The Approachable Girl Metric

Every time you step foot into a bar, you’re faced with a choice on whether to stay or not. That decision can make or break your chance to get laid. Is there a way to consistently make the right choice?

I believe there is. Simply count the Approachable Girls (AG) in the venue. If it’s greater than one, you’re in a good spot.

Let me define an AG, so you can see why having only one or two in a venue is a lot harder than it sounds. An AG is a girl who:

is not with any guys
is bangable (in your book)
is not sitting down at a table
is not dancing
is not plugged into her phone
is not with more than two people

The above criteria is what I’ve observed as key to being able to do high-impact approaches with basic game ability and a low rejection rate. You’re also less likely to get cockblocked. Of course you can approach girls who are dancing or who are in mixed-set groups, but those take much extra labor and have a high chance of failure. The AG score aims for success without stress. For that you’ll need a score of at least 1 in order to justify staying in any venue.

Believe it or not, some huge clubs can have AG scores that are 0. The venue may have a lot of girls, but they are not in a desirably approachable state. Here’s a run down of AG scores and what they mean:

AG = 1. Typical for a weeknight bar scene. Stay for only a drink.
AG = 2. Average bar or club. Worth staying for longer.
AG = 3. Solid prospects. Buckle down for the night.
AG > 3. You must be in Ukraine, Croatia, or Poland. Look around, maybe you’ll see my big head.

Bottom line is the higher the AG score, the more likely you’ll get some type of close. If you’re faced with three venues on a Friday night, count the AGs in each and then return to the one with the highest. It’s that simple.

My mind came up with the AG score because the male to female ratio was no longer a reliable indicator of how I did. In some places I pulled better when there was a bad ratio than a good one that should’ve been easier. I found that what matters more is not the number of females present or the ratio, but whether they are approachable. Once I see at least two of these approachable sets, I know I’m in an acceptable place, regardless of what else is going on. I buckle in and get ready to put in some work.

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