The Benefits Of Living In Second-Tier International Cities

A second-tier city is generally not among the top three most interesting cities of a country. Most travelers only stay in one for a short amount of time, usually a weekend. You know you’re in a second-tier city when a girl asks you why you’re there, like you’re crazy not to be somewhere else.

The first second-tier city I lived in for a while was Cordoba, Argentina. It’s well-known and gets a lot of play in Lonely Planet, but your average visitor only stays to party for a few nights before settling in Buenos Aires. While I didn’t slay much pussy there (my best lay was a Brazilian), I enjoyed the vibe more than Buenos Aires. It was more tranquilo with friendlier, pretty girls who were excited to meet me since they rarely ran into tourists. Costs were also cheaper. However, knowing what I know now, Cordoba isn’t nearly second-tier enough. If I go back to Argentina one day, which I won’t, I’d pick a smaller city.

The point of staying in a second-tier city is to leverage your foreign status in a place where girls don’t usually meet foreigners. The thinking goes that the higher your exotic status, the easier it will be to get girls in the sack. At the minimum, girls will be more receptive to your approach.

Here are some general pros and cons of a second-tier strategy:


  • You stand out more
  • Girls view you as novel
  • Cheaper cost of living
  • Easier to find a niche since city will be smaller


  • More boring
  • May have more limited female selection
  • Harder to find short-term apartment rentals
  • Nightlife can be quieter during the week

One thing I want to make clear is that you don’t have to go to a second-tier city to get laid. I spent quite a bit of time in Medellin and Rio, meccas to horny men from around the world, and still pulled fine in spite of the fact that in some bars I’d see a 4:1 ratio of gringos to locals. In some cases, it’s actually better to visit a top-tier city because the girls are more used to men from your culture. One of your peers has already cracked a nut that you can now eat without spending much time and energy. These “English groupies” will be easy, but trust me when I say they’re not particularly attractive.

I want to be the nutcracker, not the tenth Western guy a girl has fucked. I also enjoy the feeling of being the only foreigner in a bar. While that’s not necessary to get laid, being the most exotic guy in a place gives me a confidence boost. It’s kind of like working out at the gym. Your muscles are barely bigger than a month prior, but you feel more confident, so it translates into tighter game. My best game comes out when I know I’m a special little snowflake.

Another benefit of a second-tier city is that you can achieve rock star status thanks to decreased (or non-existent) competition. If you get an apartment in a good area of town, build up a little social circle, and find your niche spots, you can do far better than if you were in a top-tier city. The fruit of the second-tier city may take longer to ripen, but it’s more juicy.

If you’re only going somewhere for a week, then you might as well hit the top-tier spot, but if you have more than two weeks, strongly consider a second-tier city. Here is a sampling:

Argentina: Tucuman, Sante Fe
Brazil: Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, Vitoria
Bulgaria: Plovdiv
Colombia: Manizales, Pereira
Denmark: Aarhus
Estonia: Tartu
Germany: Frankfurt, Stuttgart
Poland: Wroclaw, Poznan, Katowice
Russia: Nizhny Novgorod
Spain: Zaragoza
Sweden: Gothenburg
Ukraine: Lviv

One way to find a second-tier city is to google “list of cities in [country name].” Pick the city you’ve never heard of that has roughly 500,000 citizens and you’ll be in second-tier paradise (less than 300,000 and it may be too small). Some tiny countries, such as ones in Eastern Europe, have second-tier cities that are more like villages, so in that case just hit the capital. The forum has two great threads on second-tier cities:

I wrote this from a little studio in Poznan, Poland. I’m five minutes walking distance from the main nightlife area. I can’t confirm it but I believe I’m the only American living here who isn’t a student. When I tell a girl “I live here,” I wish you could see how their cute little Slavic faces light up. The only thing luckier than being an American slaying Polish women is being a Polish girl in a mediocre city meeting a cool American (her first) who has his own place. For a man who wants to work less in getting better responses from women, second-tier cities are the way to go.

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