The 7 Stages Of Being A Player

The game pill is tough to swallow. It upends everything you were told about women while also requiring you to behave and act in a way that may seem too mean. For many men, learning about game puts them through these seven stages:


“Game doesn’t work. It’s the deliberate manipulation of women. I don’t want to peacock or neg a woman.”

When a man finds out about game before hitting hit rock bottom, he viscerally rejects game concepts with talking points picked up from feminists he knows or game denialists on the internet. He’s resistant to game ideas because he has hope that his beta male technique of putting women on the pedestal and treating them as flawless goddesses has a chance of giving him the type of relationship he has seen in Hollywood movies. Some men stubbornly cling to such hope much longer than others.


“Why does she like that stupid jerk more than me? Am I that bad? I do everything to please her but she still doesn’t like me.”

When pedestalization fails to give him the relationships and sex he desires, he begins to get frustrated and angry. His anger first falls on the jerks that are having unprotected sex with the girl he loves, and then it turns inwards to himself for being a failure who can only get sexual attraction from the most undesirable women of society.


“If I can buy one more thoughtful gift or do her one more special favor, she will fall in love with me and I can just be myself. I only want one wonderful girl.”

In spite of his realization that something is wrong with being a nice guy in the modern world, he gives one more steroid injection of pedestalization on that special girl in his class or social circle. His posture and attitude is slightly more haughty, since he is now aware that women like confident men, but he’s put into the friend zone anyway. She tells him that she doesn’t see him in “that way.”


“No girl will ever love me. I may never have sex again. Why is it so hard to meet a pretty girl?”

His soul has been emptied. Within it is now a vacuum begging to be filled with something that gives him the answers as to why he is a failure with women. If he gets his hands on a practical and effective game resource, he will devour it and be able to link his failures with behavior that is beta and unattractive. The more depressed he is, the quicker he will be able to absorb game materials.


“I don’t believe this works! I want to fuck 200 girls.”

The power of game becomes apparent to him when using it on girls he already knows sees an immediate effect. If the man has at least average testosterone levels, he will go on to have a respectable player career of banging a variety of women while experimenting with soft harems and relationships. Men who enter a relationship before completing their game training will likely get dumped and have to resume from the depression stage.


“I’m bored of women. They’re too much work. All women are like that.”

The grind of the game sets in. He realizes that the moment he stops playing the game, his sex supply dries up. Even though he will have internalized a lot of optimal game behavior, a handful of interactions went sour when he tried to be his authentic self. He comes to realize that society is now constructed in a way that hinders the traditional relationships that he may now want without having to act like a clown.


“Women can’t give me happiness. There are a temporarily and fleeting side dish to a well-balanced masculine life.”

The player now understands that there are limits to how much sex or relationships can enhance his life, even if his game is in top form. While a life without women is less enjoyable than with, he is better able to channel his energies onto personal goals instead of constantly chasing women for sexual gratification or emotional validation. He will use his game knowledge to reproduce with a woman or to enter relationships for companionship, sexual pleasure, or pair bonding.


While every man has his own unique journey, it’s likely you’ll experience shades of all seven of the above. I’m in the last stage, where I understand the limits of what a woman or any other human being can provide me, and that a strategy of putting myself first is best in individualist societies where women are putting their emotions and iPhones before any decent man they may meet, especially during their most fertile years.

The most reasonable conclusion is to make women a part of your life but not the majority of it. A major lack of women will not destroy you just like how sexual success with women will not fill up your personal voids. The middle ground of pursuing women for specific needs that you require is the healthiest approach of what will have to be a lifelong game journey.

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