The Best Of Roosh: Volume 1

Today I’m releasing a 216-page book compilation of my favorite blog posts. Here is the description:

The Best Of Roosh is a compilation of my 90 best blog posts published between August 2006 and January 2013, from a total of 1,742 that were written. They include topics on game, dating, sex, self-improvement, lifestyle, feminism, American culture, and travel.

Here is a sample of 15 titles included in the compilation:

  • Two Things That Tight Game Comes Down To
  • Anger Is An Aphrodisiac To Women
  • The Secret To Getting Laid
  • How To Deal With Crippling Approach Anxiety
  • 7 Signs You Should Approach A Girl
  • The 9 Immutable Laws Of Pickup
  • Warning Signs A Girl Isn’t Worth A Relationship
  • How To Cheat On Your Girlfriend Without Getting Caught
  • The Secret To Fast Sex
  • It’s Better To Have Guts Than Brains
  • The United States Of Broken Women
  • You Can’t Get Laid In The United States
  • The Three Components Of Female Beauty
  • Feminism Killed The Nice Guy
  • How Culture Affects Game

The ideas, advice, and analysis in this compilation represent both a celebration and examination of masculinity and male achievement while rejecting Western society’s push to androgynize and marginalize men.

All included posts have been digitally remastered for your reading pleasure. The paperback is available from Amazon for $13.87, the Kindle edition is $2.99, and the PDF edition is free (supported with plugs for four of my previous books). Click one of the following links to continue:

Web sites come and go so I wanted to create this compilation as a way to allow my best blog work to endure. I also think the compilation serves as a good introduction to game and the red pill. Let me know what you think.

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  • 3rd Millenium Men

    Awesome, will be buying this to show support for the frequently brilliant stuff you write Roosh!!

  • Hugo James

    The fact that you understand websites come and go makes you one of my favorites.

    Your comprehension of human nature and the perception of see things how they are, instead of how they should be, makes your articles fabulous.

    Haters fail to observe.

  • Anonymous

    > Web sites come and go so I wanted to create this compilation as a way to allow my best blog work to endure.

    Are you going to take this site down?

  • Pete M

    Ordered on kindle so you get a bit of cash. Maybe post Amazon UK links next time too?

  • rivsdiary

    The man does not stop. Congratulations.

  • Anonymous

    the PDF version for your new book will not download… please send a new link – “Thanx” !!!

  • Solomon

    I’m gonna buy your kindle version. I’m a firm believer in a writer getting paid for their work.

    Just wish I had a t-shirt to go with it


  • Legendary

    This book is legendary. Thank you Roosh. Way to Go !

  • ColomBang

    Read some in the past is great to have’em all compiled and edited.

    Roosh keep it up and stay awesome


  • ROOSH has the best IDEAS EVER

    Since you chose ROMANIA to bang, this is the sceond best idea ever ROOSH

    I have been waiting for such a BEST OF for such a longtime !


  • Veritas

    Pure gold

  • jseliger

    Let me know what you think.

    I’m glad you’ve released a group of curated posts as a book. I keep leaving comments to this effect in various places, but books are a tremendous, important missing component in much of the red pill intellectual world. Few people will go back through the day-by-day archives of a blog, and it’s often hard to enter an ongoing discussion without having a sense of the backstory.

    That’s what most blog-to-books should do.

    I’ve only read a couple pages of The Best of Roosh so far, but I will say that I think it needs a real introduction that better describes who you are, what experiences led you to write it, and a couple of overarching themes. For people familiar with your work, like me, it’s easy to read the book and understand its context, but I think most of my friends would find the sudden drop into “The 3 Principal Types of Game” confusing.

  • paul

    Thank you very much for this Roosh. Also I need some help, Im a romanian guy and im awful with women , can you please give me some tips since youre in Romania ? Should I just apply the principles of your book Day Bang ?

  • Joe Dick

    thanks Roosh. I will pray you’ll demolish more pussy.

  • Joe Dick

    13 paul,

    Day Bang is good for day game, but the learn all the fundamentals you really need Bang. Trust me, it’s worth every cent.

  • Gojira

    the writing always amaze me , i can more easily grasp the ideas and concepts here than any other place(with the exception of the Chateau)

    being good with women i`ts a hella easier when you are good with words , and you`r words are powerful,so powerful and changing that reading you made me start writing my self

    the revolution that`s being made here transcends the whole Game and PUA concepts, this shit is philosophy , you are a philosopher of this time.

    and being able to read these words of wisdom for free is a blessing

    keep on the good work , humanity needs you

    and convince roissy at the chateau heartiste to make a compilation too,you guy`s didn`t become the leaders of modern game randomly, it all comes from the great writing you possess,you have become truely TEACHERS

    Greetings from Brasilia , Brazil

  • Ed

    Now all we need is a T-shirt that says:
    The great equalizer”

  • memcpy

    Nice work Roosh. The breakdown of what’s happening in any given venue/running sniper game, was good advice.

  • rez

    great collection Roosh.

    btw have you heard about this latest controversy in the US? a billionaire trader said that women lack the requisite focus, AFTER having kids, to succeed as high level traders. just read the comments on and try not to vomit:


    ROOSH is by my opinion the best writer in the world.

    There are topics which nobody else touched with so much truthfullness.

    Reality bites, and ROOSH is here to tell us all about it

  • IndirectDayGamer

    Ordered my paperback yesterday from Amazon
    but still waiting for the Day Bang AudioBook …

  • Ninja man

    I’ll be buying my kindle version. But was thinking you could do the same with Return Of Kings, a best of compilation of other writers. that would be a killer combo women would not want men to possess.

  • Rudebwoy

    Question – do you need a kindle machine to be able to buy it?

    I have an ipad, is there a similar app?

  • Anonymous

    Now all we need is a T-shirt that says:
    The great equalizer”

    Sure ED. It’s not as if you’re not some blue collar omega loser enough, wear a shirt with writing on it lol
    In fact, if you ever do get some fat girl to go out with you have her wear the shirt with “I’m With Stupid” on it

  • Baddabing

    Just watch the Big Bang Theory and do the opposite of what those nerds are doing

  • Roosh

    Rudebwoy: Kindle makes apps for iphone/android. You can also download it for your computer.

  • Ronin

    I guess you should remove posts included in this book from your website. Otherwise why would anyone buy the book if these same articles are available for free?

  • Jack

    Ronin: Not really; myself, I’m going to buy the book to be able to enjoy the comfort of reading a book and not a blog (personal preference, I guess).
    So thank you Roosh, really appreciate the extra effort you put into assembling the posts which are always great to read!

  • David H. Fucktrelle-Male Feminist Extraordinaire™

    oh, Rooshiepoops, my fav blog post is the one where you talked about sarging a t a nude beach and to remember the weren’t laughing at you but with you when they looked at lil Roosh…


    I hope “I’m ready to Man Up” and “The Endgame of feminism” are in the BEST OF also.

    Your posts are gold ROOSH

  • Joe Dick

    The more I read this and the more I love it. It looks there’s a lot of great stuff that I didn’t read in your excellent blogs, and you also edited them for clarity. I had downloaded the PDF version but I am going to buy the kindle version because the 3 bucks are more than deserved. Great book

  • Shooter

    You Sir….are the man. Keep up the great work and never stop progressing.

  • Scandibro

    Roosh, could you share how you went about the printing process to paperback to Amazon?

  • james-uberschlong

    so you are selling a brown bag special of blog posts now rooshie? are you fucking serious?

  • Scandibro

    ^ Quit being a loser and either appreciate the saved time going through blog posts or learn a lesson in a derivative product.

  • rovee

    Just finished the book and it’s a truly great read. Thanks! Your over-the-top views had me in stitches. But please do not give away this info for free. There’s already way too much free PU material out there, so many tactics are now well known. Welcome to the post-pickup world.

  • poppins

    You, my friend, are pretty damn amazing. I’ve never found anyone who could talk so frankly about sex, without necessarily diminishing the good points.

    Wondering how book sales are going, and how you’re marketing your titles. Yep, I’m the runner-up in the “why can’t I use a smiley face competition”, and though I didn’t win, it was a GREAT experience!

    Made it into the finals in SO many competitions, but repeatedly lost to something bolder, something more “of the moment”!

    When your next book goes to press, we need to talk! Seriously. ; )

  • poppins

    ARGH punctuation errors run amok. Sorry Roosh. No edit function here.

  • poppins

    We need to talk. If just as a friend with an interest in the niche you’ve found, there’s something there. You SO have the goods; getting it out there, to the right people, is key. Sorry, same thing you’ve heard before. This time I’m not selling anything. I just love your style, and think there’s huge potential going wasted at this point. IMHO. : )

  • Socialkenny

    I think Roosh stole the idea for this product from me. Or at least, he must be clairvoyant and able to read minds and see what I’m working on. Nevertheless, a novel idea that not many guys are doing.

  • Roosh i ‘m glad you exist.

    Awesome work! Keep it up.

  • Virgin And Proud!

    This is awful, it really is :(

  • Stephen

    Thanks Roosh! I’ve enjoyed some your writing and to read some of your best blogs… is just awesome!

    Your story of “Garage” in Brazil still cracks me up bro! :)

  • dave

    When I print the PDF format it seems only the middle of the page is being used, is there is a way to print it in a way it will have more info per page and less heavy to carry around…