The Big Lie

As the world population gets larger, the lies needed to control the masses also gets larger. Propagating one big lie requires the help of all major institutions in order to seed and maintain it across successive generations. Control will be easily maintained as long as most of the population believes in the big lie, but once that lie unravels, the house of cards that sustain it will crumble.

You already have experience with the size of lies when it comes to dating women. If you tell a woman a small lie, such as stating that you’ve been to a certain country even though you had not, a big coverup or backstory is not needed. The odds that she will discover such a lie is small, and even if she does, she will forgive you for it.

If you take on a bigger lie, such as your age, you now have to change many aspects of your personal anecdotes so that the lie is not exposed. You also have to hide forms of identification from her in case she sees your birth date. If you lie about something bigger, such as your first name, you have to hide even your credit cards and tell all your friends to use a different name when she’s around. The bigger the lie, the more work you must do to sustain it, and the more costly the fallout when it’s exposed.

The big lie in the West is egalitarianism.

  • Women and men are equal
  • Heterosexuals and homosexuals are equal
  • All races are equal
  • The immigrant population is equal to the native-born population
  • Everyone is equal, and if one group doesn’t appear equal, it’s because they’re being oppressed by another group

Concealing the lie of egalitarianism requires artificial cosmetics in every facet of Western life. The media must not report on incidents that show sex or race differences. The government must construct laws and policy to help “equalize” the sexes, which means demoting heterosexual men as second-class citizens. Public schools and universities must spread propaganda to give an intellectual basis for the big lie that ends up being dismantled by the work of a few dozen dedicated bloggers.

The eyes and ears of the masses must be deliberately impaired to prevent them from seeing contradictions of the big lie in every day of their lives, and those who have shaken off the cataracts of their vision, who get close to exposing the lie after peeling the layers that conceal it, must be viciously attacked and marginalized.

One of the reasons why “pick up artists” have been thoroughly assailed in the media and why I have been denounced by the Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti Defamation League is not because women are genuinely being taken advantage of or put in any sort of danger, but because we are exposing the lie when it comes to sex differences. The reason that the alternative right is being attacked for being “racist” through the use of the term “cuckservative” is not because they are violent extremists, but because they expose the lie when it comes to race and the political establishment. The closer you get to divulging the big lie, the more likely you’ll be attacked yourself.

Why does the big lie exist? Why are all institutions on board with spreading it? The big lie allows a few thousand people at the top of society to maintain power and control while increasing their wealth. The big lie is a political platform, an operating system for large nations. It gives the elite ideological and logistical tools to marginalize the strongest members of society and their in-groups. The foot soldiers at the bottom of the big lie (social justice warriors and feminists) are useful idiots that help the elite keep the lie alive.

Enemies of the big lie are the nuclear family, the tribe, national pride, and heterosexual native-born men. If you make me dictator and I’m able to destroy the family unit and the most independent freethinking men, the two biggest obstructions to my rule, my ancestors and I will reign for centuries. In the meantime, I will make women distrustful of men so that nuclear families are not created. I will empower minorities and immigrants to hate “privileged” white men. I will empower homosexuals and all deviant classes of societies to aid me in destroying the family unit while censoring or forbidding masculinity. I will introduce millions of incompatible foreigners through open-border immigration that decreases the ability of natives to pursue economic success and family formation. The big lie, it turns out, is wonderfully effective for maintaining control over huge populations. If you were made dictator, and had a team of advisers and technocrats with IQ’s of at least 115, you would also come to the logical decision to use it as well. It destroys all major threats to your power.

The internet is a tool that has been essential in exposing the big lie. Without it, either you would not have discovered the big lie or you would have had no one to talk to about it. While it has allowed the liars to deceive and stupify the low-hanging fruit of society with deception wrapped behind apps and flashy entertainment, it has given intelligent men a means to understand how the big lie works, how to coordinate with other men who also see through the big lie, and how to spread the truth to those whose eyes and ears have begun rejecting the big lie. The fact that you are reading this right now shows that you are able to resist the shiny web sites and viral videos to concentrate for a few minutes on understanding the uncomfortable truths of the world. Most humans are not capable of this level of comprehension.

The good news and bad news is that the big lie is currently unraveling. The lie, like modern finance, has taken on a life of its own and become too big. The regular bailouts that patch up the leaks created by its contradictions are short-term fixes that humans will eventually reject. Before you celebrate on the destruction of the big lie, you must understand that the United States will be a very different place without it.

Where will the new class of elites get their moral or ideological authority to rule from? How will they keep the peace among 325 million people, especially when we already need a police state and massive spying operation to keep order with the big lie in effect? I also doubt our existing rulers will go quietly into the night, and so I fear they’ll double down to maintain their power once a significant percentage of the population no longer believes in the big lie. If you don’t believe it, they may simply make you believe, or control you to such an extent that your possession of the truth is no threat to their power. Many men will have to leave the country to avoid persecution.

Two questions we can must ask ourselves is if multi-ethnic Western countries with large populations can be orderly led and maintained by the truth. We’ll find out soon enough as more and more people stop believing in the lies that have been programmed into them, and come over to the side of truth. That truth can be hidden for a few decades or even a century, but eventually it will be revealed, and when it does, I hope you have the ability to protect yourself and your family.

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