelly, but no peanut butter.”

As you can see, these openers are easy, painless, and take very little energy to use. Try them.

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  • dannyfrom504

    i opened a girl at dunkin donuts 2 days ago. had her number in less than 5 minutes.

    i stopped at dunking to get a sammich and a VERY cute girl was working the counter and took my order. i asked her when she started working there and she said she had just started. i replied that i need to stop in more often now and she smiled and i could tell she was blushing. i slyly backpedaled and told her i didn’t mean to make her uncomfortable but i had to point out she was quite a cute girl. then i ask-

    “can you do me a favor?”

    she replied of course and i told her to tell her BF how lucky he is ( i ALWAYS use this to flush out if she’s single or not- i call it “flanking”). she mentioned that she didn’t have a bf, so i told her i didn’t believe her. that she was too cute to be single. again she smiled and bit her lip, and preened a little so i grabbed my phone, punched in “1″ on the key pad, handed her my phone and said, “we need to kick it sometime in the near future.” she punched in her number and i called her.

    before i drove home, i texted her, “i’m gonna say you messed up my order so i can come back and see you.” she replied with- “lol, don’t get me fired, i just started.”

    game on.

    again. beta’s ask, alphas DO. i didn’t ask for her number i gave her my phone and she simply complied with an assertive, confidant man.

  • Anonymous

    ^Great Job dude

  • Mark Minter

    If you haven’t read yesterday’s Roosh post
    “The Destructive Merger Of Dating Choice & American Culture”
    then do so.

    I put it in my personal top 5 of Manosphere pieces I have ever read. Top 3 really.

    You should be certain to link it around in comment sections to give others the benefit of reading it.

    It has certainly stuck with me and, for now, I have been contemplating it since I read it. It is so surprisingly complex in its scope that I am going to have to move ideas around and then figure out how other ideas and values relate to the concepts.

    But make no mistake, these ideas will be central and the other prior ideas and concepts I had will have to adjust and organize around these new ones.

    But I can say that it certainly cements him as certainly the top cultural observer in the manosphere, and one of the top three in the country today. I just am unable to name who the other two are right now.

    Creme rises and it is only a matter of time until the greater culture pulls him away and into a bigger role.

  • http://nah fnii

    if there are several coffee shops near each other and dont know which one is good, ie has single girls, you can jump from coffe shop to coffee shop with such openers without buying anything.

    just go in, put on a confused look, look around a bit and ask the only cute single girl there if this is a good place to study or st similar. talk about how they look at you angrily at another coffe place if you just buy a cup and sit there for hours studying/reading. or ask if there often are other people studying there because you feel like a sucker if you are the only one doing it etc. often she will be relieved to get a break from her child psychology studies or whatever. no matter if you get her number or not, you just leave afterwards to “go check out that other place”.

    where i live girls seldom go alone to coffe shops alone so the chance of metting a girl to open is low. therefore i want to hit several in a short time.

    coffe shop culture in the us might be different so this might be of limited applicability.

  • Calpuleque

    Question for Roosh and everyone:

    If an ugly, fat, pimple-faced, short- haired girl asked you out to be her sorority date would you go?

    Obviously I am not going to fuck this chick nor do I want anything to do with her.

    But I was thinking of saying yes because this would be my first chance to gain access into the sorority scene and I can ditch that girl and game her sorority sisters once I am at the party.

    The theme is st. pattys but I really want nothing to do with this chick.

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    “If an ugly, fat, pimple-faced, short- haired girl asked you out to be her sorority date would you go?”

    If you’re seen with an unattractive woman it lowers your own value. I’d be careful with this. Women’s sympathies are oddly directed, and if you leave your date alone and try to talk to too many other women, those women may think “What a jerk — look how he treated her.”

    Also, if you yourself are not above a 7, don’t go because you don’t want to be the “unattractive couple” that stands out in a bad way. Then you get typecast. Sorry to be harsh here, but this is the way things go.

  • Calpuleque

    @ 7 days of Broken Arrows

    Thanks for the advice.

    I would say I am a 7. I get told I am good looking by certain people and I am in good shape. That’s not to say I am brad pitt but I can certainly pull girls multiple points above this girl (this girl I would put as a 3 or 4 she would be a lot better if she took care of herself but you know how it is with American women)

    The girl is in my class and I have studied with her before in the past which is why she asked me I think.

    I am worried about both things you said (ruining my social value or looking like a jerk by ditching her)… but I kind of feel like an idiot if I turn down the opportunity to get into the sorority party.

    Btw, sorry this has nothing to do with this post. I just needed advice and cannot sign up on the forum until the 1st.

  • Ruxman

    Sounds like what I do when I game at universities, I ask them where a building is (often they don’t know) act a little confused then I talk about the layout of another university often one overseas.

  • Infantry

    News article on an evolutionary psychology study promoting that women prefer betas when they are financially insecure:

    If this is true the converse might be as well. When financially secure (either through their own earnings in makework jobs or through government support) they will chase alphas and hop on the carousel.

  • someone

    ROOSHV: you made this post where you listed some 7s

    could you do a post listing 8s?

  • Ukrainian_Maniac

    WTF dude we have peanut butter in East Europe! Crunchy and smooth!

    [Roosh: Only the big Ukrainian supermarkets have peanut butter.]

  • Hyeronnimus!

    Get out of my country moron!


    Bucharest clubs like GAIA, FRATELLI, BOA, CHABOO have the girls you always dreamt of and wished for

    Second place is MOLDOVA: Iasi, Braila, Bacau, Roman, Galati, Suceava.

  • florentin

    Bine ai venit in Romania…azi am aflat dintr-un reportaj al canalului tv…ProTv…sper sa fie o sedere placuta, sunt nerabdator sa citesc articolele tale despre tara mea si evident femeile frumoase. Tu, ai sa vezi ca merita locul 1…sunt la fel de frumoase ca si polonezele…si au un plus multe , foarte multe sunt vorbitoare de limba engleza!

  • Florentin Translated


    WARM Welcome to Romania … today I found the story on ProTv tv channel … I hope to be a pleasant stay for you, I a eager to read your articles about my country and of course our beautiful women. You have to see it deserves # 1 … romanian girls are as beautiful as the Polish women … and have many added qualities, polus that the majority are speaking English!


  • Arad

    I can see the girls that Roosh goes to are very pretty. Or maybe all the girls in Bucarest they are very pretty. It’s not the same situation in the western part of Romania. I think Roosh is gold

  • Arad

    We can’t wait for your articles about our country Romania

  • kml

    funny, after reading this post I realize that opener’s purpose is actually just to open your mouth and say almost anything…

  • Confuclican

    Hey Roosh, you faggot. Can’t take a little criticism? You still reading the private PM’s of the members on your site? Yeah, I know about that, dude.

  • Boy Toy

    Easy day game opener:
    Hi, your cute, whats your name?

  • Km.Zakia

    I am college going girl and not virgin. Hide relations with my one boyfriend whose penis is uncircumised, I sucked his penis and eat his cum when he ejaculate in my sweet mouth.but when i insist him tolickand suckmy clitories and vigina etc. he aavoid it on the plea that viginais meant for penis and his penis do their job when it is in side of her.I want to know why he is avoiding for licking of my clit. though my other college mate says that her boyfriend please them only by sucking and licking her clitories and feelmore pleasure as against viginal sex. Please suggest me what should i do and how toplease him topay attentions on my clitories through their soft tonque.

  • gil

    hi roosh your astonishingly creative. Greetings

  • Keno

    Man, that’s really direct! Definitely no this website’s style. I actually think that you shouldn’t mention a boyfriend and with the combination of your compliments you put her onto the Olympus or somethin. Just because she’s cute you don’t have to compliment her in every sentence. HOWEVER – it was actually quite confident of you and therefore well done I simply disagree with you in terms of how to approach.