The 3 Immutable Laws Of Getting The Highest Quality Women

Every six months or so I do a regressive analysis on my most recent sexual relationships. I ask myself the following questions:

  • Where are your lays coming from?
  • What is the ROI on the venues you are approaching in?
  • Do you see any common patterns among the girls you have been happiest with?

The last question has led to a surprising conclusion that I can no longer deny: the girls who have treated me the best had merely slightly above average beauty. In other words, the girls who played the fewest games with me, answered the phone whenever I called, replied back to texts immediately, rarely complained or whined, and attempted to make all my sexual dreams come true had beauty that was not especially high. They were cute, but I have done better in terms of raw attractiveness, sometimes significantly so.

Let’s say that my overall value in Eastern Europe is a 7.5. If I date a girl who is also a 7.5 in beauty, which is comparable to my value, I will have to keep my game sharp at all times. She will test me regularly and be generally challenging even in a normal relationship. If I date a girl who is an 8.5, the relationship is hanging on a string. One little mistake on my end and she may be gone. It will only be a short-term relationship that I beat myself up about when it’s over.

The more I date down, the easier it is to manage the girl in a relationship. She will essentially do whatever I want and treat me like a king, but when I’m out with her on my arm and see many girls more beautiful than her, I feel like a failure. I’m jealous of other men who have obviously better looking women than me, and that I’m selling myself short based on how hard I tried to improve myself as a man. I just can’t escape the negative feelings no matter how much I try, so beauty is a requirement I can’t let go of.

So therein lies the dilemma. Back in my pump and dump days, I would sometimes have a lucky night out and bang a very pretty girl, maybe because she was on the rebound, but maintaining a relationship with her is quite different that fornicating with her one or twice. It’s almost as if the work is just beginning once you bang such a high value girl, but with the girl whose quality is lower, it’s smooth sailing after the initial penetration. In the latter case, you just have to show up and she’ll worship you.

I’m the type of man who likes to have his cake and eat it too (a silly idiom, for if you have cake you definitely want to eat it), so I thought about this problem and asked myself how I could have the beautiful girl who also worships me. By looking into my past, I came up with three possible solutions:

1. Find a beautiful girl who, for some reason, is insecure or unaware of her value (she almost always is under 25).
2. Find a beautiful girl who lives in a city that lacks good men while having a disproportionate amount of other beautiful women.
3. Be a 10 guy who is higher value than just about everyone.

The first point is not location-dependent. You can find this type of girl anywhere in the world, but it will require an immense number of approaches. In effect, you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. In my 10+ years of gaming, I have found less than 10 of them. It’s hard to develop a strategy on meeting these girls, but focusing on day game is the best way to start.

The second point is obviously location-dependent. In effect, you’re looking for poosy paradise where local environmental factors greatly aid in a man’s search for beautiful women. You will be looking for a non-Western location with a high busted dudes score and a population of more women than men (it is possible to find this type of advantage in the West only if you develop a localized niche). This is what I have been doing for roughly the past five years, searching for the one place where my value is higher due to local factors.

The third point is limited by genetic factors. Some men, no matter how hard they work, will never be a 10, but it is our duty to hit the limit that our genetics allow, both in appearance, resource accumulation, charm, and interestingness. If you are a 4 currently, and your genetic ceiling is a 6, it’s still in your best interest to reach for that value. I figure my default value is a 5 (average), but with strenuous work I pulled it up to something in the 7’s.

From whichever angle I look at it, the same answers to the “woman problem” keep popping up, and years of experience both in America and abroad keep supporting these conclusions. They are essentially the three immutable laws for any man to lay a beautiful woman and keep her in a way that provides him with happiness. Here they are:

1. Learn game.
2. Increase your value as much as possible through work, effort, and persistence.
3. Be as location independent as possible (have penis, will uproot).

This is the “secret.” From the time I was 22 to about 28, I diligently worked on game, racking up god knows how many approaches. From approximately 26 to 33, I got my money right by publishing over 15 books that earn me passive income today and which allow me to pursue non-monetary goals like learning a new language. From around 28 to currently, I have researched over 20 countries in the search of poosy paradise, and while my standards seem to always stay just ahead of my results, I have drastically increased both the quality of women I’ve layed and the happiness of mini relationships I’ve ended up with.

I know some guys are thinking, “But I can’t spend years to travel to find my poosy paradise!” Then you’ll have to massively step up your efforts in the other two areas. If you nail at least two of the three, you should have strong results. If you can nail all three, then you are probably hitting your ceiling. Within the next few years, I will lay the highest quality girls that is possible based on who I am. Then I will enter my 40’s and start seeing a decline (based on the same amount of work).

It’s important to note that my increase in qualitative results with women have been so gradual I can’t perceive it in real time. Every couple of years it gets just a tiny bit better, a change so slow that only when I look at girls I banged several years ago do I realize the jump I’ve made. The sad thing is that with such a slow change, you really don’t feel like you’re getting better, so the struggle of yesterday always remains with you today.

Tomorrow I will wake up and still have to tweak my game to deal with ever changing factors that require different strategies to attract a higher quality of women I want. I still have to keep my value high and make sure my money is good. I still have to be flexible with my location, and get ready to move away from places that used to serve me in the past but have recently changed. For most of us not born with top genetic looks or stock, the quest for great women is all encompassing, continuous, exhausting, and full of hardship. That’s never going to change, and most men will say no to taking this path because it’s harder than playing video games or watching sports, but for men like myself who want to enjoy its rewards, at least we know what we have to do.

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