The 1-10 Scale

I’m familiar with two ways to rate a girl’s appearance: the binary scale and the 1-10 scale. The binary scale tells only says if a girl is bangable or not, but doesn’t describe the degree of bangability like the 1-10 scale, which my circle of man friends prefer using.

We calibrate the 1-10 scale by starting with 7, a rating that describes girl-next-door cuteness. She has no major flaws and is girlfriend material for 90% of guys. The problem with 7’s is one of relativity: while out with one you run into a handful of girls who are better looking than her. In most men this stirs thoughts of “Can I do better?”


An 8 is very cute. The relativity problem disappears but one of personality emerges instead. The hotter a girl is, the less she has had to work on her personality to be liked by others. Because her looks have been enough to get her what she’s wanted throughout her entire life, she does not have the training or desire to go the extra mile to please and engage you.


A 9 is what most men would describe as “hot.” Getting a 9 seems to be more luck and timing than skill because—besides celebrities—there is no man who consistently gets them. The personality problem you had with an 8 is multiplied with a 9 in logarithmic fashion.


The only difference between a 9 and 10 is makeup, clothing, lighting, or photoshop, so therefore 10’s do not exist naturally in the wild. Describing a girl as a 10, or dime piece, is unreasonable since you are admitting that the girl is perfect, something that no human is.

A 6 is a girl who is cute when she works at it, but her flaws are easier to notice. Still, it’s a respectable rating. Anything under a 6 means you need to drink alcohol to get aroused for sex, especially when you get into the “monster” range of 3 and below. Every man has banged a monster in his life, because men are unable to resist free, no investment sex.

Except me, of course. :paranoid:

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  • mike says

    That’s a fairly accurate description of the 1-10 scale. You can further break it down into 3 categories (face, tits, ass/legs) that each get a scale of their own and use the aggregate of those scores to create the larger 1-10 scale ranking.

    and yes, quantitative analysis, it’s just that deep.

  • Arjewtino

    You have to admit, though, that this is all relative. I think your 7 girl is much better looking than your 8. But your 9 is as drop-dead gorgeous as they come, probably because she seems bitchy, which skews any beauty assessment higher.

  • The Brooklyn Boy

    Definitely a well-reasoned scale. I’ve always based mine on five being “eh,” six being where “cute” starts and going from there. That leaves me with a majority in the 7-8 range, and makes it difficult to go higher. (Good point on the 10s being nigh impossible.) This has not sat well with many of my friends, who toss around their 8’s and 9’s freely, and rarely objectively rate someone 7 or lower.

  • psamtani

    Your 7 is downright nasty. The 9 is a 10 in my book.

  • sk3ptic

    I think you are off by one point. That 7 is a 6, that 8 is a 7 and that 9 is an 8.

    Here is a real 9

  • mike says

    I beg to differ on the nonexistence of 10s. Case in point:

    even for you guys who only go for white chicks, I challenge you to find a flaw.


  • mike says


    Rachel McAdams is beautiful, but she has no body and her beauty is more “cute.” She’s more the kid sister type.

  • Jay Gatsby

    Roosh — does your scale account for physical enhancements through plastic surgery? These include, but are not limited to:

    breast implants
    nose job
    lip injections

    Significant natural beauty is extremely difficult to find.

    As for 8s and 9s, they are VERY rarely without boyfriends or husbands. If you have the opportunity (whatever it may be), you run with it immediately.

  • shadi s.

    you guys are on crack. roosh, your 7 is atrocious. i think judging a girl’s appearance is completely subjective. one man’s rachel mcadams is another’s giselle. also, what about decimals on the point system? you can’t just hop from a 7 to an 8 or even an 8 to a 9.

    i do, however, agree with jay that natural beauty is very difficult to find these days. you should have two separate scales: one for superficial, paid-for, enhanced beauty versus one for natural, simpler beauty (nothing wrong with either, in my opinion).

  • mike says

    Fake boobs are an automatic turnoff for me. I can’t give a chick with fake boobs who needs her hair and makeup to be flawless in order to be a 9 the same rank as a chick who can fall out of bed, throw on some sweats and toss a hand through her hair and still pull up to an 8-9 range. They can’t even be in the same game.

  • cbradi9

    I think this one is a 9.5, if not a 10. Comments?

  • DF

    These point systems are highly subjective but I’ll echo JGatsby’s comment. Non-surgically enhanced beauty should be given a premium for its rarity. Among my own idiosyncracies are an appreciation for blue or green eye color with black or dark hair (just like Roosh’s 9 or Kristin Kreuk). Hot women always have boyfriends and the transition from one boyfriend to the next occurs in the blink of an eye so yes, getting one is a combination of timing, luck, and invariably, tight game.

  • Roissy

    what’s really interesting about this post, and sites like hotornot, is just how much more men *agree* on something like female beauty that is supposedly subjective and immune to generalization. sure, the numbers might swing +/- 1 but the trends are unmistakeable. most guys reading this agree that the attractiveness of each girl you posted increases toward the bottom photo (arjewtino being the notable exception — that first girl is no way as good-looking as the second).

    if 40 guys go out to a bar they’ll all be gawking over the same 2 or 3 girls. there will be amusing arguments quibbling about the tenths decimal place of the 8s and 9s, but there won’t be any mistaking which girls are in the running.

    i’d stick with the dime piece rating. calling a girl a 10 isn’t saying she’s perfect as much as it is saying she’s three sigmas away from the mean.

  • mm

    I have to agree with Arjewtino on your ‘7’ girl being hotter than the ‘8’. I’d give your 8 a 6.5-7. But I guess its all personal preference. The ‘9’ girl is very pretty.
    You have to attribute personality into it a bit, too. I’d take a nice 7 over a shitty 9 any day.
    An attractive personality, to me at least, tends to add 1 or 2 points to your initial size-up.

  • mike says

    Ah yes, the power of personality points. They can be the deciding factor in terms of whether a girl is wifeable, but in the initial sizeup personality points are a non-factor.

  • trailblazer_99


    Big time fan, I first started reading your blog about a year ago. I’m living on the panhandle of Florida, and in even in the Redneck Riveria your words still ring true.

    Anyways, I’m visiting DC this weekend (Sat), where is the party going to be?
    Love to buy a book and get it signed.

  • Jewcano

    Apparently the heebs here are a bit out of sync with everyone else. Your 7 is at best a 5, suitable for post-bar street game but little else. Primary reason being that you can’t look at her face and tell with 100% certainty she is not in fact a man. Your 8 falls to maybe a 6.5 based on the ‘tries too hard’ clause (see below.) Your 9 is, well, a solid 9, but you need to give her some kind of handicap for being clearly Spanish and thus an unbearable nightmare when not actually fucking. Not that any of us would mind.

    The ‘tries too hard’ clause automatically knocks at least a point and a half off a chick. As mike says, uh, says, a beautiful woman falls out of bed that way. I’ve seen more than enough of them to know it’s true. Your middle girl has a bottle tan, Lord knows how many different bottle hair colors and enough lip gloss to winterproof a Bayliner. That’s trying too hard. As discussed above, fake boobs are even worse.

    The primary reason for this? When women try too hard, they are doing so not to impress men, but other women. What man turns to his buddy and says, “Man, check out that chick’s highlights”? None. (Well, none besides INPY.) Because we don’t give a shit. Only other women do. We don’t care about what brand of gigantic goggle glasses a woman decided to wear to the Mall; only other women do. It’s poor marketing. It’s like fishing with a pheasant gun; you might bag one if you’re lucky, but your aim is in the wrong direction.

    The top girl says, “I like to herd sheep.” The second girl says” I wasted three hours getting my face ready to come to this waterfront bar so I’d look better than my girlfriends.” The last girl says, “You’re 100 years too early to fuck me.” Who do you think the guys are going to go gaga for?

  • Jewcano

    Oh, and mike says, your flaw? Visible stretch marks. I won’t even hold it against her that letting a girl like that on top is like going rounds with Mike Tyson.

    Roissy, much props for bringing Six Sigma into this. By your logic all we need to do is round up 380 or so women and we’ll find our 10 (Or 9.973, at least) A gentleman’s wager says, given the average DC sample, it ain’t happening.

  • irina

    whereas i pretty much agree with this scale, i think all of these girls could be equal in attractiveness if they were photographed in the same conditions. basically, if the 7 and the 8 could get the angle/hair/make up/photoshopping of the 9, they could all be relatively equal. i suggest you post photos where the playing field is evened out for better analysis. there are too many variables.

  • rabbit

    Totally subjective. Wouldn’t approach either 7 or 9. Attitude problems. 8 is the hottest, in my opinion, and not because she’s the stereotypical blonde with big boobs but because she’s smiling and seems to have a pleasant disposition……plus I’d love to play with those big boobs….

  • mike says

    Jewcano, your analysis of the “tries too hard” clause is so on the money it’s scary. Way to pick up the ball and run with it.

  • miik

    Yes very subjective, while I’d always give a Kiera Knightley or the blond from Layer Cake a 9+ ~ 9.3? the thought of one of those two women actually being nice, thoughtful, knowing the perfect gift for you, etc. is not in harmony.
    You can’t get there from a 9+. Although it is probably the hope of those of us still “studying” women that we can shape them to be that way with our alpha rays. Still I think by just living your life with character and a nice vibe – I call it flow – that is probably the only way a woman with that killer combo is ever likely to hook up IF the timing is also right too. Probably more time is spent in prep for the long shot than alot of us would like to admit, but we do end up with more women :) and we jettison the unworthy ones with relatively little pain. *I have a thing for the British and Austrailian accents too – or my examples would be just solid 9s

  • Roissy

    jewcano, true, we’ll have to go to 23 sigma to find a 10 in DC, which are odds so astronomically low that it makes this city the anti-dime piece, sucking in 10s from as far away as the orion nebula and turning them into 5s who smell like litter boxes.

    “i think all of these girls could be equal in attractiveness if they were photographed in the same conditions.”

    oh, my sides.

  • Nullpointer

    Maybe if they were airbrushed into a different person. I think giving the first two 7 and 8 ratings is being a bit nice. I’d shift the first two down by two points and the third down by me.

    Perhaps living on the west coast has skewed my perceptions >_

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  • Mehdi

    First one 1 from 10
    Second one 2 from 10
    And the third is yes 9

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  • mva

    the scale is very personal, but among my friends…

    9 are “wanna be model/ former models /similiar” – you 9 could be a 9 (given full figure :-)

    10s are like 9 but more famous (eg: models, huge social proof, peacocking girls.)

    said that:
    8 are girls who are “hot”, usually better looking than most of the people around. they do stand out

    7 (7and half)are “pretty to beautiful girls”, you might know from classroom, work and such ( so i guess both your 7 and 8 are “7” in my scale…)

    6 are fuckable girls, that you may like but other friends don’t… example asian girls, skinny girls, big nose girls, no tits-girls….

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  • http://ian-or-out Ian Mc

    I like to break it down in a 1-20 scale. Being in the military we had to use this scale because 1-10 was easy to figure out when we were calling up our guys on the radio to let them know a good looker was walking their way.

    Here’s how it worked

    Your # Our #
    1-6 1-10 (nothing worth reporting – or getting in trouble over, because who knows who is listening in on unsecure communication radios)
    7 11-13
    8 14-16
    9 17-19

    Of course, you can see we were able to break it down further to the exact hottness (what kind of hott she is: slutty, natural or girl next door, and exotic) of the said 7, 8, or 9.

  • Anonymous

    sorry but this is just sick.

  • Vanessa (Slavic Girl)

    This scale that most men apply to rate women is a bunch of crap.

    I have witnessed many male friends give out these seemingly arbitrary ratings to all kinds of women. Much to my suprise, most of the women that I would deem average looking or below average were rated much higher by my male friends. I am talking about women with muffin tops (i.e. the over hang that accompanies fat stomachs, women with completely flat asses, women with srawny bowlegs etc.).

    I have come to the conclusion that men are just not that picky and will take practically anyone to bed if given the opportunity. What men think is “bedable” isn’t based on a ridculous list of characteristics as detailed in the article, rather it is just dependent on whether the male in question can imagine having intimate contact with said female and her bodyparts (i.e. does she have huge breasts but not a pretty face then she is probably a go, is she tiny and petite spinner then she’s a go, does she look like and act like a dirty skank then she is okay etc..).

    So the reality is that men have a h-u-g-e range of what they consider attractive and that ratings scale therefore is really meaningless.

  • Julie

    What I find ridiculous about men and their 1-10 scale is that they do not take into consideration their own attractiveness & personality. Why do all men think they can get any woman? And honestly, the reality is.. every single person looks different. One man + one woman = one child with various characteristics, and men go on brainlessly rating these people (the females.) I’m definitely not the kind of girl who looks a certain way to impress other girls, but no way in hell would I want to be rated from 1-10, that has nothing to do with who I am. And I’m pretty damn awesome. Nor am I unattractive. Give the ratings up men . . .

  • Noahs ARK


    “Why do all men think they can get any woman?”

    To answer your question, yes any man can get any type of woman (1 thru 10) because most women are gettable based on a man’s personality (big sense of humor for ex), status (corp boss or college athelete for ex), economic status (what kind of car you drive) or power, or any combination of these including male foreigners in third world countries (like Brazil/Argentina which Roosh emphasizes alot). You obviously never asked yourself why Larry King (from CNN) goes out with a model? Why does Hugh Heffner go out with three cute chicks at the same time? Of course these examples are not the norm for your average guy but the underlying principal remains the same: guys can pick up girls that are physically much more attractive than they are based on certain other attainable factors.


    Good point!! However you being Slavic (or Brazilian or Argentinian or most countries outside of USA) have much higher standards for female beauty as most american girls cannot compete with the foreign girls from most regions in the world (especially europe/eastern europe and south america) hence most american men who are not in the know must settle/fight over ugly fat american girls with shotty personalities. Several exemptions are Miami (very pretty girls), Texas (cute blondes and mexican girls) and Southern Cal.

  • Umi

    Seriously? A girl not worthy of ‘banging’ in your eyes is a ‘monster’. The way you talk about women on this site borders on sick sometimes- I appreciate the bluntness but thats crossing a line. A woman is still a woman whether your dick repsonds to her or not.

  • Cheeseball

    Yeah. Overall your scale is pretty good. Its just that I do mine in a completely different way. Sort of like Mike said, i break it into three parts. the face is out of 3. the tits are out of 3. and the lower body (ass, legs whatever) is out of 4. then i add it all up. except i dont do decimals. i only do whole numbers and sometimes halfs.

  • weekesy

    how do you do the rating scale?? i.e what is it bassed on?? is it head… body… legs?? or what??

  • Brandon E

    I think the 7 is a 6 and the 8 is a 7. The 9 is a 10.

  • maximusscorpion

    Good scale! I would say that I also add a flavor of jolly rancher to every girl as well. This helps with the differential between Sexy(a girl you lust after) and hot(a gorgous girl).

  • Jeremy

    I personally that the 8 is hottest. She’s closer to a 9 and the 9 you have is in the lower 8 ranger. Then again, its probably just me. I don’t really like short hair on girls that much….
    Also, its important to me that a girl makes an effort to look good and that she’s into the latest trends. Some girls have a lot of potential but they’re just too plain for me and dress like their mothers.

  • emre

    9 girl What is the name

  • Strawberry

    It’s very hard for a girl to rate themselves with this

  • chris

    i love having sex

  • john

    i love having sex

  • Andie

    It’s amazing to me that a guy could have the nerve to say that women from different places are more attractive than others, and make some hasty generalizations based on stupid stereotypes, and yet, they would totally bang a 10 from Kansas or something. Like you actually can determine where a girl is from based of her level of appealingness? Grow up.

  • joseph

    I basically agree with your methodology, but not the examples you give. I generally say that the scale goes from 0 to 10, but with 0 and 10 both being impossible. I think decimals are OK. Certainly with a room full of 8’s I can still establish a ranking. I’d further say that only about 10% of women are 7 or higher.

  • Molly

    LOLLL haha I love this. Guys rating girls, completely oblivious to the fact that girls rate guys as well. As far as my girlfriends and I are concerned, if a guy is a bit podgy (i.e. has moobs…EW) then he is just plain gross. Totally not worth getting into bed with, no matter how much money he has or what car he drives.
    Guys, if you’re plain looking, girls will be chuckling and sneering behind your backs. End of.

  • Anonymous

    This is confusing.
    I was looking this up to try and rate myself, just to try and understand all this. But I’m not getting it.
    Can’t wait 4 college when I can take classes on all this stuff and even start to get it.

  • Christiane

    Thank you for the breakdown of this rating system. I’ve felt very hurt by hearing strangers (guys) yell out “6” to each other
    as I walk by. I know it seems like a harmless game to you, but please before shouting out low ratings, consider the girl’s feelings. To one guy, she might be really beautiful. There’s no sense in making her feel bad about her looks in the eyes of the average guy.

  • Aussie Bloke

    In Australia I have never come across any 10s simply because of definition:- “An angelic faced nymphomaniac sheila, with big tits, a cute arse, who stands 3 feet 6 inches tall, has a flat head to rest your beer on, and whose father happens to own a pub and fishing boat.”

  • selam

    By the way, who is the girl in your 9. Have been looking for her name forever. Can’t get anything from reverse image searches as well?!?

  • PUA Rookie

    You’re wrong. PUAs gets nines and so-called tens consistently.

  • Michelle

    How do I get rated? I’m curious to see.

  • dyer

    all girls on this need to seriously chill out, yes guys should think bout girls feelings and stuff when shout out lower ratings to one another but its just an opinion, it doesn’t actually mean you aren’t attractive to someone else. and why are you all disgusted? its natural for guys to be attracted to girls and okay for guys to rate girls, the ratings only represent our opinion on how fit we think they look and its not being disrespectful or mean, we didn’t say you not a nice person or anything else, just a number based on our impression of your looks.

    – 1 is wouldnt touch her, 2 no i wouldnt shag her, 3 not as ugly as 2 but still wouldnt, 4 doubt it, maybe if drunk, 5 is i would probs shag her, 6 would shag but fitter than 5, 7 like would want to, 8 is like see her and go FIT 9 is really fit and 10 like perfect. lower scale tens is possible but higher tens are only possible using professional make-up, photographer, photo shop and would have to be around a 8/9 to begin with.

  • Anonymous

    Chauvinists, much? Sure, rate hot women, whatever, but what gives you the right to call someone untouchable? There are so many very ugly men among you, a fact you seem to ignore–but even that is besides the point. Sex is awesome, but men don’t own it. According to this scale and this article, women are so much window dressing to your sexual desires. And as far as the correlation between beauty and personality, you have clearly never dated or been exposed to women who combine the two, or you would know better. I am so sorry for you. But more than that, I am so sorry for the women who come in contact with you on a daily basis. We don’t need this crap.

  • Anonymous

    The scale of 1-10 stuff is, in my opinion, not that big of a deal, as long as you don’t say it to their face and make it obvious unless they ask. Girls do it too but the fact that there’s so much fucking detail is so ridiculous. Also, to say that girls get highlights and stuff to “impress other girls” is the most absurd statement I’ve ever heard! Unless they’re lesbians, thats so far from the truth! You’re a fucking idiot for stating that! Have you ever thought that a girl might just want to look good for herself? And if not for themselves, then it usually is for guys to think they’re better looking because all the shit that ya’ll are saying makes them so fucking insecure so blame their “fakeness” on ya’lls own self. The funniest part is that most of the guys that commented on this page are, on their own scale, probably a 3-4. I dare any of the guys that commented to post a picture of themselves and let girls rate them. I bet their scores would fucking suck.

  • Me
  • Anonymous

    How are women in there 40’s rated?I mean if you
    were rated an 8 in your 20’s and your a pretty 45 yr old women.How does age fit into this whole 1-10 rating system?

  • Anonymous

    A 5/10, 6/10 in Scrampton.

  • Pellaeon

    Haha it tickles me how many women get offended by something as harmless as an attractiveness rating from men…especially when it’s (generally) the women who actually get vindictive about it.

    @ Christiane – boost your self esteem and stop caring what other people think. Truth be told, six is a pretty good number if you’re looking for the stereotypical, settling down kind of relationship. You don’t have to worry as much about uber players using you (they’ll be after the hotter chicks), and the good looking guys with a strong desire to be in a relationship – albeit with much weaker game – will still go for you if you know how to play your cards right.

    During a summer school at college I roomed with a rich, cocky, good looking guy who commented at how surprised he was that he was really into this girl (who was a 6) despite the fact that he usually has 8’s throwing themselves at him. She gamed him well.

    @ 58 haha I already did – I’m a 6 baby, and I’m damn proud of it.

    Six is a good number – it means you have options you can get your game good enough. Five and below…uphill battle man.

  • Pellaeon


    Go to – you will get rated by tons of people and get a statistical analysis of where you stand.

    Those are not very good pictures though – the quality and lighting are bad, so you will not get a decent judge.

    Anywho, I’d give you a 7.

  • Mr Porsche

    For some reason any girl can add two points to your heart, if she has a sweet personality!!

  • E

    Haha, I seem to be rating everyone 2 points lower than “average’ on hotornot… there are some very average chicks who are also clearly overweight rated “8” and “9”… because they happen not to be wearing much.

    Anyway. I would consider myself a 7 in real life but it’s good to know that all I need is a low-cut shirt to be a 9… :)

  • Ricola!

    There are two ways to do this 1 to 10 rating.
    Yours is the bell curve method, which most people use. It becomes increasingly more difficult to get a higher number. Where most people would be between 5 and 7 (1SD) 8 = 2SD, 9 = 3SD, 10 = 4SD.The other method is to distribute the girls evenly, so you’d have 10% of the girls as a 10, 10% as a 9, and so forth. Its easier for guys to use the first way because nobody wants to say a girl is a 10.

  • Fireworks56

    Why now just rate on relativity? That would make rating standards easier for comparision purposes. Say a man frequents many bars in said culture and in multiple geographical areas – how to compare? Here is the foundation of the system: A common girl encountered in a bar will likely be better looking than the average girl in society at large (more likely to be in ideal age range and sociable – which is related to looks and acceptance at a young age).

    Ratings are linear, not log… a girl who gets a rating of a ‘5’ is better looking than 50% of the girls in the bar scene (not at just that bar, otherwise hefty Alaska girls that would be ignored elsewhere would be able to be rated much higher. A 9 is better looking than 90% of the women a man would typically see out. There may be only a handful in a night encountered. Trending at 8 or below (not in top 20% of attractiveness) in my book trends towards if you would want to be seen holding hands in public with this chick or not….

  • Gmac

    Wow what a bunch of pussies. Men are visual beings who will always enjoy porn and a great set of tits — women aren’t wired like this and “literally” cannot understand it. This is how we operate, and like it or not ladies… the scale does not lie.

    Facial structure, symmetry, skin, teeth, dimples, skin color, etc. all play into what men find attractive. This is completely independent from and unrelated to her personality, which is irrelevant when you are scoping out a chick and drawing initial opinions.

    We don’t rate on relativity because beauty is universal. It doesn’t matter if your bar only has 5s and are the most attractive women there… they are STILL 5s. It is a straight scale, off one or two points here and there only by personal preference.

    One of my roommates gets so angry whenever she hears us using a number to describe and rate women; yet these same women will tear a guy apart behind his back for the most ridiculous of things. Hypocrites.

  • Georgie Porgie

    @selam: If you (or anyone else) is still interested, #9 is Sara Oliveira. Google the name, some Flickr stuff should come up for additional pictures.

  • Bond

    I would give your 8 a 9
    Your 7 a 7.5
    And your 9 an 8.5
    But I would most likely change the ratings if a saw their whole bodies.

  • Anonymous

    There is a catch to the ‘successful’, yet unattractive/average man, who can obtain an impossibly beautiful woman through other means. While, yes, you can buy a super-model, get your jollies off and parade her around for admiration from both sexes; you ultimately lose. Unattractive and successful men are presumably of higher intelligence, whereas, the majority of women of that degree of attractiveness lack basic insight and depth of personality, consistently and without fail. Voicing opinions, thoughts, etc… is learned very early on, when mingling amongst people that fall under the umbrella of 9’s and 10’s, to be considered a weakness to be shirked. Superficiality becomes front and center as top value. Thus; the successful ultimately male dies alone and unfulfilled, albeit with a medicinal hard-on.

  • Anonymous

    sounds like something an ugly fustrated woman would say. Why not get off your ass and improve your looks instead of making excuses

  • Erin

    This just confirms what I thought before: most guys are complete assholes.

  • Renn

    First of all, when it comes to choosing a wife, there are more important considerations to be made, like does she have a healthy outlook, personality, traditional value-system etc.

    My gut instinct is that no guy would overvalue looks to such a degree that he’d wife up a complete basket-case of a woman with a toxic attitude just because she’s a 10. At least, I wouldn’t.

    And who cares if you ARE a 5 or whatever. I wish more women would own their so-called ‘rating.’ What really DOES up a girl’s attractiveness quotient is if she accepts herself as she is, if she’s comfortable in her own skin. Confident girls are sexy, bro. Take for example the character, ‘Julie’ in “Swimming Pool” by Focus films. By the standards of these picky, fru fru guys on this board, Julie would probably be a 6 or so, but I’ll tell you what, based on how she comes across and her whole demeanor (in the film, at least), I would be all over that. What can I say, it’s my thing.

    At the same time, if a girl is honest with herself about where she stands, she can then begin going to the gym more frequently to hammer out a better body, normalize her hormones levels and her mood and become less cranky. This would automatically bump up a girl’s level of attractiveness 2-3 points minimum, in some cases 4 points.

    There’s nothing better than a girl who looks after her body and takes care of herself. Yet, I notice so few women actually doing this. You go into most gyms and what do you see? Mostly guys, right? It’s too bad because my feeling is that ALL girls have something attractive about them (especially when they’re young and when they own their femininity). It’s up to individual girls to take better care of their bodies. Come on, it’s a no-brainer.

    Quick story-my neighbor (girl) let’s call her, Jen, was always a pretty plain girl. Maybe a 5. She started dating this guy who was an avid gym-rat, which caused her to start going to the gym. A couple of months later, I see her in front of her house in a bikini top, with this TIGHT body, all leaned out and toned. She looked HOT, dude. She was easily 50% more attractive. And I’m not talking about subjectively, based on her cheekbones, or the color of her eyes type of bullshit. I’m talking about raw SEXUALITY. And that’s the only kind of attractiveness women should care about. Cultivate your sexuality.

    Girls don’t even realize how much control they have over their ‘rating.’ Just GET IN THE GYM!

    Us guys, we could be all fit, with muscles and stuff and still be a 5 because of our menial job or earning potential, but with girls, it’s all about their body and physicality. So GET IN THE GYM, for God’s sake!!! That’s all I’m gonna’ say.

    Stop bitching and moaning about your ‘rating’ and GET IN THE F-ING GYM!!!

  • Renn

    I just want to revise one thing because I know I’m going to get shit about it if I don’t.

    Yes, I realize that ladies are starting to go to gyms more often, BUT most of the time, these are:

    1) Soccer moms
    2) Grannies

    The odd time you DO see a younger woman, most of the time, she has NO CLUE what she’s doing, meaning she doesn’t know how to train.

    Usually, she’s on the elliptical doing ENDLESS CARDIO when she should be utilizing resistance training with free weights.

    Nothing against yoga-lates, but ladies fail to realize that the way to a toned, sexy body is to-you said it-LIFT WEIGHTS. Ladies who do look SOOO good because they actually have slender muscles and a healthy glow to them (they think they’re going to get bulky, but they don’t have enough T).

    So lift weights. Yea.

  • A Group of Women Who Stumbled Onto This Website

    We definitely agree with you that looks matter. The way the men we date look is important to us also. However, keeping in mind that there is always someone “hotter” than you (no matter who you are, male or female), don’t you think you should invest some more into YOUR personality? Its one thing to admit looks matter, and another to blog about how to rate women according to their looks. You seem as shallow as a puddle, and none of us would talk to you in a bar (we reached that consensus quickly). Looks are mostly genes; they aren’t something you have earned or can be “proud” of in the sense of an accomplishment. People who are beautiful can feel lucky, but should remember to humble themselves and take time to work on their intelligence, emotional and psychological health, and personality. Focusing mainly on looks is empty, your life should be more balanced than that.

  • A Group of Women Who Stumbled Onto This Website

    We’re back! In response to Renn’s post about “Soccier Moms and Grannies”…really? Once again the focus is only on appearance for you. Our consensus (we do love to vote in our group–its awesome!) is that cardio, resistance training, and flexibility training are equally important to HEALTH, and only secondarily important to appearance. HEALTH is also important when it comes to choosing a lover or mate, we do hope you agree! We personally find a guy who does nothing but lift weights a *pointless waste* in terms of health and stamina. I think guys who do this are trying to looks strong and like good fighters or protectors. Its supposed to be sexy. It is a DEAD TURNOFF for a lot of girls!! I personally prefer runners and martial artists, and even guys who do Yoga! At least they know how to move as well as lift! They are way more likely to win in a fight that a guy who looks like Arnold S. but trips over his own feet. And, by the way, there are several different types of Yoga. You’ve obviously never tried a Power Yoga or Bikram Yoga class. And please do not hyphenate Yoga and Pilates–we are purists, and that is crude.

  • Renn

    ‘Group of Women Who Stumbled Onto This Website’-thanks for weighing in. You’re right, rating women is crude and dehumanizing, but you’re missing the bigger point we’re all trying to make in our own sometimes heavy-handed way.

    First, you need to STOP calling guys things like SHALLOW and DOGS.

    What it shows is that you don’t understand men. It also shows that you’ve bought into the idea that men are the devil and that anything good in the world is the result of something some group of women did.

    Look, it all comes down to biology. Men are naturally drawn to attractive women. Women naturally seek high-status males, security (financial and otherwise) and love (over anything else) for the purposes of starting a family. These are the God-given roles we play.

    WHY do you have to BROW-BEAT US and try to make us feel ASHAMED about it?

    I never complain about what is that most women want (OK, sometimes, but I get over it). I pretty much ACCEPT it and try my best to become that person who will one day fill the role of husband, father, provider, protector etc.

    So why is it so hard for YOU to accept your role?
    Is it too much to ask that women retain their femininity and look good to please their husbands? Is it sexist of me to suggest that?

    What you should be gleaning from this site is that a lot of American guys are TIRED of that shit. They want women who ACCEPT men for who they are and stop trying to make them feel ashamed. We want women who like themselves for who they are as WOMEN and not go around acting like men are evil victimizers of women and that they should try to take advantage of men via the various unfair marriage laws in existence as much as they can just to even the score.

    And I disagree that women are basically powerless to change the genetic hand they’ve been given. Anybody who has the desire to do something can do it. There’s no excuses. You may not be able to transform into Giselle Bundchen, but you will be able to increase your attractiveness and general sex appeal by working out and that’s the bottom line.

    Girls shouldn’t aspire to be Giselle Bundchen anyway since most guys would rather someone with a bigger ass.

  • Kia

    I am not a super skinny person, i have some weight to me but its only because im alittle shorter for my age. I have good curves and a kickin’ ass. I feel good about myself, i really do. I am not above dressing up for my girlfriends because no one around where i live will actually apreciate the effort. Where i come from, if ur not skinny and athletic, you’re nobody.
    This website is kinda agreeing with what I have been fighting with. However I do agree women are no better when it comes to rating or apperance. You men rate women and describe how “bed-worthy” they are by your standards, but what if that woman doesnt want that kind of attention? My friend is much more attractive then me according to guys, and she hates it. Guys stare at her tits and ass and are complete jerks, she wants a real relationship. Not a bar full of morons oogling her.

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  • Mysogony

    Alot of these 1-10 scales only show pictures of Caucasian women. What about other races of people?

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  • Emily

    What amuses me is that someone said “We want women who like themselves for who they are as WOMEN” and yet long legs, lush hair, perfect breasts, and creamy skin are typical of androgen insensitivity syndrome, in which the male genitalia cannot fully develop but women have testosterone levels as high as any man’s.
    I was reminded of this because your 8 is “cute” (though not my cup of tea) and what I think of as a general girl. Your 9 is stunning, but, if you took off the earrings, she could pass for a pretty, effeminate boy. I’m a face-lover and find androgyny sexy, so I think she’s beautiful.
    Also, I’m a stripper. I see a lot of different, beautiful girls. And I work with a lot of girls from Russia and eastern Europe. They may be more overtly feminine, but looks-wise they’re really not any different. That’s pretty much a myth. Many of them have chubby faces, large noses, and thin lips. And I’m gay, so, trust me, I notice these things just as much as any straight man- although, since I’m a woman, I think these traits are “quirky” and find them endearing and cute. Perfect beauty can be an absolute bore.
    Anyway, cheers to beauty of all kinds.

    I wonder how many men on here have unknowingly been sexually attracted to pretty, effeminate boys….hehe. Consider it. 😉

  • Anonymous

    you guys on here are probably only 4’s when it comes to attractiveness. no really attractive man would have to judge women on a 1-10 piece of ass scale. what sick bastards.

  • Anonymous

    ther all kinda ugle

  • missy

    I don’t think she’s a 7 at all. iv bn told I’m a 7. an I’m not that ugly yess off by a couple numbrs

  • jaxskellin

    You guys are clearly missing the painfully obvious face fuzz on the “8.”

  • Valerya

    I think I’m an attractive woman and guys would rate me 7-9 (depending on who you asked). This 1-10 rating system doesn’t intimidate me (even if it can be hurtful, when you think about it) but I do have to point out one very important thing: The types of guys who rate women this way can be spotted from a mile away and they tend to be pig-headed little boys with no respect for the meaningful things in life. I would agree that attractive women are gettable. My boyfriend is very cute but he’s not the kind of guy most women would drool over. He’s a very plain looking guy and he doesn’t have loads of money…he’s just a really genuine person with a good heart who doesn’t participate in demeaning other women this way. He dated 2 girls before me and neither was even close to hot (a fat girl and a cock-eyed girl…you do the rating lol). He could have done better and when I asked him what he saw in those girls, he said he liked who they were and that meant something to him. Having said that, in the 3 years we’ve been together, I’ve had quite a few people (men and women) ask me why I’m with him…the answer is that not all good-looking girls use their looks to get by in life and be shallow bitches. In spite of how I look, he likes me for me…and that’s why he (an average, plain guy) can get a girl who is physically, way out of his league. There are just as many shallow bitches as there are vain assholes in this world (and I sincerely hope you all continue to date each other and make one another miserable). I look for people with good hearts and as long as they’re with people with good health habits, I don’t care what they look like.

  • Michele

    The photo examples for this explanation of the rating scale are not a fair comparison and I wanted to point out why.

    The girl in the first picture (rated a 7) is more of a 6 in my opinion…that’s just my opinion so I guess it’s irrelevant. It looks to be a decent photo taken with a regular digital camera. It’s also clear that a flash was used for this picture. Same goes for the second picture (the 8 girl). Looks like a typical photo taken with a typical camera similar to what any of us own and a flash was also used. The problem is the photo of the girl which you’ve claimed to be a 9. She’s gorgeous and I wont argue with that, but it’s not accurate nor fair to compare her photo to the others and claim she is a 9/is more attractive than they are. This is clearly a more professionally shot photo. No flash used, excellent use of lighting and looks as though it was probably edited as well. It reminds me of senior pictures from High School. We all looked at least a little bit better in our senior photos, right?

    I find it funny that underneath her photo, it’s stated that the only difference between a 9 and 10 is lighting, makeup, photoshop, etc. and so 10’s do not exist naturally, yet you are using a photo of a woman whose hair, makeup and skin appear to be about perfect (thanks to photoshop and excellent lighting) and are comparing her to these two other women that have not been photographed professionally. The “8” girl would likely look as good as the “9” if it were a professional shot of her.

    Not even close to an accurate/fair comparison to use for your definition. All I’m saying.

  • CJ

    Men are fûcken cluts and hoes with dicks. … But I’m a guy so I dont give a’ fūck!

  • http://Google RedSkream

    Well, in my opinion, a total “10” can be hideous I if she’s a total bitch or materialistic girl. The 7 in my opinion is just more attractive than the other two because if she is confident enough to take a “whatever” picture, its probably because her more important beauty is on the inside. And she looks with way more personality than the other two. The scales may be correct, but the numbers given to these girls are just not clicking with the scale.. But then again, that’s just my opinion.

  • Jessica

    I came across this extremely randomly on the internet while researching some psychology stuff and was greatly intrigued to the point where I read most of these comments.
    I agree that it isn’t a fair comparison of the girls because of the differences in the photography techniques…yadda yadda…and I probably would have rated them differently partly for being a woman myself, but mainly because I perceive them differently. We ALL do. As far as the examples go, this scale isn’t valid for everyone because, individually, we perceive different features as attractive.
    In our society, I think we all know that appearances are vastly important.. probably shamefully so since you turn on a TV a find a cosmetic commercial every couple of minutes…but both men and women judge each other based on looks all the time. I would probably be offended if someone shouted a rating at me as I’m going about my day, but we all do it mentally anyway and it is to some degree meaningless.
    If the soul purpose of life is to mate and reproduce and an organism looks for a suitable mate with which to do this, then this is not all that different. Of course, the act of sex is not always used for these purposes in humans ;), the search for a “suitable mate” is still relevant. I don’t think there should be so many hard emotions about this “rating” phenomenon.
    Psychology and behavior aside, I think a lot of people–maybe other women getting their feelings hurt over this scale–are missing that this is solely about what men find attractive in possible sex partners, not what they qualify as a good all around woman for a relationship. We all know looks aren’t everything.
    So, have at it, men.

  • Anonymous

    hmmm… I think that when men talk about women’s ratings, especially the lesser-attractive men–it is some sort of instinctual game they are playing to try and convince other people around them that “hey, see how judgmental I am? I’m obviously capable of getting a high-number girl.” That might work on some people, but to a few of us it’s really obvious (and kind of pathetic) what’s going on.

    Also, for the average man looks matter just as much when it comes to long-term relationships. Fact, not opinion. It may be different for the very very rich, but for the *usual* man and woman, what determines the length of a relationship the most–more than any other factor that has been analyzed–was how close 2 people are on the attractiveness scale. This doesn’t mean there aren’t other factors, obviously, just that looks weigh more.

    So, yeah, the rating system might be unfair, but it affects guys, too. That should make girls feel better. And sorry, guys… if you’re a 5… your wife is probably going to be a 4, 5 or a 6.

  • http://Google RedSkream

    Okay.. A moment of truth? Here we go. Let me begin by saying that I am a very ugly man.. My face got destroyed by acne in my teens, I got in many fights for that reason. I’m not that tall. If you look ay me at a simple glance you might think I have no possible game. 😉 here is another truth, I have never had a gf less than an 8. In college I met this girl ay the library and approached her with the excuse of needing help with hw. Later that same month SHE ASKED ME OUT. You might think “wth is wrong with her, she could have a total 10 guy if she wanted to” I know because I thought the same too. I later found out that she had a list of how many guys asked her out and she rejected.. 19.. So what was wrong with this girl? I saw some of the his she rejected, most of them were taller, worked out and frankly looked better than myself. So what made her choose me? Let me tellyou,that she is a 9 as far as these scales go. Slim 5’5″ perfect face perfect d cups.. She choose me because of my personality. Because she had enough brains in herself that the other guys probably just wanted to bang, (nun wrong with that) but she’s not that type of girl. Or she didn’t have enough brains to realize the guy that she was choosing.. Or perhaps she needs glasses to help her see how ugly I am. So how does an average #4,5 end up with a 9 girl? You got me there.. All I’m saying is that looks aren’t everything for everyone. Good luck finding your soul mates.. Or better yet, let them find you. Btw, this is only one girl I spoke about because she is the only one that masters now.. She and our son.. And guess what,, still a 9 😉 only her boobs got bigger.. =D

  • K

    Hi guys as your all experts on what’s hot and what’s not out of curiosity what would you rate me as out of ten:

  • Joyce

    I just have to laugh at the guys that use bra sizes to measure a girl’s boobs because those they claim to be D’s are actually an F or a G: 80% of women wear the wrong bra size!

  • Joey

    The one ranked at #8, I’d give her a six. Also, orange skin is not sexy. Her boobs might be fine, but her face is nowhere near like the girl who took the #9 (if she had long hair and darker eyes, she’d be a ten). The one ranked at #7 stays at #7.

  • anonymous

    Shadi, you make me want to dance. :pika: Why? Well, it looks as though there’s actually some men out there who aren’t stupid and focused on only a girl’s looks.

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  • James

    Could you ever rate a bigger girl favourably. I’m not talking morbidly obese, size 12/14 but with perfect smile, clear skin and really pretty face.

    Could this example ever be rated above a 7 or is the the “bigger girl” limited to 5/6 on the looks scale regardless of her other positive qualities.

  • http://[email protected] Just wondering

    How would you guys rate this actress, Shoshanna Bush. She’s been in some bad movies but I think she’s pretty hot. I’d say an 8 def not lower than a 7.5 but prob not a 9… Maybe some think she’s a 9 if she were more toned? She’s got a real pretty face though …

  • Anonymous

    The 8 girl got a generous rating. She’s maybe a 6.

  • follow me on twitter

    10…. is the really thick bad girls that just think they the main topic or something. It’s 5 and below is ugly. 6 and above is cute,fine,sexy,and thick

  • Anonymous

    I am a woman who loves men and I like to think I understand them really well. I don’t sleep around and I am looking for a husband actually. I refuse to rate myself because I don’t want to think of myself as a number, because to whoever I settle down with, I will be “his” perfect ten, or his favorite, or whatever (you get my drift.) I have been told I am hot though and I have to hide in my room to avoid constantly getting hit-on even though I don’t dress provocatively or wear a lot of makeup. I actually stumbled on this website because I was looking for a place that had a system where I could rate all the guys that are after me. But I have to say, this was a pretty entertaining pit-stop and of course all the girls getting mad are just being girls and you have nothing to feel guilty about lol. Guys just think differently and if that were not the case we wouldn’t be attracted to you in the first place.

  • Anonymous

    :cool Same girl 104 as above: One thing I did want to point out is that many girls with great looks also have great personalities because they were raised right. If her parents were very strict and loving, and she has morality, chances are that no matter how good-looking she is, she tries not to take anything for granted.
    Oh and how girls rate guys varies from girl to girl. Some girls really do rate 100% on looks of the body alone and don’t even care about the face. Others don’t care about looks at all. Really! I am just as unique in the way I rate guys, but I think that my way is the best; I rate men based on the following characteristics from most important to least important (but all required): 1) Beauty of his eyes: not so much color or shine but expression of depth and intelligence that I can see through the eyes. 2)Good manners/treats me like he should and can rise to the challenge to go the distance for me 3)Great personal integrity 4) We have a lot of fun together, all the time 5) We can relate on a deeper level. 6) How he carries himself – I like guys who are secure. 7) Not controlling at all (I’m a free-spirit.) 8) Totally faithful to his commitments 9) Forgiving (bitterness is not cool to live with) 10) Has his priorities straight/maturity/can keep a job. Believe it or not, once a guy reveals he is lacking in one of these categories, his physical attractiveness starts to wane and I start to see him differently. Money and power are misnomers: I want a man who beleives love is the greatest treasure. As far as chemistry, looks are a factor but not one I can explain rationally with any consistency. I like it or I don’t.

  • onlydateforeigners

    I think the 7 is more attractive than the 8 or 9.
    Seems more interesting as well.

  • James

    I think for the rating to be accurate a 10 has to be someone with everything like Jennifer Lopez – face, body, ass, attitude. I think the difference between a 6 and 7 is massive but not between 7, 8 and 9. 8s and 9s are unequivocally hot girls who know they are hot. 6s and 7s make up the majority of girls who are pretty and cute and who the majority of guys think they have good chances with. I think there are some girls who reach can get to a 7 by making the best of herself. However I think there are some girls who are vegetarians/don’t dress well or whatever who are 7s/6s but could be 9s if they did the right things. A girl I know could be a 9/10 but her body is not great whilst she has the face of a Goddess.

  • James

    Also it depends on photos. Some girls can be 7s in photos but 9 or 10 in real life.

  • James

    BTW to those girls complaining about this rating system. The LAD culture/90s FHM humour is a reaction to many things that happened in the past. When you complain about this “rating system” you can blame women of the 60s like Germane Greer who started waving their bras and proclaiming “free love”, supposedly “liberating” themselves in the 60s, undermining men’s gender roles, objectified themselves and made looks even more important than before. Girls going on the slut marches and dressing like whores can’t complain and expect to have it both ways.

  • Anonymous

    Even as a woman, I feel females have no reason to bitch about the rating scale. If anything, what’s already been said about our conforming to certain aesthetic criteria simply to please other women shows we’re more judgemental.
    What’s really important to understand here is that personality, intelligence, disposition and humor play no role in the rating system… and only come into play when considering whether the chick’s worth the time and effort. At the end of the day, “hottness” or “fuckability” is merely a radically subjective matter of taste… similar to liking the color blue or eggplant parmesan.
    While I’ve always considered myself to be in the 7-8 range, I’ve consistently been rated higher by dudes who care to share… but I do feel personality, etc factor into their decision. And at the end of the day, you all take what you can get. So it’s really more of an observational road trip type game to pass the time… nothing worth getting your panties in a bunch over.

  • Dr In Training

    i love these scales because women who look great in their 20’s and sometimes even up to 30 are the ones that get divorced because they look like pigs after about 31 and the men wake up realizing beauty doesnt last forever and they get with either younger women or now the women who are their age or older and just came into not only their beauty but also their true intellect. quite often men who go for beauty end up getting the beautiful idiots who raise their kids and the kids unfortunately get the idiot mother and an angry father because mommy cant multipy, and helping in algebra, puuuuhhhlease.

    smart guys dont necessarily go for the best looking woman

    cases and point
    look at bill gates, steve zuckerberg, etc…

    moral of the story, if you focus on beauty, dont get angry if she cant help your offspring, she was there to have pretty children not smart ones
    when her boobs start to flop, dont get upset, gravity takes over, she’s still the same woman
    if she wants surgery to enhance anything, dont get upset or say no, you want her to keep up appearances, you want the beauty, then pay for it

    dudes, live your life the way you choose, but remember, you made the choice!

  • Sidni

    Very interesting on both the men and women’s sides of this. All I have to say is The Science of Sec Appeal. Watch it on Netflix it will wake a lot of you up. Men, yes we understand that it is Programmed in your complexes to rate women based on sexuality and physical attractiveness because your primal instinct is to find a good healthymate to produce offspring with. With women is does get more complicated we do base potential mates on much more than looks such as provider status, power, money, etc. Women, yes we would all like to believe that no man is going to judge us purely off of our attractiveness but men do not think like we do in terms of animalistic behavior. Get over it and buck up buttercup. Just because you are a 123456 doesn’t mean you won’t find a decent partner. We naturally try to find mates that match up with us once we get over the I must have the best looking man here factor. And back to the men, I would have to say go for it rate those women because everyone does it. Women just pay attention to details more making it more of a grey scale. However on that note maybe make it a bro code thing. Lmao women are creatures of delicate nature. -Happy Woman

  • v

    I am very curious, how would i be rated

    since it is hard for me to judge due to the fact that every guy seems to have a different taste in women. My boyfriends all liked petite small girls, and i am a tall athletic person. on the other hand most men do turn their heads when i walk down the street. so..go figure…

  • Creem

    @#113 You’re a 6. Maybe 7 if you had better hair/makeup. Body seems too thin. You pass the boner test though.

  • Aaron

    6 but maybe potential to look like a 7 on a glamorous night. Also depends on age. Are you 20? Then closer to low 6. Are you 28? Then maybe even a solid 7.

    As above commenter said, hair and makeup could use improvement – easily fixable problems.

  • Aaron

    With makeup – specifically tired looking eyes. You can learn how to do your make up in a way which improves that.

  • delicioustacos

    @ Creem: You lose a point for having fat khaki-clad man ass in frame in shot 2.

  • Anonymous

    on the cusp of 7

  • Old Glory

    I agree with others, high 6, low 7. You could probably bump up with different color clothing, makeup, hairstyle. Nice figure.

  • Ben

    6 to 7.

    Most alphas will bang but will be near impossible to marry even an older one.

    Chin up though doll, you’re prettier than most.

  • Ben

    Oh and men will turn their head at any young broad who’s not fat. The problem is when women mistake extreme male hypergamy with true interest and mentally give themselves a few points.

    Very fun to watch these egos finanlly humbled in old age and cronehood.

  • Erik


    I’d cum in u and feel good doin it. But dobt let it get to your head

  • Dave

    I would honestly give you a 6 just going by looks but you do have the potential for 8 or higher depending on your personality.

  • Jason

    V – your body is great and tall is good. Keep that figure.

  • kaywhole

    I say you’re above average in attractiveness but not gorgeous. Stay thin.

  • Anonymous

    I’d rate solid 7.

    It’s also a very raw look with lots of potential.

    Your skin is clear but plain, while your face is a definite notch above plain with no serious structural flaws (manjaw, overbite, jutting chin, huge forehead). You’re pretty and feminine enough naturally that I’d be happy to wake up next to you in the morning, but your face doesn’t have any of the sort of exaggerated feminine features that really excite me (full or cupid-bow lips, big eyes, delicate nose) which is why makeup can help a lot (eyes, lip gloss, blush, etc).

    I don’t place a lot of importance on this since my own teeth are crooked but most guys will dock you for teeth that aren’t straight.

    Great body, fantastic proportions. Slim without being scrawny, nice curves, Would have to see you nude and moving to judge more, but could be 7.5.

    Hair is ok but could definitely look better.

  • zxcv


    Too thin?

    no such thing

  • Anonymous

    6.5. Style your hair in a way that accentuates your face better and you’d make an easy jump to 7.

  • Anonymous


    I’m in a good mood:

    in the US: 7
    in Europe: 6

    body too flat, no boobs, but legs OK, can’t see booty

  • @126


    What curves?

  • thunear

    hello v,

    I like your figure. You need to work to maintain it and possibly make it better. Nice oval shaped face. Your lips seem a bit thin, which you can probably compensate for with makeup. You have thick hair, which is nice, but I think your hairstyle makes your face a bit more severe than it need be. I’d think about changing it to bring out the soft curve of your face.

    BTW, I quite like that black pseudo-goth look.

    Now be a good girl and go and land a decent husband before its too late.

  • Always Forward

    Vastly prefer second picture; would like to see a smile. High 6 to solid 7 if the eyes looked a bit more lively. Hairstyle should soften your face more and you’d be set.

  • Tree Soap


  • DaemonMan

    A 7..with the right dress/makeup goes up to 7 1/2 or 8

  • @130



    I estimate a well-proportioned 0.75 waist-hip ratio. Not amazing but definitely counts as curvy to me.

    Legs are long and shapely.

    Shoulders lean and firm but not bulky or manly.

    Hope that clears things up. I’m not a breast man, hers are big enough for me, especially if their apparent perkiness is real and not a bra.

  • fuck v

    v is an 8.7 nice skinny arms, and lean muscled legs, nice titties in stand up pic, you have a welcoming face which suggests you would tolerate aggressive kissing. i would just recommend you try to make your hair more shiny and silky, your makeup is fine…less is more.

  • Retrenched

    A solid 7 in my book. Maybe an 8 with better makeup and a smile.

  • Anonymous

    @113 v: Bangable for sure. Would fuck you and enjoy it hah. You indeed look like you work out, and not just starve yourself; nice firm body and legs. An inviting face. 7.

  • Essence

    I don’t mind being “examIned” by guys and rated. Women do this to you too. I am a 10-rate babe, as I hear from men either directly or overheard. I’m not being cocky but that’s the only number I’ve heard since forever. I get amused and fllattered and just say “thank you”. I think I’m not perfect though I stand out when put in a group of girls. So whatever standard you have, dudes, i leave it to your inside language. But it doesn’t necessarily follow all 10’s are bitchy or have inflated egos. Our advantage is we have our pick but then some guys are scared of us. And we can take our time to date around or wait for the right one. For me, I don’t have this criteria like the six sixes, but I know what kind of man I want. It’s in the whole package. There’s more to what you see. But of course, you must like really like what you see.

  • Anonymous

    so how do you rate asians?

  • Anonymous

    pictures of various asians and a rating would be nice :)

  • Maldek

    @111 & 139

    A hot girl around 20 can say “thank you” to mom and dad.
    The same girl at 35+ with the same body and same hotness has really earned our respect.

    For men a similar rule applies. If you get a hot 20 year old, good for you.
    If you let her degrade during your marriage/LTR instead of giving her the motivation to constantly improve (at least stay the same) you deserve that land whale in your living room.

    Those who take a 20 year old 7 and end up with a 30+ wife whos an 8+, these have earned my respect.

  • Cathartic Nonsense

    I have learned something that transcends just a woman’s looks. If you zre actually dating this beautiful woman, you MUST meet her mother if you ever plan to marry her..why? 9 times out of 10, she wil become her mother in both looks AND personality, especailly if she tries to avoid being like her mother. My wife is a better mother than her own mom, and she’s a much nicer person, but she is becoming her as she’s getting older and completely unawate of it. It’s not ALL bad, just hope she doesn’t get the annoying mother-in-law traits. :wideeyes”

  • theo

    I really don’t understand the point of using 7 as baseline. What’s the difference between a 3 and a 4 then?
    Here’s the scale most of my acquaintances use:

    10 – perfect, impossible to attain except in dreams
    9 – hot Hollywood starlet, pageant queen, top porn star
    8 – average hottest girl in whole school, district, personal circle of aqcuaintances, hot actress / porn star
    7 – average hottest girl in a school class, workspace
    6 – above average, threshold at which one makes a real effort around her
    5 – average, would fuck if she makes an effort
    4 – below average, would fuck if horny
    3 – ugly, would fuck if really drunk and desperate
    2 – really ugly, would never fuck
    1 – repulsive puke-inducing trainwreck

  • phil dutch

    The 7 is a 5.5

    The 8 is a 7.5

    The 9 is an 8.

    I hate people who overrate chicks. You set the standard to high and then you’ve got nowhere to go when you see a hotter bird

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  • Hallie Eva Mae Newcomb

    What if a girl is overall really pretty but has acne or something like that, and what about a 5 face with a 8 or 9 body?

  • rrr

    Tiered scale and how it works for me:

    Tier 5 – repulsive – I wouldn’t do, no matter how lonely, drunk, etc.
    Tier 4 – homely – I wouldn’t do, unless there’s lack of better options and they are eager
    Tier 3 – average – I would probably do, could take it or leave it though.
    Tier 2 – hot – I would most definitely do.
    Tier 1 – goddess – I could do RIGHT NOW.

  • TyKo Steamboat

    Hot or not…Asians are either really attractive or really not attractive. There really is no grey area there.

  • Ghadis

    I like the O’Neil scale, which goes up to 30. 1-10 are ugly chicks, 10-20 are “alright”, and 21-30 are “fine” bitches. Above a 20 is always bangable and if she’s in the alright range then you have to use your judgement.

  • corvinus
  • corvinus

    The good old Mom Test.

  • Cornelius Craven

    wow! I was doing it right all along! score

  • ChickInLove008

    Really? I see 7 women with 2 guys who think they are 10’s. I see 5 women with -4 guys who think they are 7’s. Not sure when this flipped, but sperm chases egg in biology. So women, stop reducing yourself to these numbers and remember we have the upper hand ALWAYS. NEVER ever let men tell you that you are a 5, 6, 7 or what-ev-er when the bottom line is they feed off of us.

    If a woman gives herself away too quickly she probably lacks self esteem and the guy knows it. He gets his fill and then is on to the next one. But honestly I’m a 13 (mind, body, spirit), and I will say they love the chase. I also say women need to unite together because in the end when a guy doesn’t get what he wants, he just goes to the next suckah. Don’t be a suckah’s punch, and always treat yourself like a 10+. And flattery is like cheap cologne on a hairy unwaxed male beer belly gut.

    Seriously picture some of these guys who age later in life, and you will laugh at the games they play. Do not be one of those mall chicks who is attractive, low self-esteem and hangs out with male 5’s and below just because he ‘pretends’ he has money. Money to me means you need to keep 8 figures in the bank at all times and still be smart how you spend it. If you don’t have that kind of money you are always going to be a 3 because most of these women can do bad by themselves.

    Also, if there is a blog about losers who need to pick up chicks and need women, then that means they are pretty much losers. Don’t be flattered because it’s like being whistled at a truck stop. Really? These guys are lame-o’s. Look at the topics, and you can see that they have low self esteem and need an ego boost (you), to feel better about themselves. Don’t be objectified.

  • Trev

    haha, I’ve always said there’s no such thing as a 10 for the same reason. Well done.

  • Stephanie Stevens

    You’re pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. If you valued ANYONE–including yourself–you’d actually form a relationship and see that woman as the best. News flash: she’d see you the same way, and you’d actually have a woman who would WILLINGLY have sex with you. I know, it’s shocking, right?

  • ChickInLove008

    You are probably ugly and smell bad

  • Trev

    Woah I’d be feeling the burn…if I were 10 years old.

  • ChickInLove008

    I was testing if you could actually read. Dat a good boy. Gooood boy.

  • Trev

    I’m sensing you’re a bitter four. Angry, fat feminists are always accepting new applicants. Their ranks are always swelling. You might want to brush up on your writing skills if you want a job at Jezebel though, Lindy West left some very large pants to fill. Did I say pants, I meant shoes.