The Approachable Girl Metric

Every time you step foot into a bar, you’re faced with a choice on whether to stay or not. That decision can make or break your chance to get laid. Is there a way to consistently make the right choice?

I believe there is. Simply count the Approachable Girls (AG) in the venue. If it’s greater than one, you’re in a good spot.

Let me define an AG, so you can see why having only one or two in a venue is a lot harder than it sounds. An AG is a girl who:

is not with any guys
is bangable (in your book)
is not sitting down at a table
is not dancing
is not plugged into her phone
is not with more than two people

The above criteria is what I’ve observed as key to being able to do high-impact approaches with basic game ability and a low rejection rate. You’re also less likely to get cockblocked. Of course you can approach girls who are dancing or who are in mixed-set groups, but those take much extra labor and have a high chance of failure. The AG score aims for success without stress. For that you’ll need a score of at least 1 in order to justify staying in any venue.

Believe it or not, some huge clubs can have AG scores that are 0. The venue may have a lot of girls, but they are not in a desirably approachable state. Here’s a run down of AG scores and what they mean:

AG = 1. Typical for a weeknight bar scene. Stay for only a drink.
AG = 2. Average bar or club. Worth staying for longer.
AG = 3. Solid prospects. Buckle down for the night.
AG > 3. You must be in Ukraine, Croatia, or Poland. Look around, maybe you’ll see my big head.

Bottom line is the higher the AG score, the more likely you’ll get some type of close. If you’re faced with three venues on a Friday night, count the AGs in each and then return to the one with the highest. It’s that simple.

My mind came up with the AG score because the male to female ratio was no longer a reliable indicator of how I did. In some places I pulled better when there was a bad ratio than a good one that should’ve been easier. I found that what matters more is not the number of females present or the ratio, but whether they are approachable. Once I see at least two of these approachable sets, I know I’m in an acceptable place, regardless of what else is going on. I buckle in and get ready to put in some work.

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  • Ben

    What about girls waiting to buy drinks? Your system seems flawed lol

  • K

    Excellent metric. I’ve given men a hard time before for giving up on a place that was a sausagefest, but in which I could still pull in consistently. I never put it into words but this metric is why I was successful. It also helps that most guys don’t approach at all.

    One way to improve this metric is to determine the AG by the hour. In the US, girls tend to go out and return home earlier than men. Men could see good results if they stopped pre-gaming and just went out an hour earlier. DTF girls however tend to stay out later.

  • Matt H.

    I love it when the old scientist in you pops out.

  • Rakishness

    Funny. I use this metric unconsciously all the time.

    If it’s a sausagefest …forget about ever seeing a +3 AG.

  • OldHornDog

    @Ben – ‘girls waiting to *buy* drinks’? Quite obviously you don’t get out much – LOL :-))

  • Anonymous

    You wrote a book on daygame but as far as I know never write anything about your daytime approaches…

    [Roosh: 30 Bangs has a couple stories of day bangs. The issue is that day bang stories are boring.]

  • memcpy

    Damn, this is practically every club in Japan AG > 3. Girls just stand on the wall waiting to be grabbed up. Japanese dudes surprisingly are not shy at clubs.

  • AFemaleCat

    I stumbled upon this while searching for the name of a russian made car….

    The girl newscaster is so jealous LOL! I can’t tell if she’s serious or if she’s kidding

  • Infantry

    Most serious operators probably use a similar system even if they’ve never codified it.

    Pretty simple and straightforward rule of the thumb here Roosh. Good work.

  • 3rd Millenium Men

    Roosh, I would add women standing in high traffic areas. If they’re standing where lots of people are walking past not doing anything, they are clearly waiting to be approached.

  • dannyfrom504

    back in my bar/club days. i learned this-

    grab a table and sit alone. if some woman comes in alone, notice how she’ll make eye contact with most of the patrons. most guys will look away. you make eye contact with her, smile and wink.

    she’ll grab a a drink and usually sit alone. approach and start a conversation. make small talk for about 5 minutes then suggest leaving.

    she came in to ONS. she’ll usually be in her 30’s, probably divorced. i learned this at a slightly “older” venue back in NO. definately not for a college bar type place. lol.

  • Gandalf

    You are now living in the states? We want to read some FR’s of american chicks in their hometurf.

  • marco

    Why is dancing bad? I think it’s a good indicator. If a guy dances it also means he wants to have fun.

  • Ben


    There are no tricks or clever ploys to get hags.

  • Polskifacet

    This was a good notice that in Ukraine ,Poland AG factor is always high specially in the City of Poznan. I always see lots of 6,7s who actually by purpose or subconsciously make them selfs approachable but not many man would make attempt to get them. I modify your standard openers just in case u r there:) still lots to learn but u were right fear of approach is gone after intense multiply opener training.

  • YaReally

    When I go to the gym I always lift the smallest weights and just do one rep of everything. I hate challenging myself and stepping outside of my comfort zone and improving my skills. I figure I’ll write a book on my expertise as I’ve mastered the art of having an amazing physique even tho if I really look in a mirror or want to lift something heavy, my gym time doesn’t seem to have really made a difference.


    If you got into the game to have choice, hoping the universe provides you with an easy lay and crossing your fingers that that girl is actually the type of girl you want and deserve is not having choice.

    Every set is approachable.

  • avd

    When I go to the gym I always do the absolute minimum necessary to stimulate muscle growth and testosterone production. I hate wasting my precious time needlessly repetitiously pushing iron, that could be spent on higher level force multipliers. I figure I’ll write a book on my adventures in life in which others will find value.

    Lol (please excuse the female abbreviation)

    If you got into the game to have choice, hoping that swallowing the advice of others who have actually explored and discovered their own unique life path will eliminate the requirement that you actually explore and find your own unique life path, good luck.

    Every set is approachable, although from an ROI perspective, approaching every set is not advisable.

  • avd

    News flash: YaReally is, in my estimation, a real dude with real concern for men. But he is NOT the high priest. He is a man, with all the faults that the rest of us have. Sift the wheat from his chaff.

    No one man in the manosphere has all the answers. They are all but guideposts. In the end, you must think for yourself and make decisions for yourself.

    YOU must lustfully take accountability for your own life. Roosh can’t do it for you, nor can YaReally.

    You must do it for yourself.

  • avd


    Let’s hear your up-in-his-butt snark… because you do it so good…

  • lester_pole

    “When I go to the gym I always lift the smallest weights and just do one rep of everything. ”
    I lolled

  • michelin

    I also favor more Day game stories, boring or not. It’s probably of interest to balance Day and Night game out on the blog, my guess is that 50% of folks are only doing Day.

  • Anonymous

    Refinement, lean-thinking for picking up girls, maximizing your time & money spent. thanks Roosh.

  • DarkTriad

    YaReally, Roosh is pretty much the complete opposing school of thought for you RSD types. You guys focus on how to plow through adversity and rejection, he focuses on “Going Galt” and going where he can leverage his advantages the most. It doesn’t mean what either of you are doing is invalid. Different people will find different uses for each school of thought at different points in their life.

  • YaReally

    “No one man in the manosphere has all the answers. They are all but guideposts. In the end, you must think for yourself and make decisions for yourself.”

    “It doesn’t mean what either of you are doing is invalid. Different people will find different uses for each school of thought at different points in their life.”

    I agree with you both. I’m simply playing devil’s advocate because to a guy who’s regularly fighting in the cage and on the streets, the attitude of holding up no-contact dojo sparring as superior (recent anti-RSD article here, all the slagging on PUAs on the roosh forum, reducing PUA to just “banging your head against a wall” when really we push the same overall self/life development shit you guys do if you’d check out something recent instead of basing your opinion of PUA game on The Game published almost 10 years ago), is funny to me.

    Like its cool if you’re happy just play-fighting with your buddies, but be aware that that’s what you’re doing. Nothing is worse than the McDojo blackbelt strutting around talking smack when he’s never been in a real fight lol.

    And I’ll point it out when you do it, because 1) I’m sure Roosh can handle it, he’s a big boy and 2) there are guys lurking and passing thru here who might be passing up an entire sub-culture full of useful information and techniques and training gameplans that could 180 their lonely socially inept depressing lives, simply because your guys’ condescending attitude toward PUA based self-development is still based on the fuzzy hat era and you guys wave around ignorant stereotypes based on general lack of research into modern teachings.

  • avd

    Fair enough. Why not lead with THAT, instead of insecure condescension? Your latter post is much more persuasive… and not condescending… which doesn’t turn off your intended audience.

    “I’m simply playing devil’s advocate because to a guy who’s regularly fighting in the cage and on the streets,”

    I read Roosh for reasons having nothing to do with game. I employ 0% of Roosh’s game, but I respect the fact that he has developed a game that works for him. His methods are basically incompatible with my own. But, he’s speaking his truth to his audience, and I’d not come to his site to disrespect him, which seemed so very easy for you to do.

    If you’re going to play “devil’s advocate” to another man’s life, I submit to you that it is much more effective to come right out and say that that is what you’re doing, rather than to condescend behind a straw man fiction.

    I suspect that most of us are willing to hear your voice, but when you condescend, it’s an immediate turnoff from your message.

    Respectfully, avd

  • YaReally

    Roosh is the man

  • YaReally

    I don’t like RSD

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  • The Male Insider

    Awesome post Roosh, never thought of an AG score before.

  • Dirk

    Top metric. An example consists of parties full of girls that came in large groups. They usually are not up for cold approaches, only for social circle game, hence a low AG score despite the good ratios.

    The only problem with this metric is when you’re in a city with cover charges that are mad expensive and the venues are all scattered out. This means that once you enter a club, you’ve pretty much made your decision for the night, unless you’re willing to spend a couple hundreds to change venues.

  • Sam

    HUH? Day bang stories are boring? When you can take the girl anywhere? Including a bar on the way back. Including fooling around secretly on the bus or the movie theater (many times). I wouldn’t exactly call it boring.

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