The 3 Types Of Danish Girls

Don’t Bang Denmark was recently the subject of a panel discussion on a Danish morning show. Click here to watch.

There are only three types of Danish girls that I’ve noticed: the perma-student, the older woman, and the mom.

You know those people that have been students for what seems like forever, always working on a master’s or PhD? That’s your first category, the perma-student. Since the government pays for education, a Danish person would be stupid not to achieve the highest level possible, especially since in Denmark there is a strong correlation between years of education and income.

It will be rare to meet a girl under 26 who has a full-time job and is not in school at least part time. It’s great that she’s investing in her future, but the problem for you is that liberal universities destroy a woman’s femininity. The more years she spends in them, the less likely she will be able to please you, physically and emotionally.

Since Danish girls spend much more time in universities than American girls, I’m sad to conclude that American girls are more feminine than Danish girls. Yes, it’s true, I’ve found a species that is even more masculine than American women. After accounting for the fact that Danish girls aren’t as slutty as American or Icelandic girls, I hope you’re beginning to see that we have a real problem on our hands.

An annoying feature of the perma-student is that she has a chip on her shoulder. Even though she hasn’t worked a hard day in her life and has had her hand held by the government every step of the way, she thinks her education has given her everything she needs to know about the world, including your own country. She thinks that her time in school is a superior substitute for real-life experience.

I had cases where, in the process of obtaining sex from a Danish girl, she said some outrageous shit that offended my sensibilities so greatly that I had to terminate the interaction by telling her what a retard she was. It’s a bad sign when an American has to tell someone of another country they’re being arrogant, since we’re generally the most arrogant assholes on Earth.

The second type of Danish “girl” is the older woman, starting at 30 years of age. She’s finally done with school and ready to settle down, but is finding it harder to get guys since she has zero femininity units left (she used them all up during the decade she spent in college). The main problem is that her looks have faded and she never lost the freshman twenty. She’s reduced to trolling Internet dating sites with high contrast photos that hide what the unmerciful hands of time have done to her face.

While I don’t like older women, in Denmark they were great for breaking slumps since getting them into bed was easier and more straightforward with less flakiness. This type of girl is easiest to fuck, but you’ll regret it in the morning. I know I did.

The final type of Danish girl is the mom. While she can be young, I usually saw them in their late twenties. Motherhood has reignited her femininity and she will probably be more pleasing than her motherless counterparts. You will find the occasional MILF, but expect to see some serious degradation to her face.

You’re most likely going to encounter the perma-student during your stay, especially if you head to popular bars and clubs for gaming at night. I find that younger girls who are around 21 will be the most enjoyable to talk to because they aren’t as outspoken. The sweetest and kindest girls I talked to were all young.

The worst girls are around twenty-five, an age when they think they know everything. They will be the first to call you out on your game or to give you shit. By the second week in Copenhagen I got into four heated arguments with Danish girls after two months in Iceland without having one. For you, the most pleasant interactions will come from the youngest Danish girls you can find. Troll the high school if you have to.

The above article was adapted from my newest release, Don't Bang Denmark, a 72-page hater travel guide that teaches you how to sleep with Danish women while simultaneously convincing you not to go. It contains tourist tips, game advice, sex stories, and hate. It gives you all the information you need to dislike Denmark with extra details not released on the blog. It's available in both paperback and ebook. Read sample pages or learn more about the book.

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  • Mr. Pointyface

    I think you mean “childless” where you typed “motherless.”

    However, this post gives us yet another wonderfully exhilarating opportunity to poke at Murkabeests, reminding them that it takes a village to subsidize a spoiled, impossibly know-it-all harpy.

    Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    “the most pleasant interactions will come from the youngest girls you can find.”

    That’s true in a lot (most?) places

  • Anonymous

    Getting a bit old…

  • Theodora

    That show is annoying and impossible to watch

  • Anonymous

    That sounds a lot like D.C.

  • dragnet

    This really is too bad. I’ve been so disappointed reading this series. I dated a Danish woman—she was studying here in the States—and she was actually a real sweetheart and a solid 8 when gussied up. She wasn’t terribly feminine, but she became more girlish as I ramped up the alpha (ie, slapped her on the ass in passing, fucked her hard at times, roared when I came, etc).

    I really do think it’s possible to get even these women to be more feminine—you just have to incentivize it. I dated a Swedish woman who was attractive but not feminine and, unfortunately, a hardcore feminist (more than the Danish ex, even). My approach was to incentivize feminine behavior and be non-reactive (or dismissive) to masculine behavior. As an example, take watching a movie on the couch. I’m 6’1, 200 and I take up a lot of space–when I stretch out alpha style there’s not much left. When my girl used to come over and ask me (in that sexy Danish accent!) to move over—I didn’t react. If she persisted asking I’d tease her or just pull her down on top me start the business. Eventually she stopped asking me to move and began to curl up next to me in whatever space was available, kiss me and stroke my chest. Only then did I move to give her more room on the couch. And this didn’t happen in a vacuum—I was constantly sexualizing her, flirting with and remaining attractive to other women, and being alpha in other ways. All of this, and it still took some weeks to extract truly feminine behavior from her. The only reason she even lasted that long was because she’d been fairly responsive as I slowly ramped up the alpha in other ways during the course of our relationship. If she hadn’t, there’s no way I’d have invested the effort to make a woman out of her.

    “the most pleasant interactions will come from the youngest girls you can find.”

    I don’t think Denmark is different from other places in this respect. For a combination of looks and personality the best interactions will be with chicks basically 16-22, give or take. For just looks same ages up to late 20s. Every now and then you’ll encounter an attractive older woman with a great personality because she knows her value has plummeted, but it’s extremely rare.

  • Invictus III

    The one Danish chick I fucked on my short stay in CPH was 18. She was sexy, flirty and fun. She even sang to me in Danish a few times which was kinda odd yet sexy at the same time.

  • Neil Skywalker

    Hey Roosh,

    When are you coming to Holland ? I’m pretty sure you will write a Bang Holland book and not a Don’t bang Holland. Just make sure you bring some high heeled boots because our woman are tall.

    greetz Neil

  • Scandalover

    Funny blog and you write very well, but how are you defining “feminine”? It is a vague terms with different meanings for everyone

    I know and have been with girls who can’t cook to save their lives and wouldn’t bother trying, but they will clean my condo(probably because I’m slob). Or they will be supportive and loving when I’m having a shit day. Or rub my shoulders.

    What exactly do you mean by feminine?

    And you are right on about Danish perma-student chicks.

  • Viking

    Roosh is a scared little boy who is scared of women. I suppose you have to feel sorry for him really its quite sad. His one one sided view of the female population is orwellian

  • toussant

    Dont see him a hero people see him for what he really is. A hermit keyboard warrior

  • Anonymous

    ^ don’t feed the trolls 😉

    “in the process of obtaining sex from a Danish girl, she said some outrageous shit that offended my sensibilities so greatly that I had to terminate the interaction” I’ve had to do that a few times with some amazing girls, where their personality is just unbearable. A brain so annoying that it repels quality guys despite they have amazing looks. So lame.

  • Brian

    I guess some people are born attention seekers. Typical american. The whole world is a stage. Yawn

  • Rivelino

    “By the second week in Copenhagen I got into four heated arguments with Danish girls after two months in Iceland without having one”


    this is an incredibly important sociolog study, roosh you are breaking new ground.

  • JP

    I don’t use the word “hero” very often. But you sir, are the greatest American Hero to have ever lived.

  • Brian Mark

    Can You Get Us a Transcript of TV show? Were the guys a bunch of pussies, defending the great Danish women or were they saying their is a problem in Denmark?

  • doclove

    I agree with you that real life experience is a better teacher than sitting in a classroom getting an EDUCATION. Much if not most of what passes for EDUCATION these days is sheer propoganda and not real education though most don’t realize it, and the few who do don’t realize how bad it is, and even then many may know it is propoganda, but do not know what the difference between propoganda and true education or best of all what reality,the truth,is. Own Wall Street, OWS, supporters is a prime example of people know they’ve been lied to and propogandized, but often do not know what is the truth and what is the lie. I suspect most Danes and OWS supporters are fellow travellers. All too often you find people who say they are tolerant and for diversity aren’t that tolerant and for diversity when they get someone or something they don’t like. Then it’s my way or the highway at best. At worst they try to destroy you. What HYPOCRITES! Women in general are like this world wide more than men. It’s a shame to hear Danish women thus far are the worst because American women are really bad too.

  • Bloodfart

    Any chance to get english subtitles posted on that vid? Congrats btw because this kind of pr = sales at amazon. The producers of that danish tv show are too stupid to realize that.

  • Naughty Nomad

    I can’t believe they put it up on TV… Excellent. Told you it would cause a shit storm. Great book… I’d recommend everyone read it. If not for good tips – just to laugh your ass off.

  • JJ

    Yeah, does anyone have the English subtitles for the segment?

    I thought Copenhagen was a great fun city when I visited..

  • zarzuelazen

    – actual clip – Danish male host (deep booming serious voice):

    ‘an de ul verden… (incomphrensible Danish language) (blah blah blah) PUSSY PARADISE (blah blah blah)’

    I think there’s a chance you could seduce the chick on the left Roosh.. she’s quite hot and was unable to stop grinning at this point.

  • Storm

    Lmao at the sad fuckers hailing roosh a hero. The man couldent pull a plug out of a bath. What is this site . Train spotters anonymous

  • Random

    Danish (SWPL) women, for all their vaunted independence and experience, are basically as media-brainwashed as any sausage-eating beer-swilling Danish prole. “If it’s on TV it must be true”.

    So now that Roosh has been discussed in Serious Channels (ie TV2), this means that there is actually a fair chance that Danish women will actually take Roosh’s message to heart, and change their ways. The message that they are unfeminine cunts will slowly seep its way into their vain feminine subconscious, beyond the layers of feminism/careerism.

    As a half Dane, I can only salute you! Maybe my women will start improving :)

  • Random

    Summary: the male hosts agreed with Roosh on the personality issues, but didn’t agree that Danish women are ugly.





  • TheCaptainPower

    Ahhh the perma-student, get a lot of those in Dc/nyc also……

  • Mostly Agree

    On the TV clip, did the Danish crew joke that the Middle Eastern guy (Farshad) was Roosh?

  • HC

    You’ve got to understand, the problem with these women isn’t THEIR opinion, it’s THE opinion. They live in countries where the government in effect controls their press and where they put you in jail for any real dissent (or threaten to). These women just don’t know any better, they’re brainwashed by a soft totalitarianism. In the U.S. we have the First Amendment which forces the same Leftist totalitarians to farm out such suppression to far less powerful NGOs, though they do manage to do a pretty good job of squelching free debate.

  • Danish dude

    Hey Roosh,

    Judged by the relative short time you stayed in Denmark, I think your impression of danish girls is pretty accurate. So I am not mad at you for saying the truth, just wish you were´nt right.

  • Ace

    Then of course we have america. Everything bad that happens in the world stems from there. Wars. Obesity. Poverty. gang culture. Oh yes must be great to be american and roosh is just a product of the country. A sad pathetic lonely existence is what he has now and the rest of his clap ridden body has. In the future. Hahahahahha still least you have your little lambs following you hahahhahaha

    [Roosh: And yet, in spite of what happens in America, Danish girls are still masculine, annoying, and unattractive.]

  • Orson

    It seems that Danish women are more Germanic than Scandi, from what I read here.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a Danish man and think it’s great that you are letting other Danish men know the TRUTH. I had no idea how difficult our women are until I studied in Brazil and discovered how fabulously different women in other parts of the world are. The only part of Roosh’s commentary that I disagree with is his claim that our women are ugly, I think Danish women are very pretty, many of them extremely beautiful, but unfortunately they also tend to be spoiled self-entitled bitches.

  • Anonymous

    Can someone post a rough translation of the main points they discuss on the panel?

  • Mostly Agree

    Orson, Scandi is just a part of Germanic.

  • Paradise World


    I’m usually not into scat, but ok.

  • silent

    Danish broads sound completely awful. If I ever meet one, it’ll be hard to get over my prejudice for sure.

    However, this could all be reverse psychology: Denmark might be this “Pussy Paradise” and Roosh is just trying to keep us away from it!

  • Laila Bach

    Roosh V, could it be that maybe you are just too uncharmin to get laid in Denmark? Dont exspect that danish girl will just fall for your feets, if you had done an effort instead of sittin and judge us you could have been lucky.
    Not sayin your statement is completly wrong but 2 month in a something that sounds like the danish version of “The hills have eyes” wasnt maybe your brightest solution for findin girl.

    Good luck next time..

    Sincerly perma-student, mom and 25 years old Danish Girl.

    [Roosh: Is there a machine in Denmark that is spitting out these identical comments?]

  • Grethe

    I’m 28 Dane girl and i approved this article

  • HR

    “in Denmark there is a strong correlation between years of education and income”

    Patently untrue. In fact Denmark is among the lowest ranking OECD countries in regards to correlation between education level and income.
    Do your research instead of pulling stats out of your ass.

  • Mostly Agree

    HR, I think Roosh meant that Denmark as a whole has a very high average level of education compared with the world, or even the Western countries, and this correlates to the high average income of Danes as a whole.

  • Roosh = GOD

    Roosh absolutely destroys Denmark with the swipe of his pen.

    Good work.

  • Louise

    I’m another Danish woman, and like Grethe, I totally agree that Roosh has a point.

    I grew up partly in other countries, and after living here my whole adult life it still amazes me how oblivious other women seem to the power of femininity. They will whine about not being able to find a decent man while simultaneously dressing and acting so as to turn all but the masochistic men off. On the upside, it means I have my choice of alpha men because the women who were 9s and 10s as teenagers are no competition for an 8 who:

    – stays slim
    – keeps her hair long
    – puts on a pretty dress
    – listens without interrupting
    – makes her own points calmly and concisely
    – expresses appreciation
    – is quick to twinkle, smile and laugh.

    It’s that simple!

    [Roosh —> :hump: < ---Louise ]

  • Mette

    Ha ha ha.. this shit is funny :laugh:
    But looking forward to hearing some stuff about other nationalities since it is always more fun to laugh at others..

  • Random
  • Beowulf

    Roosh has some good points but it strikes me he’s only been out in Copenhagen while in Denmark. He argues that Danes are very homogeneous but thats only true to a point.
    The girls outside CPH generally behaves much better than their sisters in the capital. I’ve been living in Esbjerg and Århus in Jutland and the girls there are generally much nicer and fun to be with.
    Even in CPH there are some nice girls but as Roosh points out they are almost all under the age of 25, at least that’s how it seems if you only know CPH from going out and not living here for a long time.
    In reality what happens is that most nice young girls will end up in a good long relationship before they are 25, so the clubs are full of the desperate but masculine +25’s. They are unable to find a boyfriend so they go out a lot – they sometimes find a man but he can’t stand them for very long so they are out on the market again soon enough hating men even more.
    So for CPH would say about one third of the girls are very nice and femine but you donøt seen them out much because at a young age the already has a decent man, and if if that relationship breaks she’ll have no problem finding another good man. She need not go out to find a man, they are already there in her personal network.
    Roughly I’d say that here in CPH there are 3 decent men to every 1 decent woman so of course competition is stiff.
    The other two thirds of women will never find a man or only have short term relationships because nobody can stand them in the long run.

    But next time venture out to the smaller cities – girls are really pleasent there. I’ve been living in CPH 8 years now and the only long term relationships I had was with girls from Jutland.

  • Michael

    Hahaha funny how the majority of Danish commenters agree with Roosh… Even the chicks

  • Sebastian A.

    Take it from an outgoing Danish man who has been with +50 different Danish women/girls – you are spot on. Except the fact that Danish girls are ugly, I have been in mosts parts of the world, and Denmark is definitely in the major leagues when it comes to looks!

    Regarding the perma-students, you are very right on that one. Many Danish girls you will meet in night clubs in CPH study something useless, like humanism, where they are taught that the human mind is incapable of thinking. They are brain washed with postmodern nonsense that there are no facts in life, there are no absolutes and reality does not exist but is created in our minds. That is why Danish women are attracted to weak beta-men, those men will retain their irrational beliefs and maintain their fake self-esteem. A strong Alpha will destroy their real low self-esteem and expose them to the reality they fear.
    Of course there are exceptions to the rules, like my wife for instance, however, the majority of Danish girls are hysterical bitches surrounded by feminine men.

    Could you specify the places you went to in Copenhagen, it seems you have a lot of danish readers that are curoius to know where you have been???

    Summary of tv-show: Three male Danish comedians are invited to talk about your book in 8 minutes, which makes it quite superficial. Basically, they are implicitly agreeing with you except the fact that Danish girls are ugly.

  • John

    Not only does a lot of the danish commenters agree with Roosh V (myself included), event the guys in the tv-clip somewhat does!

  • itmag
  • Mr. D


    You are a hero, fighting the Satan of political correctness mind control feminism

    Keep saying what is forbidden to say

  • Professor Mentu

    You are officially my hero. I’m adding “piss off a nation” to my bucket list because of you.

  • Sebastian A.


    Ellers tak, jeg er lykkelig gift :-)

  • Jokmok

    Guess american “men” aren’t men enough to deal with a real woman …. Danish women and Scandinavian women in all are some of the most beautiful and clever women in the world…. Not like those either very fat ugly american women or totally reworked silicone bitches with no brain.
    No wonder american men get scared to dead when they meet women with education and brain.

  • itmag

    A lot of my countrywomen are talking about “real men” and “strong men” who can “handle” them.

    But apparently, such men are not the cave-thumping alpha-gorillas that the Americans seem to personify.

    So, I’m puzzled. What exactly DOES the real/strong man unpack to? Is there a man who is the quintessential strong/real male who all Scandi women can agree is a true catch? Concrete examples instead of fuzzy language, please!

  • Danish broski


    Right on the spot. Women don’t know what they want in general, but danish women are completely clueless. It’s true that most danish women I’ve slept with like being dominated in bed, some even like being degraded, yet outside of bed they seem to want the beta nice guy.

    What they don’t get is that no man who can fuck them the way they want to be fucked is going to be a weak-ass beta male in other parts of life. This is why you so many times hear danish women complaining that their boyfriends are not assertive enough during sex. They simple can’t understand that their pussyfied bitch boyfriend is not suddenly going to turn into a alpha male once the lights go out.

  • Dins

    As another Danish woman reading this, my initial reaction was to get semi-insulted, but reading on … I have to agree to some points.

    I think it’s true that for some Danish women – a lot, probably – feminism has been forgotten. The baggy, oversized clothes, the ‘I can do anything a man can do’ attitude, the not honouring the differences between the sexes. Nothing ticks me off more than a feminist, being butch, somehow believing that if the woman cooks and the man mows the lawn, you lose in some invented battle between the sexes.

    I honestly think you gain something as a woman – and a man, for that matter – acknowledging the differences between the sexes. To dress feminine, to ‘put your face on’, as I jokingly call it when I apply my make-up, to wear high heels and to see it as a strength being good at different things, men vs. women. Can I put oil on my car? Yes, if my life depended on it, I probably could, but I dont have the burning desire to try it out, when I’m sure there’s a man around who’d find it a lot more fun, than I will.

    But hey, maybe I am different – and I have no clue which category I’d be put in. I’m 29, I have kids, I did not study for ages, though I did end up in a decent paid job, and I just left my husband 6 months ago cause there was too little alpha in him. Much too soft, much too cutesy.

    … Speaking of that, where’s the blog that damns
    metrosexual, ‘cream men’ as we say in Denmark to hell, and praise men with hair and the balls to be able to take on feminine woman that will -not- stand down in an argument, but still flirts her ass off? Maybe that could be a project to pass all those lonely nights as a single mom… 😉

    But Roosh, you have a point. Back with femininity.

  • Anonymous

    Come to Jutland and not Zealand! We are a different people also when it comes to women!

  • Dins

    @ Danishbroski,

    Last paragraph is spot on. Took me probably the last decade to realise this – and now, what I say to my girls when they ask me what I want when I’m gonna play the field again (and write for millions to read, but hey… *cough*), is that I want a man, who’s man enough to pull my hair and slap my ass. Someone who can put me in my place, when I my innerbitch go on a rampage.

    On the other hand, I dont someone who’s so much Alpha he’s a chauvanist. Yes, Danish women dont back down, when they discuss, and neither do I.

    Fuzzless enough, itmag?

  • itmag

    Dins: vi er nok “on the same page”, min ven :) Jeg kan godt li’ en dame som er kvindelig uden at väre en underdanig dörmåtte.

    Hvor bor du forresten?

  • Dins

    Jylland. :)

  • itmag

    Smid mig like en email, ik? 😉

  • Dins

    Fristende… 😉

  • Danish girl

    I only have one thing to tell you:

    When you point fingers at the danish women, do you see how many fingers there are pointing back at you?

  • Anonymous

    I wish I could speak Danish, cause that news segment looked funny as fuck.

  • Great Dane

    Congratulations. Your trolling of Danish women has been very succesful, and it is hilarious.

  • Dins

    @ itmag,

    No mail. 😉 But I did make that blog I mentioned. Holler if you want the link.

  • itmag
  • AmaZING!! Spiderman

    Funny trolling…:bigsmile:

    Those few Danes that actually do take offend by this book is having their heads way up their asses anyway.

    Oh and for good measure, I’m Danish, but not offended. :)

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  • Denmark

    You are pathetic. It is obvious that you didn’t have any idea how to approach danish women and for that reason you decided that they just weren’t worth the time.

    You got into a heated arguement more times in the first week than you ever did in iceland? Well obviously you don’t like it when women have a mind of their own, and as arrogant as you are you probably pissed them off.
    Besides that, you are not really in any place to tell anybody who has the best looking women, and that danish women looks like pepsi cans, cause you are not really a big piece of eye candy yourself.

    You must have been damaged growing up in America, cause you obviously got used to looking at mediocre women and wouldn’t know beautifull if it smacked you in the face. Which yes – danish women would have no problem doing.

  • Human


    So…. this guy went to Copenhagen, one of the most famously sexually liberated cities on the planet, and “didn’t see any beautiful women.”


    If you want to have sex in Copenhagen, you go to a bar and you take someone home. That is all it takes.

    If you DON’T want to have sex in Copenhagen, use the MIGHTY ALPHA MALE STRATEGIES in this book. Because people will laugh at you.

    It’s completely unsurprising to me that women thought you were a bit of a helmet in Denmark

    You are. A total helmet. You went to Copenhagen and couldn’t get laid?

    You total, TOTAL helmet.

  • mindie

    Danish women are independent,beautiful,well educated,totally capable of spotting a fool like you and very very feminine !! The reason you had trouble getting laid is because YOU are YOU and WE have good taste ! Please dont ever come back to Denmark !!!! we are doing JUST FINE without a freak like you :-(

  • Anonymous

    It seems to me, that you are just angry because you have been forced to take your own advice while visiting denmark….At least take a rejection like a man -and not like a little bitchy girl who writes a book about it…what a cry baby, I am not surprised that you find yourself more at home in the company of do know that laughing at your jokes is part of the price right???

  • Glengarry

    So, if anyone is taking notes, this is also a great example of maintaining your frame.

  • Tom

    The hardest country to get laid in the world is Sweden. If you can get laid in Sweden then you can get laid anywhere.

  • Pat the Rat

    Why would any woman want to give away their best years to any of you jerk-faced, I-only-wanna-fuck-mommy pricks? Women, aesthetically or intellectually attractive, don’t want or need to be stuck on the one dick forever anymore. Why would our holes just want to keep faith to one dick permanently when there’s serial monogamy? After you get past the generic game playing and smoochy-sucky-fucky-cum thing, intimacy builds and it’s you losers who fall into us. After you’ve fell we realise you really are just a boring, futile cum robot who is just going through the motions and barely alive. That’s when WE end up LEAVING your sorry arses on the curb, go back on the market so we can repeat the cycle. We are looking for PASSION, and it seems that by playing your own lame game we end up doing to you the very thing you invented upon doing to us. So go have a DP with yourselves, arseholes… Go on… Put your double edged sword up your hairy arsehole and in your filthy mouth simultaneously… One for your games, one for your karma. Repeat thrusting in both orifices until you CUM into sense. Enjoy. Xoxoxoxooxoxoxox

  • Mac

    Haha, I read for almost an hour.. Before I had to see a picture of you!

    And I know what is your problem!! You call yourself attractive, and in America, you might be somewhat attractive..

    But most european women would not find you attractive. Least of all danish women.

    Maybe that is why you have had so little luck with them in bars etc.

    Most european women don’t like hairy, dark, muslim looking men. it is a FACT. Men with your appearance in europa are usually not educated and muslim. Just there to get with a white woman, and they have HIGH standards.

    I am a big, white man with blue eyes and I have never had trouble finding nice women in any country.. well except maybe USA, because they have so few.. at least where I live.

  • Mia

    You do know jessica Alba, and Scarlett Johanson both are half danish, right?

    Two of the most feminin and beautiful women in the world

  • Murray

    @ jokjoj” Danish women and Scandinavian women in all are some of the most beautiful and clever women in the world”

    Lol I must laugh. Have you been outside Denmark ever ? Seen teen times beatiful women than Danish in southamerica/asia/africa..
    And clever ? more like spoiled brats, how the hell they are clever ? just getting everything from the wellfare state claiming independence because WELLFARE STATE made you indedendent..does NOT make you clever, just spoiled, and not really independent at all.
    Poor women growing up in the favelas have ten time the intelligence and personality than any Danish girl will ever have.

  • Jane

    First: im a danish girl, grew up a little outside of Copenhagen.

    I tend to agree to some of the things you are writing and strongly disagree on others.

    These women that you stumpled upon.. Did you go to certain bars in an certain area in Copenhagen?

    I dont think it representative and i dont think your field research is done well enough. Have you been around Sealand, Funen and Jutland? Gone from Copenhagen to Skagen? Spoken to random girls and not nessesarely only the pretty top 10 in the local mainstream bar?

    I dont think you can generalize like that. I know you point that out in another article that we dont like that someone would put us in a box and we find ourselves to be unique bl.a bl.a bl.a. Women here arent very open and sadly enough if you approach them it wont always be a friendly response (that is the worst part i find about my people – the danes both men and women). I know numerous foreigners who have had i hard finding a proper life here, and i dont know many other places where people are that bad about welcoming expats, foreigners, tourist etc.

    Back to your aticle: Women here are strong and yes – in a relationship i do understand the difficulties for men. Today women can support themselves, dont need a man to get a child and there are plenty like them. Does that make life perfect. Far from if you ask me. I do believe danish men suffer. They grow up with moms that are strong, women in kinder garden, go to class and they learn that girls and boys are even. That is what we learn from little. So therefore you have a whole nation of beta males – why? They dont know better than that. I know a lot of men who is looking for that women. Im astonished about that.
    However, just because a woman is demanding it doesnt mean she is not feminine or nice. Because a woman has her opinion and can argue for it, it doesnt make her masculine. That comes with her manners, the way she use words and the way she managed to get her message across. The whole bodylanguage.

    Wouldnt you rather want someone to be curious and asking you question or maybe challenging you slightly on your views?

    To wrap this up: Your surely bumped into the wrong ones.

    Keep your curiosity. Its actually very interesting to read. Hurraa for the right to speak. And i do mean that.

  • Sifka

    As a Danish girl, I feel really offended by this. I don’t believe in you can just say that all danish girls are like that, ’cause they’re not! I like to flirt, everybody tells me I’m funny and I’m almost always happy, so I think this is pure shit. I’m not even bad looking, and like… 80% of all my friends are reaaaaally good looking, so don’t say that. Yes, you can say that blondes and scandinavian girls maybe aren’t your type, but that’s just your opinion. Maybe the reason why no girls wanted to give you attention or hook up with you, was because you were either ugly or really uncharming. Just sayin’.
    -Sifka ♥

  • Ditte

    it’s funny how many danish boys that are in here commenting negative things about danish girls when everybody knows DANISH BOYS are some of the most unattractive shit in the world.

  • Dude


    THEY LOOOK LIKE SHIT !!!!!!! :DDD They are dress the same like idiots ….

    Polish / russian / spanish – RULEZZZ :))

  • Mr Underhill


    I like your spunk! I’m a certified field spotter of female Danish beauty and I would like to put your “and like…..80% of all my friends are reaaally good looking.”

    How is it that Denmark ranks at the top for those countries with the highest life satisfaction and yet their women are so cold and domineering? I think there must be a culture of defeatism and resignation of life’s circumstances amongst Danish men. But what do I know? I’m just an arrogant, cowboy boot wearing, gun toting, cheeseburger eating Southerner.


  • Lol

    Now heres a guy who obviously never got laid by any of the hot danes so spends all his time hating on them…

    And u cant really generalise like that by only visting a few bars in copenhagen.

  • Anonymous

    what the hell is your problem roosh
    hating on your own race cmon stop it

  • Niels

    He is not hating on anybody. Just stating the truth about Danish women. Self involved women who believe they are knowledgeable about every topic. Right about everything always! Refuse to admit they are wrong. These women would not apologize to a man even if they KNOW they are incorrect.
    Men from Denmark who are lucky enough to travel or work outside the country find out quickly women in other places are not as arrogant and full of BS like the danish women.
    Is it any wonder the men in this country are looking elsewhere for a life mate. Saying goodbye to the cold, unaffectionate women in Denmark.

  • Anonymous

    This post is nothing but the idiotic ramblings of a sexist pig. Maybe if you stopped being so narrow minded you would see truth. Go fuck yourself.

  • http://[email protected] Dev

    I’m an english guy with a danish girlfriend. We met in spain when I was working in magaluf as a club rep and sleeping with girls from accross the globe on a daily basis … Basically being a man whore. My current danish girl was on holiday. We met… Had sex on a sun lounger and she had her purse stolen whilst we were busy. I visited jutlnd 3 times now the people they are so welcoming and polite. My girlfriend is slightly masculine at times but sometimes its a good thing as being too femanine all the time can be annoying. The food is great the beer is great and the people are lovely… I have been with many girls but denmark is the way forward for a beautiful, well educated and elegent girl. If you want a lady in the street but a freak in the bed get a danish girl. And most of them are minted anyway

  • Anon

    I had a Danish girlfriend and I am a white South African (read Alpha male). She was 23 when we met and as stubborn as they come. We had endless fights but neither of us had ever (or since) loved someone as passionately. We’ve long since split up and she got married to the guy she cheated on me with (A Dane). Sorry Danish men but you seem like a bunch of pussies who can’t stand up to a woman and the Danish women are so headstrong any other man can’t live with them. That is not unique to Denmark though, I had an Austrian girlfriend too and she was just as bad.
    I don’t agree that the Danish women are ugly. Mine was a honey. I miss her…

  • Nina

    Roosh you are really an ignorant, so in one month are you ready to write an antropologist review of danish women.. Danish women are strong , sexy, strong intelligent and only danish man can put jo with them no stupids negroes latinos or gringos like you. You see Im a woman, I am latin and have lived in DK for many years so I KNOW what I am saying to you and to all bunch of stupids that read your crap and live life through a book.

    And I tell you as a woman, very feminine passionate and good looking that I am, when an asswhole tries getting smart and fuck we LOVE bitching you up. It takes a real man to shut up our mouth and take us to bed and that goes for any woman danish or not.

    So if you did not see feminity is because you are not man enough..

  • http://[email protected] Latina

    Man … You really suck “alpha male” so if only danish man can put up with strong minded danish women how come can they be pussies!!!? By the way danes are some of the must fit smart sexy man in the world. And to Roosh, well Roosh if it was hard for you to get laid in CPH then you gotta a small problem. Try Amsterdam if that fails too then … keep on writting crap.

  • JRex

    What a sad little man you are. So, the most enjoyable girls are the young ones, because they don’t have any opinions and will fall for your stupid games? Pathetic. The only thing missing was advice to pick up minors. Wait, that was actually in there. Good going, that’s illegal, you dumbfuck.

    How about showing some real interest in ONE actual grown woman you really like and can see as your equal? How about not shying away when you’re being challenged but working on your intellect and knowledge to stand up to such scrutiny instead? How about trying to please her as well as being pleased?

    I salute all Danish girls for giving your phony ass the run for the money you deserved. Job well done ladies.

  • Tom

    sadly not a true picture of the country. I lived there for over a year, its true that the girls have low self esteem (but in these modern days in what country do they not?) but I have to say that Viborg in Jutland and a few other cities in jutland have the most amazing women. Scary how intelligent they are, yes, but they were modestly hiding it careful not to reveal it too early – eager to be feminine and flirty with intelligent jokes. In the more northern parts they took every opportunity to dress in summer dresses and the year I was there it was so warm that I might as well have been in Spain. I dated this women who looked like a model and could have been a master chef, she did everything from scratch taught to her by her countryside mom. She was a Manager tough nail at work but at home, with friends and in nightlife the lightest nymph she acted like a state lady who´s job was to promote me, she took interest in my job and made me look good – I messed up on a business trip and slept with another Danish women – my then girlfriend of course ended everything… but what can you do..

  • DKs finest

    I am not really sure if this article should be just a funny entertainment or if you mean this shit for real. I was many times in Denmark and i bet that most of these things are shit. you can not compare some high heel biking cosmopolitan chic from copemgahen with a country girl from landscape wise Ribe or Tønder. I bet that they are totally different and that they are not all sitting in the Univerity BIB and thinking they know best of all. I think you article gives just an insight of a superficial guy, who has just seen CPH (drunken bz night) and half a day. – CPH is the capital – yes – but CPH is not hole Denmark. But at some passages, anyway funny. Cheers & hilsen

  • L

    Nina its you who is an ignorant. What Roosh writes about danish girls in all his pages here about danish girls is true.
    I have lived here in Denmark for many years and i was born here.
    And so what if the guy have only been in Denmark for 1 month or 2 months?
    If the things he write is correct then it dosent matter how little or how long he have been in Denmark.
    I have been here for many years and all what Roosh writes about danish women is true, they are even much worse.
    Nina its just that u have been also living here now for long time and u are a girl, so now u are exact same as those girls and u act same way and think same way. Thats also why u defend danish girls, because u are a girl same as them and girls always defend other girls, and especially now u have been living in Denmark for so long u have become same as them.
    So actually the things Roosh writes about Danish girls it can for sure also been said about you.

  • L

    Im sure your danish girlfriend liked u for your money and business. and if not then for your look. because number 1 danish girls cares about is the guys look and he have to look very good or else she dont care.
    it dosent matter if the danish girl looks good or bad or thin or fat, she can look whatever she want to, but the guy always have to be good looking.
    secondly sometimes if the guy have good money it can also be a way she will choose the guy.
    but mostly its the look, because danish girls dont care about money because this country they dont need a guys money, so they actually go after the look.
    im sure if u were bad looking or even normal looking ur gf would not even have said hi to you first time u see each other.

    and if the people u meet in denmark was nice to u, so its also because of several things, people from jutland (jylland) is much more nice than on sjaelland.
    secondly danish people can be very nice in front of u but its just being polite and open people, but its only small talk and saying hi and how are u. they dont really become too friendly. and even if they do they mostly have 2 faces, one way they act in front of u and one way they act behind ur back and talk bad about u or dont really like u.
    but of course different from jutland and sjaelland.
    but this page here that Roosh made he is speaking about danish girls and the way the look and they way they behave, their personality.
    he didnt talk about all danish people in general. but only about the girls.
    if u think danish girls are so wonderful then try to see if they want to talk to a normal looking guy or have a normal looking guy as their bf.
    most of them will not know a guy unless he is very good looking.

  • L

    haha its actually u who sound like an idiot.

  • L

    maybe he has not seen whole Denmark and not talked to girls from all over Denmark.
    but i have lived here for many years and talked with girls all over Denmark.
    and the things Roosh writes can be said about all the girls in Denmark.
    all Danish girls are very snobbish and only want perfect looking guys.

    it dosent matter if the girl is very good looking or bad looking or if she is thin or fat or whatever she looks like, they all only want to talk to and know very good looking guys who is very handsome and sexy.
    and yes danish girls have very bad personality and nothing to offer a guy.
    so wake up and see the truth.
    but im sure u will never see it.
    because u all danish girls and even many danish guys too, they think that danish girls are not like what Roosh writes here.
    u danish girls think u are perfect and u think u are the most wonderfull girls in the world and u will try to convince everybody that u are not superficial and that u dont care about the guys look.
    or u will say u care about the guys look and of course he have to look nice.
    but same time u wouldnt admit that all girls in denmark only want very good looking guys, and all the rest of the guys they are so lonely in Denmark and cant find a gf or they end up with some ugly fat chick with 2-3 kids from different ex bf´s and same time that girl will treat her bf bad and talk bad and rude to him and he have to be very nice to her and be happy he have a gf, even that he might be a thin normal looking guy with good personality.
    but the guy have to accept all the shit from that fat ugly chick.
    thats actually if the guy can find a gf first, or even if he can find a date or girl who want to talk to him.
    yes u danish girls have very bad behavior and u only care about the look, and u are the worst girls in the world.
    but u will never see it and u will never change the way u are.
    its actually waste of time to discuss with any danish girls about this, because they will just push the blame back on those guys or people who say the truth about them.

  • L

    i have lived here for many years and talked with girls all over Denmark.

    and the things Roosh writes can be said about all the girls in Denmark.

    all Danish girls are very snobbish and only want perfect looking guys.

    it dosent matter if the girl is very good looking or bad looking or if she
    is thin or fat or whatever she looks like, they all only want to talk
    to and know very good looking guys who is very handsome and sexy.

    and yes danish girls have very bad personality and nothing to offer a guy.

    so wake up and see the truth.

    but im sure u will never see it.

    because u all danish girls and even many danish guys too, they think that danish girls are not like what Roosh writes here.

    u danish girls think u are perfect and u think u are the most wonderfull
    girls in the world and u will try to convince everybody that u are not
    superficial and that u dont care about the guys look.

    or u will say u care about the guys look and of course he have to look nice.

    but same time u wouldnt admit that all girls in denmark only want very good
    looking guys, and all the rest of the guys they are so lonely in
    Denmark and cant find a gf or they end up with some ugly fat chick with
    2-3 kids from different ex bf´s and same time that girl will treat her
    bf bad and talk bad and rude to him and he have to be very nice to her
    and be happy he have a gf, even that he might be a thin normal looking
    guy with good personality.

    but the guy have to accept all the shit from that fat ugly chick.

    thats actually if the guy can find a gf first, or even if he can find a date or girl who want to talk to him.

    yes u danish girls have very bad behavior and u only care about the look, and u are the worst girls in the world.

    but u will never see it and u will never change the way u are.

    its actually waste of time to discuss with any danish girls about this,
    because they will just push the blame back on those guys or people who
    say the truth about them.

  • Maria

    You little piece of shit!!! Let me tell you something about your womens! They are fat as fuck, ugly as fuck – the pretty one are eihter 16 and pregnant or reality stars ! YES we spend a lot of time in universities, but that dosn’t make us less feminine! Look at youself….You look like an old nasty man, no wonder you felt the girls around didn’t like you. No one will sleep with such an ugly piese of shit like you :) Just stay away from Denmark and die in your own country, douchebag! Have a fan-fucking-tastic day!!!!

  • A

    LOL. It’s funny because the mainpart of the girls who comment on this flash their “stupid opinions” through their comments, that Roosh don’t really enjoy hearing.
    The thing might be that being approached by a super flirting tourist in a bar, you might even recognise that tourist as Roosh, doesn’t really seem charming. It seems obvious what they’re up to, and not many girls really feel like getting syphilis from a night out.

    I flipped through the comments for the fun of it, most of the commenters actually backs up his opinions, even though not really wanting too.

    I’m not sure whether Roosh is actually trying to use the Danish sarcasm by writing this stuff about humor, or if he actually didn’t laugh during a night out because he doesn’t really get the Danish humor.

    By the way: Thanks, L, for a good laugh. If you keep on repeating your comments maybe somebody will actually end up believing you, just because you lived in Denmark. Considering you rudeness I don’t think you got it right about the Danish girls, though. They don’t only look for attractive handsome guys (though it’s probably preferable) Other guys get a chance too. I think your problem is that you’re just a 1st class a-hole. It doesn’t seem appealing to many girls, you might want to try out something else than being bitchy when approaching girls, who knows, it might work.

  • Elisabeth

    All you have been writing about Denmark, is making me feel better about myself. I’m not a confident girl, i wear my brothers hoodie, i love my cats, i ride horses, and i may be masculine and ugly to you, but i don’t care, because guys like you.. They should just get out of my way. I dont care if half the world population thinks i’m ugly, because someone loves me, someone thinks i’m pretty, and if it’s not you, then it’s somebody else.
    I’m just glad, that i’m not naive and stupid enough to fall for your game.

  • Theresa Kjær

    I guess we just don´t want to bang a whiney man with a bloated ego who don´t understand we don´t need another child 😉
    you REALLY don´t like women thats for sure….

  • Theresa Kjær

    i don´t think he do intelligent women… or any women at all with a backbone.. aparently he wants a slave.. well maybe he should attend a s/m club 😉 but ill bet he will be runnig screaming for his mama lol

  • Emily

    I’m not even going to read the entire article.
    You Sir, are a DICK.
    I guess I’m a Perma-Student, have been studying for the most of my life.
    But you can pack up all your shit about how danes are held by their hands all their life! Growing up with 4 brothers and two parents that makes minimum wages, I’ve started helping out in my dads company when I was about 5.
    I’ve been working ever since. Now as 23 year old, I have a full time study and no less than 4 jobs! Where as I do two of them in stilettos!

    “but the problem for you is that liberal universities destroy a woman’s femininity.” – Say that again, I dare you!

    I study Media Tech, and I know it’s not very feminine, and that is exactly the reason why I am so focused on keeping my femininity.
    My major problem is that neither my fellow students nor my teachers will take me seriously if I show up in wearing high heels. Actually quite the opposite.
    We’re not a big population. But if you got such a hard time finding a danish woman who will actually talk to you, because she’s to highly educated… The problem might just be you… Maybe danish women are just to smart, and that’s why you have to trash-talk them, to get your tiny ego back on track.

    I hope you never visited any of the bars I work at!
    You sad and sorry excuse for a man!

  • Emily

    As a side comment…. You might think danes are ugly and maskuline…

    But you pretty much looks like my ex a month after I dumped him and he got depressed… You just got a bigger nose and a much worse haircut!
    Not to mention seriously CRAZY eyes!

  • Sakiri

    Wow we look masculine now? seriously?

    But then again if you are only in it to get women into bed and you look like that, then you have totally misread what a danish woman stands for.

    They are strong beautiful women, who have enough dignity not to sleep around.. you were in Denmark for 2 month, I think you are quite small-minded, I mean why would sex with a danish woman be bad, just because they are not willing to sleep with you? get a perspective narrow sighted American!

  • nalle

    so you are saying, that it would OK if he was hating on someone else as long as it’s not from his own race?…do you know how wrong that sounds????

  • MJE

    sounds like you have been screwed over several times by danish girls, my friend, sorry but you just sound butthurt to me, and you are kinda contradicting yourself by saying, “Im sure your danish girlfriend liked u for your money and business” and afterwards “danish girls dont care about money because this country they dont need a guys money”. It really does not make a lot of sense, does it?

  • MJE

    And you just keep sounding like a hurt little boy who could not get the girl he wanted because he throught he was not good-looking enough, well let me break this to you, all women have higher expectations towords men than men have towords women, it’s not just the danish women. It lies the human nature. Let me explain it to you.
    The beautyideal is something that help us humans to find a healthy partner, because actually beauty signalize health. We are capable of analysing (unconscious) symmetrie in our possible partners bodies and faces, and it’s the small disparities that reveals unhealthy genes which we do not wish to transfere to our offspring. Men have good opportunities to get a lot of children with different women, while women often only get a limted amount of children and are therefore more fussy about her choice of partner, they is also better at analysing symmetrie in the male body according to scientific studies.

  • a

    stupid danish woman. u have no brain

  • a

    what an idiot u are.
    it dosent matter here in Denmark if the guy is nice and serious and dont play any game.
    even if the guys are nice and serious go the girls, the girls here in denmark are still bullshit.
    the girls are very snobbish and only care about the guys look, the guy have to be very pretty/handsome face and very sexy body, but the girl can look like shit but still she can easily find any bf she want.
    but the guys if they dont look very good no girls want them.
    so it dosent matter how nice or serious or good the guy is or how many good qualities the guys have, only 1 thing is important is that the guy have to look very good.
    thats the only thing danish girls care about.
    stupid bitches.

  • a

    go the girls = to the girls.

  • Theresa Kjær

    haHHAAHAHAH you made a good point in men who can´t argue lol

  • a

    and you think what u wrote was smart? go to s/m club? running screaming for his mama?
    thats smart?
    u are just an idiot.
    and danish girls are bullshit girls.
    u all only care about guys look.
    most shallow girls in the world.
    even many danish girls dont look that good, but still u expect the guys to look very good.

  • L

    Danish girls dont want to get syphilis from a night out?

    thats why so many danish girls actually do one night stands and fuck any guy as long as he is sexy and good looking and wake up next morning before the guy wake up and run home. and they do like this every weekend or at least every second weekend.

    and after some months when they get pregnant they dont know who is the father of the kid because they have so many one night stands.

    and then u tell me they are afraid to get syphyllis?

    and no im not the only one who have this opinion about danish girls, i have talked to many guys in denmark and they have same kind opinions about danish girls.

    and one other thing, danish girls are the most shallow girls i have ever known.

    it dosent matter if the girl looks good or bad, or if she is thin or fat or if she have nice personality or not.

    they all only want very good looking guys.

    so the girl can choose any guy they like and only choose the best looking guys.

    while normal looking guys who are thin/normal weight, in good shape and nothing wrong with them, most of the girls will turn them down, just because danish girls are very shallow.

    and u tell me thanks for the laugh and u tell me if i keep repeating my commenst maybe somebody will actually end up believing me?

    its u who is a joke. but u all danish girls are.

    because u all are full of lies and self denial and u will never admit that most of u have bad personalites and that u are very shallow and u have too high expectations on how a guy should look like.

    my problem is that im 1st class a-hole?


    so u say the things Roosh says about danish girls being not nice and rude is wrong, and that they cant take critism is wrong.

    but same time u dont know anything about me, and then u insult me and call me 1st class a-hole an dother bad words.

    ok if u want it that way.

    then i will say what i think about u.

    i think u are some kind of fat ugly 130+ kg overweight discusting bitch sitting behind a computer screen who have no life than eating unhealthy food and drinking cola all day long, u have bad behaviour, u are lazy, u seem like u have no education, i think u have at least 2-3 kids with 2-3 different guys that u dont know who their father is.

    and now u live with ur dog that u fuck, because i know danish girls fuck with dogs and horses.

    u love animal sex.

    and i think u also fuck around with guys like one night stands like the cheap whore u are.

    but still u say danish girls dont like syphilis. even u are all full of discusting sex disease and eating disorder. u fat ugly danish freak bitch.

    and u say danish girls dont do one night stands.

    here read this in danish about u cheap whores who go to greece to have sex with random guys u dont know on the beach and everywhere in public, u cheap whores.

  • L

    dumbass most danish girls dont care about money. but if u have a lot of money there are still girls who will fall for your money.
    and yes i have get screwed by danish girls and not only me.
    because they care a lot about the look.
    and maybe some other danish guys can confirm that to u, if most of them was not afraid to tell the truth because if danish girls know what they say they will never find gf again.
    but there are other danish guys who have same experience.
    and if show a picture here of you and your gf and lets see if she looks that good?
    and also lets see if u look good too?
    im sure if u are good looking guy so thats why she choosed to be with u.
    because danish girls are very shallow.
    and if u dont look that good, so maybe she choosed u for the money.
    and yes i know i said they dont care about money, most of them dont, but some of them do if u have a lot of money.
    and u wrote that u were a man whore?
    so if u were a man whore so there is a big chance u are good looking guy since many girls will sleep with u.
    so if u are good looking guy so maybe thats why ur danish girl liked u.
    and if u have been in denmark then look at most girls and look at their bf and see who of them is in better shape and looks best.
    im sure u will see most of the time if not always then its the guy who is in good shape and look good while the girl is fat and ugly.
    u will almost never see a bad looking guy or fat guy with a good looking danish girl.
    u can see good looking guy with good looking girl
    or bad looking girl with good looking guy.
    and maybe some bad looking guys with bad looking girls.
    but very few times u will see a fat or bad looking guy with a thin and good looking girl.
    but im sure a guy like u who just came to denmark knows better than someone who have been here for long time.
    and im sure u know better than all those danish lonely men who can find a gf just because most danish girls are very shallow and only care about the look.
    maybe u should go talk to some of those guys and see why they dont have a gf.
    just wake up!

  • L

    and im sure u know better than all those danish lonely men who can find a gf………
    i wrote CAN find a gf, but of course i meant CANT find a gf.

  • L

    Just shut ur mouth bullshit girl.

    i have talked with girls form other countries and had gf´s in Denmark from other countries too.

    and u know what?

    those girls were very nice, smart, sweet, pretty, sexy. and u know what more?

    they liked the way i look, i they liked the way i am.

    they loved me for who i am and how i look like.

    and no wonder why so many danish men now marry women from other countries.

    so just shut ur fat danish ass, u fat ugly elephant woman.

    go eat ur mc donalds food and go eat your pizza and drink ur cola, and go fuck ur dog, u animal lover.

    “The beautyideal is something that help us humans to find a healthy partner, because actually beauty signalize health.”

    but same time most of danish girls are freaking ugly and very fat and have bad personality too.

    u have nothing to offer but still u expect very good looking guys.

    im happy now i only date girls from other countries live in denmark or in other countries and only have gf´s from other countries.

    because most of u danish girls are fat and ugly, and the few of u who look a little good u still have very bad personality.

    so just go fuck your dogs and horses.

    i know u fuck with animals u discusing bitches.

    and then u talk about beautideal when u fuck animals.

    discusing shit women.

  • L

    Niels you are so right. And the worst thing is that most danish men they cant even see this, or they are just afraid to admit it or do anything about it.
    And same time the danish women are so annoying and they only let bullshit out of their mouth to tell that nothing wrong with them and everything wrong with the men and especially with men who tell the truth about what kind of bad women they are.
    Even much worse than their personality is how shallow/superficial danish girls are.
    They expect the guy to look amazing, have very good look and very nice body, same time it dosent matter if the girl look good or bad, if she is thin or fat, if she have good personality or bad personality.
    It dosent matter how the girl look like or what personality she have or anything, they all only want very good looking guys.

  • L

    u say danish girls dont sleep around? hahahahaaha so nice joke.

    danish girls sleep around all the time with different guys they meet in bars, disco or even in school or at work. even if they already have bf or husband they sleep around too.

    no wonder why so many danish women are single and have 2-3 kids from 2-3 different ex bf.

    and many danish women go hook up in bars with some random guy they meet first time and go home with him or go home to the girls place, have sex, wake up next morning and go home before the guy wake up, or sometimes they guy do that and wake up and go home before the girl wake up.

    and many danish women do like that every weekend or every second weekend.

    and suddenly some months later they find out their are pregnant then they dont even know who the father is because they have had sex with so many guys the last few months.

    and then u tell me danish girls dont sleep around? lol

    what a nice joke!!

    danish girls sleep around already from they are teenagers from they are 12-13 years old they start having sex with as many boys as possible.

    even some teenage girls compet who will have sex with most guys.

    thats really something awesome for teenage girls to have sex with as many guys as possible just so she can have sex with more guys than her friends and classmates girls.

    u start very early with sex in denmark, especially the girls, and they fuck around with so many guys, and then u tell me danish girls dont have sex with someone they just meet. lol

    even when they become older and are young women or even older women they still sleep around with many guys.

    and then u tell me they dont?

    its only if the guy is good looking and u like the way he look like then u jump on any guy near from u and fuck with him.

    its only because u didnt like roosh look and some other guys look then u tell those guys that danish girls dont sleep with guys they just meet and dont know.

    then suddenly u are so innocent and acting like if u were virgins? lol

    u even go to other countries to have sex.

    here read this in danish about u cheap whores who go to greece to
    have sex with random guys u dont know on the beach and everywhere in public, u cheap whores.

  • NoOne

    Theresa Kjar (Danish sounding name) you are just proving his point… real girls dont talk like that

  • Someone


    being a Danish woman yourself, with the things you wrote, you just proved everything he is talking about.

    I was there for a half year, and I agree with it too

  • Danish girl

    Hmm…. So you fuck old Danish women because you cant get an American slud? Hehe… This blog tells me more about you then Danish girls! And who gave you the idea that the gov. is paying for our education?

  • Erasmus guy

    I didn’t like Copenhagen.
    I was there for the Erasmus project and I couldn’t wait to fly away from there.
    Girls are a joke there.
    1) It was chock full of hipster and indie girls that made me nauseating.
    2) They age so bad that when you see a 45yo Danish girls you need to visit a shrink to cheer you up.
    3) Their political view and their philosophy in life sucks. They are happy to see the best people taxed like shit, because they can’t stand successful people.
    They don’t know what meritocracy is.
    4) They eat shit and as a consequence there are lots of chubby girls.

    5) They are, by far, the worst bad dressing girls that I’ve ever seen in my life, at least in Europe. I honestly think that it takes some hard work in the morning to choose clothes that looks totally awful.
    6) They get drunk during the night because without alcohol they are unable to hold a conversation or meet people.
    7) They are boring as hell and that’s because, as stated above, without alcohol they are unable to have fun and be unstifled.
    8) They are awful mothers, I would never ever have a child with one of them.
    They have one of the highest divorce rate in all Europe and they don’t care for the consequence that such a decision has for the happiness of their child.
    You can’t trust a danish girl, because, once you marry her, she will do everything she can to get a divorce, go see the statistics and you will se that 50% of the marriage ends up with a divorce!!!
    9) The always blame the men and they never take the blame (WTF???)
    10) Everytime I approached them during the night or on the streets I had to make a monologue.
    They don’t talk much, don’t open up, don’t know how to take a joke, and is a pain in the ass to have a date with them (boring, boring, boring).
    They only open up during the night when they get wasted but in that case you should be wary because they can throw up in your face at any moment.

    The have only one advantage:
    1) Many are natural blonde and with blue eyes but don’t get me wrong!
    They will do everything to hide this “plus”. Starting with their style of dressing.

    I was there with lots of Spanish, Italian, German, Austrian, French and lots of other people from all over the UE and all had the same opinion which is: Danish girls are boring as hell.

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  • TheARC

    I never comment on these things, but since this is class A BULLSHIT and INCREDIBLY DISTURBING, I’m gonna give it a go.

    First, you have to define femininity: Is it the high-heeled/low-cut giggly sexbomb? The faithful housewife in an apron, with a meal and a hot bath ready for you? Or just plain gentleness, empathy and sensitivity?

    Based on THIS: “She wasn’t terribly feminine, but she became more girlish as I ramped up the alpha (ie, slapped her on the ass in passing, fucked her hard at times, roared when I came, etc)..”

    and your very instructive guide to couch-discipline, I can only deduce that your definition of a “feminine woman” is equivalent to the definition you might place on a faithful golden retriever. Women aren’t supposed to be “trained” by men into being more feminine, just like men aren’t supposed to be taught how to be more masculine by women.

    There is nothing wrong with finding a feminine woman attractive, and making that a goal when you’re looking for a partner (or just a one night stand), ’cause it is hella sexy. But when ASSHOLES like you make it their job to change women and “correct” them, someone seriously need to put things in fucking perspective.

    Femininity or masculinity does not apply to each gender exclusively. We all carry masculine traits as well as feminine traits, and let’s get this straight: If a woman – in your own words – constantly sexualized you, dismissed your feminine traits completely (face it, you show them too) and flirted with other men in order to “extract truly masculine behavior from you”, you would have left the building. Why? Because you wouldn’t stand for that bullshit, and you shouldn’t. Just like women shouldn’t have to stand for this.

    And THAT RIGHT THERE is what feminism is about. It’s not “man-hate” guys, it’s fucking equality! When arrogant fullofthemselves douchebags like you make it their job to correct people who doesn’t fit your fantasies, a few words of wisdom seems appropriate:

    Grow up. Get some fucking perspective.

    Learn to respect an individual for who they are – and then maybe even YOUR conceited dick might get some action in a meaningful relationship one day.

  • 10liltoes

    The man who writes this article obviously hates women. He should maybe think of only having male partners (he is so obviously latent). I went to Denmark, Germany and Holland last year. I never saw so many tall gorgeous men and women. Where were you in Denmark? Some were average height and some short, I saw a mixture of plain, and pretty and also downright gorgeous men and women. Germans in northern Germany also very tall, except when you got down to southern Germany and Austria where they are darker skinned, darker hair and shorter and more stocky. Dutch even taller than Germans and Danes. Has to be better living conditions, better food, better medical than in the USA.
    Roosh, you are a male chauvinist pig!!!!!!!!!!!!!