Ten Times

Let’s make a brave assumption that 10% of all women in this world between the ages of 18-34 are physically desirable, meaning they are at least a 7 on the 1-10 rating scale. We all know that some cultures are more attractive than others, but for now lets assume they are all the same.

I date Latin, European, and fair-skinned girls. I don’t date Asian, Indian, black, or Eskimo. There is nothing wrong with these girls, but I just don’t feel it (yes, I know Asian women have tight vaginas). Now say I go visit Columbia. For every 100 girls I see there that are close to my age, I’ll want to have intimacy with 10 of them (10%). Since Colombia is mostly homogenous, probably the entire sample size of 100 will indeed be Latin, my target audience.

I run into a problem in the United States because of its diversity. Out of 100 girls I see here, off the bat about half will be girls from ethnic groups I can’t work with. So with the remaining 50, 5 will be desirable if we continue using the 10% assumption. That means I will have to meet about twice the amount of girls here than in Columbia to find someone I find attractive.

Now lets drop our earlier assumption and recognize that women from some countries are better looking than others. If we bump up countries like Colombia, Czech, and Spain to 20% (which may be a conservative increase), and bump this morbidly obese country down to 5% (which may be a conservative decrease), the situation for me becomes much more unfortunate.

For every 100 girls I see in the U.S., 2.5 will be attractive (50 x 5%), compared to 20 in a desirable country (100 x 20%). Throw in the fact that D.C. is the ugliest American city and it easily becomes at least ten times harder to meet an attractive girl here. This means I have to run into 1,000 girls in D.C. to find the same amount of quality I’d find in 100 girls elsewhere.

There are only three solutions to this problem:

1. Move.

2. Play the numbers game and work hard to sift through tons of undesirable trash.

3. Turn gay.

I’m been doing option two for years. It’s more energy intensive but I have dated some quality girls in this area. But then I have to ask myself a couple questions: How much more quality would I have met elsewhere? How much better would my experiences have been? Luckily for my sanity, I will never know the real answer.

The sad thing with all these numbers and assumptions presented to you is that I have only considered physical appearance, not personality.

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  • http://www.kassyk.blogspot.com KassyK

    I actually scarily agree with this post…and I have to say that with this area, the same is for us women. We are dealing with the same thing…but there have been a few quality guys here and there…but again, to find the looks & substance is even harder…and you need more than just looks to sustain something real. Oh well, for me it may be time to move.

  • Stephen (VA)

    If you put in personality, what personality, short-term fun personality,or long-term relationship flexible-giver personality?

    If the latter, good luck finding it.

    However, if you play the numbers game long enough, you will. Can you “Stay the Course?”

  • http://www.hedonisticpleasureseeker.wordpress.com hedonistic

    Nah, wherever you go, there you are. The Universe is funny that way. You can change your entire universe just by changing your mind and your habits.

    Roosh, imagine what it must be like to be female: 99% of the men we encounter on a daily basis do NOTHING for us! It’s that rare 1% that puts the zip in our days . . .

  • nabeel

    I’m seriously considering moving out of DC.

  • http://www.goodgrief-singleinthecity.blogspot.com DCVita

    You need to break it down some more. Where are you meeting the fugly women in DC? Have you tried broadening your scope? You might eventually hit the jackpot and meet a woman with looks and personality!

  • http://www.kassyk.blogspot.com KassyK

    I have to ask an important question…if all of this meeting girls is just to find girls to lay…why all the work? Find some easy girls and fuck them. Done. You’ll never find a quality girl when you are not ready for a partnership unfortunately…

  • http://www.hedonisticpleasureseeker.wordpress.com hedonistic

    For all the work guys go into hitting it and quitting it I wonder why they don’t just caugh up the $400 and hire a call girl. All things considered it might be cheaper in the long run. Honestly.

  • http://www.kassyk.blogspot.com KassyK

    Hedonistic–I think its because its the thrill of the chase,some guys genuinely are misogonistic and enjoy the chase…the pump & dump and then the ultimate dump. Then its on to the next…I don’t think all guys are like this (or even Roosh) just that many ARE…calling a hooker would be too easy. It wouldn’t allow them the power of treating a women like a piece of garbage emotionally…

  • Cob

    You really are missing out on the Asians. You should reconsider and date some Chinese, Korean, or Japanese girls once in a while.

  • http://gatsbysamericangreen.blogspot.com Jay Gatsby

    It all comes down to what Roosh is looking for in the short term and the long term. I’d like to think he’s looking for someone that meets all of his criteria so that he will have the option of dating her longer if he so chooses. Thus, I don’t think it’s a power trip, thrill of the chase, etc… When you hit your late-20s/early-30s, the “thrill” of the chase isn’t a thrill anymore. It becomes work, which is just another four-letter word among many.

    I believe in the “if you build it, she will come” philosophy. Quality attracts quality. If you have your sh!t together, and are head and shoulders above the rest of the guys from which a woman has to choose, she’ll go for you. If she’s not choosing you, then you’re not her best choice, despite what you may think. That said, guys also have the ability to choose, although most guys wouldn’t turn down an attractive woman. But it’s the choosy guys who can become even more attractive.

  • http://1975andon.blogspot.com aw


    The country is ‘Colombia’ with an o. The planned community in MD is ‘Columbia’ with a u.

    A lot of the things that you say there have to do with that really really nasty word that nobody likes to own up to. ‘settling’. what is settling? nobody likes to admit that they have… because it’s like ‘well, you’ll do for now’. but perfection doesn’t happen either, because it’s unrealistic. ‘compromise’ is a similar very very loaded word as well.

    can you be truly happy if you’re settling or compromising? only you will know the answer to that question if it gnaws at you.

    once you know and accept that real life will never ever ever match up to your ideal, you will probably be a lot happier.

  • http://www.goodgrief-singleinthecity.blogspot.com DCVita

    Jay Gatsby: That was on point!

  • eugenius

    I cant believe we take so much shit to get so little……..look on the bright side when you go anywhere else…..its a cakewalk

  • flip

    Your math is wrong. 2.5 attractive girls out of 100 is wrong because you divided 10% by 4 unknowingly when you cut the sample in half. Only your expectation of 10/100 should be cut in half. This means that it is 5/100, or 5 attractive girls instead of 2.5. There is another way to look at it. You made the assumption that half of every 100 girls you come across would be undesirable to you due to taste. This simply means that half of the attractive girls would be unattractive to you, leaving only 5/10 attractive girls for the taking. The odds still suck, but now they’re twice as good as you thought. Maybe you don’t have to turn gay after all, but maybe you should worry about whether those girls you find attractive are into guys that can’t handle simple percentages.

  • http://www.kassyk.blogspot.com KassyK

    JayG does make a good point and so does “aw”…settling is the terrible I think…and compromise does work but you can’t be bitter about it or it will came back to haunt you. True compromise is a beautiful thing.

    I think you can find someone that matches your ideals if your expectactions are realistic…that being said–you should always have high expectations (bc settling is the worst) but not TOO high that you will never find someone that you are compatible with.

    Roosh and many men just haven’t found someone that they could see themselves “with” or their “ideal mate” and that’s it…but it IS possible, even in this city.

    Ok babble. Can anyone else tell that my boss is out today?

    Eugenious–Like I said…there are a tons of hookers down on 14th street…I am sure they would love to take your money and fuck you.

  • http://www.kassyk.blogspot.com KassyK

    AHHHHH sorry for all the spelling mistakes–I get messy when I am writing passionately lol.

  • http://www.goodgrief-singleinthecity.blogspot.com DCVita

    aw mentions ideal. what is your ideal?! You mention your ideal woman, but most of that was sexually related. Lots of women have a big ass, a flat stomach, and a cute face. There must be more since you wrote this post, right?

  • Poppy Girl

    DC is the ugliest city in America? Um, huh!? Have you been to Baltimore? (I’m like a fricken beauty queen there) Or Cleveland, Detroit, Wilmington, Philadelphia? We may not be NYC, Miami, or LA, but trust a person who recently spent a week in Texas …. DC is far from ugly. When my plane landed, I kissed the tarmac. Honestly, I have my complaints about DC (esp. the politicos) but in Texas it was all divorcees w/ kids into motorcross and nascar. Sigh. I guess I could get into motorcross. Yeehaw!

  • http://www.hedonisticpleasureseeker.wordpress.com hedonistic

    Poppygirl, I’m hearing ya. I spent most of my year back-and-forth between, of all places, Hollyweird. I can’t tell you how many times I sat in LAX wondering, so where are all the beautiful people? Aren’t they all s’pozed to be here? Where’d they go?

    Everyone needs to stop watching TV or getting their ideas about beauty from magazines and porn. These people are artificially enhanced and/or photoshopped, and they’re not available to the likes of you anyway. They’re dating . . . movie writers, probably. You know, those “beta men” in Hollywood are doing pretty good with the starlets. I oughta know.

    Point is, practically none of us look as though we belong on TV (well, moi, onceuponnatime). Besides, America has gotten old (Babyboomers) and obese (about half of the US). A whole lotta conventionally-defined cute has been flushed down the toilet based on those two factors alone.

  • http://lonniebruner.blogspot.com Lonnie Bruner

    Columbia … Isn’t that somewhere near BWI airport?

    I hear the ladies are smokin’ up there …

  • Steve Lurkel

    Hedonistic: “I wonder why they don’t just cough up the $400 and hire a call girl. All things considered it might be cheaper in the long run.”

    I’m all for the skin trade, but it’s got to be legalised…for the sake of everyone involved.

  • http://freckledk.blogspot.com freckledk

    I should preface this by saying that I’ve seen your picture, and you are not at all a bad looking guy. You’re cute, in fact. But I wouldn’t say that you are the strapping, classically handsome guy that many women are going to envision when describing the physical appearance of the perfect male specimen. Still, women will happily date you because you are articulate, funny….and not a toad. Not all women — but most. And, somewhere along the way, you would likely become their idea of the perfect man.

    I just wonder if your ideal girl actually exists, and whether or not she would date you if she does. How would you stack up to her criteria?

  • eugenius

    kassyk……..you obviously misunderstood, i dont need hookers to get laid, that was never a problem…….its the work thats put in to find quality and there is very little quality….

  • http://www.kassyk.blogspot.com KassyK

    Eugenius–I don’t think you NEED hookers…I’m just saying if its just about getting laid–then why not a hooker…what’s the point of wasting time and energy to get into a girls pants and then just get rid of her? Why not be honest with the women you fuck and just let them know up front you just want a fuck? That’s all. :-)

  • eugenius

    i am not honest……so most of the time they know….that doesnt take away from the fact that quality is still low, i think we are talking about two different things here

  • http://www.kassyk.blogspot.com KassyK

    Eugenius–I think I may be letting my own personal experiences with men since my break up color my reactions. Only natural I guess.

  • holiday

    How often are you meeting Eskimos (and isn’t the politically correct term Inuit?)?

    I agree with KassyK. If the goal is to get laid, why worry about substance? Pretty girls are a dime a dozen. Isn’t that what myspace is for?

  • eugenius

    holiday you obviously didnt read previous comments….pretty girl are dime a dozen?…….where do you live?……..

  • Roissy

    cluck cluck clacked:
    “For all the work guys go into hitting it and quitting”

    what makes you think it is work?

    ” it I wonder why they don’t just caugh up the $400 and hire a call girl.”

    there is a flaw in your reasoning.

    “All things considered it might be cheaper in the long run.”

    cheaper than marriage?
    cheaper than dating and enjoying long term relationships?
    not if the guy isn’t a loser.

  • A-nonne

    Kassy, it’s because they’re cheap. They don’t want to invest the money at all. They want sex from beautiful women for free. Even though the call girl would be a no-hassle arrangement, it doesn’t meet with the “financial needs of a man.”

  • klo

    Based on my personal experience, there are an unusual number of good-looking women in Minnesota. So you might want to consider that.

  • Roissy

    a-nonne, you suffer from the same flawed reasoning as hedcase.
    hint: it’s nothing to do with money.

  • http://wendysmightyminutiae.blogspot.com Wendy

    Go West young man. New Mexico has what you are looking for.

  • http://www.hedonisticpleasureseeker.wordpress.com hedonistic

    I’m from Minnesota so I would know: The state is chock full of tall Nordic and German women with blue eyes and flaxen blonde hair. If you’re into that sort of thing.

    (Um yeah, I’m part Norwegian/German and a real blue-eyed blonde too, but at 5′”4 was always the shortest one in my class. Everyone around me was tall enough to detassel corn in the summer!)

    The typical Minnesotan woman can beat you in a wrestling match. Visualize: The cop in Fargo.

  • http://wendysmightyminutiae.blogspot.com Wendy

    Even better, NM is full of Latinas…

  • vanessa

    So glad AW pointed out the “o” in your favored country for women. So whats up with you’re obssession with Colombian women?

  • klo

    The cop from Fargo is cute! But I disagree that all MN women can kick your ass. The typical rural Minnesotan woman, maybe, but not your urban and suburbanites. You are right that they are the flaxen-haired, blue-eyed variety but most are more athleticly fit than beefy…I think…

  • A-nonne

    Roissy, all the guys bitch about here is the cost of taking a woman out. Why invest yadda yadda yadda to get laid. If you’re talking about having a relationship, it’s different and of course there is more involved. Quit conflating the issues.

  • http://360.yahoo.com/tomteboda Tomteboda

    Oddly enough, my first thought was “there are an awful lot of very beautiful young women in Minnesota, a state that is 88% white. While I am a Nordic goddess (as described above, tall, Germanic, likely to be imagined wearing a drindl with the really low blouse underneath while carrying to tankards of ale, and all that implies… ), most of the women in my age group are shorter and ahh how shall I put this, more svelte. I teach at a university, and I see no lack of thin young beautiful blonde women with (amazingly enough) brains (being a rather over-educated state in general).

    Still, Minnesotan girls typically believe in long-term relationships and marriage yet, so I’m not 100% sure how your “pump and dump” rationale would work here. Anyway, its not that you need to leave the country, although maybe you’d be happier in general in the Czech Republic or Bogota, I really can’t say. Maybe you are getting a little old for your definition of “a-list women” though. Just a thought.

  • Roissy

    the guys who bitch about spending money on women aren’t limiting their targets of derision to prostitutes. hence, their cheapness is not the discriminatory factor in whether to use the services of a whore.

    the reason more men don’t use whores is that men want to make love to women who want to make love to them.

  • http://www.kassyk.blogspot.com KassyK

    Roissy–I see your reasoning but I think you are looking at it from different eyes than the ones writing this post and many of the guys writing in…I don’t think the phrase “make love” has ever been uttered with a straight face on this site.

    Fucking…bang…pump & dump…sex…but “make love”…doubtful. Sad, but doubtful.

  • http://www.hedonisticpleasureseeker.wordpress.com hedonistic

    Kassy: Roissy used the term “making love” because you’re super-hot.

    Check the archives, honey, for the real Roissy


  • Roissy

    “Roissy used the term ?making love? because you’re super-hot.”

    jealous much?
    do not make the mistake of confusing the gleeful relish with which i direct my very special lessons your way for an insincerity on my part when i speak of love.

    (in point of fact, i have no idea what kassyk looks like. i speculated she was a pretty girl based on her writings here which radiate all the telltale signs of a feminine personality untouched by bitterness or resentment toward men. you could learn a thing or two from her.)

    “Check the archives, honey”

    feel free to begin ignoring me anytime.

    “the real Roissy”

    the roissy that shouted love at the heart of the world.

  • Roissy

    re: prostitution. It’s an acceptable valve release for the omegas who can’t escape the hellhole of celibacy, but it stinks as advice for anything other than a one-off short term fix for all the others. that is why when spiteful harpies like anhedonic recommend such a dehumanizing course of action for men they conveniently forget that routinely paying for sex or using whores as a substitute for the love of a GF will do nothing but rub in their faces how miserably inept they are at attracting a woman for more than his coin. this basic understanding of male nature applies equally to men who “make love” and to men who “fuck”. the two of which, btw, are not mutually exclusive.

  • http://www.hedonisticpleasureseeker.wordpress.com hedonistic

    Quote: “i speculated she was a pretty girl based on her writings here which radiate all the telltale signs of a feminine personality untouched by bitterness or resentment toward men”

    Note to class: Feminine = Submissive

    Translation: Kassy gives the IMPRESSION of being properly submissive to male authority and therefore must be pretty. Thus gets the Roissy Stamp of Approval. Meanwhile, nonsubmissives must be ugly old “unfeminine” harridans! Bitter too!

    Methinks you know nothing: About me or about Kassy, but it sure is funny to watch you slather it on! Good luck with that!

    (PS: Kassy I can’t even pretend to speak for you, I’m just calling bullshit on bitter, nasty, personality-impaired Roissy who’s all of a sudden writing all smooth-like because he thinks he’s found himself a sub. For entertainment purposes alone, this is priceless.)

  • Roissy

    “Note to class:”

    hot for teacher………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….NOT!

    “Feminine = Submissive”

    submissiveness is one trait of femininity. most men who aren’t whipped curs will agree that dominance in a woman is a complete turn-off.

    “Kassy gives the IMPRESSION of being properly submissive to male authority”

    it’s always about male authority with you shrieking feminist blowhards.

    “he thinks he’s found himself a sub”

    someone must have hurt you very badly once.

    tick tock tick tock…….

  • http://www.hedonisticpleasureseeker.wordpress.com hedonistic

    Roissy: When is it going to occur to you that opinions pertaining to my fuckability are irrelevant to the subject at hand? If you’re trying to offend me, you’re going to have to try harder. Tick, tock, boring.

    I resume my laughter at your recent Pepe Lepew online performance. Magnifique!

  • Liz

    I’m so over DC it’s not even funny.

    Georgia, here I come.

  • Roissy

    “opinions pertaining to my fuckability are irrelevant to the subject”

    is warren buffett’s personal fortune irrelevant when he gives advice on investment strategies?

    “Tick, tock, boring.”

    calling me boring is the last refuge of those i’ve shat upon.

    “Pepe Lepew online performance”

    that’s bugs bunny to you, fudd.


    does it comfort you to imagine your tormentor who strikes at you with the fury of the id monster is a bitter, lonely loser living in his mom’s basement?

    you’re old. you should, like, do something about that.

  • Jack

    Minnesota is a pretty smart state from what I hear, with lots of Scandinavians, so that would mean some hot women. I gotta look into that, though the winters are really brutal.

  • http://hedonisticpleasureseeker.wordpress.com/files/2006/10/drewscreaming.jpg hedonistic

    Jack: Try 70 degree below windchill in February! Minnesota don’t breed sissy women, that’s fer sure!

  • Anonymous

    california for the win!!!!!!!!!!! we got the hottest(read: fake) chicks in the us and maybe the world. but most of them have horrible personality which just leaves them only good for 1 night stands

  • Renn

    I work as a substitute teacher and I noticed something while working that I would like to share with you here today.

    Now, before I go into the details of my discovery, I substitute at my old high school and my old “rival” high school.

    When I was in high school, I was a short, nerdy kid with the reputation of being very horny, who struck out with every chick in sight. I wasn’t uncool by any means. I was the nerd who had lots of friends and even some dates (they just never panned out).

    Anyway, now that I’ve been able to analyze my old high school a little better from the perspective I have now, I think I know what happened to me–besides being labeled kind of odd and horny that made girls steer clear of me.

    I notice that my high school has a relatively small percentage of good-looking girls. The funny thing is, it STILL does. My graduating class was about 100 students (guys and girls). Maybe 15 girls out of that number were the highly coveted chicks every guy wanted.

    What I realize is that this created a culture of SCARCITY that actually molded these girls into the downright BITCHES that they became. In a few words, they were drunk on the power they had over us poor guys who would get pulsating hard-ons every time they walked by. There’s no denying that this environment was not good for my development at all.

    As I said, I also substitute now at my old “rival” high school down the road and there, it’s a totally different situation. From my perspective now, I can honestly say that I would have turned out very different had I gone to that school.

    At my “rival” school, it’s as if every single chick in the damn school is fucking HOTT. I know I sound like a dirty old man, but it’s true. Not only are their hottest chicks lightyears ahead of my old high school’s hottest chicks–they’re ‘average’ chicks are hotter–it’s unreal.

    There’s no wonder that all the guys who go to that school don’t give a shit about their coursework. I see them making out with their girlfriends in the hallways all day long and that’s exactly what I would do too.

    But I also noticed that this tones down their bitchiness as well. They CAN’T act like bitches because they’re hotter girls around that guys can choose from. They are some of the most down to earth hot girls I’ve EVER EVER seen. Who’d a thunk it?