The Best Commercial I Have Ever Seen In My Life

Work safe:

The reason this ad works is because it hits the American woman versus European woman stereotype (among others). The girl on the right, other than being sexy as fuck, is definitely European. The woman — or beast, rather — on the left represents a standard-issue American hog you will have no trouble finding in any mall food court. It appears that she even shops at the Gap like most young American women.

The most offensive thing about the American beast is not her grotesque appearance but her rough, grating, sense-of-entitlement attitude. The sad thing is many American girls act this way even though they are slim and cute, spoiling fine genetics with a bad upbringing. These girls are perfect for guys that like women who try to act hard instead of sexy. “But I have a law degree, I don’t need need to act sexy!”

I’m in love with the Wii girl. I don’t care that she has a petite ass — I want her. If you can find out her name, please share.

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