The 5 Paths To Realizing Truth

Every man who arrives to truth does so by a different path. How you have come to understand the real nature of the world is different from how I did, but there are certain behaviors and actions which have a greater tendency to truth discovery. Here are five:

1. Being a player who sleeps with a large quantity of women. The actual sex act of thrusting inside a woman does little in showing you truth, since it is nothing more than an animalistic act that takes little higher thought, but being able to fornicate with different women means you are required to know the true nature of women. Understanding the true nature of women therefore allows you to understand the true nature of men. You now possess truth of both sexes and, effectively, human nature, including those facts that are being concealed by progressive ideologies. Every notch you accumulate has the effect of splashing cold truth onto your face, however unpleasant it may be.

As an added benefit, being summarily rejected so many times removes a layer of ego from your cortex that acts as a self-protection mechanism to truth discovery. The more you’ve been rejected—and survive—the less likely you will lie to yourself when presented with experience that conflicts with what you have been previously taught.

2. Living in a totalitarian society. If there are severe and obvious limitations on what you can do, what you can say, and what you can think, your curiosity will soon want answers as to why. You will come to find out about the power structure of your totalitarian government and why pure thought is necessary to maintain authoritarian control. You also have a firmer grasp of what propaganda is and how it’s used. People from totalitarian societies tend to be extremely skeptical, always searching for the real meaning or intent behind false “common truths.”

3. Being persecuted by the establishment. If you are being targeted or punished for a behavior that should be legal (i.e. free speech, consensual sex), you have been put on the fast track to truth. When the power of the state comes down on you for reasons you believe are unjust, you quickly learn how those with power want society to operate. Personally, being put on the SPLC misogynist list made me realize that progressives have the power, means, and motivation to marginalize my way of life. A common saying is that a liberal is someone who hasn’t been mugged by a black man. In my case, a liberal is someone who wasn’t yet been put in the same boat as skinheads, criminals, and right-wing extremists.

4. Adopting a minimalist lifestyle. When you live below your means, you begin to see that most people are unnecessarily living above theirs. That leads to the conclusion that they were trained to live a life of excess by corporations with the complicit help of a government that wants to keep society in a neverending state of indebtedness and distraction so they ignore everyday injustices while losing any will or desire to fight the establishment. The easiest stepping stone out of The Truman Show is to realize that consumer lifestyles are not the path to happiness, and those those who chase material possessions are misguided.

5. Traveling off the beaten path. Tourist packages that send you to Paris, London, or the Caribbean for a week will shield you from cultural truths. You’re put on the tourist trail of souvenirs and kitsch where everything is presented for cameras instead of working brains. If you go farther off the trail by meeting locals, studying a nation’s history, learning a language, and sleeping with the native women (see reason number 1), you realize that there are different ways to live, work, and play, and that the ways taught to you as superior can be in fact grossly inferior. You also begin to understand the sham in exchanging your liberty for safety and comfort after noticing that people in other countries seem to survive just fine without a police state.

Also worth mentioning are three factors which inhibit your discovery of the truth:

1. Having a 9-5 job. A 9-5 job is the closest humans get to running on a hamster wheel. While some jobs are fulfilling, they tire out both the mind and body. A man who has a full time job will not be able to devote the necessary amount of energy and effort into finding the truth because he’s in a perpetual state of physical exhaustion and mental numbness. Even reading a difficult book will be too onerous for him after a stressful day at the office. My own efforts into finding truth accelerated greatly once I quit my job, even though my income dropped almost to zero (for the short term).

2. Seeking entertainment. The purpose of entertainment is to dull the mind, not enlighten it. Therefore it serves as a blocker to truth, because the time you spend entertaining yourself will simply reinforce the ideas of the establishment and existing power structure instead of raising the curtain to see what lies behind. It also atrophies your brain. While the internet can be a great tool in finding truth, the bulk of it is not much better than television in keeping you placid and blind. The easier it is to digest information, the less truth it will likely contain. Your brain should hurt and strain when reading upon information that goes against the lies you have been taught since childhood.

3. University education. College is supposed to be the institution from which you learn truth, and while that may have been the case in the past, today it pulls you away from it. In fact, I believe that it will take even the sharpest man at least five years of truth-seeking after college to de-program himself of what he learned in university, which has become a sheep factory in creating adults that don’t question authority and don’t think for themselves. I can’t help but conclude that attending university was the biggest setback to my realization of truth, introducing cobwebs into my head that took a decade to finally clear out.

The good news for you is the fact that you are even reading this article means you have already taken steps to finding truth. The only question that remains is how deep you go. For some men, dabbling in game or travel uncovers some truth, but because they allow blockers to stay in their lives, they only scratch the surface, not yet ready to dive in. A man should only go as deep as his mind is prepared for, which means that his life will be composed of periods of diving activity and rest, followed again by diving. Forcing a man too deep too soon may turn him off from the truth for good. In the end, the most important thing men must realize as they uncover truth is that there is no way to un-see what you find or un-know what you learn. Once you begin seeing, you can not make yourself blind again.

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