The Bolivia Effect

Not only is beauty relative, but the way you perceive the same girl is relative. Imagine you just broke up with this girl from a year-long relationship:

And then you were told that you had to move to a deserted island with this girl:

You’d be disapointed, right? Now how would you feel if you had to move to the island with the above girl after dating this:

You’d probably feel like you just won the lottery. It turns out that the girl you were with yesterday directly influences how you feel about girls you see today. It can also affect how you see women of an entire country.

The Bolivia Effect: You will overvalue women of any country you visit if the previous country had uglier women.

I’ve experienced three Bolivia Effects. The first is when I actually left Bolivia for Argentina. I was so floored by the beauty of Argentine women that I was ready to renounce American citizenship and permanently move there. While the women are indeed beautiful, the Bolivia Effect made me miss out on a lot of their flaws. In my second visit to the country (after living in Brazil for six months), I couldn’t believe I thought they were so amazing. I only lasted one more month until leaving.

My second Bolivia Effect was going from Washington DC to Iceland. Because Icelandic women dress sexy, something that DC women don’t know how to do, I initially thought they were above average when in fact they have the same problems shared by their Scandinavian cousins. They were of respectable stock but nothing special.

The third Bolivian Effect was going from Denmark to Poland. I was so repulsed by Danish women that I could have stepped in North Korea and thought it was paradise, but thankfully Poland really is a place where horny man dreams come true. Still, it has its weaknesses. The Bolivia Effect caused me to ignore a butterface problem that didn’t begin to register until three months into my stay. Only when I forgot about how bad Denmark was did I start to see Poland for what it really was.

The problem with the Bolivia Effect is that it prevents you from objectively comparing your exploits for choosing an end game location in order to sow your wild oats or settle down. If I originally visited Argentina after Brazil, would I have still stayed for three months? If I went to Poland after Argentina, would I have been able to tolerate the butter? When it comes to women, there is no truth except for relative truth. Our most recent experiences color current ones, which is why I overhyped Poland and Argentina while underhyping places like Colombia and Brazil.

Unfortunately, the more experience I rack up the less confident I feel that I’m being objective. The best I can do is tell you my stories, relay facts (not emotions), and let you make decisions on where to visit yourself. Even then, it is impossible to make the absolute best decision possible for you’ll always be deciding from incomplete and impartial data. Not only will no two men ever see a country the same, but with separate visits, you’ll never see the same country the same.

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