“The Best Sex I Ever Had”

I was beat from my Finland flag mission, but I still had to get my Swedish flag. For the first 24 hours in Gothenburg I tried to get some momentum going, but Sweden had less beautiful girls than Finland. My mind didn’t want to put in the same amount of work for less. I went out on Tuesday night. No bang. Wednesday night. No bang. Thursday night. No bang. Friday night. No bang. I was running into some problems: the talent pool was low, there was too much of a social circle vibe, and the ubiquity of Converse shoes hurt my boner.

During the day I wasn’t seeing a lot of singles, but I did approach and get a couple numbers. The day approaches told me that Swedish girls like American guys, so it was just a matter of putting in the approaches, but I didn’t even care for banging a Swedish girl except for the damn flag, an artificial game I’ve implemented in my life to justify chasing women with the same energy as in my early 20s.

On Saturday night, in a moment of fatigue and apathy, I was ready to give up the flag hunt. Who cares about the Swedish flag? How much more validation do I need? But my internet was so slow that I wouldn’t have had much to do. I changed my clothes and went to a bar near my apartment called Sticky Fingers, a hipster spot with mediocre girls but great logistics.

I looked around at the chubby, tatted up chicks wearing homeless lady clothes. I wondered why they voluntarily dressed like that. Many of them had a hoop piercing in the middle of their nose that I’d seen in pictures of bulls. In my head I kept repeating the phrase “failure is imminent.” I was ready to fail. Even though I had nearly three weeks left in the city, I didn’t want to work for this. I just wanted to go back to any of the countries I’ve been before (except Latvia and Denmark).

My first approach was on a girl who looked Spanish. I waited for her beta orbiters to get distracted before I could make a move. She was receptive. Swedish girls love America so I leveraged that by bringing up all the classics: McDonald’s, Starbucks, iPhones, pizza, and so on. In the middle of the conversation one of her orbiters came by, scuffed her hair and started dancing like a clown. She later told me, “He’s been in love with me for three years. He’s a great guy.” So great she won’t bang him.

She dropped the boyfriend about 15 minutes later. I asked her if she ever cheated on him before. A bit obvious, maybe.

“No, I would never cheat on him,” she said. “We’re looking to buy a house now.”

Failure is imminent.

I had to wait a long time before doing another approach. There were girls around but they were safely ensconced in their circle or dancing like retards. One girl I had been eyeing made her way to the bar. I stood behind her and when she finished her order I approached. She shot me down immediately.

Failure is imminent.

I felt like a stalker because I would see a girl I wanted but have to patiently wait for an opportunity when her orbiters took a break. I successfully stalk-approached a tall blonde. She was extremely receptive, saying that she has never talked to an American before. I did a little compliance test by asking her to come with me several feet away to the bar. She agreed and we got to touching. But then her phone rang. And then her girlfriend came. And then her redhead ex-boyfriend came. “Hey I have to go find my other friend,” she said, “but take my number!”

Failure is imminent.

I went upstairs and found a cute girl at the bar. She had the bull nose piercing but everything else was fine. We talked for ten minutes but she didn’t ask me a single question, not even where I was from, then eventually left.

Failure is imminent.

There was no approachable girl so I decided maybe I could win some money in blackjack. I lost my 100 kroner (about $14) in three minutes.

Even though I had done only four approaches, I had been at the bar for three hours. I told myself that I wouldn’t leave until closing. I had to stay until the bitter end.

Then a petite brunette walked by. I tapped her and the approach started fine. She had lived in England so I teased her about her accent. She was cocky and tried to clown me, but I gave her lip right back and she seemed to like it. Then her fat friend came by with a guy, the redhead who was the ex of the blonde girl I talked to earlier.

“Do you want to smoke downstairs?” the brunette asked.

“Yes,” I said without hesitation. Just the previous week in Helsinki I had blown an approach by saying no. We smoked and it became clear to me that this girl was more British than anything. I had to ask her if she was actually born in Sweden because I didn’t want a British flag. She was indeed Swedish so I proceeded. Her face was okay and at that hour I’d say she was probably top three in the club, which at Sticky Fingers doesn’t say much.

She told me she wanted to dance, but I didn’t feel like dancing. I let her dance for two minutes then I went back to her and said, “You want to come with me to the bar? I want to get a drink.” She came. I bought a round.

We got into a chat that, had it been a year earlier, I would have easily blown. She said, “I wonder if I’m going to be 50 and have regrets about not having kids at a younger age.” She was 27.

I said, “This is why I’m glad I’m a guy. I can have kids whenever.”

Her brows furrowed. “Not really. I read an article that men’s sperm get weak. You don’t have that much time either.”

She was trying to rationalize her failure at becoming a mother by making it seem like single guys her age were making the same mistake.

I said, “My dad had my half-brother at 52 years old.”

“Yes, but these days it’s hard. That won’t happen anymore.”

I wanted to crush her, but we were at the touching stage and getting ready to kiss. In Denmark I would have gone nuclear, but that’s part of the reason why my time there was so shitty. So instead I said, “That sucks.” And that was it. I killed the topic. I understood where the line was in offending Scandinavian girls, and I’m happy to say that in Sweden I didn’t get into any serious battles. Five minutes later we kissed.

Out of the blue she said, “But we can’t have sex, I’m on my period.”

Without hesitating, I replied, “I don’t care, I’ll drink the blood.” I’ve somehow become a magnet for menstruating women.

I had my period game down pat. The previous two girls I banged were on their period so the routine was fresh on my mind: “When you get to my age, a little blood doesn’t get in the way of intimacy with someone. I find it strange that guys are bothered by it when it’s a natural human thing that doesn’t really interfere with anything. Just put a towel down and have fun.”

“Wow, okay, maybe we can do it. But usually it’s something I do with a boyfriend.”

“I don’t judge girls for being on their period.”

I didn’t show excitement or try to convince her further. As long as you let them know that you won’t judge them, one of their biggest fears, they’ll let you do anything.

The club was beginning to close so it was time to put the logistics together.  I asked her if she wanted to come to my place but she insisted on going to hers instead, where her fat friend was staying for the weekend. I said, “I don’t have any money for the taxi, though. I spent it all.” I didn’t want to shell out the cash because I knew taxis in Sweden were expensive.

“It’s okay I’ll pay.”

In the cab she starts talking about how maybe we could have sex. I knew she was trying to draw me out and make me state how badly I wanted to bang her, but I wasn’t biting. Even when she said “Swedish girls give excellent blowjobs,” I just shrugged my shoulders and said, “I wouldn’t know.” I made it seem like I didn’t care what would happen and that we were just hanging out.

The fat girl and the redhead were already in the apartment. He came up to me in the kitchen and said, “I see you were talking to my ex-girlfriend in the bar, the tall blonde. I fucked four girls since we broke up.”

“Um, that’s nice. Yeah we just had a little chat.”

“I’m going to fuck this girl, too.”

“I’m sure it will be tons of fun.”

I didn’t want to give him anything he could cockblock me with. While him and the fat girl went in the living room to copulate, the brunette made me a drink and started talking about the methodology of the upcoming bang.

“Do you want me to take off my tampon?”

“Yes. Just let all that blood flow. Blood is good.”

“Okay I will go do that now.”

I disrobed to my boxers and hopped in her bed. She came and got naked. She then started sucking my dick. Now I must say she wasn’t kidding when she said Swedish girls can suck. She had her lips wrapped tightly around my cock, with no teeth, and was going up and down rapidly enough that the bed was shaking like there was a minor earthquake. After a few minutes I felt like I was about to come so I stopped her. I needed vaginal penetration to get this flag. I knew I could always blast in her mouth and then go for round two later, but why risk it?

I got on top of her and she said, “You have to turn me on.” So I gave her thirty seconds of foreplay, spit on my dick, and started easing it in.

After just a few pumps, I realized that I wasn’t going to make it long. The blowjob, combined with her tight pussy, was too much. I tried my best to think of baseball but at the two minute mark I was ready to blow. Should I just let it rip or dela… ah fuck it. I pulled out and ejaculated like a champion. A dollop of semen got on her face and hair.

She said, “Wow, okay.”

I figured that I’d try to satisfy her for the second round where I’d last longer. I find that girls don’t judge guys the first time anyway.

While she was in the bathroom I heard the fat girl banging the redhead. That’s nice for them. I looked down at my dick and there was no blood on it. She must’ve been towards the end. Then the brunette came out and immediately said, “Do you want me to call you a cab?”

I knew what that meant. My sex afterglow evaporated after knowing I was no longer welcome. I sprang up and said, “Nope that’s fine.” I used the bathroom and while I got dressed, she tried to make fun of me by saying things like, “That’s the best sex I ever had in my life” and “That really was good sex.” I didn’t engage her and that seemed to spur her on even more. My sexual performance did not meet her expectations.

I let out a couple “Mmhmm whatever” then walked out the door.  I didn’t want to get into an argument that her two “witnesses” could construe as distress. I kept it smooth and then dipped.

On the walk downstairs I wondered if she was really upset that I came fast. I thought of my friends back home who had some horror stories of girls who turned on a dime like that right after sex. I think it’s possible she used that as a pretext to get me out of there because of some other issue. I’ll never know the real reason.

I got some money from an ATM and then hopped in a cab. During the ride home I thought of how the brunette will trash me to the others and how word may get back to that blonde girl I met, but then I sat back and smiled, because I just captured my Swedish flag.

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  • Philip

    It seems you didn’t do her doggy style.

    I have found that I never get post-coital BS from girls when I hit them doggy.

    Also, I always tug at her hair a few times while I’m banging away.

    It’s like it telegraphs a message to her hamster: Dominant man. Don’t mess with him.

  • rokiroo

    damn, those scandinavian girls can be real business like with sex. whenever you seem to mention them, it always comes across to me like its a transaction.

  • HCE

    Great story, however what’s wrong with Converse shoes? I think they’re nice (on slim girls without skrillex or tattoos or similar “alt stuff”, ofc.)

  • gaius

    haha, nice…. for a guy, sometimes the numbers or trofees are more important

  • Roosh, can I ask you a question?

    Sick! Just a sick story!
    Can’t last more than two minutes?!
    And you call yourself hot and Alpha?

  • Fresh

    Brilliant reading, thanks Roosh

  • francis

    How old were you when you lost your virginity roosh ?

  • Rick91

    Post’s like this are the reason why i don’t understand people that accuse you of lying.

    Saying that if intending on living this lifestyle you might want to jerk off the nights where you get nothing then you won’t blow your load so quickly.

    Also after your first orgasm consider blowing out another 2 very quickly this will get rid of your refractory period and if you blow your lod to fast with another girl you can just continue.

    I also hate it when i can’t go full out jackhammer on a chick in fear of blowing too fast. Good thing about my method is the second time you HAVE to go full out jackhammer if you want to continue.

    Say what you like about not caring what the chick thinks but i personally love giving a chick orgasms and her losing control in the moment. Having this happen with a hot chick and it’s bareback is like the pinnacle moment/moments of a mans life.

  • OldHornDog

    Well handled mate – you avoided all the red flags like a pro and got to the finish line.

    The early cum: Next time don’t let her play the trumpet for too long. I know – easier said than done. If you are too excited take a little break and suck her tits or something. Or nibble her ears – works every time.

    Sex *is* better when both are turned on to the max. In the past I used to be more selfish but I have learned that taking my time will result in a better lay for both sides.

  • Eugenius

    I really like the way this post reads…truly enjoyed it…failure is imminent :-)

    Yeah BJ before sex can be deadly…….unless she is terrible at sex…….you not only picked up a Swedish flag, but learned a valuable lesson :-)

    Its like what Bernie Mac said……”I am a grown man, I don’t last long, two minutes, two minutes is all I got…..but its the best two minutes you will ever have”

  • Chi Hsu

    I used the bathroom and while I got dressed, she tried to make fun of me by saying things like, “That’s the best sex I ever had in my life” and “That really was good sex.”

    I hope she enjoys her baby!

  • Sam Spade

    I’m glad you got your flag. Scandinavian women sound cold as a fish. Not saying I’d turn it down, but there’s something to be said for a woman who knows how to properly escalate, or return a volley at least.

  • Marusya

    Reading your posts sometimes I think of my ex Greek boyfriend of 5 years ,who used to think that he is Master of the sex game and could sleep with any girl he wanted(according to him).He also developed various tecniques to bullshit girls and then was very proud who well he did:)Told me various stories similar to Rosh’s. What i want to say from a girl’s point of view, well sometimes we can be exited, horny or wanted to be bullshitted by your stories and play as we dont understand but we can perfectly realise what a guy has to offer in bed and outside of it! The Scandinavian girl just wanted one night stand -and a good fuck of course, she didnt care for money, manners or other formalities and since she didnt get what she expected-she didnt want to waste any time on stupid useless talks.it has nothing to do with her nationality but with her chracter.I do that sometimes, when i need to find a guy I can easily incourage him in his approaches even buy him a beer or so,but then Ill be very dominant in bed, Ill make him do things to please me in the way i want and then Ill throw him out of my appartment.Is the guy treats me nice ,tryin to impress me and not thinkin of taxi money or how much this dinner costs I will appreciate his efforts and will behaive accordingly.Or i can be submissive too, if the guy brings me in that mood! What i want to say is that girls are not stupid and if you want to receive smth nice and worthy -act accordingly in terms of manners, money, behaiviour etc!P.s. my ex is till runnin as a sick person in the bars tryin to fuck any trash or whoever just to be on the game and not to spend money but its really pathetic!Looks like shit, nearly mental breakdown and keep asking me to marry him still:)!

  • Marusya

    Listen to this Roosh, maybe it will help you somehow! You shall go to clubs and bars around 2am when girls are already drunk enough and willing to continue.You dont need to waste money on buyin drinks for them and less talking so you get then into bed!Approved 100% Even with guys! I did it sometimes!

  • John Rambo

    Hey Roosh and friends

    John Rambo here, founder of Boycott American Women.

    I’ll be travelling to Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam in the next couple of months.

    Do any of you guys have any game tips for Asia, or know of any good articles about it? I assume it won’t take much, since a white guy from America in Asia is pretty much like a kid in a candy shop. Even still, I’d like to brush up on my knowledge about how to pick up asian girls in Southeast Asia. I’m a white 28 year old American male, by the way.

    Thanks, please send any advice or articles to [email protected]

  • Eurotrash

    That Marusya’s boyfriend sounds like the RVF legend Greek Kamaki…

  • Red Pill

    Q: What does a PUA say when you ask him how to give a woman multiple orgasms?

    A: “Who cares?”

    Leykis 101: blowmeuptom.com

  • http://[email protected] Anonymous

    I enjoyed reading this, spent a few days in gothenburg and was generally unimpressed. Still, i find it hard to believe you found girls in gothenburg much less attractive than the ones in helsinki. I would rate them almost neck and neck with a slight advantage going to gothenburg. Maybe it was the places you were hanging out at?

    You go rawdog on chicks during their period? Im surprised she let u bone like that on the first night. Its hard enough to convince a chick to let you bone on the rag for a snl. Personally i dont randomly stick my dick into bloody snatch without covering up, but whatever works.

  • http://thecaptainpower.blogspot.com thecaptainpower

    Roosh, you should have cut the blow off earlier….

  • Marusya

    Yeah Ive noticed also that Roosh is fucking mostly girls on their period:)))) And this time he didnt use protection, smth he wouldnt usually do! Maybe he was too upset with the situation that he could get laid for the whole week?!Roosh is a sensitive guy!

  • http://www.nexxtlevelup.com Virgle Kent

    LOL haters gonna hate. But Roosh I liked how you smartened up and went for the bang instead of making a point. Not giving her the satisfaction of an argument.

  • silent

    You got her in the face, so she’s got the Mark of the Beast! mwhahahaha bitch can’t say shit now, she literally has nothing on you. Didn’t stop her from trying though.

  • V

    you think americans invented pizza? 😀

  • Rael

    Roosh, this is pathetic.

    Ladies come first is the rule.

    Why don’t you spend (at least) half the effort on being a decent
    lover that you spend on getting the girls into bed in the first place?

    You don’t do this for them
    – which might mess with your mental game –
    you do it for yourself.

  • OldHornDog

    To John Rambo (15):

    This is what you do: SHOW UP – the rest will take care of itself. In particular in Thailand :-)

  • Anonymous

    best sex ever in sweden not surprised

  • a flag is a flag

    I spontaneously listened to ABBA after reading this story. Super trooper!

  • gunslingergregi

    i always come quick with the first time only when i like a chick do i take a while after fucking a few times

  • http://aneroidocean.wordpress.com AneroidOcean

    I have to commend you once more, Roosh, for the brutally honest story.

    I have to say, though, why didn’t you just pull out and go back to foreplay, or take the time to change positions or anything? Seems like an easy change to make for the future for some more enjoyable sex.

    Getting off is damn fun, but so is fucking a girl for a while, enjoying it, THEN getting off. Maybe it’s just me but I definitely enjoy making a woman shudder and getting off at the same time she does, so she’s contracting on my dick perfectly. *shrug*

    I look forward to more Swedish bang stories.

  • Elijah

    Might want to get Roosh Jr’s helmet removed. It does improve your endurance due to decreased sensitivity.

  • John Rambo

    To OldHornDog:

    LOL! That’s what I figured. In Asia, it is so freaking easy for a white guy to get asian girls, that all he has to do is show up. There’s no need for any game even!

    God bless Asia!

  • Drew, TN

    Excellent work brother. You hung in there, did the work and got the tail. Maybe it wasn’t an event of pure poetry, but sounds like a decent cultural exchange.

  • Anonymous

    This chick’s crazy ideology is destroying her life, and she doesn’t even know it. When she feels the predictable emptiness after having sex with a stranger, she ‘knows’ it must be the guy’s fault. It couldn’t possibly be that sex is not just another bodily function and should be saved for someone you care about. No, must be something the guy did wrong. Hence her anger.

    Just like because women can’t have babies after a certain age, in her fantasy world, men become infertile too, because her beliefs trump science and reality.

  • Anonymous

    to a degree …espically when it comes to hoes
    been on some japan forums …not everyone gets lucky an they do have some sstandards….its a mere edge an bein exotic…still gotta game…plus kinda helps that 1 in 3 japanese guys arent interested in sex

  • jurko

    Your writing was much more engaging when you had worse seduction skills.

  • Anonymous

    Three pump dump!

  • Heh

    “Ladies come first is the rule.”

    Good thing this wasn’t a lady. It was some slut he picked up in a bar. His goal was to collect the flag; whether or not she enjoyed it was beside the point.

    No doubt she will have many “better” pump-n-dumps to think about after she hits the wall and has cats instead of children.

  • OlioOx

    This is the kind of post that keeps making me trust that Roosh tells the truth. Whether he wins, loses, or flounders around in the big gray middle at times, he just lays it on us. If he was insecure, and couldn’t bring himself to report the less wonderful experiences, the result would be an unbroken series of success stories — and guess what that would do to his reputation. Remember David Lee Roth? At the height of his charismatic powers he said “I don’t get all the women I want. I get all the women that want ME. There’s a BIG difference.”

  • http://www.twitter.com/dumasworld dumasworld

    ‘ladies come first is the rule’

    what kind of shit is that, you fucking bitch

    “Stop Worrying About Giving Women Orgasms

    I think the operative word here is worrying. I wish I had the link available (I did search), but Roissy once had an excellent post and third party study outlining the proclivity of women to fake orgasms with high value, Alpha men, more so than lower value Beta Nice Guys. Naturally the “nice guys finish last, because their women finish first” chumps fired off their comments assuming this was some kind of validation of their Beta Game. Because they still subscribe to the ‘her first’ feminine primary doctrine as being the normative, their default presumption is that women would fake orgasms with Alpha Men because they were sexually unsatisfied with them. However, as the study indicated, the harsher truth was that women’s tendency to fake orgasm with high value men was the result of a desire to secure that man for commitment and breeding prospects – not as some feminine courtesy for a bad lover.

    Naturally this is the socialized narrative women follow themselves – a bad lover gets a fake orgasm, nyah, nyah, try better next time – but when you look under the hood, why would a woman be bothered to fake an orgasm with a bad lover? You might argue that it’s to end the act, and you’d be right, but a faked orgasm is really an indictment of the Beta mindset, because he’s not worth the courtesy of faking one.

    In the end hypergamy doesn’t even care if the woman is sexually satisfied or not – that’s up to her – all that matters is optimizing the best mating that her attractiveness can afford.

    *Final Note: Since I know the comments will explode about the importance of a woman’s orgasm from a biological perspective, I’m not saying that a woman getting off isn’t important. I’m fully aware that a woman’s orgasm prompts her cervix to dip and ‘scoop up’ a man’s sperm to facilitate fertility. I’m also aware of the oxytocin and the chemical cocktail release post-orgasm. The point of this post is to outline the social aspect and primacy the feminine imperative has acculturated into men regarding the female orgasm.”

    Rollo Tomassi.

  • cheapskate

    I don’t understand why you do this. None of this sounds fun at all, not even the nutting.

  • http://www.georgemeany.org/ George

    Since when did pizza become american?

  • LHMX

    The fact that you could even manage to go through the motions and blow your load with someone this uninteresting and emotionally frigid is a testament to what a goddamn zen master you are. For all those thinking of becoming world class players, take note: an average man would have gotten his feelings hurt about a dozen times throughout that interaction.

    I would have tapped out at “Do you want me to take off my tampon?”

    “No, bitch: I want to hump-lodge it into your cervix.”

    Although this could have been a subtle hint that she wanted anal. Très classe!

  • http://www.PartyTravelSexLove.com Brian Mark

    Roosh, very good real story. That is why I read you. The girl was a bitch or else she would have asked you to stay. You also handled it like a man, by not throwing insults at her.

    I had this girl, who I had fucked in the past who was a lousy fuck invite me over when I was in her town. Got there and she laid in the bed like a dead fish and wanted me to play with her, but she didn’t want to touch me. I could not get into it so I just excused myself, go dressed, and went home. I knew the sex wouldn’t be worth it.

  • Timoteo

    Bottom line…you got your dick sucked, you fucked, and nutted on a chick’s grille. That’s called winning. Honestly, I like giving women orgasms too. It’s definitely a pride thing. But worry? Nah. And I’d be less inclined to give it a second thought with a chick like this.

  • Ronin

    This story was totally hillarious

  • Anonymous

    Hi Roosh, would you mind add a link for a printed version in your posts to make them joliprint friendly?

  • DarkTriad

    To John Rambo: Good luck with those POWs.

  • Shaunathon

    Interesting venue choice; Sticky Fingers. The times I’ve been to Gothenburg I’ve always winded up in there, and my opening line of, “Hi, I’m Scottish”, always worked a treat. Not so having a wingwoman. Glad you got a lay from Stickys though :)


    Yea Kenji, that was pretty fuckin sweet, still, you need a hop, skip and jump to get one over on Roosh!

  • Anonymous

    period time women have mega watts so any sex is terrific but z lyk walking in marshes

  • Anonymous


    good way to meet a swede..piplinin…got this site from thelocal.com

  • finnish guy

    Girls many times haven’t got a clue.

    I sometimes also come quick if the pre-bang blowjob is great and the pussy is tight and the girl beautiful and hot.

    Some girls instantly think that by coming quickly during the first fuck is a sign of ejaculation problems more widely and instantly reject when they should be happy they really turned a guy on.

    If this instant rejection would not happen I think many of these girls would be in happy relationships with guys who think they are really beautiful and get extremely turned on by them instead of wasting their best years in the cock carousel and wondering if they will ever make kids like the girl you banged in sweden.
    (obviously not with you Roosh but with some other guy who was seriously turned on by her and wasn’t on a flag collecting tour around the world like Rooshie)

    The beautiful girls with tight pussies who I have banged and come a bit early and the girls have given me second-third and fourth chances then they have usually ended up being my girlfriends longer term and been happy.

    The girls who instantly rejected me because of a bit early cum while fucking for the first time will never know what they missed.

    It’s funny that a girl can think I’m really into her while I fuck her for an hour because my cum just won’t come earlier because I’m not turned on enough (sloppy pussy, bad voice, weird noises, overactive or underactive, bodyshaping underwear and lifting bra, too chubby etc.) and then a girl who I’m really into can think I have ejaculation issues which makes me a weirdo in her mind when I’m just really turned on by her beauty and love her tight pussy.

    I think part of the problem is the fat/ugly girlfriends telling how some guy bangs them for an hour and the beautiful girl with tight pussy starts thinking a man is not a man if he comes quickly when fucking a beautiful girl with a tight pussy for the first time.

    It is a mind-trip for these fat/ugly girlfriends to lift their value in their relationship with the beautiful girl and it is just sad how some beautiful girls don’t take it as a compliment that they turn a guy on so much and have such a tight pussy (compatible with the guys dick to provide maximum sexual pleasure for the guy) that they drain the sperm from him quite quick during the first few times.

    There would be many happier beautiful girls in the world if they would appreciate if during the first few times they turn a guy on so much that he comes a bit early thanks to her tight pussy, beautiful looks and great blowjob technique.

  • finnish guy


    Are you insane suggesting Roosh to get a circumsision?

    You really think Roosh would lower his sexual enjoyment by a lot to please some random girl on their first fuck for couple minutes more?

    How beta can you be?

    FYI, girls with tighter vaginas feel the difference between un-circumsised and circumsised cocks and the un-circumsised is the clear winner when it comes to sex especially from the man’s perspective but also from the womans perspective.

  • Dirk

    Wow, okay.

  • GT

    Haha good on you Roosh. Just get what you want, man. Who cares if you sexually satisfy a feminist slut?

  • GT

    God, those bull nose rings are so gross. Hipster girls are wearing them in Australia. Why do these girls deliberately make themselves as unattractive as possible? Another great job, feminism! By the way, great story, as a feminist slut she got what she deserved…