The Anticlimactic End Of A Player

When I first got to Eastern Europe, my standards were lower than what the market provided. I bought all the product available, a binge that coincided with doctor visits and antibiotic treatments. But each new notch increased my standards by just a tiny amount, until one day, standing in a plentiful, fully-stocked market, I did not make a purchase. The reason is that my standards overshot the local markets I found myself in.

I tried to drug myself with alcohol to make the market more appealing. It used to work in the past, but no longer. Even after many drinks, my brain knows true beauty. Only when my boner supplants my brain, when I walk around the market with a priapismatic erection that is not stimulated by the external, can I proceed with a transaction.

Please tell me how to go back to when my standards were lower, when I was not a machine for detecting aesthetic flaws in women, of spotting misshapen thighs, an extra dollop of adipose tissue over the stomach, eyebrows that weren’t properly groomed or even a voice one half octave too deep. When I look in the mirror, I see a physically flawed specimen, so why have I come to seek perfection? My brain demands it, and it is defeating my boner, putting me on the path of one day seeing sex as a biological nuisance instead of a pleasurable necessity.

Almost all women I’ve had sex with in the past I would have sex with today, but only on one condition: I wouldn’t have to put in a stroke of work. They would have come to me, touch me, disrobe, and then let me play with their bodies as I see fit. I would not put 10% of the original effort that allowed me to have sex with them in the first place. This must be the end of the player, when the development of his brain defeats the evolutionary demands of his penis, or is it the natural order of man, with the hyper-sexed player and his demands of neverending variety being the anomaly, the freak of nature?

The club is horrible and I want to leave. I pick the most beautiful girl in the venue, one who my brain liked, but she rejects me, not so softly. I can’t leave after having done just one approach—I can leave after two. I go through the motions on the girl next to me, cute but not extraordinary, just slightly above the mean of what I’ve had in the past. She likes me. She’s touching me, complimenting me. She is ready to do the work that I don’t want to do and so my brain allows me to proceed and I will have sex with her three days from now. Unless it’s easy or unless the girl in the top 0.01% of women I’ve seen in 25 countries and counting, I can’t seem to be bothered.

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  • Tampa

    What you’re describing is what happens to American women over their youth until they hit the wall. Ironic, but funny.

  • OldHornDog

    I don’t have an answer/solution for you my friend but you do not stand alone. After more than 30 years of poon hounding I am finding myself in a similar spot and it’s not due to a loss in libido.

  • OldHornDog

    One thing I may want to add is that it comes in waves for me. There are times when I’m tempted by almost anything wearing a skirt and then there are times when I can’t help but see most women for what they really are – other fellow human beings like me but equipped with a vagina. The input does not seem to offset the outcome.

    I think it is the curse of knowledge and experience. Oh how I miss the days of sweet innocence, when every new girl I met was a potential adventure. Perhaps that is one of the reasons we should embrace mortality. You can only enjoy the anxiety and challenges of a novice once in your life. The more you learn the better but unfortunately you also lose something in the process.

  • Amanjaw Marcuntte

    The Law of Dimishing Returns is not just an economic theory, it’s a fact of life.

  • Lamont Cranston

    Dude, I fear you may be doing what I did – getting older. When I hit 30, the urgency went away. When I hit 40 the need went away. Now that I’m 50, I can take it or leave it. In a way, it’s sad, but it’s also liberating. They have almost no power over me now. They used to be able to lead me around without even knowing they were doing it.


    I’m experiencing the same. I go out, clubs, open air, parties, etc, and places where I would usually approach like a dog, and even though there are some nice girls, I notice they look at me, and that interaction is possible, I don’t even get the activation energy to proceed. I just don’t feel it.

  • earl

    I do believe as men age the sex drive does lesson and you take that energy into other venues.

  • earl

    And as you get older you begin to realize what women are in this lifetime.

    A desert…not the main course.

  • Inside The University of Melbourne

    Roosh is growing up?

  • earl

    or a *dessert.

  • The sidi

    Your solution is doomed. Man is a hunter.

    The cat hunts for fun, not food. Even my fat little housecat seeks prey.

    When the cat doesn’t hunt it means something is wrong with the cat, not that the cat is a picky eater.

  • Joe Dick

    Roosh, the ‘oh fuck, I can’t be bothered working my ass off to find a bitch’ part: That’s what happened to me after I had sex with prostitutes for 3 months straight. The sessions were short but cheap, and I was impressed by the level of attractiveness in most of them. Two of these girls had the power to make my cock hard as soon as they touched me. They were just so sexy.
    Guess what happened with all women who were very attractive but were not prostitutes: I stopped giving a fuck. I know our paths have been different, Roosh, but I think they brought us to the same place: I used to drool when I saw a beautiful woman, but now, like you, I see their defects much sooner than the parts I like: the flabby arms, the flabby stomach, the less than perfect feet, and above all, just their different, weird brain. Seriously, how much time can you spend with a woman? Of course I’d fuck her, but forget about working my ass off. None of them is worth it. Yeah by all means, if you are horny and you don’t want to go to prostitutes, that’s ok. But with 30 bucks I buy myself 10 minutes of sex with a very attractive woman. Not perfect, as no woman is. But still attractive. The 10 minutes don’t include disrobing, it’s 10 minutes of sex. Man, you don’t know how good that feels. So easy and stress-free. If she’s a good girl she’ll be polite and friendly, with these one I don’t mind at all even a friendly conversation after we finished. There’s some bad ones out there too, but hey, I learned to read them before the transaction. And by the way, prostitute or not, it’s a transaction, like you wrote. So what’s the difference? I’ll have the sex and save myself all the ass-busting work, ’cause I need it for more important things than any woman. Sex is like coffee or sugar, it’s just a commodity. You can make some research and buy some. In some countries is legal (and it should be) and in the ones that is not, as long as you aren’t doing anything bad, go for it. You know, I thought prostitutes were all junkies but it’s not true, most are ok people and some of them are quite nice people too.
    Just 3 days ago I had sex with a pretty 22 yo , again 10 minutes for 30 bucks, she was quite pretty and nice tight pussy! Nice person too. It’s good to learn to approach lots of women, and I did that too, but truth is, life is too short to be searching for a bitch to be your girlfriend. And I hate clubs and noise, as well as wasted, drunk stupid bitches.
    Prostitution, babe. I am not talking about illegal shit like forcing a girl, fuck that I would not have it for free, and I feel for them. But hey, if a girl decides to, er, be a ‘working girl’, as they define themselves, fuck it, it makes everything easy for guys like me who realize that time is really valuable. I want to spend my time on myself and doing things for me, not just to have sex with a wasted stupid bitch. No sir 😉 Just sex and then I’d rather be with my male friends than women, seriously. Like I said, you can’t spend too much time with a woman. I have no idea how married guys do it. Yuck.

  • Ninja man

    See a hypnotherapist and get him to reset your brains CPU back to your mid twenties… Now your older and richer Roosh, you can write another great book and upgrade the title to “a dead tiger cub in my Hilton hotel”

  • bobo

    Joe Dick, wat country r u talking about? i wanna try something from top shelf.

  • YouSoWould

    Try Belgrade. I hear the women are exceptional there.

  • Joe Dick

    8 earl, a desert. Very well put. A desert that leads nowhere, except making your cock wet. A bit of a meager reward, in the long run.

    Roosh, all this I think happens because you start to valuing yourself more and more over any bitches and even sex.

    Sex should be just bought over the counter at supermarkets. You get there to buy groceries, but first enter a room, have sex at low price, and after you cum, then get your trolley and start with the list: coffee, sugar, pasta, etc. The sex session gets added at the counter, pay, and leave.

  • Blaster

    What about long-term relationships? It seems to me that one of the reasons guys settle down is that LTR maintenance can be less costly than chasing new pussy.

  • Aurini


    The sex drive doesn’t lessen (not substantially anyway) as you age – it’s just that the urgency goes away. With my ex, we’d regularly go three or four times in a night, but since breaking up with her I haven’t met any women who particularly interest me, not enough to pursue aggressively, anyway.

    At some point the big head stops being the servant of the little head. It’s liberating.

  • frenchie


    I know this feeling. I finally hit a wall with my own experiences when I was in college.

    I started to be less impressed by the opposite sex and even less impressed with beauty.

    I remember my entire life was dedicated to getting the ladies. I started out the same. With super low standards and ended up getting towards the 8 and 9 mark.

    One I left college, I tried to repeat my success. Unfortunately, I could not because I just didn’t care. I don’t want to do the work to pull (game). I just want to sit back and let them come to me.

    There’s a lesson in all of this: Women, money, and fame are by-products of success. Game means nothing (although it helps keep one lady as long as you want).

    If you want to be able to pull women without any effort, then you need to work on the 3 sides (hobbies, job, testosterone management). I loved the article you had lat week and I agree with it 100%.

    I hope you find your niche that makes you happy. For me, I got bored chasing tail and started focusing on other things. My happiness went up 100 fold and I stopped caring what other people (especially women) thought of me.

    I guess the point of my post is, find a new hobby and pursue it with the same dedication you had making the books and website.

  • Anonymous

    I know a lot guys who use this kind of thinking as a reason to not approach girls in the club. I chalk up to male-hamster approach anxiety.

    In your case, it sounds like you might need to arrange your life so that you are surrounded by even more beautiful women.

    I could see getting into fashion photography since you know all the details of what makes a girl look hot etc. Or, since you know how well clubs work, maybe you be a promoter. These two would get you in contact with more attractive girls.

  • Common Man

    Just go without for as long as necessary. No nothin. To a starving man, even a dead possum looks appetizing.

  • Jake

    Life is a series of paradigm shifts, where the thing we pursued with intentionality and passion leaves us wanting for something more.

    Solomon says in the book of Ecclesiastes that life itself contains things that are full of emptiness and are vain. Until we live and experience those things for ourselves, we continue to chase them. But when we have our fill, we start to see that maybe there is something more to life.

    Roosh, sex is but a thing…we men chase it and love it but it cannot satisfy us; I am beginning to see this for myself. I want to pour my life into something that has meaning and I seek that for myself. I hope you find what your heart really seeks.

    By the way, I will be in Poland during the 2nd week of June. If you are there, send me a message if you’d care to link up…my handle on this forum is jakester318.

  • OldHornDog

    Joe Dick – where do you live? FYI – I know EXACTLY where you’re coming from :-)

  • Traveller

    Why anticlimatic? I hope you do not get caught in pessimism or confusion. You must have no regrets and no fears for you have lead a wonderful life in the past and you have anything for a bright future. Whatever it will be. Change is life. It is called evolution.

  • John Rambo

    Same thing happens if you watch porn.

    After looking at porn stars, real life women simply do not turn you on anymore.

    Let’s face it, we are entering a future where virtual reality machines and robot-girls will be the new norm.

    How can real life imperfect women compete with perfect women who exist either as robots, or in virtual reality programs?

    Women will do whatever they can to stop these two technological advancements, but in the end they will lose, you cannot stop advancement.

    Real life women are about to become obsolete.

  • OGNorCal707

    This may be one of those “good problems”, you have had enough sex with enough women, and have achieved a high enough level of game that you can afford to have really high standards and only go after the best. The average guy in the U.S. will simply endure nightmarishly long dry spells if he doesn’t lower his standards below his ideal.

  • Anonymous

    so whats the meaning of life?
    Reason to work is to support oneself and family. But if you don’t want a woman why work hard? Having children is indentured slavery today. Basically you are going to end up alone sending child support and alimony supporting your own children who belong to your x wife. Whats the answer??

  • Hans Sluitspier

    what does ‘priapismatic’ mean?

  • CandidoRondom

    The next move will being a some type of “empire builder” or a modern “caesar”.

  • Deebos

    It always happens this way. The more we chase, the better we get. We become victims of our own success. I am a trophy hunter, but there are few trophies left. When I hit the clubs there is little I want to hunt, its depressing. The benefit is this is a segway into another of life’s amazing journey, just like before we were players, approaching was scary and women intimidated us…but that.a part of us died for us to be reborn…welcome to the journey. We know not, but yet we still tread forward…is that not the mark of a free man?

  • Nomad77

    The Law of Diminish marginal utility is always at work and women and pussy are not exempt.

    Welcome to my world :) To get these top self women takes a different level of game/man and a different level of work.

  • Anonymous

    First, consider less sex for nutrition purposes. Read about the Tao of Sex. Your life force may be drained from too much sex.

    Second, for clever people like us, we seek a challenge. You need to find a new challenge. Maybe its something besides women. Maybe its 3 somes. Maybe its the challenge of a relationship. Maybe its the challenge of looking into yourself. Whatever you do, I think you need a long period of perhaps a year or two where you put something else above sex. Meditate 3 hours a day. Hike the Austrian Alps. Become a painter…. If you still want girls, fine. But make it an appetizer.

    By the way, read The Power of Now, if you haven’t already.

  • that rashti girl

    btw, alcohol is a depressant.

    a dick depressant.

  • Peter Phoenix

    I always felt like making the girls the main focus was a huge mistake. They are fickle, shallow, weak, fragile. So to dedicate your full purpose to seducing girls led you off the path, you found that it led to no future value or masculine purpose.

    It’s time to create the kind of lifestyle that you want in every area of your life. In a way that Krauser has moved over into Count Cervantes.

  • anon1

    if you quit the manosphere over a brief lull in libido, it will be not with a ‘bang’ but with a whimper.

    As you get older not all your skills will improve, some things will suffer, and you’ll have to adapt. your strength will fade, your fire will weaken. and things will once again become more of a challenge. the hunger will grow again

  • Ken Squire

    You need Viagra mixed with a few drinks. When are you happy? When you have a boner. You have recommended not jerking off before you go out. Fuck that. Jerk off to the dirtiest porn possible, take 25 mg of Viagra, and then go out. You will end up pounding something. The images of the dirtiness will stay with you and the boner will keep you in a good mood and keep you focused.

    You are simply not focused. After pounding so many hos, we all fall into that trap. Take Viagra ( not alcohol) before you go on a date or when you feel lethargic. You will end up pounding.

  • litte roosh

    wanting sex all the time is beta

  • anon

    you need a live in woman, that absolutely adores and serves you….. and makes her existence all about you…. i think three live in women would be the ideal number. two can gang up on you, but with three, there will always be a loyal one to rat out the other two and take first place.

    i had one live in woman, for two years, until she accidentally got pregnant….. biggest mistake i ever made.

    i should have drugged her and had her pipes cut without telling her.

    she was my slave… she cooked, cleaned, demanded to give me oral, frequently wanted anal, and lived only on the pocket change i left on the side.

    i offered her money, bank account, etc. etc. but she said no…

    all she wanted to was be there ready and waiting for me every evening with her food and her body.

  • Marco

    Maybe you just like boys LULZ 😀

  • Giovonny

    Time for a new challenge!

    Sex is overrated!

  • Big Jim

    Wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then…

  • Jimmy

    Roosh,I don’t know you personally but my guess is your bored and need a change of pace.
    You mentioned previously your making decent money so take advantage of that and book a flight to wherever you want to go,pack your shit and go.Don’t over think it just do it.

  • Red Pill Too Late

    12 – Joe Dick

    You are probably getting better sex with better looking women for a fraction of the cost and much less liability than the wife option.

  • hmmm

    “anti-climactic” — no pun intended?
    Reminds me of the old phrase
    “going out with a whimper, not with a bang”
    … oh the irony, ha ha

    Seriously though the essence of being ALIVE is to keep changing, growing, progressing, etc., which means outgrowing some things and leaving them behind …
    Just trust you can discover &/or create new things in your life which you find just as rewarding as the old stuff (or more so), then keep looking until you find it.

    Clearly you’re a talented writer with a big audience who appreciates your writing, so it looks like one of your key questions is simply what you will be writing about.
    You could just keep writing about your life as it unfolds; your observations of how you are changing, humanity, etc.

  • thebigpappy

    Roosh : why don’t you stop being a sex robot and put your mind to something more important, like saving the world? I think you conquered enough women already and it’s time for you to settle down with one and move on.

  • Anonymous

    Get a life. And see a doctor for the HIV. Cheer up.

  • moop

    ITT OP realizes what a shallow existence he’s been leading for the past 35 years.

  • Anonymous

    I agree. Finally.

  • King

    Roosh, you are facing the problem that most guys who have slept with lots of women face: sexual ennui. That is why so many rockstars end up doing freaker and freaker things to get off. They can’t get off on just a hot chick anymore.

    Another thing you could do is continue to get more famous and eventually you will have enough groupies (or a large enough harem) that you will no longer have to work at all to have sex. You will just have one of your groupies service you and give a sexual release. You can then focus on whatever it is you want to do. Write, travel, eat good food, etc.

    Your problem is a good one to have.

  • World Unweary

    Welcome, friend, to the other side.

    The temporary feeling of defeat will pass. You will want to bed women again, with gusto.

    But now you will have to take your game to a whole new level. You will have to do that by doing the great things as a man you were meant to do. There is no other way.

    In practical terms, maybe that means you’ll have to get famous, in the way that will “do all the work for you.”

    I know you’ll do it. I’m rooting for you.

    Best wishes,


  • RulingPart

    You peaked? You are now on the downside? Need a new thrill?

    You could go on safari and kill something big. Then eat it. Worked for Hemmingway. shoot Russian boar, or go big game fishing in the gulf.

  • Indian_hotguy_Bholu

    Please let me know how i can sleep with polish women, i am 108 kg in weight and 5.1 inch , i am hot and i use cologne , I even use fairness cream

    I want to sleep with girls, where in USA do hot Hot girls like Kate upton fall for me

    I am working in IT services industry, recently i have lost lot of money on a girl, she did not sleep with me but i have bought her gold ornaments of worth $12000 ,but she is sleeping with other man

    I have done rituals but couldn’t succeed , please help me

  • Ruxman

    King of Warsaw seemed to be a good pursuit

  • S.M.I.L.E>

    Why are you looking at whats wrong and what the flaws are.

    That’s not the way to do it

  • Alice

    If you had been with the same woman for the last ten years, would you be lamenting internally the loss of your intensity for her, lust for her, desire to pursue her, like you are lamenting your loss of intensity, lust, and desire to pursue most formerly-seen-as-attractive women now? If so, some kind of seemingly-(and maybe actually-)immutable disappointment was inevitable. But, in the first case, at least, general attraction for women would have remained.

    Perhaps the man who isn’t “ruined” in this way by porn or much casual sex with women is the one for whom sex with love is a major enhancement. If there are three types of love, those being romantic love (like an addiction), attachment love and lust (see, for example,
    , you are focusing in one third of the human experience with the opposite sex (I mean, experience in lust/romantic type ways, not platonic or family ways, obvs). You don’t know how the other love states can radically alter lust or sex. I do acutely, but then, I don’t have a penis. And, sound like a “pair-bonder”, if that is a type of person.

    I learned from years of being single, while reasonably attractive, so pursued, and not morally opposed to casual sex, yet that a close relationship is necessary to even experience lust for me- and I think I have a high sex drive for a woman, which is not a contradiction, is the oddity. It’s beyond me to describe, but you learn your nature with experience. Perhaps you need different experience to better learn your nature.

    You’re in your thirties. I know people in their mid-twenties who’ve never been in love, but to be in your thirties, be attractive to the opposite sex, and not have had such a bond? Get a new goal, a new curiosity, not a new complex. If rock stars and professional athletes, with groupies galore, can find women they stay with (not faithfully, no doubt, yet stay with long-term and presumably love), then your loss of the thrill of the chase is premature. You’re just chasing casual sex when you should be chasing a woman who doesn’t give it up without more and who never loses those requirements. David Beckham, one of the sexiest men on the planet, has a wife and seems to like it; hence, you should have hope. They have to be earned, though, by more than playboy charm. I’m not an anti-sex troll. (Gene Simmons is happy and I don’t resent his existance infintessimally.) These are real suggestions, which you’ve probably heard many times, but maybe rejected as feminine shaming and constraint-imposing to tame the dogs of manhkind. Maybe you should take seriously the possibility that there’s a little pair-bonder inside you…

    What I find ironic is that, women like me, who have a high sex drive but don’t put out, because intimacy and trust are biological requirements for letting free desire, are repulsed by players. I could never trust a man who couldn’t be happy with one woman (plus porn) and above fifteen notches, I’d veto him. The irony could be that no women who might make you happy now, presuming you need more than fucking at this point to get the high you crave, would be willing to have you. … Or maybe one would… Katy Perry and Sandra Bullock show how foolish women can be.

    Many women are suckers for “reformed” bad boys, I guess, or players with a heart of gold; so, what are you waiting for?

  • http://| Reprobus

    You need ta get drunk with Brother Matthews.

    He’s 52. The wimminz he’s been with wouldn’t fit in the saddledome.

    There may be better uses for your talents.

  • Jason

    Great post! I find that if your hunger dies, so will your enthusiasm to play the game. It’s great to have high standards, but the tricky part, as I think Roosh is alluding to, is where are these women? The pretty, smart and vibrant ones that make girlfriends/wives/friends with benefits? I live in LA and I have a hard time finding them (but Santa Monica is pretty fruitful).

  • NV12

    Serial Monogamy might give you more satisfaction. Date a nice girl, have a “relationship”, experience extended period of intimacy and then dump her. Immediate pump and dump gets old with age.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t worry about it. I tell the same thing to myself when I go through an extended period of not being able to score… “My standards are too high”…

  • Vaughn

    If I see “all men are naturally bi” and “butthole paradise” in future blogs, I’m gone. Don’t switch teams on us Roosh.

  • The sidi
  • Hispanic_Reasoning

    I am coming to the conclusion that Roosh is coming to the point where he doesn’t want to go chase tail like he use to and wants a serious, long, monogamous relationship. It happens because after a while, chasing tail gets boring and mundane. Now he’s going to another evolution of his life. Roosh will realize that later on.

  • Nergal

    The same thing happened to me. It has nothing to do with age. I was in my late teens by the time I was burnt out.

    It’s the superficiality of it all, the artificiality, the playing coy from both sides, the dance is tiresome and eventually even nauseating.

  • jurko

    Maybe you wanted to be a great writer, and instead became a businessman?

  • denialist

    yeah, man, you have tons of my respect, but I think Anon @20 is spot on. Argument gets dangerously close to this –
    Not to go all NAWALT on you, but I think your issue is the type of girls that you meet. Plain Jane even if it’s a hot ukrainian one is still not much. In DC nightlife terms, you need to change Lima and/or Reef to UHall and find people with personalities. Game will still work on them too :)

  • em

    “Please tell me how to go back to when my standards were lower, when I was not a machine for detecting aesthetic flaws in women, of spotting misshapen thighs, an extra dollop of adipose tissue over the stomach, eyebrows that weren’t properly groomed or even a voice one half octave too deep. When I look in the mirror, I see a physically flawed specimen, so why have I come to seek perfection? My brain demands it, and it is defeating my boner, putting me on the path of one day seeing sex as a biological nuisance instead of a pleasurable necessity.”

    This sounds like you might have OCD.

  • Anonymous

    good to hear your standards are going up

  • The Scolds’ Bridle

    It is the natural extension of the technological world we live in.

    Somehow, this seems applicable:

    “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”
    -Albert Einstein

    Sooner or later, we must revert to a simpler way of life, the human species is not suited to the modern world. The comforts and conveniences are themselves a drug, to which we are rapidly developing resistance.

  • http://N/A Psychonaut

    @John Rambo

    Hey man, what’s up? Your theories are fuckin’ extreme. I like your style. Every time I read your stuff here or @ROK, I go like, fuck this is really crazy but not impossible. Not at all.

  • http://N/A Psychonaut

    Computers can already satisfy countless psychological needs. Remake these same computers with the right shape, sounds, texture, movements and smells and you have something that might be able to satisfy biological needs as well.

    Cha cha

  • http://N/A Psychonaut

    The Feminists versus The Sex Robots
    No holds barred
    Round 1

  • Matt

    Think your just burnt out, in need of a break, have a touch of mental fatigue.

    Get a girlfriend (that is a girl you like fucking & spending time with (and is easy to spend time with)).

    I’m sure after some fun monogamy your cock/brain will be ready for a new challenge, new pussy and you will not have broken your soul trawling the clubs.

  • Eugenius

    I think every experience is better with a friend or group of friends…the hunt is more interesting, more challenging, stories register better…also some girl needs to motivate you to really want her for other reasons…maybe that hasn’t happened yet………or come back to US and stay for a month, you will be back to old self in no time

  • Tracy Yvon

    Your spirit wants more than sex. It’s voice is getting louder.

  • iii
  • anna

    Nice to know I’m not alone. Play-uhz. Takes a toll. Porn makes it worse. If we are creatures made in the image of G-d, in the Judeo-Christian sense, we have a mission bigger than sex. Bigger than careers. Bigger than our egos. That would be… To be one with G-d. Call it what you will I believe most people are hard-wired to find meaning in their lives. Sex w/o love is meaningless. While some of us may prosper in such relationships the vast majority, I would argue, can’t function in such arrangements. Roosh with his intellect, wit and nuance exhibits, to me, the quiet fury of a true thinker who struggles with the greatest question of all.. Why, the hell, are any of us here? Sex, like music and other transcendent mediums, may initially anesthetize and cauterize the wound that is our daily existence but we can’t paper over the nagging issue that never goes away. Our own mortality. And besides… Once you’ve banged a couple 10’s… What’s left to do?

  • StochasticFats

    Take up surfing mate