Ten Times

Let’s make a brave assumption that 10% of all women in this world between the ages of 18-34 are physically desirable, meaning they are at least a 7 on the 1-10 rating scale. We all know that some cultures are more attractive than others, but for now lets assume they are all the same.

I date Latin, European, and fair-skinned girls. I don’t date Asian, Indian, black, or Eskimo. There is nothing wrong with these girls, but I just don’t feel it (yes, I know Asian women have tight vaginas). Now say I go visit Columbia. For every 100 girls I see there that are close to my age, I’ll want to have intimacy with 10 of them (10%). Since Colombia is mostly homogenous, probably the entire sample size of 100 will indeed be Latin, my target audience.

I run into a problem in the United States because of its diversity. Out of 100 girls I see here, off the bat about half will be girls from ethnic groups I can’t work with. So with the remaining 50, 5 will be desirable if we continue using the 10% assumption. That means I will have to meet about twice the amount of girls here than in Columbia to find someone I find attractive.

Now lets drop our earlier assumption and recognize that women from some countries are better looking than others. If we bump up countries like Colombia, Czech, and Spain to 20% (which may be a conservative increase), and bump this morbidly obese country down to 5% (which may be a conservative decrease), the situation for me becomes much more unfortunate.

For every 100 girls I see in the U.S., 2.5 will be attractive (50 x 5%), compared to 20 in a desirable country (100 x 20%). Throw in the fact that D.C. is the ugliest American city and it easily becomes at least ten times harder to meet an attractive girl here. This means I have to run into 1,000 girls in D.C. to find the same amount of quality I’d find in 100 girls elsewhere.

There are only three solutions to this problem:

1. Move.

2. Play the numbers game and work hard to sift through tons of undesirable trash.

3. Turn gay.

I’m been doing option two for years. It’s more energy intensive but I have dated some quality girls in this area. But then I have to ask myself a couple questions: How much more quality would I have met elsewhere? How much better would my experiences have been? Luckily for my sanity, I will never know the real answer.

The sad thing with all these numbers and assumptions presented to you is that I have only considered physical appearance, not personality.

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